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well pleased. And, what eminently diftin. guished him from all other Prophets and Workers of Miracles, he not only wrought the most marvellous Works in his own Person, but commissioned and inabled his Disciples to perform Works of the same Kind in his Name, and by Power derived from him. Taking all these Things together, what an astonishing and delightful Scene openeth to our View! It shewed that something was now carrying on of the highest Importance, far exceeding what the World had ever seen or known before. And the true Christian cannot review all this without Wonder and Joy.

But, Fourthly, It is farther to be confidered, that this most excellent Person, the Son of God in human Flesh, submitted, for our Sakes and in Obedience to his heavenly Father's Will, to the deepest Humiliations, the most dolorous Agonies and Passions, and even to Death itself, the cruel and ignominious Death of the Cross.. This, at firit View, instead of furnishing Matter of Rejoicing, may seem to be only fitted to produce Sorrow and Amazement. Nothing can poffibly be more affecting than the Accounts given us by the Evangelists of our Saviour's last Sufferings, which were attended with whatsoever is most

grievous grievous and shocking to Nature. Behold him in his direful Agony and bloody Sweat, bis Soul exceeding forrowful even unto Death, condemned as an Impostor and Blasphemer, his Head crowned with piercing Thorns, his Body torn with bloody Stripes, hanging on the Cross between two Thieves, treated with the greatest Ignominy and Cruelty by Men, assaulted by the Powers of Darkness, and at length put to a most painful and accursed Death : And then consider who it was that suffered all this, the Son of God incarnate, the Divine Immanuel, who had gone about doing Good to the Bodies and to the Souls of Men; and that he was delivered up to these Sufferings by the determinate Counsel and Fore-knowledge of God. Acts ii. 23. It pleased the Lord to bruise him, and to put him to Grief, as the Prophet expresseth it, Il. liii. 10, When we consider this, it is natural to inquire, what was the Cause and Design of so amazing a Transaction ? Far be it from us to think that God, who delighteth not in the Pains and Sufferings of his Creatures, took Pleasure in the grievous Sufferings of his perfectly innocent and well-beloved Son, in themselves considered! But, as it seemed fit to the Divine Wisdom, that, in order to our being par,


doned, and raised from our perishing guilty State to the Favour of God and eternal Happiness, there should be a Mediator of infinite Dignity to interpose on our Behalf; fo also that this Mediator should in our Nature and Stead submit to the most grievous Sufferings, to make us deeply sensible what our Iniquities had deferved, and to manifest God's just Displeasure against Sin, and vindicate the Authority of his Government and Laws, even in the very

Methods of our Reconciliation. Accordingly it is observed concerning Christ the Mediator, that he was wounded for our Transgresions, and bruised for our Iniquities ; the Chastisement of our Peace was upon him, and by bis Stripes we are healed. If. liii. 5. That be suffered for Sins, the Just for the Unjust

, that he might bring us unto God. 1 Pet. iii. 18. and that God made him to be Sin for us, who knew no Sin, that we might be made the Righteousness of God in him. 2 Cor.

And God's not sparing his own Son, but thus delivering him up for us all, is deservedly infifted upon, in the New Testament, as exhibiting the most admirable Display of the transcendent Greatness of his Love towards us. And at the same Time the Love of Christ, in freely giving bimself for us an Offering and a Sacrifice,


V. 2.1.

is justly celebrated as a Love that pasėti Knowledge, and which hath a Height and Depth, a Length and Breadth in it, which we cannot fully comprehend.

And not only is Christ's Suffering for us represented as a marvellous Instance and Proof of his Love to Mankind, but also of his Obedience to his heavenly Father. This is what St. Paul fignifies when he faith, that Christ became obedient unto Death, even the Death of the Cross. Phil. ii. 8. And our Saviour himself, speaking of bis laying down his Life for us, declares, that this Commandment he had received from his Father. John X. 13.

And surely, when we consider the Sufferings he endured in each amazing Circumstance, compared with the Dignity of his Person; and that he voluntarily submitted to all this, bea cause it was the Father's Will that he should do so for the Redemption and Salvation of sinful Men ; we must acknowledge that never was there fo astonishing a Self-denial, so profound a Resignation, such an absolute unreserved Submiffion and Obedience to the Will of God, as well as such a marvellous Instance of Goodness and Benevolence towards Mankind. Ву this Obedience of the Son of God in our Nature, as manifested in his last last Suf


ferings and Death, joined with the perfect Obedience of his whole holy and unspotted Life, God and his Law were most fignally honoured, which had been greatly dishonoured by Man's Disobedience. This rendered the Sacrifice he offered of a sweet-fmelling Savour, i.e. infinitely pleasing to his heavenly Father. On the Account of this his most meritorious Obedience and Sufferings on our Behalf, he is faid to be the Propitiation for our Sins; and Pardon, Peace, and Salvation are reprefented as flowing to us through his Blood. To this the Apostle refers, when he faith, We joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we have received the Atonement. His Blood is called by himself the Blood of the New Testament, or Covenant, fed for the Remificn of Sins. Matt. xxvi. 28. and, by St. Paul, the Blood of the everlasting Covenant. Hebr. xiii. 20. It was a Confideration of what he hath done and fuffered for us, pursuant to the glorious Scheme laid in the Counsets of the Divine Wisdom and Love for our Redemption, that the Covenant of Grace, in it's merciful Terms and exceeding great and precious Promises, is confirmed and established, and the glorious Blessings of it have been com


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