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On the Delight a good Man has in the

Contemplation of God and his glorious


PSALM xxxvii. 4.

Delight thyself in the Lord, and be shall give

thee the Depres of thine Heart.


F ever any Duty might be said to be it's

own Reward, it is that to which we are here exhorted, Delight tbyself in the Lord. To command us to do so is to command us to consult our own truest Happiness, and to direct us in the properest Way of obtaining it.

In our former Discourse on this Subject we considered the Delight which ariseth to a good and religious Mind from the Belief and Contemplation of God as the absolutely perfect Being, who hath an unlimited Fulness of Perfection in himfelf: And it was thewn, that this general View of the Deity tendeth to fill the Heart of a good Man with a divine Joy. Let us now proceed to a more distinct Consideration of those Attributes and Excellencies which render him the worthy Object of the highest Love, Admiration, and Delight of reasonable Beings.

And cne of the first Divine Attributes which obviously presenteth itself to the Mind is almighty Power. This vast and stupendous. Fabric of the Universe, which he at first created, and which he continually sustaineth and upholdeth, is the glorious Monument of his Omnipotency: For the invisible Things of him from the Creation of the World are clearly feen, being understood by the Things which are made, even bis eternal Power and Godhead. Rom. i.

Hence that noble Address of the Prophet, Jer. xxxii. 17. Behold, thou haft made the Heaven and the Earth by thy great Power and outstretched Arm, and thene zis nothing too hard for thee. What can be too hard for him who created the World? Once bath God spoken (faith the Pfalmist) twice bave I beard this, that Power belongeth unto God. Pf. lxii. II. To him it belongeth originally, effentially, and independently. In the most excellent and powerful of created Beings there is still some Mixture of Weakness.



There are some Things which transcend the utmost Exertion of their Force. But in God and in him alone it is truly and absolutely infinite, and which extends to whatsoever is the proper Object of Power, without any Bounds or Limits. If all the Power and Strength of Angels and Men were collected into one, what a mighty Power would this be! and yet as it is all derived from God, and dependent upon him; fo, if set in Opposition to him, or compared with the Fulness of Power which is in him, it would deserve no other Name than that of Weaknefs and Impotency. And this almighty Power of God, as it naturally tendeth to Atrike the Mind with a religious Fear and Reverence, fo it filleth the Heart of a good Man with ineffable Satisfaction and Joy. How delightful is it to consider unlimited Power ever employed for the most excellent Purposes in maintaining and preferving the good Order of the Universe, and


C 3

xvi. 9.

particularly in protecting and defending those that sincerely love him and put

their Trust in him, and in promoting their real Happiness? The Eyes of the Lord run to and fra throughout the whole Earth, to new himself strong in Behalf of those whose Heart is perfe&t (or upright) towards bim. 2 Chron.

The Righteous are often exposed to the Rage of great and powerful Adversaries, but in this they rejoice that their Help is in the Name of the omnipotent God who made Heaven and Earth, Hence the devout Pfalmift cannot forbear exulting and testifying the Joy and Confidence of his Soul in the Power of God, even amidst the greatest Dangers : The Lord is my. Light and my Salvation, whom fall I fear ? The Lord is the Strength of my Life, of wkom Mall I be afraid? Though an Hot Mould incamp against me, my Heart Shall not be afraid; though War mould arise against me, in this will I be confident. Pr. xxvii. 1, 3. We are told, that the Lord giveth Power unto the Feeble, and to them that have no Might be increaseth Strength. Isa. xl. 29. Zion, i, e. the Church, sball rejoice, because the Lord God in the Midt of her is mighty. Zeph. iii. 17.

Hence that noble Exhortation, Trust ye in the Lord for ever; for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting


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