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life be amongst you, your Society will Committee of the Swedenborg Society strengthen and increase. Be not weary, also granted 120 copies of the work we beseech you, in promoting the work entitled “ The New Jerusalem, and its of the Sabbath school, for there is to be Heavenly Doctrine” (pocket edition), found the basis and support of the future to the Association at half-price.

The Church. The Church may indeed grow Committee were thereby enabled to from without, but it ought to increase offer that work to all the clergy in from a source within. Gather, then, the diocese of Lincoln (nine hundred the children about you on the Sabbath, and nine in number) who had not and let not the smallness of your cause applied for other works offered by the discourage you, for the Lord has said, Association in former years. The gift “Where two or three are gathered was accepted by eighty-nine gentletogether in My name, there am I in the men. An attempt had been made to midst of them.” The seed sown in the form the nucleus of a New Church young mind is not planted in vain, the lending library in Louth; little ones are under the care of our volumes having been placed in the heavenly Father.

hands of a meinber of the Association In conclusion we would earnestly residing there. Reference was inade exhort you to be unwearied in your in last year's report to a gentleman noble and important work.

Be assured -an officer in the army-who was that you have the sympathies, good desirous to aid in circulating New wishes, and prayers of the Church in Church works among military men. Great Britain.

Acting on his suggestion, certain Affectionately greeting you in the works had been offered to the libraries name of the brethren in England, I attached to the Brigade depôts at have the hononr to subscribe myself, on Lincoln and Leicester. They were behalf of the General Conference, yours declined by the colonel commanding sincerely,

ISAIAH TANSLEY. the Lincoln depôt, but accepted by Countersigned,

the colonel commanding the Leicester E. WHITEHEAD, depôt. The desirability of establishing Secretary of Conference. a District Colportage Association had

not been lost sight of, but no arrangeLINCOLNSHIRE NEW CHURCH

ment for this purpose has yet been made.

The treasurer's statement showed the The annual meeting of members and total receipts for the year to have been friends was held at Altrincham on £14, 10s. 9d. The total expenditure Wednesday, August 25 ; R. Gunton, £14, 9s. 11d. After the election of the Esq., president, in the chair. The officers of the Society, a resolution of president opened the meeting by read- sympathy with the widow and family ing Matthew vii. and offering up the of Mr. Wallis, the first president, was Lord's Prayer. He then gave a brief passed ; as was also other resolutions address, commenting on the amount of relating to the work of the Association. useful work accounplished by this small Some account of the operations of Association with the limited means at this Association during the past four their command. He knew of no other years may be interesting to the Church society which, having so little, accom- at large. In August 1876, at the plished so much.

tenth annual meeting, the treasurer The annual report, read by the secre- having reported a balance in hand tary, stated that, owing to the kind as. amounting to £7, 108., and probable sistance given by the Committee of the subscriptions £17 additional, it was Swedenborg Society, in granting copies resolved to offer a copy of the “ Heaven of the “Arcana Cælestia,” vol. ii., at and Hell” to every clergyman in the half-price, the Committee had been diocese of Lincoln. Circulars were able to offer that work to all the clergy accordingly printed with the offer'; (thirty-two in number) and ministers appended to this being favourable in the diocese of Lincoln who had comments on the author by eminent previously received the first volume, writers. These being posted to the thirteen of whom applied for it, for thousand clergy of the counties of warding stamps for postage. The Lincoln and Notts, elicited




hundred and eight applications for the the past four years, presented to the work. Simultaneously with this offer, clergy and ministers in the counties of the work by Professor Parsons, entitled Lincoln and Notts, New Church works “Outlines of the Religion and Philoso. to the number of four hundred and phy of Swedenborg," was presented to thirteen. Help has been generously fifteen masters of Grammar Schools in afforded by other Societies and inLincolnshire. The Rev. J. Presland dividuals in reducing the cost of some during the year visited and of these works, and for such assistance delivered lectures at three towns in the the Association is most grateful. The southern part of the county ; and a members are few in number and widely grant of £5 was also made to the Horn- scattered. May they not hope that castle Society.

others will be inclined favourably to The following year the Association view the work in which they are commenced work with

a prospective engaged ; and either assist this effort income of £17. It was then resolved to or establish similar Associations in extend the offer of the “Heaven and other districts ? Hell” to all dissenting ministers in Lincoln and Notts. Two hundred and APPEAL TO THE CAURCH AT LARGE ON fifty circulars were issued ; fifty-six BEHALF OF THE LONDON MISSIONARY ministers applied for the work. Copies

