Your Perfect Father: Learning from the Best

Your Perfect Father, 2008 - 262 sider
Do you know you have a perfect father? Your Perfect Father, Learning from the Best introduces this perfect parent through spiritual lessons taught by giant cartoon characters, burnt meals, missing socks, and plumber angels. Author Jayne Wilks will draw you into her wacky world where God talks to a busy mom through the antics of her husband, kids, and even Buddy the Beagle. Using the events of daily life, Wilks offers her personal testimony of deliverance, sprinkled with lessons pertinent to every believer's walk. Your Perfect Father will speak to you louder than your pastor's sermons as you're ministered to through real-life experiences that truly hit home. Learn how this perfect Father wants to orchestrate your heart and life just as perfectly as he directs the waves of the sea, the seasons of the year, and all that is beautiful!

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which an angel gives a man who has no idea of how much good he Giant Cartoon Characters 27
Brontosaurus Dirt Tracks 100
The Dog Chronicles 113
Theres a Hairbrush in the Refrigerator 134
Plumber Angels 154
Smiley Face on a Stick 188
Index Cards and Burnt Spaghetti Sauce 208
Not More Grade Problems 224

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