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possess an extensive range of its own, without Lodge's Portraits. We have so frequently infringing materially on other departments of noticed, and in terms of such deserved praise, delineative process.

the progress of this admirable work, that to The Game-Keeper.-A portrait of old John announce the contents of its Numbers, as they Giffen, the under-keeper of East Hainault successively appear, is all that can be required Walk, in Waltham Forest, constitutes another

of us.

No. XV. presents the following porspecimen of lithography, by the same 'artist, traits:—Sir Kenelm Digby; Henry, Prince of entitled to similar praise. We can hardly ima Wales; Charles Howard, Earl of Nottingham; gine execution superior to that which is here John Knox; and Richard Weston, Earl of displayed.

Portland. Excepting the Prince of Wales, The Rivers of England.—The Fifth No. of by Mytens, these are all from paintings by this work, which has been some time in the Vandyke. The engravers are G. Kellaway, J. course of publication, is now before us. The Jenkins, E. Scriven, and R. Cooper. engravings are in mezzotinto upon steel, by Blore's Monumental Remains. _ This work, Reynolds, Bromley, and Say, from original which we have repeatedly noticed, has reached drawings by A. M. Turner, R. A., and the its Fourth Part, containing delineations of late Thomas Girtin. The names and merits the following subjects :--the Monument of of the designers are too justly appreciated to Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, from require any eulogy from us; and, we believe, Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick ;-that of John the same may be said of the engravers. The Gower, the poet, from St. Saviour's Church, present No., containing Broughton Castle, near Southwark;—that of Wykeham of Winchester; the Junction of the Rivers Eamont and Low -and the monuments of Edward III. and Ayther, after a Shower, by Turner-Bolton Ab mer de Valence, Earl of Pembroke, from Westbey, on the River Whiarfe, a Twilight View, minster Abbey. We are very glad to perceive by Girtin-and Dartmouth, on the river Dart, that a work so truly valuable in its nature, and in full Sunlight, by Turner – is at least equal in so respectable in its execution, proceeds more excellence to any of its predecessors. Every regularly in its course of publication than at first. admirer of the beautiful, the impressive, and Views on the Rhine. The Ninth No. of this the sublime in nature, ought to patronize this work contains views of Drachenfels, Oudekerk, publication.

Delft, Meckarsteinach, and Heidelberg.

Literary and Scientific Jntelligence.

CAPTAIN PARRY, commander of the late out the loss of a man, excepting two sailors, Polar expedition, arrived at the Admiralty on one of whom died of illness previously conthe 16th of October, having left his ship, the tracted, and the other lost his life by an acHecla, off Peterhead. His third attempt to

cident. It is understood that another vessel discover a north-west passage has been de is to be prepared instead of the Fury, for the feated. The expedition left the coast of West purpose of proceeding with the Hecla, early Greenland on the 4th of July 1824, but was next spring, to endeavour to communicate with entangled two months amongst the ice in Da Captain Franklin, in the Polar Seas. vis's Straits ; so that it was late in the season Letters from Captain Franklin state the before it reached Lancaster's Sound. The arrival of the expedition under his orders at ships got to Burrow's Straits only in time to Lake Winnipeg early in June, whence they winter. With difficulty they made Port Bowen || intended to proceed to Bear Lake. All the in Prince Regent's Inlet, where they were parties were in perfect health, and the season laid up between the 25th of September and had been extremely mild and open. the 6t1 of October, and remained till the Captain J. D. Cochrane, whose extraordi19th of July last. On the 1st of August, nary pedestrian travels in Russia lately atwhile working along towards the south, the tracted so much notice, died at Columbia on Fury, Capain Hoppner, was driven ashore by the 12th of August. the ice and wrecked. This disaster occurred The Lords of the Treasury have awarded at the very time when the air, water, and ice all the sum of £200 for the relief of Mrs. Belpromised an easy progress into the Polar Sea. zoni, the widow of the celebrated traveller; Three weeks' were arduously spent in endea and a subscription in her behalf has been vouring to save the Fury, but in vain ; and opened. the crew and principal stores were taken on Allan, the painter, bas a picture in band board the Hecla, which thus encumbered im from the ballad of “ Auld Robin Gray;"mediately made sail homeward, and arrived Stothard has taken for a subject “ The Flitch off the Scottish coast on the 10th of Octo of Bacon ;''-and Calcott is employed upon a ber, all well. They have returned with View of the Port of Antwerp.


