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Cotton only








Foot rope--Auxiliary.

See "Bolsch" line... • Foot rope-Hanging line.

See "Bolsch" line. Foot rope--Serving

Rope wrapped around the steel cable foot rope to protect tbe trawl hangings and bolsch line

seizings. Foregoers.

A line 414" to 414" circ. attached to an explosive harpoon fired from a gun. Frapping lines.

A line passed around a boat fall, one end being made fast on deck and other end being hauled

taut and belayed to prevent boat from swinging. Furling line..

A small line

secured to the mast and used for furling fore and aft sails..... Furnace charging bucket rope. A rope used in conjunction with the charging of steel furnaces with scrap metal. Gangings...

Sbort lines varying from 1 foot to 6 feet in length having a book at one end which are attached

at regular intervals to the trawl or ground line. Gantline..

See Falls...

See Falls.
Governor rope for use on elevators.. A rope, usually 58" to 34" dia used as part of the safety equipment to prevent overspeeds on

elevators. Grab rope.

A line secured waist-high above a hoat-boom or gangplank used for steadying onescil.
Grab line-Life boats and life rasts. A line festened to outside of life boat to right a capsized boat or as a grab rail.
Grapnel cables-For cable ships.. A combination of wire and fiber--the fiber is used to either all in the interstices or to actually

seize the wire to increase the friction grips of the cable on the hoisting drum. Grapnel line..

See dragging rope. Ground line...

See foot rope. Ground lines-Trawls (otter)

See spreaders. Ground line.....

See trawl lines.
Guard rope...

A rope used to bound a permitted area- A safety rope used, for instance, as a railing.
Guess warp (3" circ. and larger). A line by which a bight is secured to the swing boom. It may be slacked off from the deck. A

line rove through a thimble at the outer end of a boat boom, used for securing the boat to the
boom. In general a hauling line laid

out by a boat, a portion of the line coiled down in the boat. Guess warp (below 3" circ.)

Same as above. Guide line..

See tag line.. Guy lines...

A rope used to hold or steady some object such as a pole or mast Guy lines-Fish trap..

Lines from stake traps to anchors to steady the trap and counteract the influence of weather and

currents. Guy-Lazy.

Running rigging to steady a boom in a seaway. *Guy-Lazy jack....

Lines often forked reach from above on each side of a fore-and-aft sail to about the middle of the

boom to confine the sail when it is lowered. Guy line-Preventer....

Preventers are generally made up with

an eye splice at one end which is shackled to the topping lift bands at the bottom head or looped over the boom head. Used generally when handling heavier types of cargo as a safety measure. A rope used as an additional support for added

security. Quy lines-Vessel..

Lines usually rove as tackles made fast to the ships bulwarks and to wire rope pennants Irom

the outer end of the boom. They are used to regulate the lateral position of the boom. Halibut line.

See Trawl line... Halter.

A rope about 18" diam. soft lay, used for tying horses and cattle, and making halters. Halliards.

See Halyard.. Halyards-Flag and signal

Ropes used for hoisting flags and signals. Halyards-- Spar and sail..

See Hoisting Rope-Sails. • Hammer fall rope....

A rope used on pile driving equipment in hoisting the hammer to the derrick head. The rope

is then released dropping the hammer onto the pile head. Bland lines..... A small rope used to raise or lower small

objects by hand. For instance between ground and

scaffolding, etc. Hand lines.

Small sized lines generally lightly tarred used for bottom ishing.. Hand rail-Life rafts...

See grab line-life boats and life rasts. Hand rope..

Sec Grap Rope.
Handles-ammunition boxes.

A short rope fastened to each end of an ammunition box for a handle.
Hanging ropes-Pounds and traps Lines to which various sections of netting such as pots, spiller hearts and Icads are hung.

These lines support the netting Also the lines used to reinforce the wire netting used in

salmon traps. Elandles-Buckets..

Rope handles for wooden, canvas or other type buckets... Harpon line-Swordfish.

A line attached to the harpoon and a huoy keg which is used to tire the fish Harpoon line-Whale...

A line 5" to 6" circ. connecting foregoers to whale rope (used on oled-typu killer boats). Haul up line (Otter trawl)

The line is fastened to the splitting strap and runs to the head rope to be readily accessible.

Power is applied to this line to assist in raising the net, splitting the catch and raising the

splitting strap in order to engage the fish tackle. Bauling line (seine)..

A line attached to the end of the seine to increase the circumference of the circle which may be

made around a school of fish. Hду горе.

