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(1775). – Juin. The wooden is of old and modern books. The genealogy of the Bible. The sette of odd volumes. The books in Nuw-York. The Borghese library. Juillet. Viclor Hugo's Jourpal. Catherine de Medicis books. Gulstopapia. The Shakspeare year soil. Some technical libraries. Authors and booksellers. The finest private library in the World. The bibliographical Sociely. Seplembre. Illuminated manuscripts. Medicine in Fiction. The Shelley Centenary. Some old english metrical versions of the Psalms. Althorp and its library. Octobre. A west of England bibliography.

The Musée Plantin-Moretus M. Gladstone on books.

Illuminated manuscripts in the Market. The British Muscum in 1891.- A musical celebrily of the eleventh century. Novembre. A horticullural library. Booksellers in the teenth century. The Apocrypha and our authors. Décembre. London booksellers. Biblioincineration. Tho works of sir William Jones. The Poelicon Astronomicon. The Devil's library.


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Seplembre. R. Slout : Stale experiments in New Zealand. W Ogle : An inquiry inlo the Trustworthiness of the old bills of mortality,

MONTH Janvier. What is Theosophy ? J. Gerard : Erolution. - J. Morris : Calholic England in modern limes. — Carmen Marianum Février. The Marvels of Theosophy Sydney Smith: Was S. Aidan an anglican ? Archdekan-Cody: The parisian criminal classes. H. Browne : The construction of the Iliad. - W. C. Maude: The new law of charitable Bequesls. Mars. The recent persecution of China G Canding: The passion of S. Perpelua John Morris : Catholic England in mo lern limes (suite). Sydney Smith: The Spanish ini,uisition. Avril. H Thurosion : S. George. J. Gerard : The merhanics of evolution. W. Humphrey : The Vicar of Christ L. Cortie; Babylonian astronomy Th. Hughes : A western City and its associations. Mai. Rudolpli, eighth carl of Denbigh. Orison of the blessed Virgin Mary. – The roman decree on Cremation. W Humphrey : The Vicar of Christ in his relation to the Church of Christ. J. Stevenson : Thomas Craomer. H. Thurnsion : Tho early history of the true Cross Juin. Christian art and english art in 1892. Oxford as seen by a Frenchman. Earl of Denbigh : A cure by Cancelly. The soulli african languages. · Juillet. H. Thurnston: The Pallium – F.W. Grey: A village election in New-York Stale. A winter in Teneriffe. J. Hirst : An historical argument for indulgences. - A medical estimale of Lourdes. – P Chandlery: Origen Aoul. Sydney Smith : Anglicans on Church authority Somo recent miracles of Lourdes. | N Strassmaior : The cuneiform inscriptions reconlly discovered in Upper Egypt. F. G. Marrioll : Amalfi and its inhabitants.

A Lucas : The sevenly « Weeks » of Daniel. · M. T. Kelly : Giordano Bruno.

(New Haven. Mensuel. 27 fr.)

Janvier. F. Wbriglit : Theory of the iolerglacial submergence in England S. Tarr : Permian of Texas. -0. Farringlon : Chemical composition of Iolite. H. L. Wells : Sori's of Cæsium Trihalides.

- J. 0. Thompson : Law of elastic Lengthening. - P. E. Browning : Method for the quantitative separalion of Strontiuni from Calcium by the action of Amyl alco hol on the nitrales - C. Barus : Relation of melting point to prossuro in case of igneous roke fusion. J. M. Clarke : Discovery of Clymenia in the Fauna of the intumescens-zone of Western NewYor <. - A. E. Foole : New meteoric Iron from Garrelt (Maryland) - Février. T. C. Mendenhall : Use of a freo Pendulum as a Tiine Standard. CA. White : Bear river formation. T. W. Slanton : Straligraphic position of the Bear river for


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Janvier. B. W. Richardson : The cerebro spinal axis as a thermal centre and waler power. J. Turner : Asymmetrical Conditions met with in the faces of the insane. G. R. Wilson : The diathesis of general paralysis. — J. A. Campbell : The action of the treatment of insanity in England. A. Wool Renlon : Protection of medican men by the english Lunacy Law. - J. Carlyle Johnstono : Some noles on the uso of sulphonal as a sedative and hypnolic. Avril. D. E. Jacobson : The relationship between general paralysis of the insane and syphilis. – A. Mac Donald : Genius and insanity. - C. Norman : A nole on cocainism. Th. Ewart : Epileptic colonies.