AND TRACT SOCIETY. of the cheap edition of Professor Parsons' “Outlines,” etc., were also offered To all who are interested in the spread of

the Doctrines of the New Church in to all the clergy who had received the

Great Britain and elsewhere. “ Heaven and Hell.” The gift was accepted by fifty. The author of “The The London New Church Missionary Spiritual Columbus” having at this and Tract Society is acknowledged to be time proposed to place copies of the one of the most important institutions above work at disposal of the Associa- of the Church. Its mission is to carry tion at a considerable reduction, the on the grand work commenced by Committee offered this book to the Swedenborg, of disseminating the glori. clergy and ministers; forty-eight of ous truths of the New Dispensation in whom availed themselves of the oppor- the same unostentatious way in which tunity.

In addition to this ex- he laboured, viz. by publishing to the penditure the Association granted world books and tracts containing the sums for lectures and in aid of the doctrines of the Lord's New Church. Horncastle Society Although the In conjunction with the National Misanticipations of income not sionary Institution, it also arranges for realized, the year's expenditure left a missionary services and lectures in small balance in hand.

London and other parts of the kingdom. With a diminished income, but no The great success which has attended loss of energy, the Association next its efforts is so well known to all New proceeded to offer copies of the “ True Churchmen, that the committee have Christian Religion ” to the editors of always received the hearty co-operation newspapers, in the county of Lincoln, and support of the Church in all their who would consent to review the work ; labours, and hitherto have not usually seven of whom acceded to this con- had to make special appeals for contridition. Some of the promised reviews, butions; but during the past year, however, have not yet appeared. The although a large amount of missionary first volume of the “ Arcana Cælestia” work has been accomplished, there has was offered by circular to the clergy been a considerable decrease in the inand ministers who had applied for come of the Society; and the commit“The Spiritual Columbus ; and tee, therefore, is reluctantly compelled thirty-two copies were issued. The to delay much important work for want Horncastle

Society again received of funds. The committee hopes and assistance, and this year's operations trusts that when this is known there will left a small balance in hand.

be a generous response from the Church, The report for the last year is given and that all who can will gladly contriabove. Briefly summed up; with an bute according to their means. average income of £15, 15s. (exclusive That eminently useful missionary of balance), the Association has, during book, “Noble's Appeal,” is at present


out of print. A new edition is urgently one mass of vine foliage and bunches needed, but the printing is delayed of grapes naturally pendant therefrom. solely for want of means. For the same The vestibule was decorated with two reason our missionary lectures must to sheaves of beautiful corn, and the some extent be suspended for the com- window-ledges were all laden with ing autumn and spring. It is more fruits, vegetables, berries, and flowers. especially to provide for these important Very large congregations attended, operations that we make this present and Mr. Rodgers gave two very approappeal for pecuniary aid.

priate sermons; special music was sung, The committee would respectfully and the offertory for the poor amounted suggest that Societies should help in to £24, 10s. this emergency by having a collection The grapes, vegetables, and fruit were in their churches, and that members distributed amongst some of the hospiwhose means enable them to do so, tals, and to some invalids among the should kindly send a special contri- poor, after the evening services. bution over and above their usual subscription. The reports for the past year HEYWOOD.-On Sunday, October 3, are now ready, and the secretary will be a harvest service was held in the mornhappy to supply copies gratis to those ing. In the absence of the minister, who desire then.

who had engaged to preach the conOn behalf of the committee, J. Baily, cluding sermon of the opening services Chairman ; JOHN ORME, Secretary, 65 of the new schoolroom at Rhodes, a Barbican, E.C.; R. GUNTON, Treasurer, Society's meeting was held on the even205 Tufnell Park Road, London, N. ing of the same day. The front of the

Post-office orders to R. Gunton, pay- pulpit, communion table and rails, and able at Junction Road, N.