A rope used generally in conjunction with a hay fork to load hay into farmers storage. Hay loader rope.

The rope used in the operation of hay loaders... Tead line....

See Towing Rope. The line from the bow oit or a tug to the tow
Head rope.

See Float line..
Head & Stem Line (@shing industry). Ropes that lead from head and stern of pile drivers and rigging scow's to anchor; in order to

control their off-shore positions. Heart Ropes-Wire ropes.

See wire rope centers.... Heaving line....

A length of light line, weighted at one end, which is thrown to a wharf, etc., in order to assist

in getting the mooring line to the wharf. Eigh Climbers rope....

A rope having a wire core used in timbering as a safety device and also a method of climbing

tall trees for the purpose of cutting off the tops. The wire center is to add strength and also

to serve as a guard against the rope being severed by a slip of the axe. Aigh tension rope.

See Electric linemen's rope. Aitch rope..

The rope attached to the hitch weighi for temporarily securing a horse or team....
Hbbble rope.

See Leg Rope...
Ti pisting rope-Lot dip galvanizing.. Rore used in processing of hot dip galvanizing by lowering the metal objects into acid bath or

hot metal. pisting rope-Sail.

A rope used to hoist and lower the gafts and sails of small boats.
Hpisting line-Fishing industry. A line rove singly through a block and used to upload ish.
Hoisting rope (3" circ. & larger). A special rope for heavy hoisting .....
Hpisting rope (helow 3" circ.).

Same as above....
Hibok rope (3'' circ. & larger). Used for mooring a ship to a buoy or in weigbing anchor.
it ook rope (below 3" circ.).

Same as above.. Hook-on-line.

See shore line. Jalck rope

The lacing securing the foot of a sail to the boom. Jackstay-Hammock

The reinforcing ropes in the bed of 8 hammock. Jockstay-Life float.

Rope used to lash netting to wooden ring of life Boat. Jacob's Ladder.

See Ladder-pilots Ja w rope...

A span of rope leading from the jaws of a gaff around the mast, strung with hard wooden beads. Jumper...

A rope used to prevent a spar from jumping up: specifcally, the rope from the outer cod of the

whiskers to the martingale. Jumperstay..

An extra stay from the masthead to the rail and set up by a tackle...... Jifson...

See Brailer Listing Rope.... Jisison-After..

Holds the mid section of the foot rope in place before the main Jilson is hooked up Keeling Line-Pile driver..

A heavy utility line used aboard a pile driver for seating trap bracing pilings, capping logs and

other heavy work: Ladder-Extension.

The rope used for expanding and contracting and extension ladder. Ladder-Pilots.

A rope laddler, usually with wooden steps, hung over the side of a ship for the pilot's use. Ladders-Ropes.

A ladder formed by splicing cross roses between two longer ropes for steps. These laddlers take

several forms, some with woorden rung or Nat steps held between 4 upright rojus; some with
oval end pieces of wood supporting round steps, the oval held by 2 ropes lashed at tbe points of

the quals
* Indicates end use related to fishing industry.













Schedule A--Cordage End Use List (Continued)

End use




Restrictions on other fibers

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Lair rope...

See Pack Rope.. Lanyard..

A line attached to an article to make it fast. Lanyards.

Rope used for tightening the shrouds and stays on board ship.. Lanyards-Fender

Generally 3" to 342"' circ. Reg. Lay. Used for lasbing fenders to rail (tug boats). Lanyard-Hammock

The rope attached to the hammock clews by which the hammock is suspended.. Lanyard-Tripping

See trip rope or tripping line.. Lanyard-Whistle.

The rope or cord used for blowing & whistle. Lariat rope.

A very hard laid rope used for lassoing cattle. Lashing rope.

A general rope used for tying down or securing any object but not for shipping purposes. Lashing ropes.

Ropes for securing cargo in transit. Lashing rope-Aircraft.

Lashing rope used for securing equipment, etc. in transport planes Lashing rope-Dory.

Used to lash stacked or nested dories on a trawler.. Lashing rope-Gripe...

A lashing spliced to the lip

of the gripes, and secured to either the davit head or strong back, for

purpose of securing life boat on deck of vessel. Lashing rope-Lise rafts.

A rope used to tie or otherwise secure life rasts aboard decko a vessel... Launching rope.

A rope used in connection with the launching of a vessel.. Launching rope-Trigger

Rope used in shipyards to trip device allowing vessels to slide down ways. Lead line-Sounding

A plain or cable laid rope used for determining the depth of water. Lead line-Fyke nets

A leaded line attached to the bottom of the fyke leader... Lead line-Gillnets...