- Fr. Necdham: A visit to some foreign Asylums. – J. Bullen : The clinical history of two cases of a laxic paraplegia. Juillet. Hack Tuke : Retrospective G ance at the early history of the retreal. G. H. Savage : Influenza and neurosis.J. A. Campbell : Public asylum Diclaries. - C.F. Beadles : Gall-stones in the insane. Edw. Goodall : Nole upon Lamaloma of the dura mater. – Octobre. G. M. Robertson : Hypnolism al Paris and Nancy. - J. Nolan : Is katalonia a special form of mental disorder ? Dutch and american psychological relrospect.

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malion. - C. R. Van Aise : Iron ores of the Marquette district of Michigan. – A. Winslow : Illustration of the flexibility of Limestone. – R. B. Riggs : Separation of Iron, Manganose and Calcium by the acelate and bromine Methods. – R. S. Tarr : Central Massacbuselts Moraine. B. K. Emerson : Proofs that the Holyoke and Deerfield Trap Sheels are contemporaneous Flows. Mars. I. C. Russell : Mount S. Elias and its Glaciers. A. M. Edwards : Hudson River fiord. F. A. Genth : Contributions to mineralogy. F. W. Clarke : A. Tschermak's theory of the Chlorile groupe and its allernative. — W. Upham : Recent fossils near Boston.F. B. Taylor : The highest old shore line on Mackinac Island. - C. E. Linebarger : Nature of colloid solutious. - R. Pumpelly : Observations upon the structural relations of the Upper Huronian, Lower Huronian and basement complex of the North Shore of Lake Huron. - J. Trowbridge : A phasemeler. T, W. Harris : Mount Bob, mount Ida, or Skane Hill. 0. C. Marsh : Discovery of cretaceous mammalia. - Avril. I. Pupin : Action of vacuum discharge Streamers upon each other, F. D. Adams : Melilile-bearing Rock alnoile from Ste-Anne de Bellevue (Canada). G. P. Merrill : Azure-blue pyroxenic Rock from the middle Gila (New Mexico). — F. Leverelt : Correlation of moraines with raised beaches of lake Erié. F. J. Rogers : Magnesium as a source of Light. P E. Browning : Method for the quantitalive separation of Barium from Calcium. - N Dale : Plicated Cleavage-foliation, AC. Selwin : Geological age of the Saganaga Syepite. C. H. Smyth : Third occurrence of peridotite in Central New-York. - W. S. BayJey : Fulgurile from Walerwille. — G. F. Kunz : Mineralogical notes on Brookite, octahedrite, quartz and ruby. Mai. C. C. Hutchins : Radiation of almospheric air. - C. Abbe : Almospheric radiation of Heal and its importance in meleorology.F. W. Clarke : Experiments upon the Constitution of certain Micas and Chloriles. — E. W. Hilgard : The age and origin of the Lafayelle formation. - C. L. Reese : Influence of swamp walers in the formation of the phosphate nodules of South Carolina W. S. Yeates : Plalinerile, and its occurrence near Mullan (Idaho). W. Dodge : Upper silurian Strata near Penobscot Bay. - W. F. Aillebrand : Zinc-bearing spring walers from Missouri. - W. G. Owens : A meteorite from Pennsylvania. G. F. Kups : Two meteoric irons. C. E LiDebarger : The molecular masses of dextrine and gum arabic as determined by their os polic pressures.

