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qualities of the poet.-Gilbert Elliot, Efq; traders have in its answering its patriotic of Otterburn, obligingly sent the chair in purposes, that we can assure our readers which Mr Thomson Itudied his Winter that a numerous and considerable company which was occupied by the Preses. of respectable merchants residing in Gree

Same day, the Knights Companions of the nock, Glasgow, and its vicinity, has been Cape, met at their Hall to celebrate the formed under the firm of The Forth and same event.

Clyde Shipping Company, who are forthwith After the memory of Thomson had been to employ several vessels, adapted to the drank by the Sovereign and all the Men- Canal navigation, for the purpose of carrybers standing, the entertainment began by ing goods from Greenock to the Canal BaMr Woods reciting a beautiful occasional son and to London without transhipping, Poem, of his own compofition, in honour and from London to Greenock in the same of the Birth-day of Thomson. Several suit

manner. able sentiments to the memory of those who were the particular friends of Thomson liderable estate, adjacent to his thriving vil

Lord Gardenfton lately purchased a conbeing given, Mr Woods proceeded to recite lage of Lawrence-kirk, by which he became from a poem of Dr Langhorne's, the

con. pollessed of that arbitrary power of opprefappealing to Thomson to decide on their ref- lion, called Bonage, in the exercise of which pective merits. At proper intervals, he af.

a despotic Laird may call a farmer, with all terwards delivered paffages from the four his servants and cattle, perhaps in the very Seasons, each being followed by Songs apo

heat of harvest, and make them drudge plicable to the respedive subjects by other in his fields, and leave their own to the Members of the Society. Mr Woods then mercy of the wind and weather ; but, in recited a number of passages fele&ted by him ftead of this, his Lordship, with that genefrom Thomson's Poem of Liberty. This rosity for which he stands so eminently was immediately followed by another mem- conspicuous, invited his new tenantry to a ber singing Rule Britannia, who was join- liberal entertainment, and, to crown the ed in the chorus by the rest of the company feftivity of the day, furprised them with an all tanding; and which concluded an en- absolute renunciotion of all prestations whattertainment, gratifying in the highest de- ever, except their stipulated rents. gree to every person present. Mr Woods, had the principal hand in

PREFERMENTS. conducting this Attick evening entertain

The Marquis of Huntly, chusing a ment, and displayed in a very conspicuous military life, is gone an Ensign into the manner, his well-known and much-admired

35th regiment, of which his brother-inpowers of Recitation.

law is Lieutenant-colonel. EDINBURGH, Sept. 11.

Lord Hawkesbury is appointed Collec

tor of the Customs in London inward, a Came on the election of the Deacons of place oi L. 1800 a year. the Fourteen Incorporated trades of this city, Dr Hudson is elected Bishop of Virgiwhen the following gentlemen were cho- nia, and consecrated at Lambeth by the icn :

Archbishop of Canterbury, and as such Chirurgeons, William Inglis,

presented to his Majesty.

Mr William Hardie is presented to the Goldsmiths, William Cunningham,

parihh of Inchinen, prefbytery of Paisley. Skinbers, James Brown, Furriers, James Miller,

The following Captains in the Royal Hammermen, Thomas Armstrong,

* Navy are promoted to be Rear-Admirals, Wrights, * Walter Smeaton,

viz. Masons, * Alexander Reid,

R. Brathwaite, Philips Crosby, T, Tailors,

James Brown, Fitzherbert, Samuel Cornish, J.Brisbane, Baxters, John Gray,

J. Houlton, Charles Wallebey, Charles Fleshers,

Andrew Wilson, Inglis, and S. J. Goodall. Cordiners,

Charles Oats, Weavers. William Raebnrn,

MARRIAGES. Waukers, • Thomas Tibbets,

The Earl of Fauconberg to Miss Cheshire Bonnetmakers, John Auchterlony.

of Windsor. Those marked thus are continued.

John Lowther, Esq. to Lady Elizabeth

Fane, after to the Earl of Westinorland. So important is the complete opening of The Hon. John Elliot to Miss York, life the Great Canal, as announced to the pub- ter to the Earl of Hardwick, whose portio kie, and so great is the confidence'which is L. 30,000.


