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been the overseer of the work, and the pose to carry out this intention. The church is under a debt of deep gratitude committee would suggest, therefore, that to him for his gratuitous and constant the Society's memorial should comprise attendance during the whole progress of a similar tablet, to be placed beside the the work.

other, engraved with a suitable record The friends at Radcliffe are well of Mr. Watson's long and valuable serpleased with their new urch, which vices to the Church, and the expenses of for style and workmanship is the ad- which shall be defrayed by the voluntary miration of all who see it.

contributions of those who knew and It is purposed to hold the dedication loved him. It is hoped that as many and opening services on the afternoon members of the Church as possible will of Wednesday, July 28th, and on the co-operate in the work, in order that two following Sundays, August 1st and the memorial may truly be that of the 8th. For times and preachers see the entire Society, and not merely of a few advertisement on the wrapper.

private friends.

WIGAN.—The large New Church day schools at this town continue to make progress. The Wigan Observer of May 26th gives quite a long list of the names

To the Editor of the Intellectual of children who have successfully passed

Repository. examinations in drawing, geometry, etc. The number of prizes is 57 ; good, 104 ;

DEAR SIR, -About three weeks ago, and fair, 156. On Sunday, May 23rd, and just before I left Florence, Professor two sermons were preached by the Rev. Scocia received two very interesting R. Storry of Heywood, and in the after- letters from two earnest receivers of the noon Mr. John Johnson, F.M.S., de- heavenly doctrines in Sicily. One is livered an address; at the close of each from a dean of the Catholic Church, service collections were made on behalf and the other from a public librarian. of the Sunday school. The attendance at With the Professor's consent, I offer the services was good, and the congrega- through you to the readers of the tions interested in the subjects discussed. Repository extracts from these letters,

feeling sure that those who have themTHE LATE THOMAS WATSON, Esq. — selves been spiritually delivered from We give the following relating to this error and evil, will read with true esteemed member of the New Church delight the evidences which these letters from the June number of the Argyle contain of an intelligent reception by Square Manual : At the quarterly diverse persons in Sicily of the truths meeting held last October the Argyle of the New Dispensation. The reference Square Society passed a resolution re- in both letters to the pamphlet on the questing the committee to arrange for * Decalogue,” needs, I think, a little some suitable memorial to perpetuate explanation. The Professor, as is well the affection and respect felt for our late known, is now translating the “True dear and honoured friend Mr. Watson, Christian Religion into Italian. who was removed to his eternal home on During his translation of the 5th the 23rd of September. Hitherto cir- chapter, it occurred to him that when cumstances have prevented the adoption the type should be set up for the of any active measures in execution of printing of this chapter, it would be this resolution, but the committee are well to get out a given number of copies of opinion that the time has now arrived in tract form, and send them forth as when it should be carried into effect. pioneers to prepare the way for the On the very last occasion, when he farger parent work to follow in due attended a meeting of the committee, time. Most persons will read a small Mr. Watson obtained its sanction for work, when a large one, which for them the erection, on the south-east wall of the possesses no particular attraction, will church, near the door leading into the be passed by unnoticed. But interest vestry, of a brass tablet in remembrance having been excited by the perusal of of Mrs. Watson, whose decease had the small work, especially if it be, as in occurred on the 25th of February; and this case it is, an extract, the desire to it is understood that his executors pro- read the parent work would naturally

follow. Besides, as the Ten Com- Extract of a Letter from a Public Librarian mandments are accepted, not only by

in Sicily. all denominations of Christians, but by all Israelites, no religious prejudices for the three copies of the pamphlet on

“DEAR PROFESSOR,—Many thanks could arise to prevent their being

freely the "Decalogue which you so kindly read in this form. This idea of the sent me, and which I will send round Professor's received at once my most

I feel it my hearty sympathy, and I felt that it amongst our friends. ought if possible to be carried out. pleasing duty to acknowledge myself Upon inquiry I ascertained that the your debtor for some precious informaprinters would reach the 6th chapter of Jehovih and Jehovah, which was quite

tion on the Scriptural difference between the “True Christian Religion”in April, and that 1500 copies of the 5th could new to me, and which I should never

otherwise have been able to acquire, as then be got out for £10. I knew, at any rate"I believed, that there were Italian versions of Diodati and Martini,

in the Vulgate Bible, and in the two many more able than I, and quite as neither the words Jehovih or Jehovah willing, who would, if they knew the circumstances, gladly furnish the means and unfortunately I do not understand

are ever used, but only that of Lord, for carrying out this worthy project. Hebrew. Ah, if I only had the priviBut no time could be lost in trying to find such persons, so I determined to lege of being near you! I feel I have give £5 and get out as many copies as

so much to learn in your school. we could for that sum.

