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shall be made to ou: Infirmities, as far as they are consistent with Sincerity, than that we are to be tried and judged by the most benevolent Saviour and Lover of our Natures ? Come, ye blesed of my Father, will he then say to those that loved and ferved him in Truth and with an upright Heart, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the Foundation of the World. Then shall he present the whole Church of the First-born, consisting of all the good Men that ever lived, from the Beginning of the World to the Consummation of all Things; he mall present them faultless to his heavenly Father with exceeding joy, and shall instate them in the unchangeable Possession of a complete everlasting Felicity. There shall they be associated to an' innumerable Company of Angels, with whom and with one another they shall enjoy the Pleasures of the most perfect celectial Love and Harmony, and shall be for ever bleffed with the immediate transforming Vision of the Deity. Then shall Chris deliver

his mediatorial Kingdom to the Father, the great Ends of it being obtained, and God shall be all in all. All after that shall be one uninterrupted Scene of Bliss and Glory, beyond what the Heart of Man can now conceive. Our Souls



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are lost in the boundless Prospect, fwala lowed up in facred Extasy and Joy !

Thus we have endeavoured, though in a very imperfect Manner; to trace the great Work of our Redemption by Jesus Chrift, from it's glorious Original in God's eternal Counsels, through the several intermediate Steps of it's Accomplishment; to the Confummation of it at Christ's fecond Coming. And in every peareth to be wonderful and glorious; wisely adjusted in all it's Parts, admirably directed and adapted to promote the most excellent Ends, the Glory of God, and the Happiness of Mankind. There cannot be a more sublime and finished Idea of the Mediator than is here set before us. Every Thing is to be found on him that could be supposed to enter into the Chau racter of a complete and all-sufficient Saviour. What an admirable Harmony is there in all his facred Offices! What a wonderful Fitness and Congruity in every Part of his Undertaking! So that one would be apt to think, that every real Friend and Lover of Mankind should at least with that this Scheme were true, and that there were such a Mediator and Saviour provided for us, as the Gospel representeth Jesus Christ to be. This Me'

diator is but one.

The same wonderful Person is both our divine Teacher, and our most perfect Example ; our great High Priest, who offered himself a Sacrifice for us, and our Advocate and Intercessor with the Father. He is Head over all Things to his Church, invested with an universal Authority and Dominion for our Benefit; and is the Dispenser of all spiritual and faving Blessings; and, to complete all, he shall be our final Judge, and shall then appear to be, in the fullest and most glorious Sense, the Author of eternal Salvation to all them that obey him. Thus Thall the great Work be accomplished by the fame Hand by which it was all along carried on in the Father's Name. If there were many Mediators, we might be at a Lofs, and distracted in our Thoughts which to apply to. Suspicions might arife in our Minds, that none of them were sufficient. Besides, it would tend to introduce Confusion in our Worship, and open a Way to Polytheism and Idolatry. The Heathens had a Multiplicity of IdolGods and Mediators, to whom they addressed their Worship, whilst the only living and true God was in a great Measure neglected. But the Gospel-Scheme is simple and uniform : As there is but one God, so VOL. III. L


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there is but one Mediator between God and Marto And this Mediator is of infinite Dignity, every Way sufficient to answer all the Exigencies of our Cafe, able to save to the uttermost all them that come unto God by him. The ftated Order of the Gospel-Worship is this, that, through Christ, the great appointed Mediator, we have Access by one Spirit unto the Father. In loving, obeying, and honouring the Mediator, we love, obey, and honour the Father which fent bişn, and whofe fovereign Wisdom, Grace, and Love are represented as the glorious Source of the whole Design. Far therefore from drawing off our Regards from God our heavenly Father, or intercepting that Love, Trust, Adoration, and Obedience that is moft justly due to him, (which is an Objection that hath been often urged against the Gospel-Scheme of the Mediator) it rather heighteneth our Obligations to him, our Confidence in his Grace, and our Admiration of his Goodness, in that be fa loved the World as to send his son to save and to redeem us. As in the Mediatorial Scheme all is admirably contrived for our Benefit and Comfort ; fo all is ultimately feferred to the Glory of God the Father, whole incomparable Perfections, his Wifdom, his Righteousness, and Holiness, and


especially his incomprehensible Grace and Love, here shine forth with a most ata tractive Harmony and Beauty. What an admirable Method is this of dealing with finful Creatures ! How becoming the Glory of his infinite Majesty!

It is proper to observe, on this Occafion, that the Methods of our Salvation through Jesús Christ are Things which the Angels desire to look into; as St. Peter afsufethus, i Pet. i.

1 . 12. St. Paul, having faid, that great is the Mystery of Godliness, God was manifeft in the Flesh, adds; that be was seen of AngelsTim. iii. 16. The Redeemer's Birth was celebrated with. Hymns of Joy by a whole Multitude of the beavenly Hoft. This exhibited a wonder: ful Spectacle to thofe bleffed Spirits, which could not but engage their Attention. With what. Astonishment did they behold the Son of God dwelling in human Flesbi, doing and fuffering so much on Earth for the Salvation of finful Men, offering himfelf to be the Propitiation for the Sins of the World, and afterwards afcending with his rifen Body into Heaven, and there appearing for us," as our great High Priest, in the heavenly Sanctuary, and exercising an tiniversal Sovereignty for carrying on the gracious Purposes of his Mediatorial KingL 3

dom !

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