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more uniformly diffused; the color disappearing on pressure, and returning

1 the instant the pressure was removed. The vesicles had dried up. The face was somewhat better. The right hand and arm much the same; itching of the scrotum, but no redness. On the eighth day, there was still a little fulness of the left arm, with a faint blush of the skin. Depressed and irritable, disinclined to move, and impatient of the play of his children, which usually afforded him pleasure. He also complained of confusion of the head and memory. If he laid a thing down he forgot where he had placed it and such like. Looked ill and worn and languid, due, doubtless, to some extent, to want of sleep. Every object appeared a long way off, on waking after half an hour's sleep (third day). Loss of appetite and some thirst. The pulse was weak and somewhat accelerated,'*.


Authorities. 3, A. L. Carroll, M.D., Phila. Med. Times, April, 1873, p. 419, a woman, aged thirty years, suffering with rheumatic pains in the knees, bandaged them with red flannel ; 4, same, a man wore a glove, the wrist band of which was ornamented with a broad stripe of Aniline purple; 5, M. Laboulbene, Gaz. Hebdom., 1876 (Med. Rec., vol. xi, p. 382), effects on workers; 6, M. Bergeron, ibid., effects of fumes on workers; 7, Dr. Murray, Phila. Med. and Surg. Rep., 1877, p. 69, a girl, aged three years and a half, wore a pair of new scarlet stockings for a day; 8, Henry P. Wenzel, ibid., p. 188, Mrs. W., aged sixty-four years, took a teacupful of acetous solution of Aniline.

Mind.-Hebetude, 6.

Head.- Vertigo, ".- After three months he began to suffer from vertigo,"?

Eye-Eyes irritated,"
Mouth.--After three months, bitter taste in mouth,".

Sexual Organs.-[10.) After two months he began to complain of pains in the penis and scrotum, and these parts became swollen, and have remained so since. One month after these symptomis be began to suffer from loss of sexual power,”.

Generalities.-She bad intense burning pain at the stomach and in the head, after swallowing it, and she “could not get her breath.” She took salt and water, but did not vomit until eight hours afterwards, when violent emesis and purgation set in, and continued until I saw her, when she vomited stringy mucus, mixed with blood; she was almost exhausted. Her extremities were icy cold, and the head cold and clammy; intense pain on pressure over the stomach, which was hard and enlarged ; tongue pallid in centre, and very smooth and red at the tips and edges; eyes injected, lower lids puffed ; complained of burning pain in the eyes, and said "Oh my head will burst;" hard pulse, 84; temperature 981; respiration labored, 44,.-Sometimes epileptiform attacks, tetanic spasms, etc.,':Weakness,

Skin.-Marked and permanent amaranthine discoloration of the hands, feet, and hair; this discoloration made its appearance since he began to work near the vats, from which acrid Aniline fumes escaped, ".-In the end the workmen fall into a condition of profound anæmia, with discoloration of the skin, lilac tint of the lips, anorexia, gastric disturbances, etc.; but this state of affairs is promptly corrected by the respiration of pure air, or

by inhalations of oxygen, and the use of evacuants,".--A vesicular eruption forming a complete bracelet about the wrist,.--Eczematous eruption affecting both knees. There was considerable tumefaction, much redness, and an intolerable itching of the skin; the condition being that of eczema rubrum,'. - The next day, the left leg was much swollen, covered with small blisters, and presenting a mottled appearance, much like castile soap. A day or two afterward the right one became similarly affected,'.



Authority. 2, J. C. Burnett, M.D., Month. Hom. Rev., 1877, p. 408, a lady, aged twenty-five years, drauk the dregs of some tea.