“The priest of whom I wrote to you

In April, there. fore, we received from the printer seven volume of the Nuova Epoca’ and the

in my former letter has read the first hundred copies, and the Professor with work on the New Jerusalem,' etc., and his usual energy immediately set about the distribution of these little messengers favourable impression has been produced

he tells me he likes them. The like amongst his countrymen with results which speak for themselves as to the by the reading of these works by another value of this small undertaking. I felt of my friends, and also by a Neapolitan that this brief explanation was almost lady. But above all, a person of my necessary in connection with the follow. acquaintance whose heart has been much ing extracts :

moved by the reading of these books, and especially the pamphlet on the

'Decalogue.' He has formed a resoluExtract of a Letter from a Dean of the tion to abandon the bad habit he had Catholic Church in Sicily.

of cursing and swearing, and other sins, “Fourteen pages of your translation and he frequently comes to me for advice of the 'True Christian Religion' have as to his progress in the spiritual life. safely come to hand. I find them, like I feel very happy to see this lost sheep all the others, conformable in every return to the fold of the Lord. There respect to the original Latin, and I think is also a workman reading the third that the translation of this important volume of the 'Nuova Epoca,' and a work will afford much help in the gentleman of Alcarno (a small town not diffusing of the doctrines of the New far from here) is also desirous to read Church. I highly approve of your idea As soon as he returns from Palermo, already put in practice of publishing where he has gone for the benefit of his 5th chapter, containing

the health, I will give him a spare volume • Decalogue with its external and in- to read, which he can return to me by ternal sense,' separately in pamphlet post,” etc. etc.

“I continue my study of the I think all lovers of New Church encyclopedical work · Arcani Celesti,' truths will read the above extracts with and in this inexhaustible mine of as much delight as I did. I also think wealth I find daily so many new that it is due to those kind friends of treasures of knowledge that they seem the Italian Mission whom the Lord has to me to be sufficient to enrich a large enabled to assist in sustaining the worthy library. May the Lord enable me to and faithful Professor Scocia in his model my life according to the truths labours that they should sometimes be revealed therein."

made acquainted with the progress of



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that work by one who has the happiness then a special feature of that Society. every winter of being an eyewitness of Everything about the church was truly it. For the sake, therefore, of those of dear to her ; hence she became very my co-labourers whom I cannot see or intelligent in the doctrines and most speak to personally, I ask through your punctual in her attendance at church : courtesy, Mr. Editor, a small space in nothing would ever prevent attendance the pages of the Repository. —Yours there if health would at all permit. truly, ELIZA H. BROTHERTON. She had suffered from a more or less

troublesome asthmatic cough for many Obituary.

years, and when in the winter she has

been urged to spare herself and stay at On Thursday, May 20th, at Ventnor, home when she had been unable to leave Isle of Wight, where she had resided the house during the whole week, “No, for a few weeks in the hope of restora- no," she would say; “don't deprive me of tion to health, Mrs. Bayley, the beloved my great comfort. I'll cough as much wife of the Rev. Dr. Bayley, aged seventy- as you like in the rest of the week, but six years, formerly Lydia Cheek Hodson, do let me have the enjoyment of my was called to her heavenly home. She church.” had all her family around her; her The Arcana” was her favourite youngest son, who had been for twelve book, and through life, when a quiet months making an extensive business hour could be obtained from other duties, tour round the world, having hastened and especially on Sunday afternoons, she home to behold his mother once more would have a good read at the “Arcana. before her departure.

