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Plan, and esteemed the most practical work of this kind extant. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH. Illustrated with a variety of Maps, &c. 2s. 6d. bound in red.

THE GEOGRAPHICAL COPY-BOOK, Part I. Consisting of fifteen Outline Maps of the Quarters and principal Countries in the World, including three ancient Maps, engraved of a competent size, and printed on superfine drawing paper, for the purpose of being filled up from any ordinary Maps, by junior classes of students of Geography, price 3s. THE GEOGRAPHICAL COPY-BOOK, Part II. Consisting of the Lines of Latitude and Longitude, accurately drawn for the same set of Maps, designed to be filled up by the senior classes of students of Geography, or by those who have previously filled up Part. I.

GEOGRAPHY on à POPULAR PLAN, for the use of Schools and Young Persons; containing all the interesting and amusing features of Geographical Knowledge, and calculated to convey instruction by means of the striking and pleasing associations produced by the peculiar manners, customs, and characters of all nations and countries. By the Rev. J. GOLDSMITH. A new edition, considerably enlarged and improved, illustrated with upwards of sixty beautiful engravings, representing the dresses, customs, and habitations of all nations, with numerous maps, &c. price 14s. bound and lettered.

THE SCHOOL ATLAS, or Key to the Geographical Copy-Books; containing the same fifteen maps, finished and neatly coloured, as examples to be copied by those who fill in the Geographical Copy-Books. Price 5s. in boards.

THE TRAVELS of ROLANDO round the WORLD, explaining, in a familiar manner, the Customs, Curiosities, and Productions of various Countries in remote parts of the World, illustrated with various plates. Translated from Jauffret, by Miss AIKIN. In four volumes, price 14s.

THE BRITISH TOURISTS, or Traveller's Companion, through England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, including accurate Descriptions of every Part of the United Kingdom; and comprehending the most celebrated and most interesting Modern Tours through every Part of the British Islands. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. Rector of Stonesfield, Vicar of Hurley, &c. &c. In six elegant volumes, royal 18mo. illustrated with coloured maps, the third edition, much improved and enlarged. Price One Guinea and a-half in boards, or Thirtysix Shillings neatly bound.


ARY of GREAT BRITAIN and IRELAND, containing ac-curate Descriptions of every County, City, Town, Village, Parish, Hamlet, Seat, Ruin, River, Canal, Harbour, Bay, Lake, Cape, Mountain, &c. &c. &c. situated in the British Islands, deduced from official documents, and from all the last and best Authorities, with References. By B. P. CAPPER, Esq. one of the Clerks in the Office of the Secretary of State: printed in the manner of Watkins's Biographical Dictionary, prices 25s. in boards, or SOs. with the plates coloured.

N. B. A Series of Maps of all the Counties and Provinces have been engraved for this capital Work, from original Drawings made on a new Plan, and the Maps may be had done up in a separate Atlas, beautifully coloured, price 12s. half bound.


AN EASY GRAMMAR of HISTORY, Ancient and Modern, containing a brief expression of the leading facts in His-tory, written so as to be committed to memory, with ques-tions and exercises, by means of which History may be taught in Schools, on the approved plan of Goldsmith's easy Gram-· mar of Geography. By the Rev. J. ROBINSON. With plates, price 3s. bound.

ANCIENT HISTORY, for the use of Schools; exhibiting a summary View of the Rise, Progress, Revolutions, Decline and Fall of the various Nations of Antiquity, from the earliest Records of time to the Fall of the Roman Empire. By the Rev. J. ROBINSON, of Christ's College, Cambridge. In: demy 12mo. illustrated by a large map, price 6s. bound,, and lettered on the back.

MODERN HISTORY, for the use of Schools, from the: Age of Charlemagne to the end of the Year 1806, on the plan of the Ancient History. By the Rev. J. ROBINSON. Price 6s. bound and lettered.


THE BRITISH NEPTUNE, or a History of the Rise, Pro gress, and Triumphs of the British Navy, from the time of Al fred to the Glorious Victory of Trafalgar, interspersed with Anecdotes and Notices of the successive improvements in Navigation, Ship-building, and Naval Tactics. By WILLIAM BURNEY, LL.D. Master of the Naval Academy at Gosport, &c. In a closely printed volume, embellished with Views of great Victories, and a Chart, price 7s. 6d. bound and lettered; (a few copies taken on fine paper, price 10s. 6d. elegantly bound.)


of distinguished Admirals and Commanders, from Sir Francis Drake to Lord Nelson, with twenty-four Portraits and six Charts. By the same AUTHOR. Price 7s. 6d. bound and lettered, or 10s 6d. on fine paper, elegantly bound.

THE HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the earliest Records to the General Peace of 1802, written purposely for the use of Schools, and Young Persons of both Sexes. In two thick and closely printed volumes, price 10s. bound, or on fine paper, price 12s. bound; illustrated with twenty-five Historical Designs, and a large Map. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. Vicar of Hurley in Berkshire, and Chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Moira.

THE HISTORY of ROME, from the foundation of the City of Rome, till the termination of the Eastern Empire. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL. D. In three volumes, royal 18mo. price 15s. bound, or upon common paper, price 12s. bound; illustrated with maps and prints.