0. C. Marsb ; Notice of new repliles from the laramie formation - Juin. J. D. Dana : Subdivi

Electrical discharges through poor Vacua.

H. L. Wheeler : Rubidium and Potassium trihalides. C. H. Smyth : Clinton iron ore. - L. A. Bauer : Wilde's explication of the secular variation phenomenon of terrestrial magnetism. W. H. Melville : Josephinite, a new nickel-iron.

W. S. Bayley : Fibrons in tergrowih of Angite and Plagioclase in a Minnesota Gabbro - F. W. Mar : Method from the determination of barium in the presence of calcium and magnesium. - C. c. Hulchins : Note of the absorption of radiant boat by alum. — C. Lea : Disruption of the silver haloid molecule by mechanical force. - 0. C. Marsh : Notes on triassic Dinosauria. Juillet. C. Barus : The change of heat conductivity on passing isothermally from solid to liquid. - S. H. Pearce : Polybasite and lendautine from the Mollie Gibson mine in Aspen. W. Cross : Post-laramie deposits of Colorado. H. L. Wheeler : Alkali-metal Pentabalidos. H. N. Darton : Fossils in the archæan rocks of central Piedmont Virginia. C. D. Walcott : Notes on the cambrian rocks of Virginia and le soul. hern Appalachians. ---C. Ludeking : SynThesis of the minerals crocoite and picnicocbroile. R. S. Tarr : A hint with respect to the origin of terraces in glaciated regions. — E. Orton : Occurrence of a quarlz Bowlder in the sharon Coal of Northeastern Ohio. - J. Whitmore : A method of increasing the range of the capillary electromeler. Aoul. C. E. Linebarger : Relations between the surface tensions of liquids and their chemical constitution. W. Lindgren : Gold de. posit al Pine Hill (California) — L. G. Eakins : New occurreuce of Piilolite and Mordeoite. - J. F. Kemp : Great shearzobe near avalanche lake in the Adicondacks. H. L. Wells : Herderite from Hebron (Maine). - F. A. Gooch : Method for the iodometric determination of nitrates.

H. L. Wheeler : Some alkaline iodates.

C. E. Beecher : Development of the Brachiopoda. - H. L. Wheeler : Cæsium and rubidium chloraurates, and bromaurales. · H. L. Prenton : Preliminary note of a pew meteorite from Kenion counly. J. D. Dana : Additional observations on The Jura-Irias trap of the New-Haven re gion.-0.C. Marsh: Notes on mesozoic verle brale fossils. — Seplembre. W. J. Mac Gee : The gulf of Mexico as a maasure of Isoslacy.

- E. S. Ferry : Persistence of vision. S. E. Bishop : Kilanea in april 1892. C. S. Prosser : The devonian system of Eastern Pennsylvania. - H. L. Wells : cæsium-mercuric halides. - A. E Barlow : Relations of the Laurentian and Hu. ropian on the North side of lake Huron. - F. A. Gooch : Somo convenient forms of laboralory apparatus. - C. Dea : Estimation and dehydration of silver oxide.

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lem. - C. L. Whiltle : An ollrelite-bearing phase of a metamorphic conglomerate in the Green Mountains. - E. L. Nichols :

Age- coating in incandescout lamps. J. S. Diller : Mica-peridolile from Kentucky - D. F. Lincoln : Glacialion in the Finger-lako region of NewYork. - F. A. Gooch : Certain points in the interaction of potassium permanganate and sulphuric acid. S. L. Penfield : Cristallography of the cæsium-mercuric halides. C. Lea : Silver hemisulphale. 0. C. Marsh : Restoration of mastodon americanus. Novembre. G. F. Wright : Unity of the glacial epoch. C. B. Thwing: A photographic method of mapping the magnetic field F. A. Genth : Contribulions to mineralogy. - F. Bedell : The effects of self-induction and distribuled static capacity in a conductor. - J. Phinnes : The quantitative determination of rubidium by the spectroscope. H. L. Preston : Notes on the Farmington meTeorite. H. Wood : Nole on the cretaceous of Northwestern Monlana. - R. T. Hill : The Deep Arlesiau Boring at Galveston (Texas). - C. E. Beecher : Notice of a new lower Oris'any Fauna in Columbia county. - E. Howell : Description of the Mouni Joy meteorite. — C. E. Linebarger : Influence of the concentration of the loas on the intensily of color of solutions of Salts in waler.

