Western Scenes and Reminiscences: Together with Thrilling Legends and Traditions of the Red Men of the Forest. To which is Added Several Narratives of Adventures Among the Indians

Derby & Miller, 1853 - 495 sider

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Side 224 - Within the paths of righteousness, ev'n for his own name's sake. *Yea, though I walk in death's dark vale, yet will I fear none ill: For thou art with me; and thy rod and staff me comfort still.
Side 413 - Through an aperture, which afforded me a view of the area of the fort, I beheld, in shapes the foulest and most terrible, the ferocious triumphs of barbarian conquerors. The dead were scalped and mangled; the dying were writhing and shrieking under the unsatiated knife and tomahawk; and from the bodies of some, ripped open, their butchers were drinking the blood, scooped up in the hollow of joined hands, and quaffed amid shouts of rage and victory.
Side 413 - Langlade, my next neighbor, there was only a low fence, over which I easily climbed. At my entrance I found the whole family at the windows, gazing at the scene of blood before them. I addressed myself immediately to M. Langlade, begging that he would put me into some place of safety, until the heat of the affair should be over ; an act of charity by which he might perhaps preserve me from the general massacre ; but while I uttered my petition, M. Langlade, who. had looked for a moment at me, turned...
Side 412 - Two posts are planted in the ground at a considerable distance from each other, as a mile or more. Each party has its post, and the game consists in throwing the ball up to the post of the adversary. The ball, at the beginning, is placed in the middle of the course and each party endeavors as well to throw the ball out of the direction of its own post as into that of the adversary's.
Side 414 - ... in which I was, must have contributed. In a word, after taking several turns in the room, during which they told M. Langlade how many they had killed, and how many scalps they had taken, they returned down stairs, and I, with sensations not to be expressed, heard the door, which was the barrier between me and my fate, locked for the second time.
Side 223 - The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want. He makes me down to lie In pastures green: he leadeth me the quiet waters by.
Side 346 - ... that Addison was first seduced to excess by the manumission which he obtained from the servile timidity of his sober hours. He that feels oppression from the presence of those to whom he knows himself superior will desire to set loose his powers of conversation ; and who that ever asked succours from Bacchus was able to preserve himself from being enslaved by his auxiliary...
Side 226 - Firefly, firefly, bright little thing, Light me to bed, and my song I will sing; Give me your light, as you fly o'er my head, That I may merrily go to my bed. Give me your light o'er the grass as you creep, That I may joyfully go to my sleep. " Come, little firefly ! Come, little beast ! Come, and I'll make you to-morrow a feast. Come, little candle, that flies as I sing, Bright little fairy bug, — night's little king ; Come, and I'll dance as you guide me along, Come, and I'll pay you, firefly,...
Side 422 - ... who had the command in this enterprise, gave me your promise that you would protect my friend, delivering him from all danger, and giving him safely to me. " The performance of this promise I now claim. I come not with empty hands to ask it. You...
Side 426 - ... was ; but, when daylight visited my chamber, I discovered, with some feelings of horror, that I was lying on nothing less than a heap of human bones and skulls, which covered all the floor ! The day passed without the return of Wawatam, and without food.

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