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tervices, and bad the greatest opinion to give me a very trilling stab, or of his own knowledge in the use of wound, gear the crown of the head, fire arms to which he did not {cru- fo that the blood trickled over my ple to say Ras Michael owed all his face. I had tript him up, but till vi&tories. Indeed it was to the good then had never struck him. I now opinion that the Ras had of him as wrested the knife from him with a a {idier that he owed his being suf- full intention to kill him ; but Provifer d to continue at Gondar; for he dence directed better. Instead of the was fufpected to have been familiar point, I struck so violently with the wiin one of his uncle's wives in Ti. handle upon his face as to leave scars, gre, by whom it was thought he had which would be distinguished even aa child, at least the Ras put away mong the deep marks of the small-pox. his wife, and never owned the child An adventure so new, and so unexto be his.

peeted, presently overcame the effects This man supped with us that night, of wine. It was too late to disturb any: and thence began one of the most se- body either in the palace or at the house risus affairs I ever heard in Abyssi- of the Ras. A hundred opinions were nia. Guebra Mascal, as usual, vaunt- immediately started; some were for ed inceffantly his skill in fire-arms, sending us up to the king, as we were the wonderful gun that he had, and actually in the precincts of the palace, feats he had done with it. Petros where lifting a hand is death. . Aytó faid, laughing, to him, “ You have Heikel advised that I mould


late a genius for shooting, but you

have as it was, to Kofcam; and Petros, had no opportunity to learn. Now, that I should repair immediately to Yagoube is come, he will teach you the House of Ayto Aylo, while the something worth talking of." They two Bualomaals were for taking me to had all drank abundantly, and Gue- fleep in the palace. Anthule, in whore bra Mascal had uttered words that I house I was, and who was therefore thought were in contempt of ine. “I most hocked at the outrage, wisfied me believe, replied I peevishly enough, to stay in his house from a suppotition Guebra Mascal, i hould suspect, that I was seriously wounded, which from your discourse, you neither all of them, seeing the blood fall oknew men por guns; every gun of ver my eyes, seemed to think was the mine in the hands of my servants case, and he, in tite morning, at the thall kill twice as far as yours ; for king's rising, was to state the matter my own, it is not worth my while as it happened. All these advices to put a ball in it: When I com- appeared good when they were prou pare with you, the end of a tallow. poled; for my part, I thought they cardle in my gun thall do more exe- only tended to make bad worse, and cution than an iron ball in the best bore the appearance of guilt, of which of yours; with all the skill and expe. I was not on cious. rience you pretend to."

I now determined to go home, and He said I was a Frank, and a to bed in my own house. With that inliar, and, upon my immediately rising tention, I washed my face and wound op, he gave me a kick with his fooi. in vinegar, and found the blood to I was quite blind with pallion, seiz- be already staunched. i. then wrapt ed him by the throat, and threw him myself up in my cloak, anu returned on the ground, stout as he was. The home without accident, and went to Apylimians know nothing of either bed. But this would neither satisfy

or boxing. He drew his Avto Heikel nor Petros, who went knife as he was falling, attempted to to the house of Ayto Aylo, then paft Cut me in the face, but his ar si not midnight, fu that early ia the mornbeing at freedom, all he could do was ing, when scarce ligx, I saw him





Transactions at Gondar. Come i to my chamber. Guebta affair while it is not yet generally Mascal nad tled to the house of Ke- known. People that talk of my being fa Ya jus his relation; and the first wounded expe&t to see me, I suppose, news we heard in the morning, after without a leg or an arm. When they Ayto Aylo arrived, were, that Gue- fee me so early riding in the street, bra Mascal was in irons at the Ras's all will pass for a story as it should house.

do. Would you wish to pardon him Every person that came af:erwards entirely."-" That goes against my brought up some new account; the heart, 100, says Aylo, he is a bad whole people present had been ex- man.”-“ My good friend, faid I, armined, and had given, without va- be in this guided by me, I know we riation, the true particulars. of my · both think the fame thing. If he is furbearance, and his infolent behavi. a bad man, he was a bad man before our. Every body trembled for some I knew him. You know what you violent refolution the Ras was 10 told me yourself of the Ras's jealousy take on my first complaint. The of him. What if he was to revenge town was full of Tigre soldiers, and his own wrongs, under prétence of nobody saw clearer than I did, how- giving me fatisfaction for mine? ever favourable a turn this had taken Come lose no time, get upon your for me in the beginning, it might mule, go with me to Ozoro Esther, be my destruction in the end.