Pain in belly from side to side just above navel, corresponding to the transverse colon, commencing on the right side and going over to the left ; then the bowels became relaxed, the stools were at first white, then puttylike; then pretty severe vomiting with griping, and great ineffectual desire for stool. Feeling of griping, and coldness and chilliness in the inside of abdomen, passing downwards into the legs as far as the knees. Tongue coated white, with islands on it. An intense headache on the top of the head, as from pressure from within, and feeling as if the top of her head were blown off,"

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Authorities. 25, E. W. Berridge, M.D., Norto. Am. Journ. of Hom., 1873, p. 502, Mr. took 2001h ; 26, same, New York Journ. of Hom., vol. ii, p. 460, Mr. -, took 1200th (Jen.), three times a day, for several days, for corns; 27, same, Am. Journ. of Hum. Mat. Med., vol. ix, 1876, p. 250, Mrs.

took a dose of 1200th (Jen.), on two consecutive days for corps.

In the morning ears feel stopped up, and when a note is sung he hears echoes of the note going higher and higher by octaves; after breakfast this

passes off,28 — Feels ravenous for one hour and a half before food, but loses appetite when he begins to eat, as if he had had enough,6 - Palpitation both heard and felt when lying on left side. For three days every evening, at 6.30 P.M., pain at apex of heart,25.-On second to fourth day, reckoning from the first, at times in voluntary escape of a little urine,.




Authority. 2, Weeden Cooke, Lancet, 1848 (1), p. 230, W. H., aged forty-one years, swallowed 1 ounce.

Immediately experienced a burning sensation in the mouth and fauces, and very soon became insensible. In one hour, surface of body cold and clammy; eyes lustreless, with inactive pupils; the pulse was so small that it was only perceived by the most delicate fingering, and the expansion of the chest so very slight that respiration appeared indeed to be suspended,".



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Authorities. 55, Dr. Mackintosh, Lancet, 1827–8 (2), 536, A. B. took 20 grains in a little sugar; 56, Usher Parsons, Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. iii, 1830, three servants took over 40 grains each; 57, Wm. F. Porter, M.D., Lancet, 1832 (1), p. 46, effects of a large quantity ; 58, George Lefevre, M.D., ibid., 1844 (1), p. 444, a lady swallowed 25 grains; 59, J. T. Gleaves, M.D., West. Journ. of Med. and Surg., 1818, R., et. twenty-four years, took a tablespoonful; 60, John S. Beale, Lancet, 1854 (1), p. 68, a girl, æt. sixteen years, swallowed from 40 to 60 grains, death; 61, Č. Ellis, M.D., Bost. Med. and Surg. Journ., vol. Iv., p. 400, fatal poisoning of Miss

æt. twenty-one years; 62, John Gabb, Med. Times and Gaz., 1866 (2, p. 379, a man, æt. forty-three years, took 3 teaspoonfuls; 63, Alfred Nobiling, Versuche uber die Wirkungen des Brech weinsteines in kleiner Dose bei längerena Fortgebrauche, München, 1868; 64, Sharp's Essays on Medicine, 1874, p. 725, took Ant. tart. 1st, 1 drachm; 65, John Morley, Brit. Med. Journ., 1876, p. 492, a lady, æt. eighteen years, took over a teaspoonful ; 66, F. Mason, ibid., 1877 (1), p. 674, a man swallowed 80 grains.

