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Testifying--Repentance toward GOD, and Faith toward our Lord
Jesus Christ.

Acts xx. 21.
Whom we preach, warning every Man, and teaching every Man

in all Wisdom; that we may present every Man perfect in
Christ Jesus,

Col. i. 28.







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Reverend and Dear Sir,

WITH the most affectionate Gratitude

ITH the most affectionate Gratitude

and Respect, I beg Leave to present to You a Book, which owes its Existence to your Request, its Copiousness to your Plan, and much of its Perspicuity to your Review; and to the Use I made of


Remarks on that Part of it, which your Health and Leisure would permit you to examine. I address it to You, not to beg your Patronage to it, for that I am already well assured ; and much less from any Ambition of attempting your Character, for which, if I were more equal to the Subject, I should think this a very improper Place: But chiefly from a secret Delight, which I find in the Thought of being known to those whom this may reach,

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as one whom You have honoured, not only with your Friendship, but 'with so much of your Esteem and Approbation too, as must substantially appear in your committing a Work to me, which You had yourself projected as one of the most considerable Services of



I have long thought the Love of Popular Applause a Meanness, which a Philosophy far inferior to that of our Divine Master might have taught us to conquer.

But to be esteemed by eminently Great and Good Mens to whom we are intimately known, appears to me, not only one of the most solid Attestations of some real Worth, but next to the Approbation of God and our own Consciences, one of its most valuable Rewards. It will, I doubt not, be found so in that World, to which Spirits like your's are tending, and for which, through Divine Grace, You have obtained so uncommon a Degree of Ripeness. And permit me, Sir, while I write this, to refresh myself with the Hope, that when that union of Hearts, which has so long subsisted between us, shall arrive to its full Maturity and Endearment there, it will be Matter of mutual Delight, to recollect, that you have

DEDICATION assigned me, and that I have in some Degree executed a Task, which may perhaps, under the Blessing of God, awaken and improve Religious Sentiments in the Minds of those whom we leave behind us, and of others, who may arise after us in this vain, transitory, and insnaring World,

Such is the Improvement You have made of your Capacities for Service, that I am fully persuaded, Heaven has received very few, in these latter Ages, who have done so much to serve its Interests here below ; few, who have laboured in this best of Causes with equal Assiduity and equal Success. And therefore I cannot but join with all who wish well to the Christian Interest among us, in acknowledge ing the Goodness of Providence to You and to the Church of Christ, in prolonging a Life at once so valuable and so tender, to such an advanced Period. With them, Sir, I rejoice, that God hath given You to possess in so extraordinary Degree, not only the Consciousness of intending great Benefit to the World, but the Satisfaction of having effected it, and of seeing such an Harvest already springing up, I hope as an Earnest of a much

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