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Entered according to Act of Congress in fke Year 1S72, by


in the office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.

Westcott & Thomson,

Stereotypers and Electrotypers, Philada.

Sherman & Co.
Printers. Philada.

THE preparation of a series of Readers has been contemplated by the compiler, for more than twenty years. Experience in-the school-rooin convinced him that there was room for improvement in this class of schoolbooks. Twelve years devoted to reading as a specialty, in State Institutes, Normal Schools, and in the public schools of Boston and elsewhere, have given him opportunity to ascertain the actual needs of teachers and pupils; and the present volumes embody such ideas as have been found most fruitful in practical results.

It is assumed at the outset that the primary purpose of a reading-book is to teach the .art of reading. It is not intended to be a cyclopedia of facts, a book of history or of science, nor even a perfect compendium of literature. Its selections must be such as are adapted for school drill. And, as every good teacher knows, it is but a small proportion of scientific or even purely literary works which afford anything suitable for this purpose. There must be a certain vitality in the selections themselves to make them enjoyable and therefore profitable to the learner.

But more, it must not be forgotten that the reading-book does for the student what no other school-book can do in so great a degree. It teaches him the art of written and oral expression; it furnishes him with models of style; it gives him gems of thought and sentiment as they have

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