On the 9th of October, the monument of Laconics, or the best Words of the best the late Princess Charlotte, erected in St. | Authors, printed uniformly with the Percy George's Chapel, Windsor, was first opened || Anecdotes. to public view.

A new Dramatic Poem, by Mr. Tennant, Chantrey has just completed the erection author of Anster Fair, &c. of a beautiful monument in the Bishop's The Last of the Lairds, a Novel by Mr. Chapel, Worcester Cathedral, to the memory Galt. of Mrs. Digby.

Travels through Lapland and Sweden in the The report that there were two or three Winter Season; and Winter Sketches in Laporiginal letters of Shakspeare amongst the land; both by Captain Brooke, in completion Dorset papers, has been contradicted. — The of his Travels in the North. Duke of Devonshire, it is said, means Under the auspices of Mr. Constable, of publish a fac-simile reprint of his Hamlet of Edinburgh, a Miscellany of Original and Se1604, formerly in the possession of the late lected Works, in weekly numbers. J. P. Kemble, Esq.

Waterloo, or the British Minstrel, a poem, The copyright of all Goëthe's works has in five Cantos. By J. H. Bradfield. Jately been purchased by a great publishing The Duties of a Lady's Maid. By a Lady : firm in Germany, for the sum of 1,000 embellished with an Engraving of Belinda, at francs.

her toilet, from Mr. Fradelle's picture. The remainder of Lord Byron's MSS. have Moral Hebrew Tales, translated from anarrived in London, and are said to have been cient Hebrew Works. By Mr. Hyman Hurplaced at the joint disposal of Mr. Leigh and witz, Author of Viodiciæ Hebraicæ, &c. Mr. Hobhouse.

Facts and Fancies, or Mental Diversions. Mr. Hyde, author of Alphonzus, a tragedy, By the Author of Solace of an Invalid. reviewed in a preceding sheet of this volume, Time's Telescope for 1826. las a comedy now in rehearsal at Covent Poetic Hours ; consisting of occasional Garden Theatre.

Poems, Translations, Stanzas to Music, &c. Messrs. Burstall and Hill, of Edinburgh, | By G. F. Richardson, have obtained a patent for the construction Attic Fragments. By the Author of Moof a coach to be impelled by the force of dern Athens, and Babylon the Great. steam.

A Collection of Anecdotes on Ireland, by A Mr. Lambert has discovered a new mode Sir Jonah Barrington. of manufacturing paper from straw.

The Adventures of Pandurang Hàrì, a HinIn France an experiment is going forward doo. upon a large scale for making Burgundy wine Phantasmagoria ; a volume of Miscellaneous sparkle like Champagne.

Compositions, in Prose and Verse. By Miss The Agricultural Society of Moravia has Jewsbury, of Manchester. presented a gold medal to a farmer, for the in

The Metropolitan Quarterly Magazine. vention of a plough, which, though drawn by

By William Goodhugh, in one volume post only one horse, makes four furrows.

octavo, The English Gentleman's Library MaSpirits of wine, ether, &c. mixed in certain

nual, or a Guide to the Choice of useful modern proportions with snow, afford temperatures as

Books in British and Foreign Literature ; with low as those which are produced by mixing

Biographical, Critical, and Literary Notices; to sea-salt with snow.

which will be added Estimates for furnishing a Several mines of gold and silver bave recentiy been discovered in the kingdom of | able for Persons going abroad ; for Regimental

complete Modern Library; Lists of Books suitMurcia in Spain.

Libraries, as also for the Cottage, Parlour, and Mr. Bernard, of Paris, has lately published | Drawing-room, and a View of an Economical a Treatise, in which the physical dangers en

Library, which shall embrace good Editions of countered by mothers, who shrink from the

the best English and French Authors, now duty of suckling their children, are forcibly publishing in a cheap form. and alarmingly described.

The forthcoming volume of the Forget-Me

Not will be ready for delivery about the end of Works in the Press, fc.