A leaded line attached to the bottom of the gill net.. Lead line-Haul scines.

A leaded line attached to the bottom of the haul seine netting-
Lead line-Oiter trawls.

A leaded line attached to the foot rope....
Lead line-Purse seines and ring nets. A leaded line attached to the bottom of a purse seine or ring net.
Lead line-Submerged gill nets... A weighted line attached to the bottom of a gill net..
Leader hanging rope...

Ropes used to hang a lead used in connection with seines.
Leader rope Recl nets.

A rope used to hand a lead used in connection with reel nets... Leech lines.

The rope used to haul the leech of courses and sometimes Top Sails along the yard. Lag rope

A small size rope used to hobble horses and other animals.. Life line.

See auxiliary line-lyle gun.. Lise line.

A line secured along the deck to lay hold of in heavy weather.. Lise line.

A knotted line secured to the span of lifeboat davits for use of the crew when boisting and

lowering Life line-Divers...

A line used to raise and lower a deep sea diver Life line-Fire & Police Departments. A rope used in conjunction with

the saving of life or valuable property. Lise line- Lifeboat or life raft. A line festooned in bights, along each side of a lifeboat or raft. Tlfe ralt or float. Each bight is

equipped with seine floats. Lise preserver rope..

The hand rore around the outer side of a circular life preserver. Lise preserving rope.

l'sed from a reel set up on a beach with cork ring or torpedo life preserver attached Life pre

server carried out to victim by life guard. Rope used to pull both ashore. Lists

Yards are supported at the yardarm by lifts, leading through blocks or fair leaders at the

masthead and thence to the deck. * Lift-Trolling pole.....

A pole or tack le suspended from the mast and connected to the lrolline poles for the purpose of

raising or lowering the latter. * Lifting lines-Dirers outfits. Lines used to lift products harvested from the bottom, sucb as sponges, precious corals. avalone.

etc. by divers. Lizzard.

A rope fitted with a thimble and used as a leader for running rigging. Lobster Pot Warps.

See Pot Warps... Lock Lines.....

See Tow lines-Canal. Lock gate operating lines.

Used for operation of canal lock gates. Log line...

A line used to transmit the rotation of the log propeller to the recording instrument aboard..

the ressel. Long line...

See Trawl lines. Lug ropes

Short. hcary ropes for tieing canal barges together. Main fish tackle

See Falls-boom tackle.. Man ropes.

See grah ropes. Mar ropes

Ropes hung over a ship's side and used for assistance in ascending or descendingMats-Blasting.

Solid woren mats. 6 to 12 st sq. used to cover blasting areas to prevent flying fragments. Messenger..

A line used to lead the heavy tow line around the capstan in ocean tow boats. Messenger.

A light rope used for hauling over a heavier rope or cable, or fuel line.. Messenger-Side sel trawlers.

A line used to haul the towing warns to the towing block. Mill carriage rope..

C'sed for moring a carriage, such as a log carriage back and fortb.
Millwright rope.

See construction rigging....
Mooring lines (helow 3" circ.). Ropes used in mooring or docking vessels.
Mooring lines (3' circ. and larger). Same as above..
Mooring lines.

A rope attached permanently to a submerged anchor or weight used as a harbor mooring for

small hoats, yachts, etc. Motion picture screen arrangement... Lowering and hoisting screen. Net-Brails..

A dipnet used to remove fish from a trap.. Net-Cargo..

A net constructed of rope and used for loading or discharging cargo from a ship.. Net cargo-Stays..

A rope.

sometimes referred to asa jackstay which serves as an outer frame for a cargo net and to

which the net is lashed. Nets-Circus safety.

The nets suspended below trapeze and other circus performers.. Nets-Construction safety.

The net used for the protection of workmen on construction jobs... Nets-Debarkation and life floats- The inner netting rope which is attached to jackstays of nets hung over the side of ships for... net rope.

cmergency debarkation and life saving. Nets-Jackstays-Cargo and debar- The supporting ropes to which the net ropes of cargo and debarkation nets are attached......

kation nets. Net-Lashing rope.

Lines used to lash net on deck to rail when net is stored away. Net-Life float-Jackstay.

A net used to support the platform of a life float. Net-Lise net rope.

The rope used for making life nets used in Fire Department. Nets-Save all..

Nets hung from the sides of a ship to the dock to prevent cargo from falling into water in case

of accident when discharging. Vet-Save all-stays..

A rope, sometimes referred to as backstay which serves as an outer frame for a sare-all net

and to which the net is lashed. Nigger lines.

