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Oct. 21.


were paid him very much ; was thank

LONDON ful, and said, “Oh! how kind is the Lord in sending his children to see me, .

LONDON FEMALE PENITENTIARY. and to instruct me!”

In the many visits we paid him for We rejoice to learn, that this exright weeks, the work of the Lord upon cellent institution ineets with considerhis soul was very evident. He was able encouragement; and, as it is to be deeply convinced of sin, and brought wholly under the management of perto hate it from love to God. He sons of piety and evangelical sentihonoured the divine justice of God in ments, we entertain the warmest hopes his condemnarion, while he trusted in of its success. The List of the Comthe righteousness of Christ.for pardon mittee, which we promised to give in and justifications

this Number is not yet completed ; but

we understand it consists of Ministers The Members of the West

and Gentlemen of various religious deKent Union held their Hall - yearly

nominations. A peculiar and muchAssembly at Mr. Slatterie's Meeting, in approved trait of this new institution Chatham. Mr. Stanger preactied from

is, that all its internal affairs are to be Judges vi. 9. The Members of the

under the direction of a Committee of Union met in the afternoon for busi

Ladies, of decided piety, solid judgIn the evening, Mr. Ralph

ment, and active zeal ; why, together preached from Col. i. 28. Messrs. with the Matron, will daily visit and Beaufoy, Béntliff, Słatterie, Rogers, superintend the different wards. A and Knott, engaged in the other parts part of the house will be appropriated of the service. - The next Meeting is

to divine worship (but not open to the to be held at Mr. Poppèrwell's Meet

public) in which the gospel is to be ing, Marden, April 21, when Messrs. preached every Lord's Day, and proKoott and Drew are to preach.

bably, at other times, by ministers sueOct. 30. Mr. Chapman was ordained cessively appointed to that service.

Subscriptions are received by the to the pastoral office over the Inde

Mr. pendent church at Sandwich.

following bankers : Mess. Down, Thora

ton, and Co. Bartholomew Lane; Mess. Vincent began tbe service with prayer,

Forster, Lubbock, and Co. Mansion &c.; Mr. Gurteen delivered the intro.

House Street; Messrs. Fuller and Co. ductory discourse; Mr. Şloper, of De

Lombard Street; Mess. Hoares, Fleet vires, offered the ordination prayer ;

Street; Messrs. Smith and Holt, Broad Mr.G. Townsend gave the charge, from

Street; Messrs. Ransom and Co. Pall 2 Tim. i. 13;. Mr. Elliot, of Devizes,

Mall. addressed the people from 1 Thess. v.

Dr. Doddridge's Rise and Progress 18; and Mr. Ralph concluded.

of Religion, translated into French, is Dec. 25. A New Baptist Meeting now printing, at the expence of the was opened in the city of Chester. Missionary Society, for the benevolent Three sermons were preached on the purpose of distribution among the Occasion, by Mr. Davis, of Liverpool, French prisoners in England, who, it from Exod. xx. 24; Mr. Lister, of

may be hoped, will not only derive beLiverpool, from Matt. vi. 33 : and Mr. nefit from it themselves, but carry it Price, of Wrexham, from lleb. x. 12, into their own country hereafter, for 1}; Mr. White, of Chester, and Mr.

the benefit of many others. Stennet, engaged in prayer.

A few months ago, a Committee Jan. 22, 1807. The Rev. S. Hatch

was appointed by the Board of Inde was ordained pastor of the church at

pendent Ministers in London, to draw Tolleshury, in Essex. The following up the outlines of a Plau, for a more ministers engaged in the service :

general Union of the Ministers and Prayer, Mr. Taylor, of Colchester; Churches of that Denomination introduction, &c. Mr. forster, of Mal

throughout the Country. On the 3:1 den: ordination-prayer, Mr. Merchant, of February the proposed plan was of Layer Bretton"; charge, Mr. Field.

presen:ed by the Committee to the ing, of Coggeshall; sermon to the

Board, by them approsed, and order. peeple, Mr. Newton, of Witham; con- ed to be sent to their bretlnen in the cluding-prayer, Mr. Pritchard, of Col

country for their consideration. A chester.

General Meeting, we understand, is to The Dorset ludependent Association be beld in London, on Monday, May is postponed to April 20: Mess. Mor- 18, for the purpose of* maluring the ien and Rogers to preach.


Feb. 13.

A New Lecture is opened at Crown

The Rev. Mr. Ranice, Court Meeting, which will be supplied Baptist Minister of Hackney, was hy different Ministers, in the forenoon found dead in his bed, without any parof every Tuesday.

ticular previous ipdisposition.

