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in case of future disobedience, it shall be prov- , station of a Layman; in which station, if he ed, that any Presbyter or Deacon of this does not behave himself as becometh, he shall Church has been guilty of repeatedly trans- be debarred from Communion with the Church, gressing any one or more of the foregoing Ca- until he give proof of a sincere repentance. nons, and gives no hope of amending his conduct All Laws must have an obligatory sanction; in time coming, then shall the Bishop of the and, in respect of those Canons or Rules, which Diocese suspend him sine die from the exercise are purely Ecclesiastical, the Love of CHRIST of his Office. And if, thinking himself age will point to that Sanction; and produce a ready grieved by such Suspension, he shall appeal observance of whatever the authority which he for redress to the other Members of the Epis- hath given to his Church shall duly and regucopal College; and they shall confirm the judg- larly ordain or enjoin, for the Honour and ment of his own Bishop, then shall he be de- Glory of his Name. posed from the Ministry, and reduced to the l






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No. I.

vocation holden at London in the year of our

Lord, one thousand five hundred and sixty-two; A Form of Letters Testimonial for Holy Orders,

and I do acknowledge all and every the Arto be subscribed by three or more Episcopal Cler

ticles therein contained, being in number Thirgymnen.

ty-nine, besides the Ratification, to be agreeable W HEREAS our well beloved in Christ,

to the Word of God. hath declared to us his inten. tion of offering himself a Candidate for the sacred office of a Deacon; and for that end hath

No. III. requested of us Letters Testimonial of his learn

| A Form of Subscription, promising obedience to ing, and good behaviour; We, therefore, whose

the Canons. names are hereunto subscribed, do testify, that the said having been personally

, do hereby solemnly pro· known to us, for the space of three years last mise, that I will give all due obedience to

past, hath during that time lived piously, so the Canons of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, · berly, and honestly, and diligently applied | drawn up, and enacted by the Bishops and

himself to his studies; nor has he at any time, | Clergy of that Church, in a Synod holden for (as far as we know, or have heard), maintained

| that purpose at Aberdeen, in the year of our or written any thing contrary to the Doctrine, | Lord, one thousand eight hundred and eleven: or Discipline, of the Episcopal Church in Scot And I, in like manner, promise to shew, in all land: And moreover we think him a person | things, an earnest desire to promote the peace, worthy to be admitted to the sacred Order of unity, and order, of the said Episcopal Church. Deacons. In witness whereof we have, &c.

To be addressed to the Bishop by whom?
the Candidate is to be ordained. S

No. IV.
The Form of a Deed of Presentation to a Pasto-

ral Charge.
No. II.

To the Right Reverend Father in God, A Form of Subscription to the Thirty-nine Ar- by Divine Permission, Bishop ticles of Religion.

[Church Wardens, do willingly, and " Vestrymen, Managers, Proprietors, or Dier animo, subscribe to the Book of Articles rectors,] in our own Names, and in Name of the of Religion agreed upon by the Archbishops and Episcopal Congregation assembling for the PubBishops of both Provinces of the Realm of Eng- lic Worship of God, at the Chapel in land, and the whole Clergy thereof, in the Con

do hereby present to your Reve. af

rence, tians.

rence, for the purpose of his being admitted to | Episcopal Congregation assembling for the Pub. the Pastoral Charge of the said Congregation, lic Worship of God at the Chapel in the Reverend

, under promise in favour of our well beloved in Christ, the of faithfully fulfilling, on our part, the condi Reverend

having been offered to tions agreed upon betwixt him and us, for the us, for the purpose of his being admitted to the due support of his Ministerial character. In pastoral Charge of the said Congregation, We, testimony whereof we have subscribed these the Bishop before mentioned have sustained the presents at . , the

day same, and do hereby institute and appoint the in the year

said Reverend

to be Pastor, or Minister of the said Congregation, he having previously made in our presence the Subscrip

tions required by the Canons of the Episcopal · No. V.