See Hauling Lines... Ocran Bathing Safety Rope.

A rope supported by poles or buoys which serves as protection to batbers. Outboard gripe (lifeboat).

See lashing rope-gripe. Out hauls....

The ropas hy which sails are hauled out on the boom. These ropes are named for the part of

the sail they control, i. c. head out haul-foot outhaul. Outhaul line-Boom...

A line used to rig the boom out from amidships position 16 overside for: aliis ou to remove it

from the area when men are working. Oyster Tong Hoisting Rope'.... A rope to raise or lower tongs used in oyster fishing.. Pack Rope...

A light lashing line for tying packs, generally on animals. Painter-Small Boat or Skiff.

A rope in the bow of a small boat used in making fast, and for towing a small boat. Painter-Lifeboat and Life Ralt. Same as ahore. l'ainter-Sea..

A rope, one end of which is attached to a small boat the other end to the bow of a ship. This

rojie is of sullicient length to allow the small hoat to maneuver alongside the landing stage of

the ship. Is used particularly during rough weather. l'ainter--Seine....

A line atiached to the fish-bag end of a purse seine for the purpose of pulling the seine o tbe

side of the vessel and completing the circle or netting about the fish. Painter-Shank

The rope securing the fluke of an anchor on the billboard to a top of the tumbler arm. Parbuckle rope.

Tro ropes for handling a spar or cask over the side in the bight of the rope. l'aying out lines..

See Easing out line.
Pendant rope (below 1" diam.). The vertical rope support of a cargo fall.
'Pendant roje (i" diam. and larger). Same as ahove.
Pendant-Heavy weather....

A line used to control hoom hook in heavy weather. l'endant-Kingpost...

See topping list Picket lines....

Lines to wbich the halters of horses or mules are attached. *Indicates end use related to fishing industry.

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Schedule A--Cordage End Use List (Continued)

End use




Restrictions on other fibers

Coir only








Cotton only

Pile driver rope.--

See Hammer fall rope. Pipe Bending rope.

Performed on flat table with steel pegs. Pipe preheated-Rope Hooked on to protect end of

pipe and by means of a winch, pipe is pulled to form the correct or required angle of bend. Ploughlines.

Small rope used for reins when plowing...
Polishing machine rope Rope wound and fastened to scrubbing and polishing rollers on textile polishing machine..

textile equipment. Potwarp..

Thread rope connecting a buoy with a lobster or crab pot on the ocean floor; used also to hoist

the pots. Pewer transmission rope (44" and Power transmission rope is an endless rope used in transmitting continuous mechanical power larger).

between driver and driven sheaved pulleys. Power transmissior rope (below 4" Same as above....

diam.). *Preventor guy.

A line fastened between the mast and boom to add an additional safety factor for heavy lifts on

the boom. Projectile line.

See shot line... Puli tope....

Attached to cart, wagon or other vehicle used to pull or move apparatus by band, such as band

drawn fire hose apparatus. *Punt handling rope....

Lowering and hoisting punts. Purse bridles..

See purse-ring bridles.. Purse-ring bridles.

Lengths of line with the ends seized to the lead line of & seine so as to form bridles. To the

center of each bridle is seized a purse-ring. Purse line..

A line rove through rings attached to the bottom ol a Seine. By hauling on this line the bot.

tom of the net is closed or pursed. Purse seine bow line...

A short length of line fastened to the cork line on a purse seine in such a position as to be op

posite the bow when the ends of the seine are hove to the side of the vessel. This line is
made fast to the bow in order to prevent the cork line from going under the bow while pursing

the pet. *Purse seine stern line..

See purse seine bow line. Purse weight line.

A line used to raise and lower the "tom” weight on East Coast purse seines. *Quarter rope..

A pair of lines used on side-set

otter trawls that are fastened to the foot rope at the junction of the wing and the bottom. Each line is passed thru an eye in a similar position on the head rope and made fast to the outer end of the wing. They are taken to the gypsy heads and power applied in order to draw the head and foot rope together and bring the wide part of

the trawl aboard at the conclusion of a drag. Raft ropes.

A three strand rope used in binding logs together while being floated to a sawmill... *Rat lines..

A short length of tarred hemp rope, usually 14 "to 44" diam. running horizontally across the

shrouds for a step. Reef points.

Short lengths of rope secured to a sail used for reeing... Release line.

See Cod end rope.. Retrieving line.

See Easing-out line... Rib lines-Otter trawls..

See Belly Lines-otter trawls.. Rib lines- Pounds and traps. See hanging rope-fishing industry Ridge rope....