CATHOLIC WORLD Juin, C. A. Walworth : Reminiscences of Edgar P. Wadhams. Alf. Young : The closing Scene. W. Elliott : The longing for God and its Fulfilment. L. Sandrock : Diversing Streams. Fr. Johnston : Why I became a Catholic. F. Lavelle: Leo XII. - H. C. Kent: The third archbishop of Westminster. App: Morgan : The (Doubtful » or pseudoshakespearean Plays. A. M. Clarke: A mother's sacrifice. A. F. Hewit : American catholics and the roman question. Juillel. D. Manley : The catholic Church and the Indians. D. Spillane : Somo thoughts upon Irish ministrels and minstrelsy. - J. A. Mooney : The ca!holie Summer-School, E. B. Brady : Christian aplhropology. M. Sheedy: Suggestions for the Coming lotal. Abstinence convention. J. Alexander : Johannes Janssen. J. L. Spalding : The catholic educational Exhibit in the Columbian exposition. Aout. Th. O'Gorman : The Shepherden of Domremy. — C. W. Currier: Columbus and La Rabida. Perez Villamil: The Jews in Suain during the middle ages. E. Stamforth : The story of a diamond Ornament. Loyola Le Baron : The myslical Rose. W. Selon : The latest work of science on venomous Snakes. – J. Lewis : Are we worthy or oun inheritance ? - M. T. Elder : The wath of mother nature. J. Malone: A

calholic view of Shakspere. Aubrey de Vere : Legends of the Cid. Seplembre. G. Mac Dermot : Home Rule or Egotism ?

Th. Mac Millan : Catholic school syslem of Great Britain. Th. O'Gorman : The maid of Orleans. - H. Abraham : The malchbox-makers of East London. Ch. E. Hodson : Toluca. G. O'Neill : The death of Björn. Perez Villamil: Expulsion of the Jews from Spain in the fifteeath century. - G. M. Searle: Is there a Companion Wordl to our own ? W. Wilberforce : A martyr to Truth-Telling. F. G. Leniz: The conversion of the American people. L. B. Biasse : Financial relalions of the french clergy lo the State. · Oclobre. J. L. Spalding : Columbus. – J. R. Slattery : How shall the Negro be educated ? – J. Buckham : The cry of humanity. L. A. Dulto: Las Casas' narrative of the voyage of discovery. C. Reid: The Land of the Sun.

Th. Hughes : The Jesuit « Ratio studiorum » in popular Literatur. C. A. Walworth: Reminiscences of Edgar P. Wadhams. - Th. Mac Millan: The Indian of the future. Novembre. Fr. Egan: Of Tennyson. D. Gresham: A mountain village of the Southland. M. Sheedy: The future of the Summer-School. V. Uffinglon : Love's quiolude. – V. O'Connor : The elocution of the Pulpit. Th. O'Gorman : Joan of Arc, the martyr of Rouen. G. M. Searle : Evolution and Darwinism. Aubrey de Vere: Legends of the Cid (suite). J. Rooney : The dead laureate Liveth.

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DE GÉOGRAPHIE (Bruxelles. Bimestriel. - 15 fr.) Septembre. Van Wervele : Le cours de l'Escaut et de la Lys-Durme au moyen åge. Alb. du Bois : Aperçu relatif à l'institution des postes.

