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municated from the Beginning, and thall be to the End of the World.

Other valuable Ends might be mentioned, which the Sufferings and Death of Christ, the Mediator and Saviour, were intended to answer : He thereby testified the Truth of the Doctrine he had taught, and sealed it with his Blood; and especially the Profession he has made of his being the Christ, the Son of the living God. He also thereby thewed what severe Trials and Sufferings the most excellent Persons may be exposed to for the Cause of God, of Truth and Righteousness; and gave an admirable Example of Constancy under fuch Sufferings, and of the most perfect Patience and Meekness under the greatest Injuries, as well as of an amiable forgiving Disposition and Love even to his Enemies, for whom he prayed and interceded with his dying Breath. Finally, He died for us, that by Death he might destroy bin that had the Power of Death, that is, the Devil, and might deliver those who, through Fear of Death, were all their Lifetime subject to Bondage. Heb. ii. 14. Ву submitting to the Stroke of Death he dit armed it of it’s Sting, and opened a Way for trumphing over it in his glorious Refurrection. Thus, in whailoever View


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we consider the Death of Christ, there is a Divine Glory in it. We may behold him making Peace by the Blood of his Cross, and Light and Joy springing up out of the Depths of his Agonies and Sorrows. Such are the many falutary Effects of his Paffion, and the excellent Ends for which it was designed; that we must acknowledge it to be one of the most folemn and awful, yet one of the most pleasing Scenes, which can be presented to our Minds. A crucified Jesus, which was to the Jews a StumblingBlock, and to the Greeks Foolislöness, is the worthy Object of the Christian's Glorying and Rejoicing. And we may justly say, with the Apostle, upon observing the admirable Display of the Divine Wisdom and Goodness in this part of the Gospel Scheme, that it became bim, for whom are all Things, and by whom are all Things, in bringing many sons unto Glory, to make the Captain of their Salvation perfect through Sufferings. Heb. ii. 10.

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On Delighting in the gracious Methods of

our Redemption by Jesus Christ.



-We joy in God through our Lord Jesus



N our former Discourses on this Subject

it was shewn, that our Lord Jesus Chrift, the only begotten Son of God, at the Time appointed by the Divine Wisdom and Goodness, actually assumed human Flesh : That he brought the clearest and fullest Revelation of the Divine Will which was ever given to Mankind : That he also exhibited the most perfect Example of universal Holiness, Goodness, and Purity for our Imitation : That he per

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formed the most illustrious Miracles, Acts of Godlike Power and beneficent Goodness; and that he at length submitted, for our Sakes and in Obedience to his heavenly Father's Will, to the most grievous Sufferings and to Death itself, that he might make Atonement for our Sins, and might obtain eternal Redemption for us. All these Things lay a just Foundation for our Rejoicing in God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

The next Thing to be considered openeth to us a ftill more glorious and delightful Scene, viz. Christ's Resurrection from the Dead, and Ascension into Heaven, and the Glories of his exalted State. It was necessary for wise and valuable Purposes that he should suffer and die ; but be did not continue under the Power of Death : God hath raised him up, faith St. Peter, having loosed the Bonds of Death, because it was not poljible that he jould be bolden of it. Acts. ii. 24. The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ is an Article of great Importance in the Christian Scheme. It was what he himself had foretold, and appealed to as a most illustrious Contirmation of his Divine Million, and of the Truth of that Chracter under which he appeared as the Son of Gid, the


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