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Prophylactic, Antiseptic, Disinfectant,


Non-Toxic, Non-Irritant, Non-Escharotic.

These properties added to the absolute safety of Listerine, its agreeable character and uniform strength, concentrate into this preparation every requisite of a perfect Prophylactic, and give it undoubted superiority over all other Antiseptics, especially for internal use."

FORMULA.-LISTERINE is the essential Antiseptic constituent of Thyme, Eucalyptus, Baptisia, Gaetheria and Mentha Arvensis in combination. Each fluid drachm also contains two grains of refined and purified Benzo-Boracic Acid. DOSE.-One teaspoonful three or more times a day (as indicated). As a local application to ulcers, wounds and abscesses, or as a gargle, mouth-wash, inhalant or injection, it can be used ad libitum diluted as desired.

The universal commendation of LISTERINE by Physicians and Scientists of all School, throughout the United States, after five years' thorough Clinical Experience, has fully established its value in PHTHISIS, DYSPEPSIA, DIPHTHERIA, CATARRH, DYSENTERY, SCARLATINA, SMALL-POX, ERYSIPELAS, TYPHOID and other FEVERS and as the most grateful and pleasant disinfectant and prophylactic for VAGINAL INJECTIONS in OBSTETRICS, LEUCORRHŒÂ, GONORRHEA, and, notably, for the hands, in Surgical and Gynaecological Operations.

The anti-fermentative and anti-parasitic elements of LISTERINE, and its therapeutic record in Dysen. tery and Cholera Morbus, indicates it as an invaluable remedy, both for the internal and external treatment, and prophylaxis of all forms of CHOLERA.

Particular attention is directed to its service in PULMONARY CONSUMPTION, taken internally, in teaspoonful doses, it controls fermentative eructations, and to disinfect the Mouth, Throat and Stomach. Its peculiar adaptability to the treatment of ORAL DISEASES, in Medical and Dental Practice, is set forth in a special pamphlet on that subject to be obtained gratis on application, together with Valuable Clinical Notes and Reprints by Eminent Surgical and Medical Authors.

Kindey Alterative and Anti-Lithic Remedy

Lithiated Hydrangea


FORMULA -Each fluid drachm of "Lithiated Hydrangea" represents thirty grs. of Fresh Hydrangea, and three grs. of CHEMICALLY PURE Benzo-Salicylate of Lithia. Prepared by our improved process of osmosis it is INVARIABLY of DEFINITE and UNIFORM therapeutic strength, and hence can be depended upon in clinical practice.

DOSE.-One or two teaspoonfuls four times a day.

HYDRANGEA has been used with great satisfaction in calculous complaints and abnormal conditions of the kidneys, and reports have been published by Drs. Atlee, Horsley, Monkur, Butler and others, all confirming its value in Kidney and Bladder diseases. As the utility of LITHIA in Kidney diseases and in the uric acid diathesis is well known to the profession, the advantages of Hydrangea and Lithia combined in a form acceptable to the stomach must be apparent to every intelligent physician, and, therefore, he is at once prepared to recognize the value of LITHIATED HYDRANGEA in URINARY CALCULUS, GOUT, RHEUMATISM, BRIGHT'S DISEASE, DIABETES, CYSTITIS, HAEMATURIA, ALBUMINURIA, VESICAL IRRITATION

and all diseases in which a Kidney alterative or an anti-lithic remedy is indicated.

Hundreds of Reports received since the announcement of this Formula sustain these claims, and will be forwarded gratis, upon request. A sample Bottle furnished if "Medical Times" is mentioned.


New Office and Laboratory,


116 Olive Street, ST. LOUIS.

Is the only preparation of PURE NORWEGIAN COD LIVER OIL combined with the Hypophosphites that is



Peptonized Cod Liver Oil......85 Min.


Oleic Hypophosphites..........5 Grs.
2 Grs.
25 Min. Sodium Hyocholate........

.% Grs.

OLEO CHYLE is NOT AN EMULSION, but 28 Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, perfectly digested with both Pepsin and Pancreatine, it is therefore immediately assimilated by the most delicate stomachs, and is in the only condition in which oil can be conveyed by the lacteals into the system to form blood-corpuscles. It is, therefore, of inestimable value in CONSUMPTION and all WASTING DISEASES. The fact of its being already digested with both PEPSIN and PANCREATINE obviates all nausea and unpleasant eructations, and renders it, when administered to delicate patients, equal in nutritive value to more than ten times it weight of Cod Liver Oil in any other form.

OLEO CHYLE is manufactured solely from PURE LAFOTEN COD LIVER OIL, which is by far the richest in Iodine and all Fat-producing and Life-sustaining qualities, as well as the most pleasant to the taste.

Physicians desiring to test its merits will please apply for sample, which will be furnished free of all expense.


Manufacturing Chemists,

39 Darclay E., and 4 Park Place, N. Y.




A Comprehensive Treatise on the Principles and
Practice of Preventive Medicines, from
an American Standpoint.



Professor of Hygiene, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore; Member of the
American Public Health Association, Etc.

324 PAGES, CLOTH, PRICE $3.00.

The work is divided into twenty-two chapters, treating in a systematic manner of Air, Water Food, Soil, Removal of Sewage, C nstruction of Habitations, Hospitals and Schools, Industrial, Military, Camp, Marine and Prison Hygiena, Exercise and Training. Baths and Bathing, Clothing, Disposal of the Dead, the Germ Theory of Diseases, Contagion and Infection, History of Epidemic Diseases, Antiseptics and Disinfectants, Quarantine and Vital Statistics.

If your Bookseller has not the Book on hand, send Postal Note for
the above amount with your order to

N. E. Cor. Green and Mulberry Sts.,


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