F. Levieux : Quelques considérations sur les centres de civilisation. --- Alf. Haron : Une excursion en Campine (suite).

PRÉCIS HISTORIQUES (Bruxelles. Mensuel.

7 fr.) Décembre. V. Baesten : Les Jésuites au Congo (1548-1759). Les anciennes missions de la Californie depuis 1683 (in). La mission belge du Bengale.


- 15 fr.) Janvier. Ern. Babelon : Numismatique d'Édesse en Mésopotamie (suite). – A. do Witle : Une monnaie belge de convention du commencement du XIe siècle. Th. M. Roest : Essai de classification des monnaies du comté, puis duché de Gueldre (suite). C. F. Trachsel : Philibert II duc de Savoie (1497-1504); liste monographique de ses monnaies et de ses médailles.


- Edm. Vander Straeten : La MailloaudeDardaise. - Préd. Alvin : Léopold Wiener, graveur en médailles, et son cuvre (suite).

REVUE BÉNÉDICTINE (Maredsous. Mensuel. 6 fr.) Décembre. La prédestination, d'après saint Augustin et saint Thomas. Les chapitres généraux de l'ordre de SaintBenoil du XII° au XV° siècle. Saint Victor III. Une nouvelle défense de Gersen.

REVUE DE BELGIQUE (Bruxelles. Mensuel, 15 fr.) Décembre. Félix Belly et le percement de l'isthme de Panama.- H. Schuermans: Un oncle de Brantôme. Alb. du Bois : La Belgique pendant la guerre francoallemande (1870-1871). L. Navez : De la condition des ouvriers dans ses rapports avec le droit de suffrage.

REVUE GÉNÉRALE (Bruxelles. – Mensuel.

15 fr.) Décembre. CGrandin : Au Dahomey, le fétichisnie et la guerre.

- G. Destrée : Trois poèmes d'Alfred Tennyson. L. Belmont : E. Lavisse et l'Académie française. Ch. Buet : La marquise de Blocqueville. Max, de Bousies : Souvenirs de Corse. – J. G. Freson : Les confréries de maitres-chanlours au xvi° siècle.

Ed. Vander Smissen : Le premier congrès de la ligue démocratique bolge. REVUE UNIVERSELLE DES MINES ET DE LA

MÉTALLURGJE (Liège. Mensuel. 38 fr.) Novembre. Mativa et Em, Desvachez : Les ventilaleurs de mines. — F. Jottrand : La prévention des accidents du travail dans les usines et les manufactures. Statistique de l'industrie minérale en Suède.

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La giurisdizione amministrativa di annullamento della sua nalura o nello suo relazioni colla giurisdizione ordinaria e con quelle amministrative speciali. – No 1-3. Coviello : La superficie. Bertolini : 11 consiglio di Stato in Francia. Siolto : Circa le origini ed il successivo svolgersi della facoltà di testaro presso il popolo romano. Simoncelli : La sublocazione e la cessione dell' amito. No 4-5. Longo : L'azione contro il ficlus possessor nel diritto civile romano ed ilaliano. Gemma : La condizione giuridica dello straniero nel passato e nel presente. Castori : Rivista di giurisprudenza penale. ARCHIVIO PER LO STUDIO DELLE TRADIZIONI

POPOLARI (Palermo. Trimestriel. 18 fr.) Avril-juin. G. Pilré : Due favolette od una facezia del popolo genovese.

G. Giannini : Canti popolari padovani. S. Salomone-Marino : La rivoluzione siciliana del 1848-49 nei canti popolari. G. Ferraro : Folklore dell'agricoltura (fin). C. Merkel : Religione e superstiziono nel secolo XVII; dal carteggio di Adelaide Enrichetta di Savoia, elettrice di Baviera. G. Curcio : Canli popolari religiosi in Sicilia. - L. de Pasquale : Meleorologia, medicina e superstizione popolari in Calabria. T. Guidotti : Collecziun da proverbis rhaelo romanschs. S. Pralo : Le dodici parole della verità ; saggio critico.

