A History of German Literature: From the Beginnings to the Present Day

Routledge, 2. nov. 2005 - 816 sider
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Since the appearance of its first edition in Germany in 1979, A History of German Literature has established itself as a classic work used by students and anyone interested in German literature.
The volume chronologically traces the development of German literature from the Middle Ages to the present day. Throughout this chronology, literary developments are set in a social and political context. This includes a final chapter, written for this latest edition, on the consequences of the reunification of Germany in 1990. Thoroughly interdiscipinary in method, the work also reflects recent developments in literary criticism and history.
Highly readable and stimulating, A History of German Literature succeeds in making the literature of the past as immediate and engaging as the works of the present. It is both a scholary study and an invaluable reference work for students.

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Medieval Literature
Humanism and the Reformation
Baroque Literature
The Enlightenment
The Kunstepoche
The RunUp To 1848
Realism and the Grunderzeit
Under the Banner of Imperialism
Literature in the Third Reich
German Literature Written in Exile
Post1945 German Literature
Literature of the German Democratic Republic
Literature of the Federal Republic
The Unity and Diversity of German Literature
Further Reading

Literature in the Weimar Republic

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