The backbone of an awning. The backbone of any heavy tent. Ring rope.

The rope used to bend the chain to the anchor ring.. Rip cord-Sailing ships.,

Rope used to break out sails put up in steps.. Running line...

See Messenger. A line coiled in a boat and run from the ship to a dock or another ship Running line-Pile driver.

See hoisting rope... Safety rope Antenne..

Check swing of antenna aboard vessels. Safety belt rope.

A rope used either in the construction of a belt or attached to a belt used to suspend or support a

person while engaged in hazardous work. Sail hem rope.

See bolt rope-sail. Sand lines.

A small size cable laid rope; usually st" diam. to 144" diam. incl. Sand lines are used to boist

the bailer in well drilling. Salsh cord...

Used for support of sash weights in window casements. Scaffold rope.

See staging Sqaling rope.

Generally similar in construction to a Hligh Climber rope-i. e. with a steel core. Used to lower

a person orer the side of a cliff in a mine or quarry for the purpose, for instance, of drilling. Sdt line.

See trawl lines..... Sheehan carrier rope..

A small transmission rope usually !!" to 58" diam. used for carrying the wet sheet around the

drying rolls in a paper mill. sheet rope-(below 1" diam.). A rope, often rove as a tackle-which regulates the angle at which a sail is so. in relation to the

wind. speet rope-(1" diam. and larger). Same as above.. Shore line-gill nets and seines. A length of line used to fasten the inside end of a net to the shore while towing the outer end.

The purpose of this operation is to hold the net in position and increase the catch. shot lines-Lyle guns.

Soft laid rope used in connection with Lyle guns for rescue work on disabled ships. Shovel lines.

A line used in operation of shovels in unloading of grain... Shrouds.

Side stays from the mast head to the rail and set up by dcadeyes.. Shrouds-Lifeboats..

Same as above..
Signal rope.

Any rope used to convey signals by means of "Jerks", etc...
Signal rope-Deep Sea Diving- A rope used to convey signals from a diver working below the surface of the water to a boat

above. Skates-Vertical (lifeboats).

Ropes used to steady lifeboats and prevent them from capsizing while being lowered from davits Slings (below 3" circ.)...

Ropes either spliced endless, knotied or used in conjunction with rigid platforms and used for

the transference of cargo or equipment by means of hooks, derricks or hoists, etc.; the sling

is secured around the object to be moved. Slings-(3" circ. and larger)

Same as above.. *siing shots-Halibut fishery.

A line inserted between the ground or trawl line and the anchor or to serve as a point of attach.

ment of the buoy line. #slip line.

See Cod end rope... slip rope.

A rope bent to the anchor cable outboard of the bawsepipe and secured on the ressel's quarter;

used in slipping the cable. silip shots..

See Sling shots.... Smiting line

See Rip cord-sailing ships. Snells

See ganging.

A hand line used around the deck of a trawler to move heavy objects.
Snubbing rope (58" dia. and larger). A rope used to hold or retard the progress of a load or object.
Srubbing rope (under 98" dia.). Same as above.
Sounding line.

See lead line...
Spinning lines.

A rope used in conjunction with oil well drilling to couple or uncouple lengths of pipe.
Sibray hood hem rope..

See holt rope---sail..
Sipreaders--Otter trawls-Stern set.. Consists of 1 or 2 lines hetween each otter door and its corresponding wing. The purpose of

these lines is to increase the distance between the doors and thus increase the eficiency of the

gear. Spreaders-Otter trawls-Side set. consists of 1 or 2 lines between cach otter door and its corresponding wing. The purpose

of these lines is to increase the distance between the doors and thus increase the efficiency of

the gear. Spring lines.

See Mooring lines. A line used in mooring or docking to check the vessel from going forward or

astern heading at an angle of 45° to the keel. Includes bow spring, quarter spring, watst

spring, stern spring, etc. s brit hem rope.

Bolt rope-sail. Siprit line...

Line used to raise sprit sail on Bristol Bay gill netters. Sibrit tackle.

Tacks used to adjust sprit sail...
Silage painter line.

See Bos'n's chair rope.
Staging rope (g" dis. and larger). A rope run through blocks to raise and lower a temporary platform supporting workmen.
Staging rope (below 5f" dia.)

Same as above... staging rope-Deep sea diving. See Life Line-diver. *Stake lines.

Lines used to maintain stationary gear in position such as the lines leading from lyke nets,

pound pets, or trap gets to stakes or piling. * Indicates end use related to fishing industry.

