Ideas and Adventures, 1200 to 1700

BookPros, LLC, 2007 - 403 sider
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With her refreshing new book, [i]Ideas and Adventures 1200 to 1700[/i], covering five centuries of world history, Sonia (Sunny) Seherr-Thoss adds time traveler to her already extensively published world travel reportage. It is a fascinating narrative of world history, accessible to the general reader. Her book reads like a conversation with someone who has camped out in the thirteenth century, transported gold by camel caravan, and returned to relate her adventures. She leaves to others the chronicling of rulers and reigns, the carnage of battles, and the cataloging of maps and dates. Her vision of history is a retrospective on civilization, and an exploration of our multicultural heritage. Mrs. Seherr-Thoss notably includes in her history civilizations which are not typical Western Civ fare. The book takes a multi-disciplinary and multicultural approach to world history, in language which encourages cover-to-cover reading.

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Om forfatteren (2007)

After majoring in economics at Columbia University, Sonia Seherr-Thoss gained twenty years of farming experience, and pioneered cultural photography. She was a Paul Harris Fellow. She passed away in 2006.

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