ARCHIVIO STORICO ITALIANO (Firenze. Trimostriel. – 24 fr.) N° 3. F. Savini : Se il Castrum Aprutiense delle lettere di S. Gregorio Magno fu l'odierna Teramo e se la voce Aprulium servi nel primitivo Medio Evo a denominare la città di Teramo, ovvero solo il suo territorio. - L. Slaffelli : Carlo V a spira nel 1544 ; da documenti contemporanei. G. Rondoni: Un cronista popolano dei lempi della dominazione franceze in Toscana. A. Virgili : Dei Ballezza tói Baltezzatórii negli antichi fonti ballesimali. -- A. Alfani : La società colombaria di Firenze nell' anno accademico 1891-92.

C. Carnesecchi : Madonna Caterina degli Alberti Corsini.

ARCHIVIO STORICO LOMBARDO (Milano. Trimestriel. 25 fr.) N° 3. L. A. Ferrai : Gli annali di Dazi. e i Palarini. G. Romano : Delle relazione tra Pavia e Milano nella formazione della signoria Visconlea. Z. Volta : Del collegio universitario Marliani in Pavia.

C. Vigoati : Francesco de Lemene e il suo epistolario inodilo (io). D. Sant' Ambrogio : Colonna votica con tabernacoletto già posta daranti alla chiesa di Sant' Antonio. G. Pagani : Notizie storiche sulla località della Canobiana. L. Beltrami : I prolocolli originali della Reg

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15 fr.) Janvier-juin. V. Joppi : Documenti goriziano del secolo xv (suite). — C. Gregorulli : L'anlico Timavo e le vie Gemine o Postumia (fin). - G. Caprin : I dissidi tra i figli di Raimondo VI della Torre. D. Rossetti : Delle saline di Trieste, storia o legislazione (suite). G. Vassilich: L'ultimo dei Frangipani, conte di Voglia.

· L. Morleani : Storia di Montona con documenti. - E. Pavadi : Documenti risguardante l'ordine de' Cappuccini in Trieste. · A. Puschi : Scoperte archeologiche.


24 fr.) No 6. Berlolini : Il consiglio privalo inglese. – Longo : Le odierne difficoltà

anni 1814 e 1815. – A. Garovaglio : Il sepolcreto di Casa Ponti a Bruzzano mila


libertà d'insegnamento e di studio nelle Università.-L. Luzzalti : Il primo decreto sulla libertà di coscienza.- A. C. Cecchi : Al Giuba. L. Cisolti : L'educazione fisica nazionale e la preparazione alla guerra. R. de Zerbi : L'ammiraglio Saint-Bon. 16. G. Celoria : Il pianeta « Marte. 1- E. Nencioni : Nuovi romanzi. -G. Ricca-Salerno: Il servizio di lesoreria e le banche.-R. Mariano: Arle e religione.

R. Bonghi . Le leggi inglesi contro la corruzione elellorale,

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RASSEGNA NAZIONALE (Firenze. Bimensuel. 30 fr.) 16 novembre. G. Cassani: Sull'origine e le vicende del poter temporale dei Papi (suite) - P. Manassei : Del credilo agrario è della sua atluazione nell' Umbria. G. Rocchi: Revisione dello staluto ? P. Minucci del Rosso : Il verismo, il naturalismo e la sensualità nell'odierno leatro drammalico, – G. Morando: Di un nuovo libro filosofico sulla libertà (fin). A. Rossi : L'Italia alla conferenza internazionale monetaria di Brusselle.- 1er décembre. P. Prada : Vincenzo De Vit. - P. Serafino : Due escursioni nei dintorni d' Assiut, P. Covoni : Cronachette storiche sugli ullimi due anni del secolo passato in Firenze. A. Conli : Rileggendo il Petrarca 16. I. Ferraris : Il senato in Italia. L. Anzolelti : In casa di Cesare Cantù. — Dieci anni prigionieri nel campo del Mahdi. T. Carlelli : Dollrine filosofiche religiose sociali del conte Leone Tolstoï. Occorrono rimedi radicali.


