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and listened to his own confession of the part which he had acted in the tragedy of M‘Bride's murder. He had, with others, consented to his death, but repenting, followed the murderers to save their victim, He came only when they were separating, after having accomplished the death of the devoted informer ; he was seen leaving the spot by a passing traveller, and on his imperfect evidence was convicted, and sentenced to be executed. The night preceding the day on which he was to suffer, he made a most extraordinary escape from the prison, and though two hundred pounds was offered for his detection, he evaded every attempt to seize him. The disaffected through the mountain districts afforded him shelter and assistance, and his uncommon boldness, the result of native courage, unduly excited by desperation, spurred him on to the achievement of many exploits, which at once made him the admiration of the one party, and the terror of the other.

Ye must part, ye must part !” exclaimed Alice; “ see how the moon is rising; I will bring you to each other soon, but ere now, Pat Mahony, your foot should have been on

the heather of Glancullen (pointing to a high hill beside them); but God protect us-did you see any thing either of ye?” — and the cold drops stood on her high forehead.

Nothing, Alice,” said O'Hara, while Mahony cocked his blunderbuss and sprang forward.

“ Lay it down, Pat-lay it down; what would arms do against a spirit-it was shorter than you, O'Hara,” as she peered over his face and figure—when, turning to the outlaw, “ The wraith was yours, Pat Mahony."

“ Mine, Alice !" said the wanderer; “ well, well,” as he sighed, “ the sooner I am in the ground the better. Hear me, Master Harry ; perilous times are coming-blood will flow in rivers ; join neither party till you see me again; you may not meet me for a time, and should I never see you more, ask Alice, and she will tell

you much.”

At the moment, the bugles of the cavalry sounded, and the evening gun of the garrison pealed across the lake. Alice called out loudly, “ Away, not a moment must be lost !” Mahony pressed Henry's hand respectfully to his

lips, and lifting his arms, concealed them beneath his coat, and disappeared through the underwood. Alice, taking an opposite direction, beckoned Henry to follow. They passed the thick glades in profound silence, till, emerging from the coverts, they found themselves in an open avenue leading to the castle, which was now revealed in the pale moonlight. Alice paused. “ O'Hara, God bless you, and may you be more lucky than all things bode youof one thing beware-beware of love ; she who will endanger your heart, is now a guest in the halls of Castle Carra ; but a higher destiny awaits you—a more important object must engross your thoughts, and your country's claims predominate. Ask me no questions, I will answer none. One thing more, and I will leave you ;—none have deadlier foes - none more devoted friends; but it is your fateaway, away!"

She started suddenly from his side, and before he could recover his utterance or selfpossession, Alice More had turned into the coppice wood, and was no longer seen. O'Hara stood rivetted to the spot-was it a dream, or

was it reality? This extraordinary meeting with two persons, with whom peculiar circumstances of life and character rendered an interview so improbable, was indeed singular. Alice More was rarely seen beyond the precincts of her little garden, which, with her cottage, was placed in an unfrequented hollow between the bases of Glancullen and Binnion. That Mahony, a proscribed felon, should be at large in the evening and in a frequented park, was still more unaccountable. “But these occurrences,” said Henry, “ after all, do not require a supernatural solution. This strange woman, ever wayward and unsettled, would naturally choose the dark dell, as a place suited to indulge the fancies of a weak and unsteady mind; and should I yield up my independence to the trammels of a crazy dotard ? Rouse yourself, O'Hara !-there is the home where a fond father waits to embrace you ; banish what would damp its welcome-courage!"

It was now ten o'clock, and the carriage had made its tedious circuit, and rolled over the distant avenue; Henry rushed up the steps, and knocked loudly at the door.

5. It is his foot,” cried the blind Harper.“ It is his knock," said old David; and amidst the joyous bustle of servants, and the overwhelming caresses of his favourite dogs, Henry rushed into the library, and was locked in the arms of his father.

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