November. The literary department embraces, Miscellaneous Pieces for the Instruction and among many others, contributions in verse and Amusement of Young Persons, by the late prose from the pens of James Montgomery, Mrs. Barbauld.

Esq., Rev. G. Croly, Rev. R. Polwhele, Mary Queen of Scots ; a publication ex J. H. Wiffen, Esq., Henry Neele, Esq., Rev. posing the treacheries of Elizabeth, the con J. Blanco White, J. Bowring, Esq., T. Harral, spiracies of the Protestant Lords, the forgeries Esq., Rev. G. Woodley, Rev. W. B. Clarke, of Buchanan, Knox, and Randolph, and the W. c. Stafford, Esq., H. Brandreth, Esq., calumnies of Robertson, Laing, &c,

Mr. J. Bird, Miss Landon, Mrs. Hemans, Miss Biographia Scotticana, or Lives of the Scots Mitford, Mrs. Hofland, Mrs. Bowdich, Miss Worthies, in numbers.

Pickersgill, Mrs. C. B. Wilson, the late Mrs. Memoirs of the Prince de Montbarcy, con Cobbold, Miss Hatfield, &c. &c. &c. The taining tbe Secret History of the Conduct of highly-finished engravings, fourteen in number, the French Cabinet in the Affair of the Ame are executed after the designs of Westall, Sinrican War.

gleton, H. Corbould, Prout, Hills, Pugin, &c., A new edition of Buffon, to which Baron | by Heath, Finden, G. Corbould, Le Keux, Cuvier prefixes two interesting volumes. Winckle, and other eminent artists. No. 11.- Pol. II.

3 M



At Heydon, Norfolk, H. Handley, Esq., Or Sons.—The lady of William James, Esq.,

M. P., to the Hon, Caroline Edwards, eldest M.P.— The lady of the Rev. Burroughes Nor

daughter of Lord Kensington, gate, of a son.—The lady of G. W. Rowley, The Hon. Michael de Courcy, to Miss ChadEsq.-The lady of the Rev. John Peel.— The

der. lady of Col. Holmes, C.B.— The lady of Capt.

At Wotton, Herts., the Hon. Alexander LesElion, R.N.—The lady of Major Loftus Gray.

lie Melville, brother to the Earl of Leven and -The lady of Dr. Gairdner - The Countess of Melville, to Charlotte, daughter of Samuel Wilton.- Lady Ross.—The lady of H. Boldero, Smith, Esq., M.P. Esq.-Lady Julian Warrender.- Lady Elizabeth Belgrave. Or Daughters. — The lady of the Hon. and

DEATHS. Rev. T. L. Dundas — The lady of the Rev.

Aged 69, His Majesty the King of Bavaria. R.B. Greenlaw, of Ealing.-The lady of Capt.

The Prince de Carignan, cousin to the heir Lempriere. - The Countess Howe.-The lady presumptive to the throne of Sardinia. of Sir J. Huddart.-- The Countess of Denbigh.

At Powerscourt, Ireland, the Hon. and Rev. + The lady of Dr. G. Darling.– The Hon. Mrs. Edward Wingfield, brother of Viscount PowersMills.--The lady of Sir T. F. Freemantle, Bart.


At Cheltenham, aged 62, the Hon. Charlotte

Frances, relict of A. B. Bennett, Esq., sister of MARRIAGES.

the late, and aunt to the present Viscount Gal. The Hon. and Rev. R. Eden, rector of Eg way. ham, to Mary, eldest daughter of F. Hurst, Esq., Aged 62, the Hon. Archibald Gloster, Chief of Alderwasley, Derbyshire.

Justice and President of His Majesty's Council Sir John Forbes, Bart., to the Hon. Char. || in the island of Dominica. lotte Elizabeth, daughter of the Right Hon. In the East-Indies, aged 19, G. A. Paxton, Lord Forbes.

Esq., youngest son of the late Sir W. P. l'axe A. Fletcher, Esq., of Salton Castle, East ton, Bart., of Middleton Hall, Carmarthen. Lothian, to the Right Hon. Lady Charlotte Lady Harriet Marsham, sister to the Earl of Charteris, fourth daughter of the Earl of We Romney. myss and March.

