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Useful and Reliable Formula for Physicians Prescribing.

W. R. WARNER & CO.'S Soluble Coated Pills.

The Coating of the following Pills will dissolve in 44 minutes.


(WM. R. WARNER & CO.) R-Pulv. Aloes, 2 grs. | Pulv. Rose los, · % gr. Mastic 12"


M. ft. one pill. Lady Webster Dinner Pills. This is an excellent combination officinally designated as Aloes and Mastich, U.S. P. We take very great pleasure in asking physicians to prescribe them more liberally, as they are very excellent as an aperient for persons of full habit or gouty tendency when given in doses of one pill after dinner.


(Dr. Goodell.)
R-Ext Sumbul, I gr. Ferri Sulph. Exs, Igr.

Assafoetida, 2 gr. | Ac. Arsenious, 1-30 gr. "I use this pill for nervous and hysterical women who need building up." This pill is used with advantage in neurasthenic conditions in conjunction with Warner & Co 's Bromo Soda, one or two pills taken three times a day.


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The dose of lodide of Iron Pills is from one to two at meal times; is recommended and successfully used in the treatment of Pulmonary Phthisis or Consumption, Anæmia and Chlorosis, Carles and Scrofulous Abscesses,

Loss of Appetite, Dyspepsia, etc. In cases where lodide of Iron is prescribed, it is absolutely necessary for the physician who relies on the therapeutic action for beneficial results that the compound should be perfectly protected, and so prepared as to remain ugalterable.

With this important fact in view, we have devot. ed special study to lodide of Iron in pilular form, and are warranted in announcing that WARNER & CO'S IODIDE OF IRON PILLS meet all re. quirements, being the most perfect preparation of the kind.

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Silver Medal for superiority of Warner
& Co.'s Sugar-Coated Pills, Parvules

and Gran. Eff. Salts.

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PREPARED ESPECIALLY FOR PRESCRIBING. The following list comprises formulæ of great value to the busy practitioner.

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1-5 gr. 1-60 gr.

$ gr.

..1 gr.

. gr.

to gr.

b gr.

Aconitia ....

Med. prop.--Nerve Sedative. Dose, 1 to 2.
Aloin et Strych. et Bellad..
Med. prop.-Tonic, Laxative. Dose, 1 to 2.


Ext. Belladon,
Atropinæ Sulph.....

. gr. Med. prop.-Anodyne. Dose, 1 to 2. Caulophyllin

Med. prop.-Emmenagogue. Dose, 1 to 4. Corrosive Sublimate, rz, zb, to and too gr. Med. prop.-Mercurial Alterative.

Dose, 1 to 2. Digitalin...

Med. prop.-Arterial Sedative. Dose, 1 to 2. Elaterium, (Clutterbuck's)..........1 gr. Med. prop.--Diuretic, Hydragogue, Cathartic.

Dose, 1 to 2. Ext. Belladonna, (English)..... .... gr.

Med. prop.-Anodyne. Dose, 1 to 2. Ext. Ignatia Amara

Med. prop.-Nerve Sedative. Dose, 1 to 2. Ext. Hyoscyam, (English).

Med. prop. —Nerve Stimulant. Dose, 1 to 3. Ext. Nuc. Vomicæ... ... and I gr.

Med. prop.—Nerve Stimulant. Dose, 1 to 3.

Med. prop.-Emetic, Diuretic, Cathartic.

Dose, 1 to 2.

• Too gr. (Crystals Pure Alkaloid.)

Med. prop.—Anodyne, Soporific. Leptandrin..

Med. prop.-Cathartic. Dose, 1 to 4. Mercury Prot. lodid..

Med. prop.-Alterative. Dose, 1 to 4. Morphinæ Sulph...

Med. prop. —Anodyne. Morphinæ Sulph...

Med. prop.--Anodyne. Dose, 1 to 2 Morphinæ Sulph.....

Med. prop.-Anodyne. Dose, 1 to 2. Morphinæ Sulph.

