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Executed by JOHN JACKSON, Esq. and his brother,


Ye Finny Tribes, by Nature gay,
That sport beneath the noontide ray,
Live yel as erst (in Memory's eye)
When love was young, and hope was high :
Renew, in thought, each sylvan scene,
On which my MARY smiled serene, —
Whom but to think I once possest
Makes yet the sunshine of my breast.

J. M.

Jan. 2d, 1843.


1. View from Lea Bridge,* drawn by T. CRESWICK,

in the Title.

A.R. A.,

* The views on the River Dove accompanying Part II. were most kindly placed at my disposal by my friend John L. ANDERDON, Esq. Being the result of several journeys made in the very spirit of Pilgrimage to those romantic spots, they form a very interesting illustration. I have also induced T. CRESWICK, Esq. to make repeated visits to the LEA, in order that this edition may boast a full display of the actual scenery of both parts of this tranquillizing book.



2. Portraits of DONNE, WOTTON, HOOKER, HERBERT and

SANDERSON, whose lives were written by WALTON,

drawn by J. W. ARCHER 3. Autograph of CHARLES COTTON 4. IZAAK WALTON

xxi 5 Seal-ring a memorial-bequest from Sir H. Davy to his friend, W. H. Pepes, Esq.

xli 6. Additional Autograph of WALTON, and engraving of a seal given to him by Dr. DONNE

xlviii 7. Old houses in Fleet-street, including the residence of WALTON

li 8. View of Madeley Manor, drawn by J. W. ARCHER .

lvi 9. The Angler's Study, drawn by K. MEADOWS, Esq. Ix 10. View of Ware on the River Lea, drawn by T. CRES

WICK, A. R. A. 11. Initial letter to Chapter I. alluding to its contents of 1

Angling, Hunting, and Hawking, drawn by J. W.

ARCHER. 12. Montaigne playing with his cat, drawn by K. MEADOWS, Esq. .

5 13. Portrait of Elias ASHMOLE, Esq.


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These portraits of eminent men of wisdom, learning and experience,” many of them personal friends of the author, were drawn on the blocks from the best authorities, by J. W. ARCHER.



14. Portrait of DEAN NOWELL, who “spent a tenth part

of his time in Angling” 15. View of Amwell Hill and Bridge over the New River,

near Ware, drawn by T. CRESWICK, A.R.A. .
16. The OTTER, drawn from the life at the Zoological

Gardens (with permission), by J. W. ARCHER, Esq.
The animal was in the act of devouring a fish at the


17. The Chub, from an original painting by W. Smith .


These fish, with a few exceptions, are drawn on the blocks by ALEXANDER FUSSELL, from the originals, painted by A. COOPER, Esq., R.A., and W. SMITH, Esq, expressly for this work, and now in the possession of my friend W. YARRELL, Esq.

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18. Portrait of W. CAMDEN, Esq., from “Morgan's Sphere of Gentry"

57 19. View of Broxbourn, on the River Lea, by T. CRESWICK, A.R.A.

65 20. SKEGGER Trout, from an original painting by W. SMITH

67 21. Portrait of SIR WALTER RALEIGH

82 22. The Trout, from an original painting by A. COOPER, R.A. .

83 23. A Gipsy camp, drawn by K. MEADOWS, Esq.

130 24. The GRAYLING, from an original painting by W. SMITH 132 25. Portrait of ULYSSES ALDROVANDUS

133 26. The SALMON, from an original painting, by A. CooR.A.

138 27. View of Waltham Abbey, by T. CRESWICK, A.R.A. 142 28. The Pike, from an original painting by A. Cooper, R.A.

149 29. Portrait of LORD BACON

157 30. The CARP, from an original painting, by Geo. LANCE,

Esq., in the possession of W. J. BRODERIP, Esq.,
drawn on the block by J. W. ARCHER, under the su-
perintendence of the painter himself. Exhibited at
the British Institution, 1844

164 31. Portrait of CONRAD GESNER

168 32. The BREAM, from an original painting by W. Smith 170 33. View on the Lea, Mrs. Bullin's Cottage, Chingford, by T. CRESWICK, A.R.A.



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34. The Tench, from an original painting, by A. COOPER,

R.A. 35. View on the Lea — the “Stop,” Chingford, by T.

CRESWICK, A.R.A. 36. The PEARCH, drawn from life by Alex. FUSSELL 37. Portrait of GUIL, RONDELETIUS 38. The EEL, from an original painting by W. SMITH 39. Portrait of John GERHARD, the herbalist 40. The BARBEL, drawn from the life by Alex. FUSSELL 41. Portrait of ARCHBISHOP SHELDON 42. The GUDGEON, from the life, by ALEX. FUSSELL 43. The Pope or RUFFE, from the life by Ditto 44. The BLEAK, from the life by Ditto 45. View on the Lea, Ponders End, by T. CRESWICK,

A.R.A. 46. Youthful Portrait of EDMUND WALLER 47. The Roach, from the life by Alex. FUSSELL 48. The Dace, from the life by Ditto 49. View on the Lea “Rural-bit,” near Edmonton, by T.

CRESWICK, A.R.A. 50. The Minnow, Loach, and BULLHEAD, from an ori.

ginal painting by W. Smith 51. Infantine fishing party, by K. MEADOWS, Esq. 52. Portrait of Dr. THOMAS WHARTON, “that good man

who dared do any thing rather than tell an untruth,”

from the original in the College of Physicians 53. Portrait of Bishop DUBRAVIUS, from a rare print in

the illustrated copy of W.J. BRODERIP, Esq. 54. View on the Lea, Fishing-house, near Tottenham, by T. CRESWICK, A.R.A.

The whole of the views by T. CRESWICK, Esq. were taken on the spot expressly for this work, and afterwards drawn on the blocks by himself.

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Come enjoy these rosy bowers,
Scenes of all my happiest hours,
Aid me closer to entwine,
Joys of music, love and wine :
Now we'll fish the streamlet blithe
Whilst the meadows court the scythe,
Ev'ry thought of pomp or wealth,
Lost in joys of rosy health!

J. M.

June 10th, 1843.




55. Cypher of Walton and Cotton, faithfully reduced from the original of 1676

in the title page. 56. Brelsford Well

1 57. Initial Letter, drawn by J. W. ARCHER 58. The Spittle Hill the party descending on horse. back

275 59. Hanson Toot and the Wheel-barrow Bridge

286 60. The Fishing-house

292 61. Back view of the Fishing-house-a spot which CorTON used to call his “ open air dining room”

294 62. Beresford Hall

304 63. Pike Pool




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