At Worthing, aged 25, Mary Elizabeth Mar. Henry Robert Bullock, Esq., youngest son garet, fourth daughter of Walter Boyd, Esq., of J. J. Bullock, Esq., of Faulkbourne Hall, M.P. Essex, to Charlotte, second daughter of J. Hall, Barbara Maria, second daughter of the late Esq., of Weston Colville, Cambridge.

Hon. William Cockayne, of Rushton Hall, The Rev. J. Baker, LL. B., nephew of Sir Northamptonshire. D. Forrest, of Exmouth, to Charlotte, youngest Diana, wife of Dr. P. M. Latham, and daughter of the late Major-General Kersteman, youngest daughter of the Hon. Major-General

At St. George's, Hanover Square, Louis Ed Chetwynd Stapylton. mond Méchin, eldest son of Baron Méchin, to Aged 74, Major John Samuel Torriano. Maria Theresa, eldest daughter of Charles Du George Read, Esq., of Crow Hall, Suffolk. mergue, Esq., of Albemarle Street.

Aged 62, Arthur Gore, Esq., eldest son of Sir S. Osborne Gibbs, Bart., to Margaret, || the late Hon. Paul Gore, of the county of eldest daughter of the late Henry Moore, Esq., || Mayo. and grand-niece to the Earl of Clonmell.

Edmund, third son of William Yates Peel, George James Cholmondeley, Esq., to the | Esq., M.P. Hon. Mary Elizabeth Townshend, daughter of At Kilvare, Mrs. Magee, the lady of His Lord Viscount Sydney.

Grace the Archbishop of Dublin. Lieutenant Chase Bracken, to Jane Anne, Lady Richards, relict of the late Chief Baron daughter of Colonel Lud. Grant, of Kempsey, | of the Court of Exchequer. Worcestershire.

At Clifton, Mrs. Porter, widow of the late At Paris, Charles Delves Broughton, Esq., || Lord Bishop of Clogher. fourth son of the late Sir T. Broughton, Bart., At Hendon, Mary Carpenter, the infant to Caroline, second daughter of the late Col. daughter of Mr. and the Right Hon. Lady William Greene.

Mary Willis. At Gretna, the Rev. T. Caton, to Louisa At Rhosydym Tower, Carmarthenshire, Lady Frances Lumley, second daughter of the Hon. Sarah de Crespigny, daughter of Otter Lewis and Rev. John Lumley Savile.

Windsor, Earl of Plymouth. At Winchester, Dr. Coleridge, Bishop of At the Cove of Cork, Mrs. Ormsby, relict of Barbadoes, to Sarah Elizabeth, eldest daughter || A. Ormsby, Esq., and sister of Lord Gort. of the Very Rev. Thomas Rennell, Dean of At Lymington, Hampshire, Mrs. Sarah BurWinchester,

rard, sister to Sir H. Burrard Neale, Bart. At St. James's church, Lloyd Bamford Hes Frances Ursula, third daughter of the Rev. keth, Esq., to the Lady Emily Lygon.

H.A. Pye, Prebendary of Worcester. At St. James's, Sir W. G. H. Jolliffe, Bart., The Hon. Mrs. Boulton Bennett, aunt to Visto Eleanor, second daughter of the Hon. count Galway Berkeley Pagett.

At Bruges, Sir John Berney, Bart.





EMBELLISHMENTS. A Portrait of the Right Honourable LADY EMILY PUSEY, engraved by COCHRAN, from a Painting by T. KIRKBY.

A beautiful coloured whole-length Portrait Figure, in a Home Costume.
A beautiful coloured whole-length Portrait Figure, in a French Morning Walking Dress.


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Page ILLUSTRATIVE MEMOIR of the Right Ho On Comedians and the Clergy

267 nourable Lady Emily Pusey


John Baliol, a Historical Drama in five Letters on Costume.-No. V ............... 235

Acts, by William Tennant.

ib. The Haunted House


The Blessings of Friendship, and other England's Ancient Bards.-No. VII.

Poems, by James McHenry

ib. The Convict.-In Two Parts Part II. 246

The works of Matthew Baillie, M.D., by The Sheridan Family 249 James Wardrop.........