I will answer for the confequences." I asked Ayto Aylo his opinion.

We arrived there ; the Ras was He seemed at a loss to give it me ; not fitting in judgment, he had drank but said, in an uncertain tone of hard the night before, on occasion of voice, he could wish that I would not Powussen's marriage, and was not in conplain of Guebra Mascal while I bed when the ftory of the fray reachwas angry, or while the Ras was so ed him. We found Ozoro Esther in inveterate against him, till some of a violent anger and agitation, which his friends had spoken, and appeafed, was much alleviated by my laughing. at least, his first resentment. I an- On her alising me about my wound, swered, “ That I was of a contrary which had been represented to het opinion, and that no time was to be as dangerous, “ I am afraid, said I, loft: remember the letter of Maho- poor Guebra Mascal is worse woundmet Gibberti; remember his conf. ed than 1.”. Is he wounded too dence yesterday of my being safe fays the; I hope it is in bis heart." where he was; remember the in. "Indeed, replied I, Madam, there fluence of Ozoro Etther, and do not are no wounds on either hide. He let us lose a moment.' “ Whit, was very drunk, and I gave him fefavs Aylo to me in great surprise, veral blows upon the face as he defera are you mad? Would you have him ved, aid he has already gor all the cutto pieces in the midst of 20,000 of chastisement he ought to have ; it his coupirymen? Would you be dim- was all a piece of folly."

“ Promenia ? that is, guilty of the blood of digious! says she; is this so?" “ It is to all the province of Tigre, througk fays Aylo, and you shall hear it all bywhich you , mot go in your way and-by, only let us stop the propagahome Jast the contrary, laid tion of this foolish story.” I, nobody, has so great a right over The Ras in the instant sent for the Ras's anger as I have, being the as. He was naked, fitting on a ftool, person injured ; and, as you and I and a Nave swathing up his lame leg can get access to Ozoro Esher when with a broad belt or bandage. I we picale, let us go immediately asked him calmly and pleasantly if I thither, and ftop the progress of this could be of any service to him? He


" A

looked to me with a grin, the most leta Selasse. It is a man like you ghaftly I ever saw, as half displeased. that goes far in safety, which is the « What! says he, are you all mad? end we all aim at. I feel the affront Aylo, what is the matter between offered to you more than you do, him and that miscreant Guebra Mal- but will not have the punishyment at. cal?”_Why, faid I, I am come tributed to you; this affair shall turn to tell you that myself ; why do you to your honour and security, and in alk Ayto Aylo? Guebra Mascal got that light only I can pass over his druak, was insolent, and itruck me. infolence. « Wellera Sclaffe, says I was sober, and bear him, as you be, falling into a violent pallion in will see by his face; and I have now an inltant, What sort of a ftile of become to you to say I am sorry that I haviour is this my men have adopted lifted my hand againft your nephew; with strangers ? And my stranger, but he was in the wrong, and drunk ; too, and in the king's palace, and the and I thought it better to chastise king's servant? Whar! am I dead? him on the spot, than trust him to or become incapable of governing you, who perhaps might take the af. longer?”

Welleta Selaste bowed, fair to heart, for we all know your but was afraid to speak, and indeed justice, and that being your relation the Ras looked like a fiend. is no excuse when you judge between " Come, tavs the Ras, let me fee man and man." " I order you, your head.” I shewed him where Aylo, says Michael, as you esteemi the blood was already hardened, and my friendship, toʻtell me the truth, Said it was a very night cut. seally as it was, and without dif- cur, continued Michael, over that guise or concealment."

part, is mortal.”