other portions of the church were most

tastefully decorated with corn, flowers, HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICES. and fruits by some of the young ladies These pleasant and attractive services rendered cheerful by appropriate hymns

of the congregation. The service was seem to be extending in the New Church. and suitable music. The prayers and The following accounts have reached us, thanksgivings after the commandments and we are informed of others of which we have received no particulars :

were extemporaneous, and together with

the sermon, adapted to the occasion. BIRMINGHAM.—On the 26th of Sep. The entire service was heartily joined in tember the usual thanksgiving services by a very numerous congregation. The for the harvest were held. The church fruit and vegetables were next day diswas more profusely decorated than ever tributed to the sick and the poor. before on similar occasions, and with a degree of good taste which reflects the

DERBY (from Derby Gazette). --The very highest credit on the ladies who harvest thanksgiving services in concarried it out. The thanks of the whole nection with the New Jerusalem Church, congregation are due to them for their Babington Lane, October 10th, were labour. But on this occasion it must conducted by the minister, the Rev. J. be admitted that the store of harvest Ashby. As has been the custom at this fruits of every kind, and of flowers, church for several years, various decoraplaced at their disposal was greater than tions were made by a tasteful and effecever previously. Wheat, sheaves of tive display of flowers and a plentiful corn, immense loaves of bread, grapes, supply of the fruits of the earth, these fruits, and vegetables were sent in such being provided and arranged by the abundance that the difficulty was where generous friends of the church. Special and how to satisfactorily arrange them. attention and skill were expended on Of course the chief care was bestowed the pulpit, communion table and rail, on the communion table, rails, and steps, and the large stone font. On the table, and on the chancel floor, the pulpit, under the reading-desk, were piled desk, and font. These all presented loaves of bread, ripe apples and pears, groups or arrangements which for variety and sundry vegetables, the display of colour and rich combinations of ob- terminating in two handsome bouquets jects were most successful. The pulpit of flowers. Suspended on the gasespecially merits notice, having been brackets—which were covered with vine leaves-on the right and left of the was partaken of by a fair number of preacher were two rich luscious bunches young people of both sexes. The Rev. of dark grapes with the bloom still J. Ashby cordially welcomed the friends upon them.

Green grapes were also to that meeting, and also invited them hanging in tempting fashion from the and their companions to attend the book-board. The communion rail and meetings to be held during the session. standards were clothed with ivy, yew, His remarks were responded to by Mr. wheat, barley, oats, and a profusion of Appelbee in a felicitous and earnest dahlias and everlasting flowers. The font speech. After tea the members were was most conspicuous, being wreathed entertained in a variety of ways. A with evergreens and flowers of various large supply of most elegantly illustrated. descriptions, and crowned with a full books, specimens of ferns, and other representation of the fruits of the field articles of interest were in the room. -turnips, parsnips, carrots, tomatoes, Mr. Appelbee gave much pleasure by apples, pears, a cauliflower, etc. These exhibiting a number of objects under were all well set in moss and ferns. The the microscope, and pointing out that effect of the whole decoration was most the wisdom of the Creator was as mani. exhilarating and wholesome, giving to fest in the small things as in the the thanksgiving services a fulness great things of nature. Mr. H. Bulliand a power, perhaps, not otherwise to vant kindly attended with his galvanic be realized. The congregations both battery, and was thereby the means of morning and evening were good, and producing much fun and merriment. the offertory for the day amounted to The meeting, which was one of delight £6, 4s. 60., which was to be devoted to and instruction, terminated about ten the funds of the General Infirmary. o'clock.


ALLOAReception of Mr. E. M. WINTER MONTHS.

Pulsford. -A large company, consist

ing of friends of the New Church in Most of the Societies of the New Alloa, supplemented by friends from Church avail themselves of the winter Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paisley, and other months to hold an increased number of places, met in the New Church, Greenmeetings of various kinds. At Argyle field Place, on the evening of Saturday, Square, London, a most useful effort is September 25, to welcome Mr. E. M. made by a meeting on the Monday Pulsford, late of Jersey, to his office as evenings to improve the congregational minister of the Alloa Society. The psalmody. This movement might be church, which has just been repainted, usefully extended. Choirs are not to was on the above occasion decorated by take the place of the congregation, but a number of splendid greenhouse plants to lead and guide the people in their kindly lent by W. Bailey, Esq., Chief service of song and praise. The con- Magistrate, and two magnificent bougregation cannot worship the Lord by quets of flowers presented by Mr. Robert proxy, but each individual should aid Thomson, all of which, taken in couto fulfil the spirit-stirring injunction, junction with the happy smiling faces, “Let all the people praise Thee, O made a picture not often seen but long Lord, let all the people praise Thee.” remembered. The chair was occupied