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Stationary tackle.......

A triple purchase to hold up the boom of a trawler...

A rope used for supporting a mast.
Stay running backstay
Used in a small sailing ressel to stay the mast, the weather one being

set up and the lee one loose. Steadying lines.

See guy lines.
Steering gear-Emergency rope.:. Emergency steering apparatus for operating steering device or disabled vessels by hand:
Steeple jack rope..

See Bos'n's chair rope.....
Stem line.

See mooring line. Stern fasts..

Used by menhaden purse boats while they are being towed behind the large boat and as they

approach a school of fish. Stern line......

See Mooring lines. A line used in mooring or docking to check the vessel from going forward.

* Line is led ast thru stern chock making an angle of less than 45o to the keel. Stevedoring rope.

See Falls Cargo. A special rope for high speed hoisting; used over winch or a gipsy head. Stops....

Ser Rcel points.. stopper

A line used to steady or stop the working end of a vessel's cargo hoom. Stopper-menhaden.

A line used to stop the working end of the purse boat lifting tackle... Stowage rope....

Sre lashing rope. Strap...


endless, usually with a short splice used in suspending or making fast. A small

sling is sometimes called a strap. Strap- Anchor..

A short line with an eye splice in each end, one of which is attached to the anchor... Straj- Belly.

A rope passed around a hoat for hanging a kedge anchor in carrying out the anchor. *Strap-Bow (Small Boats).

A line passed through a hole in the stem of a skiff or small boat and spliced to form a loop. Tbe

skift painter is attached to this loop. Strap-block.

A strap used to suspend a block alori.. Strap-Buoy keg..

Consists of two lines tightly fitted around the side of a keg and interlaced to prevent their work.

ing over the ends "The two loops are provided with two bridles for fastening the buoy line

and Nagpole. *Strap-Flagpole

Consists of a bridle attached to the Nagpole and a line for attaching to the buoy kog Strap-lifting (fishery)...

A strap used to wrap around nets, lines or objects in order to hook them to the lifting tackle. Straps--Skate bottom

Consists of 4 short lines spliced one to cach corner of a small squarc of canvas. Two adjacent

lines are provided with a grommet and the complete "skate bottom" is used to hold a skate

of gear in proper manner and prevent tangling. strap-Splitting..

Consists of a loop passed through straps located at suitable points around the fish bag so as to
divide the catch into convenient portions while unloading the net. The splitting strap and

cod end are hove to the surface hy the haul-up line and listed aboard by the fishing tackle. Strap-Tow

A heavy rope, spliced endless and used for side towing by harbor tugs. Sweep Lines.

l'sed to support heavy swecp bar over shcaves under harges in sounding for high spots. Tack.

The rope by which the forward lower corner of a fore and aft sail is held down and secured Tackline.

The rope that hauls down the tack of a gafl topsail. Tackline

A short length of line used to separate flags in a hoist. Tag line

A rope used to guide loads which are being hoisted and moved off the ground. Tarpaulin rope.

A rope usually attached to, and for securing or making fast a tarpaulin.. Telegraph line

A small transinission rope used in the oil field for controlling the speed of the engine from the

derrick floor. Tent rope-Guy line...

Rope used in tying down or securing tents. Tent rope-Shelter.

The rope used on the halves of shelier tents.. Tie ropes--Cover.

Small lines not attached to covers or tarpaulins but which are used to secure or lash a cover to

or around an object. Tie rope..

A small rope usually '9" diam. used for staking out grazing animals. Tie down rope-Aircraft..

A rope used to tie down or otherwise secure aircraft to the ground as a protection against being

damaged by wind, etc. *riller ropes (vessels 5 net .ons and A line running from the steering windlass through blocks to the tiler....

l'iller rope (vessels-under 5 net tons). Same as above.
Top lift.

See Boom list.
Topping lifi (below?s" diam.) A tackle or rope leading from the head of a mast of a vessel or derrick employed to raise or top

the end of a boom. Topping lift (?s" diam. and larger)... same as above.... Torpedo lines-oil well....

Approximately " diam. rope used to lower explosires into oil or gas well preparatory to Yes .

shooting" ihe well.
Tow line-Automobile, trucks and A short length of rope for towing a vehicle. l'sually has an eye splice in one or both ends....

mechanized equipment.
low line-Canal barges and cargo A rope used in towing cana) barges or boats..

vessels (below 3" circ.).
Tow line-Canal harges and cargo Same as above.....

vessels (3" cire. and larger). l'ow line-Life boat.