Mr. T. Alexander, a Schoolmaster, RECENT DEATHS.

of Tetbury, who lately died, bequeathDied the Rev. S. Barker, ed a part of his property for the folat his brother's, Towcester, whither he lowing singular purpose : - A Bible to had gone for his health, having been be given to every couple that may à considerable timc indisposed.

hereafter be married at Tetbury church.

Jan. 5.

List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for March.

I. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Brooksbank; Hare Court, Mr. T.
Thomas ; Chapel Str. Mr. Stol-
lery; Devonshire Sq. Mr.Stevens ;
Crown Crt. Mr. Knight; Palace
St. Mr. J. Hyatt ; Peter Str. Mr.

2. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet-

ing, New Court, Carey Street. 3. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Burder :

Crown Crt. Mr. Buck. Com

munion with God. 4. Wed. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Goode's, White

5. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.)

at Mr. Burder's, Fetter Lane, Mr.
Barker to preach. How does
Charity cover the Multitude of

Sins ?
Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Winter.

The History and Character of Ni-

17. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Humphrys ;

Crowu Crt. Mr. Stollery.-- Faith. 18. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr.Humphrys's, Union

Street. 19. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.)

at Mr. Burnside's, Mr. Newman to preach. - Duty of restoring Back

sliders. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Waugh. The

Evidences of Fellowship with

Christ. 20. Fri. Ev. Sermon to Young People,

at Haberdashers' Hall, Mr. Knight to preach.

22. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr. Newman ; Hare Crt.

Mr. Frey: Barbican, Mr. Stevens ; Palace St. Mr. Brooksbank; Chapel St. Mr: Dunn; Devonshire Sq. Mr. J. Thomas; Crown Ct. Mr.Stollery ;

Peter Str. Mr. Greig. 24. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Burder ;

Crown Crt. Mr. Gore. - A Clean

Heart. 25.Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Na

tion, at Mr. Clayton's, Eastcheap. 26. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Dr. Rippon.

Recollection of Past Dispensations.

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8. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Collyer; Chapel Str. Mr. Burder;
Palace St. Mr. Stollery; Barbican,
Mr. Dunn ; Orange Str. Mr. Town-
send ; Peter Str. Mr. -; Hare
Ct. Mr. Newman ; Devonshire Sq:

Mr. Gould ; Crown Ct. Mr. Webb. S. Mon. Ev. Prayer' Meeting for the

Nation, Surry Chapel. 10. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Humphrys ;

Crown Court, Mr. J. Hyatt.

Conflict between Sin and Grace. u. Wed. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Tim. Thomas's. 12. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Goode.

'The Sin of murmuring.

29. EASTER SUNDAY Ev. Hare Crt.

Mr. Shenstone; Orange Str. Mir.
Lyndall, Chapel Sir. Mr. Gore ;
Devonshire Sq. Mr. Hutchins ;
Barbican, Mr. J. Claytop, jun. ;
Palace Str. Mr. Winter; Peter St.

Dr. Rippon.
31. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber;

Crown Court, Mr. Hackett. --The
Moral Law.

15. Lord’s Day Ev. Broad Sir. Mr.

Hutchings; Barbican, Mr. Greig;
Hare Crt. Mr. Humphrys; Peter
Str. Mr. Jerincpt; Palace St. Mr.
Buck; Orange Str. Mr. Burder;
Chapel Sır. Mr. J. Thomas; De.
Tonsture Sq. Dr. Jenkins; Crown
Crt. Mr. S:evens.

Spa Fields, Mr. Glascott,
Sion Chapel, Mr. Stodhart.
Mexton Chupei, Mr, Taylor, of Ossett.

ON THE CRUCIFIXION, O SUN ! in darkness hide thy glitt'ring rays !

O solid Earth! to thy deep centre shake ! Ye th unders roar, ye forked lightnings blaze,

And rend, ye rocks, - ye cloud-capt mountains quale ! Lo, on sad Calvary's ensanguined hill,

The Son of God, Messiah, groans and dies : His breaking heart o’erwhelming sorrows All,

And low in death the great Life-giver lies!
By God forsaken, compass’d by his foes,

No friend to pity or afford relief,
The spotless victim hangs, the man of woes,
Despis'd, rejected, intimate with grief!