Births and Death. Archduke Francis, Hercditary Prince of in honour to his Lady; and being AmhallaHungary and Bohemia, to Princess Don- dor at the Court of Berlin, his Prusian Mana Maria Teresa of Naples, and Ferdinand, jesty, as a mark of his esteem, created him a Great Duke of Tuscany, his brother, to Count of the kingdom of Pruffia, which was Donna Maria Louisa, another Princess of approved of by his Majesty; and after gos Naples, being first cousins.

ing through the different offices of PottMr James Jolly, writer to the fignet, to master General, Lord of Trade and PlantaMiss Christian Hart, daughter of the late tions, and Chancellor of the Duchy of LanRev. Mr Hart at Kirkinner.

catter, died in 1786; leaving the present Alexander Falcores, of Woodcot Park, Earl, two other fons, and a daughter. to Miss Matilda Clark, daughter of the late At Boulogne, aged 77 years, William Captain Clark of the East India Company's Chambers, Esqi 50 years of which he has service.

been in the wine trade BIRTHS.

Aged 72, the Right Hon. Archibald

Achison, Vif. Gosford, Bart. of Nova ScoThe Lady of Mr Cay advocate of a fon.

tia, and Privy Councellor of the kingdom of Mrs Ramsay of Barra of a daughter. Ireland; he was created Baron Gosford in

Mrs Wemyss of Wemyss of a son and 1776, and Viscount in 1783, and is now fuc. heir.

ceeded in title and estate by his only for the Mrs Sandilands of Nuthill of a fon:

Hon. Arthur Achifon M.P. for the borough Mrs Drummond, Parliament Street, of á of Old Leighlin in faid kingdom. fon.

At Bath, in the 57th year of his age, Mrs Tulloch of Ellifton of a danghter,

General John Smith, formerly in the Eaft At Dublin, Viscountess Powerscount of a

India Coinpany's service, and who enjoyed son and heir,

a pension for life of 1. 4000 a-year. The Lady of Sir David Carnegie, Bart. Mr Patrick Robertson, goldsmith, and of a daughter.

brother to Principal Robertson.

David Ross, Esq; Master of Revels for DEATHS.

Scotland, and original Patentee of the TheaThe Right Hon. Jane Lady Banff, wis tre at Edinburgh, and the last of the fet of dow of the late Lord, and lister to the late players fo much admired about 40 years Countess of Leven.

ago. . Mrs Ross of Innerchasly, Lady of Lord John M'Adam, Esqs of Craigengillag, Ankerville, one of the Senators of the Court formerly one of the greatest dealers in cattle of Session,

in this country: The Right Hon. Lady Blaney, mother to Archibald

Campbell, of Koockbuy, Efq; the Countess of Claremont.

Alex. Cunningham, of Craigends, Esq; Philip Paton, Esq; Collector of the Cuf- Sir Lud. Grant of Dalvey, Bart. toms at Kirkcaldy:

John Aitkin, M. D. Fellow of the Royal Mrs Campbell, younger, of Dunstaff- College of Surgeons, and Lecturer on Ananage.

tomy, Surgery, &c. Patrick Maxwell, Esq. Enlign in the 6th On the 18th, His Royal Highness Henry Tegiment, and son of Sir William Maxwell Frederick Duke of Cumberland and Stra of Springkell, drowned by the overfetting of thern, and Earl of Dublin, Admiral of the a boat at Nova Scocia.

White, and Ranger of Windsor Grett Viscount de Mirabeau, Deputy to the Na. Park, K. B. his Majesty's second brother, tional Assembly of France, and younger bro born 1745, married 177. Anne, fifter to ther to the celebrated orator of that name, the prefent Earl of Carhampton, and widow being suspected of favouring a counter-re- of Christopher Horton, Esq;no issue. volution, and taking offence at fòme pro- Mrs Mary Thomson, mother of Mr cecdings of those called Patriots, fled to Tu. Craig architect, and lifter to the author of rin, where he died on the 12th August, and the Seasons. was interred with great funeral pomp, at- The most noble William Duke of Montended by all the Refugees then in that trose, Marquis of Graham, Earl and Baron city.

Graham of Belford in Northumberland, 1 'The Right Hon. the Countess of Claren- widower; his Grace is succeeded in titles don, when on a journey to Cheshire ; she and estate by his only son James Marquis of was daughter of the Earl of Esex, grand- Graham, M. P. for Great Bedwin ; Joint daughter to the last Earl of Clarendon and Paymaster of his Majesty's Forces, and one Rochester, and as such used the name and of his Majesty's mot Honqurable Privy arms of Hyde; her Ladyship, married the Counsellors. Hon. Thomas Villiers, brother to the Earl of Alexander Hamilton of Gilkerseleuchy Jersey, who fisit was created Lord Hyde of 'Esq; and brother-in-law to the Lord Jutice Hindon, and afterwards Earl o: Clarendon, Clerk.

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