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crystallized in the most gifted minds; it holds up for his admiration and imitation examples of virtue, moral heroism, and self-sacrifice; it instills a love for the good, the pure, and the beautiful, in the natural and moral worlds,—and has thus more influence in forming his character than perhaps all other school-books united.

Such, in the opinion of the compiler, is the province of the reading-book; and the endeavor has here been made to prepare a series which should fulfill this high mission, and serve, in the hands of our noble army of teachers, not only as instruments of mental culture, but of moral elevation, to the young generation on whom the future hopes of our country and the cause of civilization depend.

If students, having mastered this book, desire to make a further or more systematic study of English literature, such a compilation as Underwood's Handbook will be found excellent for that purpose.

The writer would here express his obligations to Messrs. J. R. Osgood & Co. for permission to use extracts from their copyright editions of leading American authors; and he acknowledges with gratitude the assistance he has received from many kind friends, particularly from J. T. Trowbridge, Esq., to whom he is especially indebted.

L. B. M.

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Raleigh's First Interview With

The Queen. (Part Second.) . Walter Scott... 197

Among The Icebergs Isaac I. Hayes . 203

Beauty Of The Universe ... G. A. Sala ... 207

National Bankruptcy .... Mirabeau ... 211

The Lark In The Gold-fields.

(Part First.) Charles Reade . 214

The Lark In The Gold-fields.

(Part Second.) ........ Charles Reade . 217

Taxation Of The Colonies . . Edmund Burke . 222

Inventive Genius And Labor . Elihu Burritl . . 227

An Alpine Stream Rev. H. McMillan. 234

Beautiful Sights At Sea . . . James R. Lowell. 240

Traces Of Ocean Hugh Miller . . 245

England's War With France

And America Chas. James Fox . 249

Hearty Reading Sydney Smith . . 253

A Ride In The Androscoggin

Valley . T. Starr King . . 257

The Problem Of Creation ... O. M. Milchel . 262

Cheerfulness J. H. Friswell . . 265

Elizabeth's Anger At Leices-

Ter's Marriage Waller Scott. . . 272

Appeal For Starving Ireland S. S. Prentiss . . 278

Indolence J. H. Friswell . . 283

Visit To A Highland School . J. Sroum, M. D. . 287

Self-ignorance John Caird ... 292

A Pebble Leigh Hunt... 295

British Rule In India .... Lord Erskine . . 301

Toussaint's Last Struggles For

Hayti Wendell Phillips . 307

Tom Brown's Last Visit To

Rugby. (Part First.) .... T. Hughes ... 313

Tom Brown's Last Visit To

Rugby. (Part Second.).... T. Hughes ... 316

Await The Issue T. Carlyle ... 325

Science And Poetry Dr. Lardner . . 329

Youthful Friendship And Nat-

Ural Scenery John Wilson . 339

Worth Of Human Nature ... O. Dewey.... 345

The Memory Of Washington . E. Everett ... 350

Destruction Of The Carnatic . Burke 353

Among The Shoals J. F. Cooper . . 358

Revolution Of The Universe . Rev. H. McMillan. 361

The Power Of Poetry In Bat-

Tle F.W. Robertson . 370

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