THE HISTORY of GREECE, from the earliest Periods till its reduction into a Roman Province; intended principally for the use of Schools and young Persons of both Sexes. By the same Author. In two volumes, royal 18mo. with engravings, and a correct map, price 10s. bound, or 8s. upon common paper.

THE LADY'S HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the earliest Records to the Peace of Amiens, 1802, with Views of the State of Society and Manners in each Age, in a series of Letters, addressed to a young Lady at School. By CHARLOTTE SMITH. In three volumes, 12mo. price 15s. bound and lettered.

UNIVERSAL HISTORY, abridged; containing a popular view of the history of the world; abstracted from the great history of Dr. Mavor, price 2s. 6d.

THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND IN EASY AND FAMILIAR VERSE By W. R. JOHNSON. Adapted to the memory of children at an early age, price 2s. 6d.

A POETICAL HISTORY of GREECE. By the same Author. Price 2s. 6d.

A POETICAL HISTORY of ROME. By the same Author. Price 2s. 6d.

A UNIVERSAL HISTORY, Ancient and Modern, comprehending a general View of the transactions of every Na-.. tion, Kingdom, and Empire on the Globe, from the earliest accounts of time to the general Peace of 1802, in twenty-five volumes, price 4s. and 5s. a volume. By WILLIAM MAVOR, LL.D. Vicar of Hurley, Rector of Stonesfield, and Chaplain to

the Earl of Moira, &c. &c. Either of the twenty-five volumes to be had separately, at 4s. or 5s each.

The English language has hitherto been without any complete and popular view of Universal History. It will be immediately confessed by every competent judge, that Bossuet is at once too short and unsatisfactory; that Voltaire is too gay and desultory; and that the great English Universal History is rather to be consulted like a Dictionary than to be perused as an analysis of the subject to which it relates What these writers have not done, has been attempted by the Author of the present Work. He has been solicitous to avoid the extremes of prolixity and brevity; to be distinct, pleasing, and comprehensive. This Work has therefore proved a valuable acquisition to young Persons, to Public Schools, to Ladies, to Circulating Libraries, and, in general, to all persons who do not make Literature the sole business of their lives, and to whom the Universal History, in sixty-six large volumes, is either too voluminous or too expensive.

N. B. Those persons who may choose to purchase the entire Work without waiting for the monthly publication, are informed that the two editions may be bad of all Booksellers, done up in the three kinds of bindings at the following prices:

Common paper in boards
Ditto ditto half-bound
Ditto ditto calf-gilt

Fine and large paper, in boards
Ditto ditto half-bound
ditto calf-gilt


£5 0

6 6

0 - 6 5 0

-6 16 6

7 17 6

Experimental Philosophy and Useful Arts.

AN EASY GRAMMAR of NATURAL and EXPERIMENTAL PHILOSOPHY, written on the plan of Goldsmith's Grammar of Geography, and Robinson's Grammar of History, and designed as a Practical Elementary Book, to simplify the Study of Philosophy in Schools. By the Rev. DAVID BLAIR, Author of the Class Book, of Exercises in Reading, &c. &c. Price 3s. bound in blue, illustrated by numerous engravings.

In the plan and arrangement of this Work, the Author has followed the justly approved plan of the Works above mentioned, as far as the subjects would admit. The elementary principles of every branch of Philosophy have been briefly explained, and have been demonstrated and familiarized by

experiments, in the performance of which very little apparatus will be requisite.

POPULAR LECTURES on EXPERIMENTAL PHILOSOPHY,ASTRONOMY, and CHEMISTRY, intended chiefly for the use of Students and young Persons. By G. GREGORY, D.D. In two volumes, 12mo. illustrated by thirty-five superior engravings, price 13s. in boards, and 14s. bound and lettered.

A NEW CYCLOPEDIA; or, COMPENDIOUS DICTIONARY of ARTS and SCIENCES: including every Modern Discovery, and the Present State of every Branch of Human Knowledge. By G. GREGORY, D. D. In a Series of One Hundred and Twenty Numbers, at One Shilling each, which will be published weekly till the Work is completed; or in a Series of Twelve Monthly Parts, at Ten Shillings each; or complete at once in two very large and closely printed volumes, in 4to. illustrated with One Hundred and Fifty superior Engravings, price 61. 6s. in boards, or 67. 16s. 6d. bound.

The following are the advantages which are promised to the purchasers of this work.

I. It exhibits a compendium of all human knowledge, more luminous because cleared of all extraneous matter, in which that has been preferred which is practical, to that which is speculative; and it is occupied chiefly by the most useful branches.

II. It is of a convenient and comparatively portable size, calculated to lie on the table of every studious person, as a book of constant reference. The retrenchment of many superfluous and useless articles, having caused a considerable reduction in size, without impairing the intrinsic value and general utility of the work.

III. It is printed so as to correspond with the quarto editions of Johnson's Dictionary; and the possessors of both works thus have, in a moderate compass, and at a moderate expence, all the compendious literary aid which can be desired in the form of a Dictionary.

IV. It is neatly printed in a new and elegant type, on superfine yellow wove paper. The copper-plates have been engraved chiefly from original drawings, by the first artists, and are equal to any plates ever given to the public in a work of this nature; and having been completed since every other, it demands a preference, as containing all the latest improvements and discoveries in every branch of knowledge.

A PORTABLE CYCLOPEDIA, containing every thing useful and important in the Present State of the various Arts and Sciences, and as a book of common and convenient re

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