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51 & 53 JOHN STREET.




Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1878

By A. S. BARNES & CO., in the Clerks onico of the District Court of the Inited States for tho Southera

District of New York.

1. C. VALENTINE, SIEREOTYPER AND ELECTROTYPER, 81, 83, and 85 Centre-street

New York.


No. 2 Duch-at.. N. Y.


IN the preparation of this volume, we have ained to make it a

complete and sufficient work for advanced classes in Reading, Elocution, and English and American Literature; w furnish, in an available form, such an amount of biographical, historical, classical, orthoëpical, and miscellaneous matter, as to render it bighly valuable as a book of reference; and to present a co tion of pieces so rich, varied, perspicibus, and attractive, as to suit all classes of minds, all times, and all occasions.

Part First, in two chapters, embraces a simple, complete, and eminently practical Treatise on Elocution. The principles and rules are stated in a succinct and lucid manner, and followed by examples and exercises of sufficient number and extent to enable the student thoroughly to master cach point as presented, as well as to acquire a distinct comprehension of the parts as a whole.

In Part Second, the Selections for Reading and Declaration contain what are regarded as the choicest gems of English literature. The works of many authors, ancient and modern, have been consulted, and more than a hundred standard writers of the English language, on both sides of the Atlantic, have been laid under contribution to enable the authors to present a collection, rich in all that can inform the understanding, improve the taste, and cultivate the hcart, and which, at the same time, shall furnish every variety of style and subject to exemplify the principles of Rhetorical delivery, and form a finished reader and clocutionist. These selections have been arranged in a regularly graded course, and strictly classified with regard to the nature of the subjects. Although we have not been studions of noveltv, presenting only what we regarded as suitable, intrinsically exccllent, and most truly indicating the mode and range of thought of the writer, it will be seen that a large proportion of this collection is composed of pieces to be found in no similar work.

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