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white Garment ; * first fitting with- faw a young man out, and then immediately going in fitting on the right and standing with another Angel at the fide,clothed in a long

white garment; and Place where the Body of Jesus had

they were affrighted. lain.

At the Appearance of whom,
the Women were greatly affrighted.
6. But the Angel said unto them ;

6 And he faith Be not afraid : I know, ye come to

unto them, Be not seek for the Body of Jesus, who was

affrighted : ye seek crucified: He is not here, dead, as ye which was crucified:

Jesus of Nazareth, expect; but is risen again, and alive: he is risen, he is Behold the place where he lay.

not here: behold the 7. And go, tell Peter and the rest of place where they his Disciples, that he is risen from the laid him. Dead; and that he will appear to them 7


go your + Ch. xiv. in Galilee, as he foretold them + be- way, tell his disci28. fore his Death.

ples and Peter, that 8. At this News, the Women partly into Galilee: there

he goeth before you affrighted, and partly surprized with fhall ye see him, as great Joy and Wonder, turned back he said unto you. immediately from the Sepulchre, and 8 And they went ran in great haste to tell the Disciples, out quickly, and fled without speaking a Word to any Man from the fepulchre ; whom they met by the Way.

for they trembled,

and 9. And thus the Resurrection of

were amazed : Christ was first declared by a Vision of thing to any man

neither said they any' Angels. But as the Women were

for they were afraid. going to tell this News to the Disci

9 $ Now when ples, Jesus himself appeared to them, Jesus was risen early, and spake familiarly to Mary Magda- the first day of the lene, who had been a constant Follower week, he appeared of him in his Life-time, and on whom

first to Mary Mag

dalene, out of whom he had worked a great Miracle of

he had caft seven Healing. And this was the first time devils. of his Appearing after his Resurrection.

* This Circumstance is mentioned by St. Matthew, ch. xxviii. 2. But contracted by St. Luke, ch. xxiv. 4. and by St. John, ch. XX. II, and 12. See also the Note on Luke xxiv. 4.

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10 And she went 10. Now at the first Sight of him,
and told them that Mary * knew him not. But when * Jo. xx.
had been with him, by his Discourse he had made himself 14.
as they mourned and known to her ; and confirmed, by an

Ocular Demonstration, what the An-
gel had before told her; she went and
affured his Disciples, who were discon-
solate and lamenting at his Death, that

he was certainly risen again, and alive.
u And they,when

II. But they, notwithstanding this
they had heard that double Testimony, both of the Angels
he was alive, and had
been seen of her, be- and of his own Appearing; yet doubt-
lieved not.

ed, and could hardly believe it.
12 | After that, 12. Afterward, Jesus appeared again,
he appeared in ano- in the Form and Habit of a Stranger,
ther form unto two to Two of his Disciples as they were
of them,

as they walking into the Country. And when
walked, and went he had talked with them a good while,
into the country.

he at last made himself plainly known

to them.
13 And they went 13. And these told the rest of the
and told it unto the Disciples, how Jesus had appeared to
residue: neither be- Them also, and yet neither by this fur-
lieved they them.

ther Evidence, would they be perfectly

convinced. 14 Afterward he

14. Again, after this, Jesus shewappeared unto the ed himself to all the Eleven Apostles eleven, as they sat together, as they were fitting at Meat. at meat, and up: And he reproved them for their Dultheir unbelief, and ness, in not remembring the Promise hardness of heart, which he had in his Life-time so often because they believe made to them of Rising again ; and for ed not them which their Unbelief, in not crediting those had seen him after who had already seen him after his Rehe was risen.

furrection. 15 And he said

15. And thus, during all the unto them, Go ye Time between his Resurrection and into all the world, Alcenfion, he continued appearing to and preach the gof his Disciples, confirming their Faith, pel to

every crea-

and instructing them in the Nature of
the Gospel, and the Means of Propa-
gating it. And he said: Go ye into all


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Parts of the World, and Preach the
Gospel to all Mankind.

16. He that embraces my Religion, 16 He that be. and by Baptism enters into an Obliga- lieveth and is baption to obey it, and lives accordingly;

tized, shall be la. shall be saved. But he that rejects the wed; but he that Gospel, either by obstinate Unbelief, be damned.

believeth not, shall or by impenitent Disobedience ; shall be damned.

17 & 18. And, for the more speedy 17 And these signs and effectual Propagation of the Gof all follow them pel against all Opposition ; ye shall be that believe; In my indued with such great and extraordi- Name Shall they caft nary Gifts of the Holy Ghost, as shall speak with

out devils, they shall enable you to work alt Kinds of Mi- tongues, racles for the Conviction of Unbelievers, 18 They shall take and for the Establishment of the up serpents, and if Truth.

they drink any dead

ly thing it shall not 19. And now, when Jesus had hurt them; they shall given these and many other the like lay hands on the fick,

other the like and they all reInstructions and Promises to his Difciples for Forty Days together, he led them out into the Mount of O. ter the Lord had lives, and ascended visibly into Hea- spoken unto them, ven in their Sight, and sat down at the he was received up Right Hand of God the Father, having

into heaven, and fat all Power in Heaven and Earth com- of God.

on the right hand mitted unto him for the good of his Church, 20. After which, the Disciples, be

20 And they went ing filled with the Holy Ghoft, tra- forth, and preached velled from Jerusalem into all Parts of every where, the the World, preaching the Gospel every them, and confirm

Lord working with where with wonderful Success, and con- ing the word with firming their Doctrine with undeniable figns following. AProofs.


19 S So then af


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