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Entered according to act of Congress, in the year 1840, by THOMAS WHITTEMORE, in the clerk's office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

William A. Hall & Co.



To a class of believers, nothing should be made so familiar as those truths that constitute the basis of their peculiar faith. And to the denomination with which the compiler of this little manual has the happy privilege of membership, no acquisition should be deemed of paramount importance to a thorough knowledge of what God has promised in reference to the ultimate state of the human family ; for, as has been remarked by a distinguished di

vine, the promises of God are the only sure foundation of our hope.

By a perusal of these pages, it will be perceived that an effort has been made to collect and arrange the divine promises, so that, at a glance, as it were, we can survey the whole ground on which rests all our expectations of immortal good. The testimonies of the sacred penmen are here brought together, and, like true and faithful witnesses, each substantially corroborates the evidence given by the other.

It may however be affirmed, that an equal number of threatenings might also be gathered from the sacred pages, which we would by no means deny. Yet, nevertheless, we possess the glorious assurance that neither the denunci.

ations of the law, nor the sin of unbelief, can in the least annul the promises of God, and render them of no effect. Whatever men may do and suffer, the word of the Almighty must forever remain true to its intent and

purpose. We wish it were ever remembered that God has not only provided a blessing for all mankind, but has also promised to render them fit subjects to enjoy the blessing The appetite and the feast are alike the gift of his adorable mercy. And, being the author of the means as well as the end, he will assuredly work in us to do of his good will and pleasure.

That all who love the truth in sin. cerity, and are sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, may become still


more confirmed in their reliance upon divine grace, and that such as yet prone to err through unbelief may come unto a knowledge of the truth as it is in Jesus, is the sincere desire of the author.

Waltham, May, 1810,

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