You see, Sir, Aylo began accordingly to relate faid I, I have not even clipt the hair the whole history, when a servant ' about the wound. It is nothing ; called me out to Ozoro Esther. I now give me your promise you will found with her another pephew of the fet Gaebra Mascal at liberty; and Ras, a much better man, called Wel- not only that, but you are not to releta Selaffe, who came from Keila proach him with the affair further Yalous, and Guebra Mascal himself, than that he was drunk, not a crime deliring I would forgive and inters in this country.” “ No, truly, says cede for him, for it was a drunken he, it is not; but that is, because quarrel without malice. Ozoro Eio io is very rare that people fight with ther bad cold hiin part.

“ Come in 'knives when they are drunk. I with me, said I, and you shall feel fcarce ever heard of it, even in the never will leave the Ras till he for- camp.” “I fancy, faid 1, endeagive him." Let him punith bim, vouring to give a light turn to the fays Welleta Selalle, he is a bird man, convertation, they have not often but don't let the Ras either kill or Whiqewithal to get drunk in your maim him.” “Come, faid I, let camp.”

· Not this last year, says us go to the Raş, and he shall neither he, laughing, there were no honics kill, maim, nor punish him, if I can in the country.” • But let me only help it. It is my first requeft; if he merit, said I, Welleta Selafle's friendrefuses 'me, I will return to jidda ; fh:p, by making him the mefsenger come and hear."

of good news to Guebra Maical, Aylo had urged the thing home that he is at liberty, and you have to the Ras in the proper light--that forgiven him.” “'At libeity ! fays of my fafety. “ You are a wise he, Where is he?? " In your house, man, says Michael, now perfe&tly faid I, somewhere in irons.”. “ That cool, as soon as he law me and Wel is Ether's inteligence, continued

thc you alk.




Transactions at Gondar. the Ras, these women tell you all an end of a tallow candle, in'a guri their secrets, but wheo I remember in your hand, would do more exeyour behaviour to them I do not cution than an iron bullet in his?" wonder at it, and that consideration “ Certainly, Sir, I did so."-" And likewise obliges me to grant what why did you say this :” says the

Go, Welleta Selasse, and king dryly enough, and in a manner free that dog froin his collar, and di- I had not before observed. + Berect him to go to Welleta Michael, cause, replied I, it was a truth, and who will give him his orders to levy a proper reproof to a vain man, who, the meery in Woggora, let him not whatever eminence he might have fee face till he returos."

obtained in a country like this, has After dinner wellipt away to not knowledge enough to entitle him parties of ladies, where anarchy pre to the trust of cleaning a gun in vailed as complete as at the house of mine." « O! ho! continued the the Ras. All the married womea king; as for his knowledge I am ate, drank, and smoaked like the not speaking of that, but about his men ; and it is imposible to convey gun. You will not persuade me that, to the reader any idea of this bac. with a tallow candle, you can kill a chanalian scene in terms of common or a horse."--" Pardon me, decency. I found it necefsary to Sir, said I, bowing very respefully, quit this riot for a short time, and I will attempt to persuade you of noget

leave to breathe the forth air of thing but what you are pl:ased to be the country, at such a distance as that, convinced oi : Guebra Mascal is my once a day, or once in two days. I equal no more, you are my master, might be at the palace, and avoid the and, while I ar: at your court, under constant succession of inose violent your protect yli, you are in place of scenes of debauchery of woich no Eu- my sovereigr ; it would be great preropean can form an idea, and which sumption in me to argue with you, it was impossible to escape, even at or lead to a conversation againtt an Koscam.

opinion that you profefs you are alAlthough the king's favour, the ready fixed in.”-No, no, says he, protection of the Ras, and my oblig- with a ai of great indness, by no ing, attentive, and lowly behaviour to means, I v. lög & rid you would every body, had made me as popular expose your cus beture bad people ; as I could with at Gondar, and a- what you say to -rize is nothing."mong the Tigrans fully as much as “ Aid what I fay, to you, Sır, has those of Amhara, yet it was easy to always been a scrupuloully true as preceive, that the cause of my quar- if I had been peaking to the king rel with Guebra Maical was not yet my rative sovere:qnand master. Wheforgot.