DIPLOMATICO (hari. Mensuel. 20 fr.) Aoul. G. de Crollalapza : L'art héraldique : Types, silhouettes et crayons. G. Mini : L'arma municipale di Castrocaro e Terra del Sole. — F. Cerelli : Una lettera di Giulia consorte di Ellore Pico a Pietro Aretino. Septembre. G. di Crollalanza : Glossario araldico- elimologico. G. Mini: Tredozio e la sua arma municipale. - X. Barbier de Mon lault : Les armoiries de la maison du Chilleau. F. Carreri : Tables genéalogiques des Spilimberg et Solimberg, com les palatins et chevaliers. - Marques de fabrique sur des faïences. - Octobre. E Porlal : Sulle famiglie siciliano d' origino francese. X. Barbier de Monlault: Les armoiries épiscopales en Angleterre. Th. Schen : Liste des familles nobles d'origine italienne qui ont trouvé une secondo patrie en Allemagne (suite). — Novembre. M. Tripet : Les armoiries de la maison de Challant el de la famille Challandes. G. Rossi : Le famiglie dei Magnifici della cillà di Venezia.

- G. di Crollalaoza : Le origine celesti dello stemma sabaudo.

GIORNALE LIGUSTICO (Genes. Bimestriel. 10 fr.) Septembre-oclubre A. Badini Confalonieri : Notizie biografiche di Demetrio Calcondila (fin). — E. Berlana : Un socialista del cinquecento; appunti sulla vita e sugli scritti d'Anton-Francesco Doni. G. Bertoletto : Spicilegio genoveso. G. Ferraro : 11 milo solare di Giove Pistore a Canossa. C. Sforza : Amarilli Etrusca o il romanticismo. GIORNALE STORICO DELLA LETTERATURA

ITALIANA (Turin. Bimestriel. 33 fr.) N° 3. P. Bologua: La stamperia fiorenlina del monastero di S. Jacopo di Ripoli e le sue edizioni; studio storico e bibliografico. — E. Percopo : Laudi e devozioni della città di Aquila. S. Ferrari : Di alcune imitazioni e rifioriture delle « Anacreonlee » in Italia nel secolo xvi.

NUOVA ANTOLOGIA (Roma. Bimensuel.

46 fr.) 16 novembre. L. Luzzalti : Le classi dirigenti e gli operai in Inghilterra. M. Scherillo : Ammiratori ed imilatori dello Shakespeare prima del Manzoni. L. Palma: L'ideale e il reale nella politica. - T. Casini : Terenzio Mamiani in esilio, da documenti inediti.- La politica doganale e i tratlati di commercio nel 1892. fer décembre. R. Bonghi : La Chiesa e l'Italia. C. Canloni : Sulla


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26 fr.) Octobre. C. Rosati : La contabilità delle opere pie al congresso nazionale dei ragioneri in Genova. L' inaugurazione del nuovo edificio dell'Istiluto di Ciechi in Milano. Dell'origine e vicende dell' ospizio di beneficenza della provincia di Palermo. Sulla istiluzione urgente in Ilalia di una grande società protettrice della prima infanzia. Notizie statistiche sulle fondazioni di beneficenza in Francia. STUDI E DOCUMENTI DI STORIA E DIRITTO

(Roma. Trimestriel. 22 fr. Octobre. H. Grisar: Le lombe apostoliche di Roma ; studi di archeologia e di storia.

G. Cozza-Luzi: Orestis patriarchæ Hierosolymitani, vita et conversalio SS. Christophori et Macarii. E. Celani: Lo statuto del comune di Montelibrelti.

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