Pustular eruptions of the tongue and lining membrane of the mouth, of the character of those produced on the skin by the application of the ointment,'?.—Pulse 72 (before experiment); 70 (after two minutes); 72 (after five minutes); 67 (after ten minutes); 72 (after fifteen minutes); 71 (after twenty minutes); 74 (after twenty-five minutes); 68 (after thirty minutes); quickened by the deep breathing, 70 (after thirty-five minutes); 72 (after forty minutes); 77 (after fifty minutes); 66 (after one, and two hours),64.—Breathings 18 (before experiment); 20 (after four minutes); 18 (after eight minutes); 14 (after twelve minutes); 13 (after eighteen minutes); 12 (after twenty-four minutes); 10 (after twenty-eight minutes); deep uncomfortable sighings, 8 (after thirty-four minutes); 7 (after thirty-eight minutes); 6 (atter forty-two minutes); 12 (after fiftytwo minutes); 18, natural (after one hour)," : — Rolling upon the ground in great agony, vomiting blood, and tormented by agonizing colic pains, s. -Io halt an hour violent nausea was induced, but vomiting did not commence till 2 P.M. (after three hours), after which it became more violent till three, when it seemed at its height; a quantity of bile was at first ejected, afterwards painful strong retching, with an obtuse fixed pain at the epigastrium, which was not aiways referred to the same spot, and accompanied by great thirst; a slight discharge of mucus at intervals ensued. About 4 P.M., the above-mentioned symptoms gradually disappeared, and were succeeded by great and universal prostration; two very copious, bilious stools were passed. In the evening, after taking some tea, a profuse perspiration broke out, which appeared to be the last effect of the medicine, .- Unable to stand; scarcely able to speak; exhausting evacuations, both from the stomach and bowels; weak, contracted pulse; cold clan my sweat; extreme paleness; prostration of strength, 36 - In about two hours he felt an inclination to evacuate his bowels, and the alvine discharges continued in voluntarily. Breathing slow and laborious; face pale and altered, features shrunken ; eyes fixed and turned upward, pupils dilated; surface cold ; appeared to be unconscious, but stated afterwards that he kuew what was passing around him; the action of the heart was intermitting and extremely feeble, and no pulse could be felt at the wrist






(in three hours); complained of great thirst, and a sense of burning in fauces, esophagus, stomach, and lower bowels (iu seven hours); throat sore; fauces covered with pustules, some of which, having discharged their matter, have left soft superficial ulcers (second day), -[980.] Within a quarter of an hour after vomiting came on, very sharp; and a little while after smart purging. These symptoms continued for about three hours. She also complained of pain down the esophagus, and described it as “burping her.” She then fell asleep. The vomited matter was very dark. Delirious during the six or eight hours previous to her death,60 -At 6 P.M. she complained of pain in the lower part of the left side, and retired to her room, where she was immediately attacked with vomiting, followed after several hours by purging, both of which continued, accompanied by burning in the mouth, dryness of the throat, and great thirst, -Lethargic expression of countenance; conjunctiva slightly congested; general surface of body cold and clammy, with a bluish-pale appearance; voice weak; speech slow and deliberate; vomiting and purging; violent cramp in the legs,62 — After the experiment of Dr. Mayrhofer (Heller's Archiv, 1816)† I began with the smallest possible dose, 1 mlgm., and gradually increased to 0.013 grm.

September 1st, 1866. I took a solution of 1 ccm., diluted with distilled water to 10 ccm., so that every ccm. contained 1 mlgm. of Tartar emetic. Pulse 73. I took 1 ccm. ať 8 A.M., two hours after breakfast. After an hour, not feeling the slightest change in my condition nor in the rate of my pulse, I went about my business. 3.15 P.M., I took 2 ccm.; pulse 71. After about three-quarters of an hour I felt rather uncomfortable for a short time, pulse rose to 72 or 73, and after the disappearance of the discomfort, returned to 71. My appetite at evening was unchanged.

September 2d. 8 A.M., pulse 73, took 3 ccm. After forty-five minutes some discomfort, which disappeared afier twelve minutes. Appetite normal. Pulse 71, after twenty minutes.

September 311. Took at the usual hour 4 ccm. Pulse 72. After forty minutes slight headache, nausea, and very acute sticking pain in the epigastric region, which disappeared after a quarter of an hour. Pulse 74; half an hour afterwards 70); after half an hour's quiet work 68. Appetite at noon diminished. 3 P.M., injected a strong solution into the left thigh, i cem. Pulse 73. After five minutes there was vivid redness, associated with burning pain at the point of injection, which I relieved by cold applications. Pulse 75. Ten minutes afterwards I experienced violent heat, beadache, nausea, weakness, which gradually increased, till after ten minutes more sweat broke out. Pulse 79. I was very much exhausted, felt great need of rest. Pulse after fifteen minutes 72. After another quarter of an hour 67. After walking about the room the pulse rose to 73, but soon fell to 68. In the evening I took very little food, and then felt constant burning in the throat, even swallowing caused trouble. Increased thirst, sleep broken.