ther I car kill'a ihan with a candle, One day, when I was standing by or not. is an “a.xperiment that shoz!d the king in the palace, he asked, in not be made. Tell me, however, discourse, ". Whether i, toe, was what I fall a bétore you that you Date crunk in the quarrel with Gue- may dee'.ñ equivalent? Will bra Mascal, before

to piercing the cable upon


your blows ?" and, upon my faying that I dinner is fervçd, (it was of sycamore, was perfectly sober, both before and abont three quarters of an inch thick), after, because Anthule's red wine was at the length of this room, be deemfinished, and I taever willingly drank ed a sufficient proof of what I advanhydromcl, or mead, h- asked with a ced?” degree of keenueis, “ Did you then " Ah, Yagoube, Yagoube, says soberly say to Guebra Mascal, that the king, take care what you say.

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That is indeed more than Guebra have taken leave of your good fhield Mascal will do at that distance; but for ever.” The word was given, and take great care; you don't know the gun fired. It struck the three thele people ; they will lie themselves shields, neither in the most difficult all day; nay, cheir whole life is one nor the easiest place for perforation, lie; but of you they expect better, something half way between the rim or would be glad to find worse ; take and the boss. The candle went carc.” Ayto Engeden, who was through the three ihields with such then prefent, faid, “ I am sure if violence that it dalhed itself to a Yagoube lays be can do it, he will thousand pieces against a stone-wall do it; but how, I don't know. Can behind it. I turned to Engedan, you thoot through my shield with a saying very lowly, gravely, and with tallow candle?” * To you, Ayto out exultation or triumph, on the Engedan, faid I, I can speak freely; contrary, with absolute indifference, I could shoot through your shield if “ Did not I tell you your Thield was it was the strongest in the army, and naught?". A great thout of applaule kill the strongest man in the army followed from about a thousand peo. that held it before him. When will ple that were gathered together. The you see this tried?" Why now, three shields were carried to the king, fays the king; there is nobody here." who exclaimed in great transport, "'The foon:r the better, faid I; I “I did not believe it before I sawit, would not wish to remain for a mo- and I can scarce believe it now I ment longer under fo disagreeable an have feen it. Where is Guebra impuration as that of lying, an infa- Mascal's confidence now? But what mous one in my country, whatever it do either he or we know? We know may be in this. Let me send for nothing?" I thought he looked a. my gun; the king will look out at barhed. the window.” “ Nobody, says he knows “ Ayto Engedan, said I, we ruft any thing of it; siolody will come.have à touch at that table. It was

The king appeared to be very an- faid the piercing that was more xious, and, I law plainly, incredu- than Guebra Maical could do. We lous. The gun was brought; Enge- have one half of the candle left dan's shield was produced, which was still ; it is the thinnett, weakeit half, of a strong buffalo's hide. I said to and I shall put the wick foremost, hin, “ This is a weak one, give me because the cotton is softest.” The one stronger.” He took his head, table being now properly placed, to En. and said, " Ah, Yagoube, you'll find gedan's utmot atonithmest he canit strong enough ; Engedan's shield dle, with the wick foremost, were thro' is known to be no voy," Tecla Mae the table, as the other had goge. riam broughị such a shield, and the the three shields. “By S Michael ! Billetana Guera Tecla another, both says Engedan, Yugoute, hereafter of which were most excellent in their fay to me you can raise my father kind. I loaded the g40 before them, Eshte from the grave, and I will befirst with powder, then upon it lid lieve you.” Some priists who were down one half of what we call a there, though surpriłęd at firit, seem. farthing candle ; and, having beat offed afterwards to treat it rather lightly, the handies of three shields, I put because they thought it below their them clofe in contact with each o- dignity to be surprised at any thing, ther, and set them all phree against a They said it was done (naucktouk) poli.

by writing, by which they meant Now, Engedan, said I, when magic. Every body embraced that for please lay-Fire! but mind you opinion as an evident and rational


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