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To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. two feet of water, of the same kind as the

old spas, and not three hundred yards dis-
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, be the authernet bandar tante frount theme

It must be satisfactory for the public at in having mentioned me in such a cause, large, and for the proprietors of the New and with such men as those whom he has Theatre, and of o her numerous buildings enumerated. But I was not of Trinity. erecting at that place, to be informed, that What claim the University of CAMBRIDGE a sufficient fupply of water, fo greatly difhạs in me, or I in that, is to be referred tinguthed for the cure of bilious diseases, (and I fear it is but little) to Peter-house: can at all times be had at Cheltenham for to which college I was sent by my father, any number of compèny. because it was a small one (a reason which

Your obedient Servant, did not altogether answer his expectations

THOMAS JAMESON, M. De and mine) and for two other reasons of London, Dec. 26th, 1803. more prevailing and satisfactory inducement; that the learned and excellent To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. Dr. LAW, father to the present Chief SIR, Justice, who was also of Peter-house,

your numerous Readers, JEBB, whose name will always be who, with myself, labour under that inconrepeated with respect and affection by venience arising from the peculiar strucevery lover of liberty and peace, of litera. ture of the visual organ, called Myopia. ture and science, of humanity and the I take leave therefore, Sir, to offer to the welfare of mankind, had been a fellow of notice of my brother Myopes who may be it, as the author of Cantabrigiana has re

your readers, the following observations; marked, and then refided near the college, and to requeit also that fome one will in consequence of his marriage with Miss makė known through this medium, whtTORKINGTON, a lady truly worthy of him. ther his experience will furnish addition : I am, your's sincerely, proof of the facts which I have taken the

CAPEL LOFFt. liberty to state ; or whether, on the conTrofon, near Bury, Suffolk,

trary, he may have found reason to allow 415 Jan. 1804.

the dicta of fome fcientific men on this sub

ject; which, fo far oniy as my small txTo tbe Editor of the Monthly Magazine. perience has furnished me with proofs, SIR,

seem to be not well founded. I

SHOULD be glad to be informed by This disease, arising from a too great

any of your readers, versed in histori- convexity of the cornea, whereby the rays cal or biographical enquiries, whether of light converge too soon, and consequently there exists any particular record of the unite before they reach the retina, is said life and actions of that great warrior and to be always in a progressive itate of ftatesman, John Duke of Bedford, Regent amendment; the eye gradually flattening of France, brother of Henry V.

as we approach old age. In conformity Your's, &c. to this doctrine, it is usually recommended J. A.

to persons who require the aid of concave

glasses, ti begin with the deepest which To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. they can conveniently bear : as the necela SIR,

fity for them will be continually decreasF you think it worthy of public atten- ing, or, in other words, the eyes by their

natural decay will be gradually adapting count of the following discovery in your themselves to glasses of a lower number. valuable Magazine.

Now, Sir, tacts the very reverse of this, As the influx of company to Chelten. have appeared to me to be established in ham, for two or three years past, has been each of the few cases into which I have so considerable, that the faline wells have had an opportunity of inquiring. In these been drank dry' every morning, in the cases, though few, I can fully rely upon height of the season, and the Talts, pre- the fidelity of the statements; for this de. pared from them not sufficient for ordi- fect of Myopism prevails considerably in nary consumption, I have superintended my family, and it is from this fource that boring the ground on the south lide of that I draw my information; and in each intown during the greatest part of lait fum- Itance it has been found that with the mer, for the discovery of new springs, and advance of years, glasses deeper than those have so far fucceeded, that a well has been formerly used, were necessary; or, at least, funk forty-one feet deep, and fix feet advantageous; inasmuch as they defined wide, which at this time contains twenty, distant objects with greater accuracy.


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