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ifests itself only provided the mucous membrane, primarily affected in the course of an attack, is in a state of hyperosthesis, and when the irritating substances are present in the atmosphere."

•PARALDEHYDE AS A HYPNOTIC.-At a recent meeting of the North of Ireland Branch of the British Medical Association (“Brit. Med. Jour.”), Mr. Hodgson, of Brighton, gave his experience with this drug in cases of insomnia unaccompanied by pain, especially in mania, hypochondriasis, delirium tremens, and [so the account states] migraine. As compared with chloral, it had the advantage of not being a cardiac depressant. For gout, both acute and chronic, he strongly recommended it, finding that sleep was obtained, while the solid constituents of the urine were increased rather than diminished. When either the throat or the stomach was inflamed, it was unsuitable, owing to its pungency, and this quality rendered free dilution always necessary. As an anodyne, he considered it weak but he had found that it heightened the effect of morphine.


Dr. Simon Boruch in an interesting article (New York Medical Journal) on the Therapeutic Significance of the Cervical Follicles, summarizes as follows :

A thorough knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the cervical follicles will simplify the treatment of many uterine affections.

2, The cervix uteri represents a large gland of active and important function in the various sexual relations of woman.

3. In the majority of the more common diseases of the uterus the mucous membrane and its follicles play the most important role. A recognition of this fact will make treatment more successful.

4. Metritis, subinvolution, hyperplasia with catarrh, erosions, etc., must be studied in connection with the glands of the cervix.

5. In obstinate cases medicinal applications fail because the secreting surfaces of the follicles are not reached. Scarification and the curette are valuable adjuncts in nulliparous women or in parous women without cervix laceration.

6. In parous women with lacerations, trachelorrhaphy is the most valuable procedure, As a simple plastic operation it will fail. Success depends on extirpation of the follicles, which is more important than "removal of the cicatricial plug."

The microscope demonstrates the dependence of catarrh, ulcer

ation; erosion, and hypertrophy of the cervix, and often also of the body of the uterus, upon the glandular structure of the cervix uteri.

8. The cervical follicles are significant as elements in the pathology of cervix cancer, because the microscope demonstrates the independence of the latter upon erosions, which are based upon the gland structure.

9. Laceration and erosion must be regarded with suspicion, as possible sources of future malignant disease. In operating for their removal, extirpation of the cervical follicles must be unsparing.--Louisville Med. News.


We are

Suersen's Obturators, their Constructions and Uses. -By Dr. Th. Weber. Helsingfors. Finland. New.York Dental Journal Association, New York. A practical and comprehensive treatise on Dr. Wilhelm Suersen's style of obturator in pamphlet form. It is of genuine value, especially to the prosthetic dentist. The author might have been more explicit as to the articulation and intonations of the voice. He condemns the plastic methods in cleft palates, which have been so often beneficial and superior to any form of prothesis, and which should only be adapted when the former is impossible.

S. The People's Health Journal.-By L. D. Rogers, A. B., M. D., and S. Ida Wright Rogers, M. D., 441 Dearbon Ave., Chicago, Ill. pleased to chronicle the receipt of the first number of this new Journal. It is devoted exclusively to health, hygiene and preventive medicines.

Endometritis Fungosa. Its Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. By Janies B. Hunter, M. D., surgeon to the Woman's Hospital, New York ; Professor of Gynecology in the New York Polyclinic, New York: Trow's Printing and Book-Binding Co. Reprint from The Medical Record, April 25, 1885.

The College of Medicine of the University of Southern California, Los Angelos, Cal., 1885-6. This school begins its first session with a faculty of unusual excellence, and with advantages equal to any college on the Pacific Coast. Drs. Kurtz and Orme you have our congratulations.

Annual Announcement of the New York College of Veterinary Surgeons and School of Comparative Medicine ; New York, 1885-6. We are pleased to note that the chair of Descriptive and Comparative Anatomy is most ably filled by our friend Dr. D. C. Comstock.

Hints on Digestion. -New York Pharmacal Association, Nos. 10 and 12 College Place, New York. A brief resume of the latest physiological investigations on digestion.

Foreign Bodies left in the Abdomen after Laparotomy.-By H. P. C. Wilson, M. D., Baltimore. Reprint from volume ix, Gynecological Transaction, 1884.

Constitutional Treatment of Caries and Necrosis.-By Hal C. Wyman, M. D., Detroit, Michigan.

University of Denver Fifth Annual Announcement of the Faculty of Medicine, Denver, 1885-6.

Third Annual Announcement of the Northwestern Ohio Medical College, Toledo, Ohio, 1885-6.

Medical Department University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, 1885-6.

Transactions Medical Society of the State of Tennessee, 1885.





A Comprehensive Treatise on the Principles and
Practice of Preventive Medicines, from
an American Standpoint.

Professor of Hygiene, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore; Member of the

American Public Health Association, Ete.