Hence she could converse intelligently Mrs. Bayley was the daughter of the and with interest on any subject of Rev. Francis Marcellus Hodson, formerly spiritual edification with her husband a Methodist and a local preacher, who or others. became one of the most acceptable and She was married in 1833, and she useful ministers of the early New Church took an early opportunity of suggesting in Manchester; a contemporary of to her husband, who was then much Clowes, Jones, and Hindmarsh. The called from home on Sundays in misearly coffee-meetings which Mr. Clowes sionary work, that her father's frequent attended, and out of which arose the absence from home in the same way had, Manchester Printing Society for spread- as her mother believed, been prejudicial ing the writings of Swedenborg, were to the best interests of their children, occasionally held at her father's house, and she hoped if they should be blessed and she could remember the veneration with a family, that they might have the children felt for Mr. Clowes. The their father mainly at home on Sundays Hodsons at that period resided at Quay as well as their mother. This it was Street, then a very respectable street, which largely contributed to induce her quite close to St. John's, the church of husband to accept the invitation to beMr. Clowes; and Peter Clare, the leader come the minister of the New Church of the Anti-Slavery Movement, was their Society of what was then the very small next-door neighbour. The subject of town of Accrington, whose first chapel this sketch was a little girl, the youngest had been opened in 1807 by her father. of a large family, and her brother, a few Mr. Hodson took as his text, at the years older than herself, on one occasion opening service, the passage respecting brought Mr. Clowes' hat to her, affected finding a bird's nest (Deut. xxii. 6), perhaps by his powdered hair, and the and gave a most edifying unfolding of little fellow said, “See, Liddy, if it its spiritual sense.

He became known does not smell like an angel's.”

to the common people as “ Th’ bird'sMrs. Bayley, then Miss Lydia Hodson, nest fellow.” Whenever “Th’ bird'swas associated with the Temple Society, nest fellow” came to preach the chapel Salford, and assisted as a teacher in its was certain to be filled. His services first Sunday school. Being always of were much valued. He was the author a very helpful disposition, she took a of a small collection of excellent hymns, leading part with her sister, Elizabeth, a few of which are favourites in the afterwards Mrs. Sutton, and one or two present hymn-book. other ladies, to promote the comfort of Mrs. Bayley was an admirable model the friends at the happy tea-meetings, of a pastor's wife. She had the fullest

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sympathy with her husband's labours, at Christmas to receive their presents, always cheering him in her quiet way was to her the supreme joy of the year. and rejoicing in his success. She felt If a child were restless at church, where interest in what he wrote, and would another would have frowned, shaken the get him to let her hear it; and if the head, and looked solemn, she would put subject were at all controversial, and a something sweet into its mouth, for word or sentence seemed too severe, she which operation her pocket was always would suggest its reconsideration, and prepared. on such occasions her judgment was In her last illness her chief anxiety most valuable. Whatever he could do was the trouble she thought she was orgive forthe advancement of the Church giving to others. When her daughter was always right to her. Her house was was persistently striving by friction to constantly in order, her family gently remove some pain, she would open her in hand. Every one who came to visit eyes, thinking little of her own suffering, her husband for advice or hospitality and say, “Oh how patient you are!” was welcomed and received with kindly She was anxious to live until her greeting Any one in affliction was youngest son came back, because she sure to find a sympathizing listener, and thought her departure while he was consolation if within her power. Hence away would be so great a grief to him. she was respected and beloved univer- When he had returned it seemed that sally in the wide circle in which she and every wish was gratified, and she only her husband were known. A friend, wanted to enter into rest. It was a now a minister, who had known her great happiness to her, and it was a from his youth, and had large experience great consolation to them, that every of this trait in Mrs. Bayley's character, one of her immediate family circle was writes :

about her at the last. “How the thought of her calls up When asked if she had any further in my mind some of the most delight- desire to express, any little wish to be ful recollections of my life! And how gratified, in anything, "Oh, no,” she far back they go ! Quite forty years said, “I am very content, I am very come under my gaze as I think of it. content.' The loving consideration, and the quiet The habit of reading the Word daily care that I remember so well, and the had been constant, and in her illness face that I never saw ruffed, all make the Psalms seemed to unfold to her a page in my life which I shall ever especial beauty, appropriateness, and treasure and dwell upon with deep affec. consolation. At first only the Lord's tion. She was indeed a mother in Israel. Prayer was added to each Psalm from

“May I be helped to strive to live the fear of fatiguing her; but she soon somewhere near her in heaven."

requested her husband to offer a short Amongst her family her loving self- prayer besides, for she felt it soothed sacrifice was incessant and continuous. and comforted her. Her quiet intelligence was always there, No shade of doubt or dread intruded encouraging them for study and for itself about entering into the eternal good. They all felt that home was ever world. She had lived in the very the abode of comfort, for mother was element of New Church teaching, and there.

