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Bancroft-Parkman, 1915
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A record of literary properties sold at auction in the United States.

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Side 294 - An Accurate and Interesting Account of the Hardships and Sufferings of that Band of Heroes who traversed the Wilderness in the Campaign against Quebec in 1775.
Side 313 - A | Journal | of the ] Proceedings | in The Detection of the Conspiracy | Formed by | Some White People, in Conjunction with Negro and other Slaves, | For Burning the City of New- York...
Side 703 - Treasurer of the Friendly Association for regaining and preserving Peace with the Indians by Pacific Measures.
Side 5 - An ADDRESS to the Inhabitants of Pennsylvania, by those Freemen of the City of Philadelphia who are now confined in the Mason's Lodge, by virtue of a General Warrant, signed in Council by the Vice- President of the Council of Pennsylvania.
Side 423 - Result of the Convention of Delegates holden at Ipswich, in the County of Essex, who were deputed to take into Consideration the Constitution and Form of Government proposed by the Convention of the State of Massachusetts Bay, ( Xewburyport, 1778,) pp.
Side 467 - A Bill in the Chancery of New Jersey, at the suit of John, Earl of •Stair, and others, Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey ; against Benjamin Bond and some other Persons of Elizabethtown, distinguished by the Name of the Clinker Lot Right Men.
Side 179 - Pennsylvania,'" to the Inhabitants of the British Colonies, also — A New Essay by " The Pennsylvanian Farmer " on the Constitutional Power of Great Britain over the Colonies in America, with the Resolves of the Committee for the Province of Pennsylvania, and their Instructions to their Representatives in Assembly.
Side 865 - I have the fairest chance of the public approaching my work with unbiassed and unperverted feeling : the fruit of reputation (and you know for what purposes I value it) is within my reach. It is for you, now you have been once named as publisher, and have me in your power, to blast all this, and to hold up my literary character in the eye of mankind as that of a proscribed and rejected outcast.
Side 594 - Authentic Account of the Proceedings of the Congress held at New York in 1765, on the Subject of the American Stamp Act, 1767.
Side 699 - An act to regulate the collection of the duties imposed by law on the tonnage of ships or vessels, and on goods, wares and merchandises imported into the United States.

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