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Mary to the see of Durbam..New Exchange. . Adel.
pbi erected on the site of Durbam Place. .Salisbury
House. . Salisbury Street. . Middle Exchange. . Wor-'
cester House, formerly called Carlisle House.. Rus-

sel House and Bedford House. . Beaufort Buildings.

Old London Bridge


Early mention of a Bridge over the Thames, by Dion

Cassius. . Irruption of Olaf the Dane. .Attack on the

City by Sweyn.. Tolls at Bylyngesgate..Stow's

Account of the Foundation of the Bridge.. Descrip-

tion of the Bridge by Snorro Sturlesonius, and tri-

umpbal songs of the Norse Bards..Canute's

Trench.. Swept away by a Tempest.. The Bridge

rebuilt by William Rufus, and again by Peter of

Colechurch.. Erection of a new Stone Bridge..

Death and interment of Peter of Colechurch..

Dreadful calamity by Fire.. Towers or Gates..

Drawbridge. Five arches carried away by the ice,

..Head of Wallace placed on the northern Tower.

.. Grand Passage of Arms. . Entrance into the City
of King Richard and his Queen, Isabel..Pageant
on the Bridge.. Dangerous passage beneath.. Insur-
rection of Jack Cade. . Attack by the Bastard Fal-
conbridge. . Insurrection of Sir Thomas Wyatt. ,
View of the Bridge in Queen Elizabeth's reign..
Ravages by Fire. .Buildings removed from the
- Bridge in 1756.. Description of its condition at that
period.. Erection of a temporary Bridge of Timber
.. Description of the Ancient Chapel.. Fish Pond in

the Sterling.. Nonsuch House. . Applications to Par-

liament for power to erect a New Bridge.. The first

Stone laid.. The New Bridge.. Discoveries made in

laying the Foundations. .Coins, Seals, &c... Statue

of Harpocrates. . Manner of the construction of the

Old Bridge.. Howel's imitation of Sannazario's

Sonnet to the City of Venice.


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removal to the present Blackfriars. .Site their

old house, granted to Henry Lacy, Earl of Lincoln

...Demesne of the Bishop of Chichester. . Lincoln's

Ion., The Hall..Gate House..Chapel..Searle's

Court, or Lincoln's Inn New Square. .Stone Build-

ings.. Library.. Six Clerks' Office..Gardens.

Clerkenwell Close-Cromwell Place


Reputed residence of Oliver Cromwell..Occupied by

the noted Justice Blackborough..Cromwell Place.

Salters' Company and Hall


Incorporation of the Company.,Government..Salters'

Hall..Oxford Place.. The New Hall.. Election

Hall.. Waiting Room..Curious record of Ancient







Palace of Whitehall in Charles the Second's reign, anno

1680 Whitehall, &c. from St. James's Park, about 1720

56* Merchant Tailors' Hall

76 V Westminster Abbey, Chapel of St. Edward the Confessor 91 v Fishmongers' Hall, in June 1827

121 Vintners' Hall

130 y Remains of Sir Paul Pindar's Mansion, Bishopsgate Street, 1806.

134 V Lodge of Sir Paul Pindar, about 1760

137 v Clothworkers' Hall

140 V Christ Church Hospital, in 1720.

145 Christ's Hospital, within the Cloisters, 1800

154 V Bridewell Hospital, in 1720

165 V Temple Bar, from Butcher Row, 1800, looking east 171 V Church of St. Mary Overie, or St. Saviour, Southwark, about 1660.

181 Council Chamber of King Henry VIII.

191 v The Charter-House, about 1720

198 Durkam House, Salisbury House, Worcester House, about

230 Old London Bridge, in 1825

230 v Tower of London, in Henry the Sixth's reign

272 V Suffolk House, about 1630

274 y Scotland Yard ,

277 The Font in St. James's Churcb, Piccadilly

280 * Lincoln's Inn, about 1720

283 Buildings in Clerkenwell Close, in 1791

287 V Salters' Hall

288 Dean Colet's House, Stepney

297 VSt. James's Palace


1630 .



ENTERTAINMENT OF CHRISTIAN IV. Christian the Fourth, King of Denmark, came to England on the 17th of July, 1606, on a visit to the Queen, Anne of Denmark, his sister ; and he continued in this country till the 11th of the following month. During his residence here, he was treated with extraordinary magnificence and revelling. His entry into London was graced by the citizens with a similar display of pageantry as had been customary at the coronation of their own sovereigns. Both James and Christian rode through the city in grand procession, preceded by the Lord Mayor, bearing a golden sceptre, and followed by a most splendid train of British and Danish nobility. “Upon the Great Fountain, in Cheapside," Stow says, “was erected the Bower of the Muses ; and near the Pageant, by the Goldsmith's-row, where sat the great elders of the



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