Med. prop.-Apodyne. Dose, 1 to 2. Podophyllin

to, d, 4, and } gr. Med. prop.-Catbartic. Dose, 1 to 4. Strychnine, ...I', zo, go, go, to, and to gr. Med. prop. —Nerve Stimulant, Tonic.

Dose, 1 to 3. Strychninæ Sulph....

..31 gr. Med. prop -Tonic. Dose, 1 to 2.

to gr.

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Please specify WARNER & CO.'S when ordering or prescribing to avoid SUBSTITUTION. W

Granules sent by mail on receipt of price.


From the VENTRICULUS CALLOSUS GALLINACEUS. A powder; prescribed in the same manner, doses and combinations as Pepsin, with superior advantages in INDIGESTION, CHOLERA INFANTUM, MARASMUS and STOMACH TROUBLE

in which Pepsip is usually given.
A Specific for Vomiting in Pregnancy,


CHICAGO, ILL., Oct. 28th, 1886. BROMO SODA.—My attention has been called to your recent preparation entitled “Bromo Soda.” It was, I believe, first prepared by you partly at my suggestion. It consists of the Bromide of Sodium and the Hydrobromate of Caffeine, in the proportion of thirty to one. It is designated, as I understand, by means of the combination of the Caffeine with the Bromide, to counteract the depressing effect of the latter. I have carefully considered the separate and combined effects of these drugs, and can, as I do, heartily commend the preparation you have made and offer for the use of the Medical profession. After a long and careful experience with the various Bromides in the treatment of those affections of the nervous system that embrace unhealtbily exalted reflex excitability, and in general nervousness, I have arrived firmly at the conclusion, that the Bromide of Sodium is as valuable as any member of its class as a Bromide, and is greatly preferred, as com pared with the Bromide of Potassium, on account of the greater toxic or poisonous effect of Potassium salts upon the human organism, as compared with those in which Sodium is the base. In the vast majority of cases in which the Bromides are used the vigor of nutrition is already lowered. It is, therefore, a matter of very considerable consequence to select that particular member of this important group of therapeutic agents that, while it secures the depressing or quieting effect desired, nevertheless exercises in the way of pernicious influence the least on the vigor of nutrition, or in other words the reparative power of the body. I am thoroughly clear in my mind that the Bromide of Sodium should be substituted for the more commonly, and as I may say almost universally, employed Bromide of Potassium. I feel so strongly in this matter, that I am more than willing to make this the occasion for stating clearly and at length, my views, with the hope that for the benefit of the vast mass of nervous invalids, for whom these agents are prescribed, they may have the slight but decisive advantage that will result from the proposed change. If you shall be able to exert a favorable influence in effecting this through the manifold channels at your disposal, the change I feel certain ought to be made, you will conter a boon of no small degree upon nervous invalids.

Most respectfully yours, TO MESSRS. WM. R. WARNER & Co.


[An extract from a paper by Professor E. M. Hale, Chicago, Ill.] BROM. SODIUM AND CAFFEINE.—These two medical agents have been combined by Wm. R. Warner & Co., under the name of Bromo-Soda, and in the form of an effervescing salt. This is a great improvement over the salt which contained Bromide of Potassium. All the potash salts are highly objectionable, if taken for any length of time; Potash destroys the integrity of muscular tissue, causing weakness and paralysis of its fibre. For this reason the lodide of Soda has sa perseded the Potash salt, and Bromide of Soda is now used altogether instead of the Potash salt, in the treatment of mental and nervous disorders. I have met with many cases of cardiac disorder, simulating dilatation and mitral disease, which I found to have been caused by the long continued Ilse of l'otash Salts of Iodine and Bromide. On substituting the Soda salts the heart soon recovered its normal coudition. The union of these two medicines appears at first glance singular; Bromide of Soda causes contraction of the arterioles in the brain, Caffeine increases the arterial tension in the same vessels by increasing the tonicity of the heart. The former lessens reflex irritation—the latter heightens reflex sensibility.