() dismal sight!
Exult not, Satan! - prostrate in the tomb
The Saviour suffer'd Sin's tremendous doom.
Ere three short days their circling course had run
He rose ! Our debts are paid, our battles won!
He lives, he lives, omnipotent to save!
Where, where's thy victory pow, devouring Grave?
His glorious triumph Heaven and Earth shall sing.
Grim King of Terrors, Death, where's now thy sting?
Thou vanquish'd monster, hide thy baffled head!
Thou all-consuming Grave, disgorge thy dead !
Cease, Prince of Darkness, fruitless war to rage ;
Go, clench thy fists, and grind thy teeth with rage.
Is this the end of all thy toils and pains ?
Are shame and hissing infamy thy gains ?
To Hell return, and there exulting tell
How Eve believ'd thee, and how Adam fell;
But name not Jesus, mention not the cross,
Lest blushing cheeks proclaim thy mighty loss ;
And grinning fiends should sneer at thy disgrace,
And curl the nose, and taunt thee to thy face.

When with the eye of Faith I see
Thy mangled body on the tree,
Bleeding and dying there for me,
Jesus! I feel emotions new
Of joy and mingled sorrow too,
And grateful tears my cheeks beder.
Thou dear Redeemer, I am thine,
Myself I quite to thee resign:
O let me in thy glory shine!

give me in thy heart a piace!
O let me die in thine embrace !
In Heaven, o let me see thy face!
Welcome ihen the joyful day,
Which shall bear my soul away,
On angelic picions soaring,
Christ, the King of Kings, adoring;
Perfect happiness possessing,
Ev'ry rich eternal blessing !
Can I e'er thy love forget,
Deeper plunged each day in debt?
On each comfort is inscribid,
• Christ for this was crucify'd!"
This a relish gives to ease,

This makes even trouble please :
Great Saviour hail!.. Lei suinis and angels sing
The matchless glories of their gracion King;

l'o thee our gratelul hytos of cheerful praise we bțing! Wotton under Edge.

W. W.

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METHINKS, I see grim Slavery's gorgon form,

Like one condemn'd for blackest crimes, aghast,
Writhing with inward Agony's pent storm,

To hear her sentence by stern Justice pass'd!
Methinks too, Pity's angel shape I see,

Wiping the tear from Misery's scalded cheek;
While Freedom ratifies the just decree,

That fell Oppression's shackles soon shall break!
Humanity in triumph lifts her voice,

To Heaven the prayer of Piety ascends ;
With holy rapture all the good rejoice,

While the poor Negroes' persecution ends!
Go, ruthless Avarice, lament thy loss,

Forbidden to pursue the barbarous trade; ~-
Thou, who count'st Man compar’d with golden dross,

When in thy balance of injustice weigh’d!
Go howl, thou savage, drawn are thy fell fangs;

No longer may’st thou torture, maim, or kill;
No longer mock the frantic captive's pangs,

Torn from his native land, thy fields to till!
Afric, exult, through all thy vast domain,

From Niger's fount to Nile's sea-mingling food,
Britain, at leogth, destroys the galling chain,

Bath'd in such torrents of thy tears and blood !
To you who urg'd her to the righteous deed,

Time shall engrave your honours on his urn!
And grateful nations from oppression freed,
Their benedictions pour, their heartfelt thanks return!


If bound to that desired shore,
Where ware on wave can dash no more,

Sung by the Children of a Charity: My little vessel shall not fail,

School, on Occasion of a Sermion for If Mercy has but spread her sail :

their Benefit. Tho? dangers threaten ev'ry day Tosink her on her destin'd way,

SUPREMELY good ! supremely great! And clouds o'erspread, and billows rise, Thy bounty we adore ! To check her progress to the skies; In all those gifts of Providence Sails often torn, and compass lost,

Which mark each paşsing hour! And way is hid, and bark is tost; Tho' winds blow hard, and storms suc

From the first dawn of infant life ceed,

Thy goodness we have shar'd; And tempestş ost her way impede,

And still, thro' scenes of human woe, Fearless, unmov'd my bark shall be,

By sov’reign mercy spar'd!
If but my Pilut sorile on me!
Fresh life his countenance will give,

To seek thy grace, to do thy will,

O Lord, our hearts incline ! And make my drooping faith still live.

And o'er the paihs of future life I'll call upon him till the last,

Command thy light to shine ! Till each distressing gale be past : Then farewell each unhappy day, While taught to read the word of truth, Thy griefs and pains are tied away;

May we that word receive!
Then farewell Tempter, Death, and Sin, And when we hear or Jesus' nane,
My port's in view, I’m putting in.

In that blest name believe!
Farewell, vain liorld, the angels stand,
And beckon to the heav’oly land. Let not our feet incliue to tread
1 come, the signal word is giv’n;

Sin's broad Hestructive road; And Earth exchange for highest Hea- But trace those holy paths which lead ren!


To glory and to God!

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Printed by (i. All!, Greville Street, London,

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