Church in Scotland ; and likewise exhibited to A Form of Testimonial for Institution to a Pas

us his Letters of Orders: And we do farther *toral Charge, to be subscribed by three or more

license and authorize the said Reverend Episcopal Clergymen...

to read in the said Chapel, or in any

other Chapel that may be consecrated or li. W E, whose Names are hereunto subscrib- censed by us, or our Successors in Office, for

ed, do testify, and make known, that the use of the said Congregation, the Public the Reverend , having been per- | Prayers of the Church, to administer God's sonally known to us for the space of three Holy Sacraments, to preach his Holy Word, years last past, hath during that time lived pie and to perform, according to the Rites' and Ceously, soberly, and honestly; nor hath he, atremonies of the Episcopal Church in Scotland, any time, (as far as we know, or believe), held, every other sacred Office which it is competent written, or taught any thing contrary to the for a Presbyter to perform: And we do hereDoctrine or Discipline, or that may hinder his by strictly prohibit and discharge every other usefulness in the Ministry, of the Episcopal Clergyman from performing any sacred Office Church in Scotland. In testimony whereof, we in the said Chapel, or from interfering, direct. have subscribed these presents at

ly or indirectly, in the pastoral care of the this . day of

in the said Congregation, without the consent and apyear of our Lord

probation of the said Reverend : Whom To be addressed to the Bishop by whom?

we do also certify, that he shall be accountable Institution is to be granted.

to us, and our Successors, Bishops
for his conduct, as Minister of the Chapel to
which he is now instituted, and as Pastor of the

Congregation which is now committed to his
No. VI.

care; and that, for this purpose, he shall atThe Form of Institution to a Pastoral Charge.

tend our Visitations, when required so to do,

either by ourself, or by the Dean in our name, RY the tenour of these presents, We and answer all such questions as we may findi Bishop

do make it expedient to put to him, respecting the state it known unto all whom it may concern, that a of his Congregation, and his mode of instructPresentation, bearing date the

ing them; submitting, if we shall require it, day of

, in the year of our Lord, his Sermons, and Public Lectures of every kind, by

[Church-Wardens, 1 to our inspection : And we do hereby exhort, Vestrymen, Managers, Proprietors, or Directors), and beseech those who are now committed to in their awn Names, and in the Name of the his pastoral care, to listen as becomes Chris

blic, and to esteem and colour, it is hereby deblie Worship, whe

tians to his Instructions and godly admonitions, have been attached to the colour of the Clerical as well private as public, and to esteem him Vestments than can properly be ascribed to any very highly in love for his work's sake: And we do earnestly pray, that he may have much tial to the purity of Public Worship, whether the satisfaction in his holy function, and meet with Clergyman, when reading prayers, be arrayed the respect and attention which are due to that in a white, or in a black vestment: Yet as the function, during the whole time of his Ministry white garment was the proper Sacerdotal Vestin the said Congregation. In testimony where ment of the Jewish Priesthood, and likewise of we have subscribed these presents, &c. at of the Christian Priesthood through the Univeron the day of

sal Church for at least 1400 years; as it is the in the year of our Lord

proper Sacerdotal Vestment in the United Church of England and Ireland, with which the Episcopal Church in Scotland is in full Commu

nion; and as white seems to be a much more No VII.

proper dress for the Ministers of the Prince of

Peace and Purity, than black, if propriety can Recommendation of a proper Clerical Habit.

be attached to any colour, the Synod' recom

mends to the several Clergy of this Church to 7 HEREAS it was represented to the Sy- wear the Surplice, when publicly reading Pray

nod of the Episcopal Church in Scot- ers, or administering the Sacraments; but to land holden at Aberdeen in the year of our introduce it with prudence and discretion, by Lord 1811, that different Dresses have of late explaining, where they find it necessary, the been worn by the Clergy officiating in this principles on which they have adopted the use Church: and whereas more importance seems to l of this very decent dress.


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