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dom. The Apostle intimates, that note unto the Principalities and Powers in beavenly Places is made known, by or in the Church, the manifold Wisdom of God, viz. as shining forth in the admirable Work of our Redemption. Eph. iii. 10. This is a Theme fit to employ seraphic Minds. The Glory of it is not confined to the narrow Bounds of our Earth, but spreads through those boundless Realms of Light and Bliss. And should not we take a Pleafure in exerci. fing our Thoughts on that glorious Subject, which filleth the holy Angels with Wonder and Delight, and in which we are more nearly concerned than they!

How much therefore are those in the Wrong, who represent the Gospel as a mean and gloomy Scheme! It speaketh Terror indeed to the obstinately Impenitent and Disobedient, who presumptuously perfist in their vicious Courses; and, if it fpake Peace to such Persons, it would be a Itrong Proof of it's Falfhood and evil Tendency. But to penitent Sinners, who are heartily willing to forsake their evil Ways, and apply themselves in good Earnest to the Practice of Righteousness and true Holiness, it gives the highest poflible Comfort and Encouragement. It furnisheth the strongest Allurance of God's Readiness


to pardon all their Transgressions, and to receive them into his Grace and Favour. It sets their Duty before them in the most amiable and engaging Light, and promiseth them the gracious Aids of the Holy Spirit to assist their Endeavours in the Performance of it, and that God will give eternal Life as the Reward of their fincere though imperfect Obedience. In a Word, to good and upright Souls it opens all the Springs of Consolation and Joy; it difplays all the Charms of infinite Love, and presents the most glorious and transporting Subjects to our Thoughts which can enter into the human Mind. therefore be justly said, that Nothing can possibly represent God under a more amiable Idea than the Gospel of Jefus, or be better fitted to engage us to delight ourfelves in him. With what Thankfulness and Joy should we then entertain the happy Discoveries ! and pursue our Meditations till, with Hearts full of grateful Devotion, we join in that celestial Hymn of Praise, Bleffing, and Honour, and Glory, and Power, be unto him that fitteth upon the Throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and ever!

It may

On Delighting in the Laws of God.


PSALM cxix. 47.

I will delight myself in thy Commandments,

which I have loved.


Tis the great Advantage of Religion,

that it proposeth the noblest Objects to our Contemplation which can possibly be presented to the human Mind; the eternal and self-existent God, his glorious Attributes and Perfections, his wonderful Works of Creation and Providence, and the admirable Methods of our Redemption and Salvation by our Lord Jefus Christ. These Things not only tend to improve and elevate the Soul, but fur



nish a divine Satisfaction and Delight; This appears from what hath been already offered upon this Subject. But Religion doth not consist merely in the Knowledge and Contemplation of fącred Truth, but in the Practice of those Duties which are required of us in the Divine Law, And that this also is a Source of

pure and rational Delight I shall now endeavour to shew. It must be acknowledged indeed that Persons of a vicious Taste, and who are under the Power of corrupt Lufts and Appetites, are apt to look upon the Laws of God, and the Duties there required, as 'very rigorous and severe. Against these their strongest Prejudices lie. But to Minds rightly disposed, and which can form a true Judgment of Things, the Commandments of God appear not only to be just and reasonable, but, when faithfully obeyed and practised, to be delightful. too. Thé best of Men in all Ages have found them so by their own Experience, It is given as the Character of the Man who is pronounced blefjed, that his Delight is in the Law of the Lord. Pf. i. 2. and that he delighteth greatly in God's Commandments. P1. cxii. 1 How often doth the Psalm.

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