Storms of My Grandchildren: The Truth about the Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity

A&C Black, 4. jan. 2011 - 336 sider
Dr James Hansen, the world's leading scientist on climate issues, speaks out for the first time with the full truth about global warming: the planet is hurtling to a climatic point of no return. Hansen - whose climate predictions have come to pass again and again, beginning in the 1980s when he first warned US Congress about global warming - is the single most credible voice on the subject worldwide.

He paints a devastating but all-too-realistic picture of what will happen if we continue to follow the course we're on. But he is also a hard-headed optimist, and shows that there is still time to take the urgent, strong action needed to save humanity.

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3.5 stars James Hansen was a scientist at NASA with a particular interest in climate change. This book explains what is happening with climate change and what needs to be done to stop the potentially ... Læs hele anmeldelsen

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We could leave the coal in the ground, but will we? If we don't we could trigger a run-away green-house effect. Hansen is an atmospheric scientist and makes a compelling argument that we must phase out coal and leave the oil shale and tar sands alone. Læs hele anmeldelsen


The Vice Presidents Climate Task Force
The ATeam and the Secretarys Quandary
A Visit to the White House
Time Warp
A Slippery Slope
Humanitys Own Trap
Is There Still Time? A Tribute to Charles David Keeling
An Honest Effective Path
The Venus Syndrome
Storms of My Grandchildren
Key Differences with Contrarians
QA with Bill McKibben
Selected Sources
A Note on the Author

Where Should Humanity Aim?

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Om forfatteren (2011)

Perhaps best known for bringing global warming to the world's attention in the 1980s when he first testified before Congress, Dr. James Hansen is considered the world's leading climatologist. The head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, he served as Al Gore's science advisor for An Inconvenient Truth. He teaches at the Department of Earth &Environmental Sciences at Columbia University, lectures at universities and other institutions throughout the world and has been interviewed in the New York Times and other publications. This is his first book.

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