Used 10 10w a life bat behind a larger vessel or behind another life boat... Tow line-Seine and purse boat.. The line used for towing the seine or purse boat behind the fishing boat.. Tow line-Skill (fishery)..

see l'ainter--seine..... T'ow line-Stern (tug hoat) (smaller The line usd by tug boats to hold ine stern of the tug to the tow.

than 3" circ.) Tow line-Stern (tug boat) (3" circ. Same as above....

and larger). Tow line-Tender (fishery)..... l'sid to tow henry seow's Inden with fish... l'ow line-Towing spar...

lsd 10 tow spar which keeps ships in position.. Tow lines- Mines...

The roques used for towing heavy machinery in mines
Tow lines- Seaplanes and Airplanes.. Rope used in towing soaplanes. slying boats and land plancs at bases and airports...
Tow lines --Tug bout (smaller than The lines 114d hy tug boats for towing ships, bargrs, scows, cic. It is the line between the tug
3' circ.).

and the low, or w!!eu the tow consists of more than onc unit, the line between the uuits. Tow lines-Tug boat (not smaller same as above

than 3" circ.. Towing line-- Purse seine.

Ser hauling line (pursa: scine).... Traces......

Roque traces used as a substitute for leather traces in sonic types of harness usually farm or are

tillery harness Trap hanging lines...

Scene'i rofw... Traveler line

Line sured to sounding boom and to lower and hoist. Trawl lines.

A long line consisting oli or more skates": "uhs", or coils of gear set in a continuous and sub

stantially straight line. With the exmpiion of crab trot lines, the trawl lines have spells or

gangines attacher) at regular intervals. Tree surgery rope.

Antiliis rope used as the name implies.. Trip line..

The line used for hollina a cory or fender off shore. Trip ropes.

A utility ropa used to trip unloading devices.. Tripping line.

Aline used for capsizing a sea anchor. A line used for releasing a pelican hook, etc.. Trolley car rope.

A rope used to pull down and secure a trolley pole. *Trot line..

Ised as the main or ground line for crah fishing and flag lines.. Truck rope..

A ropte used in making loads fast on a truck or to serve as a lacing to prevent loads from being

lost out of the rear of a truck. Tynnel lines.

See net rope... Turntable lines.

A line used hy West Coast purse seiners to swing the turntable One end is attached to a

corner of the table, the other is brought to the gypsy Tye....

The fundant of the purchase for hoisting the yards. Up and down line.

See hreast line... Utility Rope..

Rope used for making small straps, seizing, etc. Vang rope...

A rope running from end of gapi to tbe deck. *Indicates end use related to fishing industry.







Cotton only.
Cotton only.


[blocks in formation]


Cotton only.





Vapg rope (78" diam. and larger). Used lor swinging the cargo boom .n loading or discharging cargo..
Vang rope (below 78" diam.).. Same as above....
Vepetian blind rope....

Small twisted or braided ropes used for the operation of venetian blinds.

A light hawser used to draw a vessel to a pier or some other fixed object. Water bag.

Rope handle or sling attached to fabric water bag for desert use. Weather Cloth-Sheet lines

A rope used to support canvas rigged as shelter in life boats.. Wil ropes.

Ropes used for raising and lowering the bucket in water wells. Whale rope.

A three strand rope 644" to 7"' circ. which connects the foregoers to the ship. *Wþeel rope (vessels over 10'nei tons). A line from the steering windlass through blocks to the metal linkage which connects with

the tiller. *Wheel rope (vessels under 10 net tons). Same as above.. Winch rope.

A rope used to draw or drag or pull an object by means of a power or band driven winch, cap

stan or gypsy head, etc. window cleaning rope,

A safety rope, " diam. and larger used through a window cleaner's belt to attach him to the

building. *wing control line (otter trawls). Line used to steady wing of a trawl.. W ping rope...

Rope used in the manufacture of wire and cable to remove excessive lubrication and to polish

surface of the wire or cable. *w re rope centers, (larger than 1764" The fiber rope core serving as a base or cushion around wbich wire strands are twisted in the diam.).

manufacture of wire rope. *Wre rope anters (1761" diam. and Same as above....

smaller). Wire rope surface yarns.

Yarn twisted alternately with strands of wire in manufacturing of spring lay type cables... Wrecking cable....

A cable laid rope usually 10" circ. and larger used in floating stranded ships..... Whip rope- Ammunition

See Falls-ammunition...
Whip line-Lyle gun...

An intermediate line between the shot line and the auxiliary line used initially to haul out the
auxiliary line and also to draw the breeches buoy back and forth

along the auxiliary line. Yacht rope..