September 4th. On waking I felt slight headache in the skull, and had little appetite for breakfast. I took a concentrated solution, less than } ccm., about 8 mlgm. Pulse 71. After thirty-eight minutes there were the first symptoms of discomfort, which soon disappeared, but ten minutes later returned with increased violence. Very disagreeable sensation in the pit

† Unfortunately inaccessible.-T. F. A.

of the stomach, which was distended. It was very sensitive to touch, not unlike a sticking. Constant recurrence of yawning, eructations, and rumbling in the abdomen, which alternated with each other. I felt a burning beat in the head, with alternations of chill and heat. There was a feeling of coldness in the hands and feet. Pulse 74. After fifteen minutes this condition entirely disappeared and gave place to weakness, weariness, and prostration of the limbs, so that I could scarcely rise from my chair. Pulse 70. Nausea continued the whole day, associated with a very disagreeable taste in the mouth and copious secretion of saliva. I ate scarcely any. thing all day. The peristent weakness caused me to go to bed earlier than usual.

September 5th. Rose with chill, headache, and weakness of the limbs, otherwise well; took at 8 o'clock 1 ccm. of a solution, about 1 cent. grm. of Tartar emetic. Pulse 70. After half an hour there came on nausea, yawning, eructations, rumbling, pain, and pressure in the epigastric region, accelerated respiration (20), headache, burning in the throat, ditficult swallowing, accumulation of saliva in the mouth, chilliness, weakness, and retching. Pulse 75. These symptoms gradually diminished, and disappeared entirely within half an hour. Only dulness of the head and weak. ness remained. Pulse 69. I had a most violent aversion to all kinds of food, and bad scarcely eaten the soup at noon, the swallowing of which was very painful, when most violent retching came on, but without vomiting. A disagreeable taste in the mouth obliged me to drink much cold water all day, which afforded some relief to this symptom and to the difficulty in swallowing. Weariness drove me early to bed, and I slept well all night. The next day I was prevented from continuing the proving. I had no remarkable appetite; the epigastric region felt painful; the headache persisted, but only in a slight degree. Thewlifficulty of swallowing was considerably relieved. The proving was also omitted on the seventh.

September 8th. Feeling perfectly well, at 8 A.M. took 1 cem. Pulse 74. After thirty minutes I felt the first indications of nausea. Pulse 79. With the increasing nausea the pulse rose to 84. Violent retching, chilliness, perspiration, and vomiting of the remains of the breakfast. Pulse 88. With increasing weakness and with diminution of the nausea the pulse fell to 71, and half an hour later to 67. At noon I experienced most

I intense aversion, becoming qualmish on even looking at food. During the day I suffered from headache and pain in the abdomen, the latter increased in severity by the slightest movement. At night I slept little and very uneasily.

September 9th. I awoke with dull headache and burning in the vertex. At breakfast had little appetite. Pulse 69. I took a solution of 12 mlgm. After thirty-four minutes I experienced first the nausea, the epigastric region became swollen and very painful. Pulse 72. These symptoms disappeared, but returned more violent after five minutes, and were associated with a disagreeable metallic taste, accumulation of water in the mouth, burning in the throat, coldness of the extremities, retching, chilliness, sweat. Pulse 77. In order to relieve the flat taste, I drank cold water. The pulse tell to 72, but soon rose to 79. The symptoms disappeared completely after an hour and a half. Pulse 72. Only the weakness, dulness of the head, and pain in the throat returned. After an hour and a quarter I counted 65 weak beats of the heart. Through the day I had copious secretion of saliva and no appetite. On the following days I was prevented from continuing the experiment, but I was extremely weak and

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