324 PAGES, CLOTH, PRICE $3.00. The work is divided into twenty-two chapters, treating in a systomatic mannor of Air, Water Food, Soil, Removal of Sewage, Construction of Habitations, Hospitals and Schools, Industrial, Military, Camp, Marine and Prison Hygiena, Exercise and Training, Baths and Bathing, Clothing, Disposal of the Dead, the Germ Theory of Diseases, Contagion and Infection, History of Epidemie Diseases, Antiseptics and Disinfectants, Quarantine and Vital Statistics.

If your Bookseller has not the Book on hand, send Postal Note for the above amount with your order to

N. E. Cor. Green and Mulberry Sts., BALTIMORE, MD.


For Venereal and Cutaneous Diseases.
In Pint Bottles : $1.25 Per Pint; $12.00 Per Dosen.

FORMULA. Fluid Extract Smilax Sarsaparilla, Fluid Extract Stillingia Sylvatica, Fluid Extract Lappa Minor. Fluid Extract Phytolacca Decandra, aa, two punces, Tincture Xanthoxylum Carolinianum, one ounce. Mix.- Take a teaspoonful in water three times a day before meals, and gradually increase to tablespoonful doses.

CAUTION. “In making the Fluid Extracts there is a great risk of getting a remedy less efficient than the original Indian decoction, because the manufacturer may use roots that have been kept too long, and lost some of their active principles; while the decoction used on the plantation was always made of fresh roots ist gathered from the woods. In making the Fluid Extracts, we should, therefore, be careful to have them made from the roots recently gathered.”—[Extract from British Medical Journal.]

REMARKS, The Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Co., of Cincinnati, offer the formula of Dr. McDade, prepared in accordance with the principles so strenuously held by them for more than thirty years, viz: that the volatile elements of many plants are dissipated by the drying process, thereby injuring, if not wholly destroying, their medicinal properties. The use of fresh drugs in all cases is therefore a necessity, in order to secure reliable preparations. Please specify “Dr. McDade's Prescription" (Merrell) in pint bottles.


The Perfection of Pharmaceutical Skill. The Fluid Extracts of The Wm. S. Merrell Chemical Co. may be properly termed positive Medicinal Agents. Positive, not because they will invariably cure disease, but because their action is uniform and certain.

The Ovoid Sugar Coated Pills of The Win. S. Merrell Chemical Co. challenge comparison as to solubility, .purity of ingredients and coating, and beauty of finish.

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NON-ALCOHOLIC, NON-RESINOUS, BLAND AND NON-IRRITATING. FLUID HY DRASTIS, An accurate and definite solution of the three alkaloids of Golden Seal

Root, upon which depend the medicinal value of the drug, viz: Berberina-Of a bright yellow color, the salts of which are known in com

merce as Sulphate, Muriate and Phosphate Berberina (Hydrastia). HYDRASTIA-Crystalizing in white, prismatic forms, and insoluble in water. XANTHOPUCCINA-Or the unknown third alkaloid, of a dark yellow color, but

which has never been carefully isolated, and is unknown in commerce.

The use of Fluid Hydrastis is suggested in all affections of the mucous sur faces; correcting abnormal conditions characterized by profuse discharge of a tenacious mucous, subacute inflammation, erosions and superficial ulcerations.

“Dr. McDade's Prescription, Fluid Hydrastis" (Merrell) in pint bottles, and all other preparations of the "Merrell Co.," are sold by Wholesale Druggists throughout the United States. Please Spécify • Wm. 8. M. Chemical ('o." Ordering or Prescribing.


The most important remedial agent ever presented to the Profession

for Dyspepsia, Vomiting in Pregnancy. Cholera Infantum,
Constipation, and all Discases arising from imperfect


LACTOPEPTINE precisely represents in composition the natural digestive juices of the Stomach, Pancreas and Salivary Glands, and will, therefore, readily dissolve all foods necessary to the recuperation of the human organism.


We regret that we are compelled to caution the profession in prescribing Lactopeptine, but very careful investigation has proven to us clearly the necessity of it.

Substitution of cheap and worthless compounds are being made in many cases where Lactopeptine is prescribed.

Lactopeptine is always UNIFORM, and its effects are SPECIFIC, and no one has ever been able to imitate its digestive value. If you do 110t obtain positive results when you prescribe Lactopeptine, you can be sure that some substitution has been inade, and in such cases it may be necessary for the physician to prescribe Lactopeptine in the vriginal ou nie package to insure certainty of obtaining the genuine article.

We can confidently make this assertion knowing the scrupulous uniforinity in digestive value of every ounce of Lactopeptine.

Lactopeptine has always been kept strictly in the hands of the Medical Profession, never having been admitted in any publications but Medical Journals. It is prescribed by the most intelligent and educated physicians in all parts of the world, and there are but few physicians who have ever used Lactopeptine that will not agree with the late Prof. L. P. Yandell, when he says : Lactopeptine is one of the certainties in medicine, and in this respect ranks with Quinine."

In the various forms of Dyspepsia, in Vomiting in Pregnancy, and in Mal-nutrition of children, there is no known remedy so positive in results.

The New York Pharmacal Association, P. O. Box 1574.


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