268 On the Word “ Old.".... ......... 255

The Duties of a Lady's Maid ............... ib. ORIGINAL POETRY.

Phantasmagoria, or Sketches of Life and The Ocean Bower

ib. 256

Literature Song ib. Tales of the Wild and Wonderful

269 The Blue Harebell

257 The Miscellaneous Writings of John Stanzas

ib. Evelyn, Esq., F.R.S. &c., by W. To Sylvia

ib. ib.


Review of New Music ........


English Theatricals.-Drury-Lane 271 AND FOREIGN COSTUME.

Covent Garden

ib. No. I.-Home Costume ....


272 No. II.-French Morning Walking Dress ib.

French Theatricals.-Théâtre Français 273 General Observations on English Fashions and Dress

Fine Arts' Publications, fc.- The Beauties Costume of Paris .....

of Claude

ib. Views at Rangoon

ib. MONTHLY VIEW Miss Chester.........


Miss Stephens


Gems of Art .......

ib. Forget-Me-Not..........

Lodge's Portraits .........

ib. The Literary Souvenir...

263 Friendship's Offering




INTELLIGENCE. Miss Benger's Memoirs of Elizabeth Works in the Press

ib. Stuart, Queen of Bohemia .......... ib. Kelly's Reminiscences ..


Birtus-MARRIAGES_DEATHS............ 276



The correction of the Memoirs illustrating the Portrait of Lady Emily Pusey not having arrived sufficiently early for the present Number, the insertion of the article is unavoidably postponed till our next.

Extended reviews of several recent works of interest, and of others on the point of publication, are reserved for our Supplementary Number, which will contain also a

Title Page and Index to the Volume-an Address to Subscribers-a Summary of Fashions for the last half-year, fc.

We have the honour to announce, that, amongst the Portraits now in the hands of our engravers, and in a state of the greatest forwardness for the ensuing volume of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, are the following:- The COUNTESS OF SURREY, from an original painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A. ;-Lady Georgiana Ellis, from a painting by Jackson ;–Tue Dowager Duchess of RICHMOND, from a family miniature by Miss Kendrick ;-The Countess OF JERSEY, from an original painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence, &c.--The re-engraved portrait of Lady Grantham, from a miniature by Miss Kendrick, will be ready, together with the portrait of the Countess or SURREY, for the first Number of the Third Volume of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, to be published on the first of January

We hope to gratify the readers of LA BELLE ASSEMBLEE, next month, with “ Rambles in the Land of Hafiz," a production by one of the first female writers of the age.

MR. BRANDRETH's beautiful poem, Lines written at Bourdeaux," shall appear in our next.

We expect also to have the pleasure of inserting in our next the analytical critique on Jouy's Tragedy of Belisarius, with translated extracts.

We shall, in the course of a few days, forward a private communication to our friend “ GREGORY SCRIBLERUS."

“ Mrs H.” will please to accept our best thanks for her“ Sketches, No. I.- Rosaline," which shall very promptly appear.

Does our good friend, “ Miss E. R.” adopt our suggestion ?

The “ Talescommunicated by “ Sophia” shall experience the attention requested by their fair author.

The Warrior's Dirge” was, as its author suspects, inserted in La BELLE ASSEMBLEE (No. IV.) some months ago. Lines to W-" commencing, “No more I'll twine these roses red," appeared in No. VIII.

The blank verse of " Sister's Love" is, we are sorry to say, very blank indeed : in truth, the greater part of it can hardly be termed verse at all. The composition of blank verse is infinitely more difficult than young writers are in general aware of.

“J. B. B." is requested to observe, that we insert no more of his communications unless we have the assurance that they are sent to us exclusively. To string verses together, and then send them to two or three or more publications at the same time, is a very pitiful and unworthy sort of ambition.

The communication entitled “ Bologna,” has been returned by post to the author. The lady should not have subjected us to the expense of postage. For general, as well as for particular information, we beg leave to state, that peremptory instructions have been left at our publisher's to refuse all letters that may not be Post-paid.

. One good turn deserves another. If the Leicester Square exhibitor, who seems very anxious to have his turn served, had met our request, not as a matter of favour, but as a matter of coinmon courtesy, we would have met his cheerfully.


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