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MET QUI VEL ROLL. Hydrastia Bismuth, BISMUTH Methylated

, Glycerin


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Registered July 24.1883.


The above fac-simile of our label enumerates the constituents of what has been termed by us “Liquor Bismuthi et Hydrastie" with the several improvements in its composition that have been made from time to time as experience has suggested.

This remarkable alterative and sedative to mucous surfaces has now been in usc by the profession for ten years, being first prepared by us in 1872, and it has to a large extent revolutionized practice in the treatment of irritable, inflammatory and ulcerative conditions of the Mucous tract, as : OF THE NASAL PASSAGES (locally).

Nasal Catarrh and Ozæna. OF THE EYE (locally).

Conjunctivitis; Catarrhal, Gonorrhæal, Neonatorum and Purulent Opthalmia; Ulceration :

of the Cornea.
OF THE THROAT (locally).

Pharyngitis and Laryngitis; Diphtheria.
OF THE STOMACH AND INTESTINES (internally and locally).

Stomatitis; Gastro Intestinal Catarrh; Gastric Ulcer; Dysentery.

Gonorrhæa; Urethritis; Cystitis; Vaginitis; Metritis; Uterine, Vaginal and Vesical Catarrb;
Ulceration of the Os-Uteri,

Having in our possession the indorsement of physicians who have had the most gratifying success with our preparation of Bismuth and Hydrástia" in the treatment of the above :ffections, we do not hesitate to emphasize its value to the Oculist, Gynæcologist or general practitioner.

A Descriptive List of our Specialties will be mailed to members of thú medical profession upon application, also a sample of the above preparation will be sent to any physician who will pay express charges.


Chapman, Green & Co.

Manufacturing Chemists,





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By FLAVEL B. TIFFANY, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology and Histology in the University of Kansas City,

and Oculist and Aurist to All Saints Hospital.


The Spring Term of this course begins the first Monday of April, and closes the last Saturday of May. The Autumn Term begins the first Monday of November, and closes the last Saturday of December of each year.

This course of study is intended to meet the wants of the general practitioner, who not only wishes to rest for a time from the routine work of a laborous practice, but also to add to and refresh his knowledge on these special subjects -subjects, which perhaps for want of time and opportunity, were more or less neglected during his college days. It is also intended as a preparatory course for him who wishes to make a specialty of the affections of the Eye and Ear.

During each term special attention will be given to instruction in the use of the Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope, Perimeter and Optometer, affording each student an opportunity of familiarizing himself with the use of these instruments in the diagnosis of the different affections of the Eye and Ear.

Two hours of each week will be given to the working out of the anomalies of Refraction and Acccmmodation.

A portion of the time will be set apart for the practical study of the normal and pathological histology of the Eye and Ear, as well as of other organs of the body. This

will consist in the preparing and examining, with the microscope, both teased specimens and sections; in mounting and staining the bacilli, etc.

During the term an opportunity will be afforded each member of the class for making some of the minor operations on the living subject, while a considerable degree of skill through practice upon the pig's eye in the Phantom may be acquired by each student in making many of the capital operations. TUITION, Including Cortificato, $25.00. Students of the Kansas City University, $15.00.

1044 Main Street, KANSAS CITY, MO.



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