At Argyle Square, London, Wretham by Mr. John M‘Lachlan, president of Road, Birmingham, Derby, Heywood, the Society, who was accompanied to and other churches, Mutual Improve the platform by Mr. Pulsford; Rev. J. ment Societies are instituted for the F. Potts, Glasgow; Mr. G. L. Allbutt, instruction of young men in general Paisley; and Mr. W. A. Presland, literature, elocution, and science, as Edinburgh. well as the doctrines of the Church. After the audience had sung the The following notice of an opening meet- 100th Psalm, and a blessing had been ing at Derby is given in the Derby asked by the Rev.J. F. Potts, an excellent Gazette of October 13:

tea was served, the wants of all being On Tuesday evening the Mutual attended to by a number of young ladies Improvement Society inaugurated their who were most zealous in their attenmeetings for the coming winter. Tea tions. was provided in the schoolroom, which The chairman then in his introduc.

tory remarks expressed the great pleasure programme they had made out for their he felt in presiding on the present occa- enjoyment and edification, all showed sion, at which the great and long desire that they had done their utmost to give of his heart had been fulfilled, namely, him a hearty welcome amongst them, the appointment and introduction of a and he believed it was hearty. The minister over the Alloa Society, and the supreme desire of his heart was, under delight he experienced seeing so the blessing and guidance of the Lord, many kind friends present to welcome that he might be able to do something that minister to his new sphere. He for them and for the Church. But all was certain from what he knew and had he could do would be as nothing unseen of Mr. Pulsford that he would be less he had their co-operation, and a great power for good in the locality, he did not doubt for one moment and he welcomed him with hearty feel that he should have it, and that they ings and assured him of the strong and would work together, and whatever steady support of the friends in Alloa. good was done to the Society or to

The Rev. J. F. Potts was here to each one individually, they should night to congratulate the Society on every one lift up their hearts to God, having a minister to preside over them. and thank Him for every blessing Hé The Society never had a chance be- gave them, because they knew that fore ; if it had kept alive at all, if it every good and perfect gift came from had grown at all, if it had accom- the Lord. They should bear in mind plished anything at all, it was won- always that the Church of the Lord was derful, and it was entirely owing to external and internal. They might the fact that it possessed amongst its rejoice at every external progress or members men of unusual character. development of the Church, but they Fanatics! Yes-fanatics for the truth. should strive to rejoice more and more Their character was well known to them in the progress and development of the all. He looked forward to a new era Church in their own hearts, and show for this Society. If Mr. Pulsford was to the world and all around them that spared, and if he did his duty—and he the teaching of the New Church tended (the speaker) had no doubt he would- to make them better men and women. he would perform a great work in this It fitted them not only to enter into the

When ten years had passed, if great business of life, but to enjoy everyit should then please the Lord in His thing in this world. They should also Divine Providence to gather them to strive to work not only in relation to gether in this place, all would be able the Church outside, but also to the to see, and would be moved to rejoice Church within. Whilst all in the at the progress that had been made. Church were members of one family, it The anthem, “Jerusalem, my glorious was a great thing for these members to

was sung very sweetly by the be united, and to feel that they were as choir.

brothers and sisters, all aiming at one Mr. Pulsford was introduced to the object, and working together to reach meeting and received a warm and cordial one common end. He trusted that the reception. He felt that all he could do warmth shown that evening would not was to ask them to receive his heartfelt in any way grow cold, and that they thanks for the very handsome reception should cherish this good feeling and let they had given him. The way they had it be the means of enabling them to go received him he could not say was onwards and upwards in the work that different from what he had anticipated, was before them, and he was certain but it had far exceeded what he had the Lord would bless their efforts. expected. Everything they had done Mr. G. L. Allbutt said when they were —the tea they had provided, the invi- assembled together for the purpose of tations they had sent to the various strengthening one another in New Societies of the New Church which were Church principles and New Church aims, represented at this meeting by the they were doing the very best thing that ministers and members of the

congrega- could be done to make each and all of tions, the homely and comfortable way them what they ought to be. This was they had arranged things in this place, a great day for the Alloa Society. They the smiles, the kindly words of greeting had got a minister, and if they acted they had given him, and the very nice together in their operations the work



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