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IV. whole Creation upon God, and not be filled with the most adoring Thoughts of that incomprehensible Jehovah, whose eyerlasting Existence is the stable Support of the Existence of all other Beings whatsoever ! And what Satisfaction must it yield to a truly good and religious Mind to reflect, that the Order of Nature is maintained by that infinitely wise and almighty Being who first formed and established it, and without which it would soon be diffolved and fall into Confusion.

Secondly, The Providence of God is to be considered as governing the World as well as preserving it: The Lord hath established his Throne in the Heavens, and his Kingdom ruleth over all. Pf. ciii.


This vast Universe is his Empire, the Extent of which tranfcendeth all human Imagination. How many different Orders of Beings there are which inhabit the several Parts of this vaft ftupendous Frame, we cannot tell, But, whatever, they be, they are all of them, from the highest to the meanest, under the Government of God. If we could but carry our Views to the heavenly World, how would our Hearts be ravished with the Beauty and Harmony of the Divine Admi, nistrations, as exercised there towards the Angeliç Orders, those pure and glorious

Spirits Spirits which inhabit the boundless Realms of Light and Joy! and even the Devils themselves are under his fovereign Controul. By a Wisdom which exceedeth our Comprehension, he setteth Bounds to their Rage, and over-ruleth their most pernicious Counsels and Attempts to the further Manifestation of his Glory, and often ordereth it so, that, whilst they only think of gratifying their own Malice and evil Inclinations, they are really carrying on the Defign of his Providence. But these are Things we know little of at present. There is enough, in that Part of the System which cometh within our own particular Notice, to fill us with admiring Thoughts of God's providential Government. Even the inanimate Creation, though incapable of being ruled by Laws in the strict Sense of the Word, yet may be said to be under his Government, and are applied by him to answer the wife Purposes of his Administration. Thus, in the noble Language of Scripture, Hail and Rain, and stormy Vapour fulfil bis Word. Pf. cxlviii. 8. The Lightnings say unto him, Here we are, Job xxxviii. 35. The Clouds are turned about by bis Counsels, that they may do whatsoever be commandeth them upon the Face of the Earth. Job xxxyii. 12. Even when Things go

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on in their usual Way, and nothing happeneth but what is agreeable to the ordinary Powers and Properties of Things, God in his wife Providence so ordereth and verneth the Course of material Causes as to correspond with and fulfil the Intentions of his moral Administration towards Mankind. But sometimes it pleaseth him to interpose in a more extraordinary and miraculous Way, the more effectually to awaken in Men a Sense of his supreme Dominion, as he is the absolute Lord of Nature, who can over-rule the Course of Things in the material World, as seemeth fit to his infinite Wisdom, for excellent and valuable Purposes.

God's providential Government may be also considered as exercised towards the Animal Creation. As he hath furnished the several Sorts of Animals with their various Organs, Appetites, and sensitive Powers; fo he governeth them in such a Manner as is suited to the Natures he hath given them, and to the Ends and Uses for which they are designed. The wonderful Instincts, which serve as a Guide to them in many Cases, are not properly owing to any Reason or Wisdom of their own, but to the superior Wisdom and Power of him who first formed them, and still exerciseth

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à Superintendency over them. The Care of the Divine Providence towards the brutal Kinds is frequently represented in the sacred Writings. Remarkable to this Purpose is that beautiful Passage of the Psalmist : These all wait upon thee, that thou mayest give them their Meat in due Seafon. That thou giveft thein they gather ; thou openest thy Hand, they are filled with Good. Thou hideft thy Face, they are troubled; thou takejt away their Breath, they die and return to their Duft. Thou sendest

, forth thy Spirit, they are created, and thou renewest the Face of the Earth. PL. civ. 27, 28, 29, 30. Agreeable to this is the Doctrine of our blessed Saviour. Behold, faith he, the Fowls of the Air; for they fow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into Barns, yet your beavenly Feiber feedeth them. Mått. vi. 26. And he affureth us, that not one of them is fora gotten before God. Luke xii. 6. If we had à distinct View of all the various kinds of living Creatures, and the Provision that is continually made for them, what a high Idea would it give us of the immense Power, Wisdom, and Benignity of the univerfal Lord, who fo governeth the animal World, that all the Orders of sensitive Beings, even the lowest and meanest, have each of them their proper Exercises and


Gratifications filled and accommodated to their several Natures and Capacities, and are also made to contribute to the Use and Service of those of an higher Rank in the Scale of Beings. And particularly it is evident that the several Species of Animals on this our Globe are kept in a Subordination and Subserviency to Man; and that God in his over-ruling Providence maketh use of them as Instruments for executing his Purposes, whether of Mercy or Judgment, towards the human Race. When we confider these Things, how should we call upon all the Creatures that live and move around us to bless the great Lord of the Universe ! And, since the brute Animals are unable to do it of themselves, let us offer up a Tribute of Praise to God on their Account as well as on our own, and lend them our Voice and Songs ; a noble Specimen of which we have in the rapturous Strains of the devout Pfalmift in the cxlviiith Pfalm, where he calleth upon Beasts and all Cattle, creeping Things, and flying Fowl to praise the Lord.

But this leadeth me to observe, that, if the Care and Government of Divine Providence extended to the inferior brute Animals, much more to the rational and nobler Part of the Creation. God's Government


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