Yet, this combination has been found very useful in sleeplessness and other states of the depressed nervous system. I have found it very valuable in hysterical or hypersensitive patients. Doubtless, in some manner not already explained, one drug modifies the action of the other. For the unpleasant results of excessive brain work, or anxiety and worry of mind, this combination acts better than the Bromide alone. A single dose is generally sufficient. E. M. HALE, M. D.

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A knowledge of what the physician is prescribing is essential to the correct application of therapeutics. A competing firm has said to the Medical profession and to the public that their preparation of Caffeine

was imitated. They do not give the name KED TO PRESERVE EFH

of the firm, neither do they give the composition of the remedy they are advertising, how therefore, could there be any imitation practiced? The assertion is a slur on the intelligence of the Medical profession. How could the Doctor be expected to do otherwise than prescribe Effervescent

Bromo Soda (containing Caffeine i grain, Nervous Headache and Brain Fatigue and Bromide Sodium, grs. 30, in each WARNER & CO'S EFFERVESCING dessertspoonful), as published to the pro

fession; or Bromo-Potash (containing Bromide of Potash, 20 grs., Caffeine, i gr.? Hence we say: "No snake in the grass,'

meaning that it is not a secret remedy, and (WARNER & CO.

such as the doctors can use with confidence with better and more certain effect. Pre

scribed in dessertspoonful doses in half a Useful in Nervous Headache. Sleep goblet of water, and taken while efferveslessness Excessive Study Overcing. In all cases of headache, migraine,

Bromo Soda or Bromo Potash (W. R.

Warner & Co.) to avoid disappointment in
Epilepsy, etc.etc

therapeutic effect by substitution.
Manufacturers of Soluble Coated Pills,





a Remedy Nelsons Diebines and Bromo Soxta on


Agents in Kansas City: Woodward, Faxon & Co.

Meyer Bros. Drug Co.




Editor Kansas City Medical Index :- In the April number of your journal there is a report of a case of high degree (8 D.) of hypermetropia, by Dr. F. B. Tiffany. With reference to it I would say that while such high degrees of hypermetropia are not common they are occasionally met with, and are scarcely rare enough to merit reporting.

Dr. Tiffany in his paper says: “ The main points of interest, as they appear to me, are the high degree of hypermetropia, the alternating concomitant squint, same amount of vision in either eye, the extreme shortness of the eyeball, the small disc,” etc., etc.

With all due respect to the doctor, I would say of the alternating squint that equal vision for either eye is the rule, as is also the condition in H. of the shortened antero-posterior axis of the eye. And with reference to the size of the optic disc, which Dr. Tiffany considers small, and which he puts at 5 mm. in his case, I would say that 5 mm., instead of being a small diameter for the optic disc is at least three times greater than the normal—the average actual size being one and four-tenths millimetres.

The calculation for the determination of the size of the disc involves a problem in mathematics somewhat complex, and is not of easy solution. The factors to the problem are—when obtained-subject to errors; these errors arising mainly from the difficulty of taking observations exactly at given distances from the observed eye; the difficulty of the observer as to his correct estimate of the distance of projection, and the impossibility of exactness in the determination of the refractive index in the media of different eyes.

I would add that, while the rule for measuring the size of objects at the fundus of the eye is well established, the application of the rule at best gives only an approximation of exactness. In no event could 5 mm. be considered a small diameter for an optic disc. Very respectfully,

B. E. FRYER. 1 224 Broadway, Kansas City, Mo.,)

April 30, 1890.

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Editor Medical Index :—Those of your readers who read an abstract of “A Fatal Case of Carbolic Acid Poisoning" in the January INDEX and the criticism of the antidotes used, in the March number, will readily understand and appreciate the following extract of a letter from one of the best authorities in the United States upon such subjects.

Respectfully, S. T. RICHMAN, M. D.
Princeton, Kansas.
S. T. Richman, M. D., Princeton, Kansas.

DEAR DOCTOR:-In reply to your letter of March 29th, I can say that there is no doubt that you made use of the best antagonist, and the proof of this is afforded by your complete success.


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