she just waited to realize it, according She never inflicted corporal punish- to the will of the Lord. ment on one of her children, never even When it was evident that a few hours reproved one, when any one else was only remained to her, her sons, who had present but herself or her husband. returned to London for a day or two, as Hence they grew up lovers of the New her state of health seemed somewhat Church, and lovers of each other. Her improved, were telegraphed for, and all influence was the cement of the family. arrived about half an hour before the Attentive to her own duties, she was last breath. The daughters and ever very considerate to others. All husband were already there. She rethrough life she felt the utmost pleasure cognised them, and very soon the power in giving something or doing something to breathe became less and less, but for every one around her.

without pain or struggle, her husband Her grandchildren delighted in her, holding her hand, the eyes looking and to have the whole of them about her brightly upwards as if directed by steady



reliance on the Saviour and His king and charming them alike by the manner dom, until gradually the motion ceased. and the matter of her instruction. “ So fades the summer cloud away,

She married whilst yet young, and the So sinks the gale when storms are o'er, duties of Sunday-school teacher had So gently shuts the eye of day,

to be superseded by those of wife and So dies a wave along the shore.'

mother, which were also admirably Her remains were interred at High performed. After a while the happiness gate on May 25th, and the beautiful of her home was marred by what service of the New Church was im- called misfortune. Her household was pressively read by the Rev. John broken up and her husband had to seek Presland, there being present friends the means of maintaining his family in from all parts of London, and one Australia. This led to a temporary esteemed friend to represent Accrington. separation of husband from wife and An admirable discourse was delivered father from children.

During this time by Mr. Presland on Sunday morning, she again came under my more immediate May 31, in which most appropriate re- care and protection, to the further ference to Mrs. Bayley was made, and strengthening of those bonds of affection deeply appreciated by a large and which were dear to us both. At this sympathizing congregation. This dis- period of trial she so “bore her griefs and course we are sure will be read with carried her sorrows ” in reliance on the interest, and we are happy to refer our Divine protection and sustenance as to friends to it in another portion of our excite the admiration of her friends. present number.

There was no whining sentimentality,

no exaggeration of the painfulness of Mrs. Mary Eliza Biden of Wotonga, her position, but a cheerful endurance Paddington, Sydney, New South Wales, of her privations, and a grateful rewas somewhat suddenly called away to cognition of the help by which those her spiritual home on Wednesday, 31st privations were lessened. Her husband March last. Her illness commenced on an unusually clever man. the preceding Monday by what was was soon enabled to provide for himself regarded as a bilious attack, and on the in his new sphere of life, and to look forfollowing day she appeared to be better. ward to providing also for his wife and Subsequently, however, another source family. At length, although somewhat of danger was recognised, and she ex- prematurely subsequent events pired on the third day, in the evening, showed, Mr. Biden sent over for his to the deep regret of her family and wife and children, and they rejoined friends. Mrs. Biden_was the grand- him in Sydney. This reunion only lasted daughter of the late Thomas Jones of long enough to add to their family withPentonville, one of the earliest editors out much increasing their means, when of the Intellectual Repository, and one of the clouds of difficulty once the founders of the Swedenborg Society, gathered around them, and they had to as well as for many years its treasurer. seek a new home, first at Maitland and She was also the great-niece of the then at Singleton in the same colony. late Rev. Richard Jones of Peter Street, Here, then, prosperity, although someManchester, and my eldest daughter. what chequered by losses in connection From very early childhood she evinced with an unsuccessful literary speculation, such hearty amiability and practical was on the whole more steady and good sense as to make her a very delight- persistent until Mr. Biden's health ful companion, and prepare her for a failed. He had now a small estate life of active usefulness. In our early and a large family, and when death efforts to establish a Society of the New opened to himan entrance into the Church at Islington she was a great eternal world, my daughter was left a helper. In the Sunday school she was widow with eight children, of whom the especially useful. Bright, earnest, eldest was under nineteen years of age,and affectionate, intelligent, and eloquent, a very moderate income with which to she exerted a most beneficial influence sustain them. She was not, however, a over her class.

It was delightful to see disconsolate widow. The Lord Jesus her with her “twelve disciples," as her Christ, whom she had been class of twelve pupils was called, impart- love and worship from her earliest years, ing spiritual truth suited to their states, never left her or forsook her. She had




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