Catalogue of the Library of the Boston Athenæum, Del 1

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Side 324 - Offices ; or, Moral Duties. Cato Major, an Essay on Old Age ; Lselius, an Essay on Friendship; Scipio's Dream; Paradoxes; Letter to Quintus on Magistrates. Translated by CR Edmonds.
Side 32 - Essay on the question Whether Islam has been Beneficial or Injurious to Human Society in general, and to the Mosaic and Christian Dispensations.— Essay on the Mohammedan Theological Literature.
Side 80 - And Other Distant Countries, In A State Of Vegetation: Together With A Catalogue of such Foreign Plants as are worthy of being encouraged in our American Colonies, for the Purposes of Medicine, Agriculture, and Commerce.
Side 65 - Method of correcting the apparent distance of the Moon from the Sun, or a Star, for the effects of Parallax and Refraction.
Side 14 - CORRESPONDENCE between JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, Esquire, President of the UNITED STATES, and several Citizens of Massachusetts, concerning the Charge of a Design to dissolve the UNION alleged to have existed in that State.
Side 317 - A Description of the Island of Jamaica; with the other Isles and Territories in America, to which the English are related, viz.
Side 284 - Little Pussey Willow. Fcap. 2s. • (Professor Calvin E.) The Origin and History of the Books of the New Testament, Canonical and Apocryphal.
Side 288 - JOHN JAMES). AN ATTEMPT TO ASCERTAIN THE CHARACTER OF THE FOURTH GOSPEL, especially in its Relation to the First Three. 2nd Edition. 8vo, cloth.
Side 329 - The Evidences of Christianity as exhibited in the Writings of its Apologists down to Augustine. An Essay which obtained the Hulsean Prize for the Year 1852. By WJ BOLTON, of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. 8vo. cloth, 6*.

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