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issue. With the Lord of hosts on our side, whom or what shall we fear? To him all difficulties are alike. At his command the treasures of the earthling shall flow in the service of the cross; and hundreds shall arise to solicit, as an enviable distinction, the office of a gospel-herald to the savages. Clad in the armor of the sanctuary, and conducted by the Captain of salvation, they shall go forth conquering and to conquer. Ere his promise fail, the mountains shall sink, the valleys rise, the rivers be driven back to their sources; and ocean again divide his waters. Who, then, are on the Lord's side? Who prefer the salvation of men above their chiefest joy? Who burn to hide the dishonor of the past in the glory of the future, and aspire to the dignity of being fellowworkers with God? Let them, with one heart and one soul, in the faith of the gospel, in the good will of brethren, in the bowels of Jesus Christ, forthwith pledge themselves to each other, to those apostolical believers beyond the sea, to the heathen who are perishing for lack of vision, that they will unite their efforts to fill the dark places of the land with the light of God's salvation. Should we succeed in the conversion of a single pagan, the acquisition would infinitely repay our expenditure and our toil. For our Lord himself hath pronounced the whole world, in comparison with one soul, to be a thing of nought. VOL. I.


But O, my brethren, who shall count the number, or define the extent, or limit the duration, of those blessings which our exertions may be instrumental in imparting to the heathen! Who shall stop the river of life in its course through their parched soil! Most transporting thought! that thousands of believers whom we shall never see in the flesh, and tens of thousands who shall come into being when we are gathered unto our fathers, may trace their knowledge of the Savior to the execution of that plan in virtue of which I address you this evening! and that its magnificent result may never be fully disclosed, till the mystery of Providence be finished, the election of grace brought in, and the shout of final redemption thunder through the temple of God!







Evening of sabbath the 31st of May, 1801.



EPHES. I. 7.

In whom we have redemption through his blood, the

forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of

his grace.

WHOEVER believe that they have sinned, and that God is just, cannot be indifferent to their condition and their prospects. The perfect development of his righteousness being reserved for a future state, and every question concerning it involving an immortal spirit and an eternal destiny, it would be madness not to inquire what shall be our fate. Reason and conscience pro

. nounce, with revelation, that the wages of sin is death. And neither reason nor conscience, neither the works nor the providence of God, can discover the means or warrant the hope of es

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