Rope used for the running rigging of yachts..






SCHEDULE B-CORDAGE END USE LIST The use of agave fiber for the manufacture of binder and baler twine will be authorized as stated in paragraph (d) (2). Normal end usles of agave twine are as follows. Agave is now permitted only where indicated.

End use




Restrictions on other Obers

Christmas tree twine...
Fodder yarn...


Hide rope.

A single ply twine, usually tarred or dyed for binding Christmas trees in hundles for shipping..
Single yarn, generally tarred, put up in stranded or many end form, used in tying up lodder.

This yarn is comparable to a binder twine, in certain parts of the country where a mechanical
binder is used for harvesting & binder twine In other parts where the bindins of sheaves is

done by hand, fodder yarn is used.
See seizing stuff..
Twine used to hang hard Aber nets to lines.
Twine used to hang soft fiber nets to lines..
See Marline-lohster...
Generally sisal twine-twisted into strand form usually 50 edds. 2 or 3 ply
See seizing stuff.....
A single yarn put up in stranded or many end form either tarred or untarted.
See seizing stuit.
A twine required in the manufacture of the inside tunnel of lobster pots.
A bard laid twine, usually 2, 3, or 4 ply in sizes from 4600 to #1350 used for the manufacture of

hard Aber fishing nets. Also for mending nets.
The cord used in a roll edge trim for furniture, etc..
See wrapping twine. A single yarn usually put up in stranded or many end form and used for

general tying purposes.
See seizing stuff...
A general term covering fine sizes of rope and twine used for seizing larger ropes and cables.
A yarn put up in single end form, used for tying up bundles of shingles. Tarred and untarted.
See seizing stuff.
See seizing stuff.
See seizing stuff.
In general, single or plied twine, twisted or laid, used for tying or bundling purposes and prac

tically every industry uses tying twine in some form.

Hanging twine-Hard fiber nets.
Hanging twine--Soft fiber nets
Heading twine.
Nettwine-Otter trawls.
Piping cord....
Ring yarns..
Seizing stuff.
Shingle yarn.
Brnail stuff.
Wrapping twine-Tying twine.


'Indicates end use related to fishing industry. (1) Definitions. In this order:

(4) "Jute" means jute fiber, including does not include any product falling (1) "Cordage fiber" means manila, butts (often called cuttings), also within the definitions of “rope", "binder agave, jute and istle as defined in (2) to meshta, urena lobata (commonly called twine" or "baler twine.” (5) below, when spinnable over ma- congo jute), and punga, but does not in- (9) "Binder twine" means a single chinery, and coir as defined in (6) be- clude processor's mill waste.

yarn twine usually containing agave, but low.

(5) "Istle" means istle fiber, including sometimes containing manila, istle, jute, (2) "Manila" means fiber which is but not limited to the types or grades coir, hemp, cotton or paper, suitable for commonly known in the trade by this commonly known as palma and pita, but use in a harvesting machine and of the term and also known as abaca or Manila does not include processor's mill waste. type customarily heretofore manufacHemp, wherever grown (either stripped (6) "Coir” means the fiber obtained tured. It is put up in balls of approxidr decorticated), but does not mean the from the fibrous shell of the coconut. mately five to eight pounds, packed six to fiber grades of T2 and T3, Oor Y, or

(7) “Rope" means any rope or cable, ten to the bale. It measures five hunequivalent, as established by the Insular treated or untreated, composed of three dred feet to the pound with a plus or Government of the Philippine Islands, or more strands containing any cotton or

minus tolerance of five per cent, and processor's mill waste or bagasse.

cordage fiber, each strand composed of contains a lubricant of at least ten per (3) "Agave” means fiber of the species two or more yarns, but does not include cent of the weight of the twine and an inqf agave sisalana, agave fourcroydes, and strings and twines of whatever construc- sect repellant. It is also known as bindagave cantala, of all grades and qualities tion which are commonly used for tying, ing twine. including tow and fiber under 20" in sewing, baling or other commerical pack

(10) "Baler twine" means a single length, commonly known in the trade as aging use.

yarn usually made of agave fiber and Sisal, henequen, cantala, and maguey, (8) “Twine" means any single or plied used in a self-tying machine for baling and sometimes preceded by an adjective yarn or roving, including marlin and hay, straw or other fodder crops. designating the country or district of tarred seizings, containing any cotton or grigin, but does not include processor's cordage fiber, for use as a tying material, mill waste or bagasse.

for sewing or for any similar purpose, but

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