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1.--ABBOTT, Rev. R., Desolation of the 16. -BACON, Sir Francis, Essays, or the

Sanctuary, and time of Restitution, Council, Civil and Royal, with a table 8vo. cloth, 1851. ls. 6d.

of the colours of good and evil, and a 2.---ABBOTT, Jacob, Rollo's Tour in Eu- discourse on the Wisdom of the An

rope, engravings, 12mo, cloth. Boston, cients, crown 8vo, calf, 1696, 1720. 1835. ls. 6d.

3s. 6d. 3.--ABLETT, Jos., the Book of the Law, 17.-BAMFORD, Samuel, Walksin South

from the Holy Bible, in which the Lancashire and on its Borders, with mind and memory are powerfully im. letters, descriptions, narratives, and pressed with the ordinances and observations, current and incidental, commandments of Almighty God, 8vo 12mo, cloth, 1844. 2s. 6d.

cloth. Liverpool, 1835. Is. 6d. 18.-BARRETT, B. F., Swedenborg and 4.-ADDISON, Mr., Interesting Anec- Channing, shewing the many and re

dotes, Memoirs, Allegories, Essays, markable agreements in the beliefs and Poetical Fragments, tending to and teachings of these writers. Phil. amuse the fancy, and inculcate mo- adelphia, 1879, crown 8vo. 38. 6d. rality, 3 vols. 8vo., old calf, 1794. 19. Letters on the Future Life, ad38 6d.

dressed to Henry Ward Beecher, 5. Miscellaneous Works in prose and post 8vo, cloth. Philadelphia, 1873.

verse, engravings of medals, 3 vols, 28. Od. 12mo., calf, 1726. 4s. 6d.

20. -Visible Church briefly considered, 6.-- Adventures, The, of Caleb Williams,

paper covers. New York, 1850. by W. Godwin, Esq., 12mo. cloth, Is. 60. 1838. 2s. Od.

21. -Course of Lectures on the Doc7.-Adversaria, in Libros Veteris Testa- trines of the New Church, 8vo, cloth,

menti (Swedenborg's Adversaria). 1842. 2s. 6d, complete in 4 vols. 8vo. green cloth. 22. -Catholicity of the New Church ; 1847. 148. 6d.

and Uncatholicity of New Churchmen, 8.-AGUTTER, Rev. William, A.M., Ser. post 8vo, cloth. New York, 1864.

mons on various occasions, 8vo. bds. 28. 3d. uncut, 1808. 38. 6d.

23.-BAYLEY, Rev. Dr., Divine Word 9.-American New Jerusalem Magazine, Opened, cloth, 1858. 38. 6d.

vols 7 to 14, uniformly half bound, 24.- -From Egypt to Canaan, cloth, gilt 8vo., 8 vols. 20s.

edges, 1869. 35. 6d. 10.- Ditto, vol. 13, cloth. Boston, 1840. 25.-Beauties of Emanuel Swedenborg, ls. 6d.

comprising his opinions and visions. 11.--ANDERSON, Christopher, Annals translated from the French by Socius

of the English Bible, portrait of Gent. portrait, Svo., 1823, boards. Tyndale, 8vo. cloth, 1862. 98. 6d.

3s. 6d. 12.-ÅRBOUIN, James, Dissertations 26.-BALLAMY. John, New Translation

on the Regenerate Life, 12mo, cloth, of the Holy Bible, Genesis to 3rd Chap. 1839. 18. Od.

of Proverbs, 3 vols., 4to, brds., 1818. 13.-First edition, boards, 1812. ls. Od. 10s 6d. 14.-ARNOLD'S (Matthew) Poems, in 2 27:-BETHUNE, Alexander, Practical

vols, crown, 8vo, cloth, new, 1877. Economy explained and enforced in 78. 6d.

a serious of lectures, 12mo., cloth. 15.-Art (The) of Being Easy at all Times Edinburgh, 1839. ls. Od.

and in all Places. Written chiefly 28.-BIBLE, Holy, containing only the for the use of a lady of quality. Trans- books which have an internal sense, lated from the French by Edward Svo. Boston, Otis Clapp, 1837, calf. Combe, A.B., 18mo, calf, 1722. ls. 6d. 38. 6d,

N. D.

2.-BIBLIA, Sacra, Latini, with the 46.--BURNS, Robert, Poems, with an

Apocrypha, Sebastiano Schmidt, Account of his Life, and Miscel. thick, 4to, vellum, 1708. 178. 6d.

laneous Remarks on his Writings, 30.-BIBLIA, Hebrew and Latin, the containing also many poems and

edition used by Swedenborg, calf, letters, not printed in Dr. Currie's 4to., 1740. 205.

Edition, numerous_copper plates, 31.-BLAMIRE, Miss Susanna, poetical 2vols., 8vo., calf. Edinburgh, 1811.

works ("the Muse of Cumberland”), 78. 6d. 12mo., cloth. Edinburgh, 1842. 23.' 47.-BUSH, Geo., Treatise on the Mil

. 32.-Book of Worship for the use of the lenium, in which the prevailing

New Church, cloth. Boston, 1838. Theories on that subject are carefully 28. Od.

examined, leather. New York, 1832. 33.- Another Copy, cloth, New York, 23. 6d. 1857. 38. Od.

48.-The Anglo-American New Church 34.--BOONE, Rev. Charles, the Marriage Repository and Monthly Review, de

Looking Glass, written as a manual voted to the exposition of the Phil. for the married, and a beacon to the osophy and Theology Taught in the single, 12mo., cloth, 1848. 23. 01.

writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, 35.-BŐURIGNON, Antonia, an Abridy. conducted by George Bush, A.M.

, ment of the Light of the World, tu 9 vols. in numbers; wanting the May which is prefixed a preface to the un- No. for 1851. Scarce, 30s. Od. prejudiced reader of every sect and 41.--CAMPBELL (John), Travels in party, by Jos. Whittingham Salmon, South Africa ; undertaken at the re. portrait, 8vo., half calf, neat, 1786. quest of the Missionary Society, 8vo, 58. 60.

boarils, uncut, Engravings. 1815. 30.-BREWER, E. Cobham, Dictionary 28. 611.

of Phrase and Fable, giving the deri- 50.-CASSELL'S Popular Natural His vation, source, or origin of common töry; with upwards of 500 Engrarphrases, allusions, and words that ings : some coloured ; best edition ; have a tale to tell, 3rd Ed., thick, 4 vols. in 2. Half morocco, neat, ito, 8vo., neat, half calf, N. D. 5s. 6d.

18s. 6.1. 37.--BROMLEY, Thos., the Way to the 51. Popular Educator ; 6 vols.

Sabbath of Rest, or the Soul's Pro- bound in 3, whole 'leather ; new gress in the Work of Regeneration, eclition; 4to, 1. D. 12. 6d.

half calf, small 4to., 1692. 2s. 6.1. 52. Penny Readings, edited by Tom 38.-BROTHERTON, Edward, Spiritual- Hood; numerous Engravings; 2 vols.

ism, Swedenborg, and the New Church imn. 8vo, neat half calf, N. D. 6s.6d.
--Rich's Notes on Certain Forms of 53.-CARLEX (Emilie), the Hermit; a
Spiritualism---Priesthor d of the New novel ; 4 vols. in 2 ; half green mo-
Jerusalem, in 1 vol., cloth, 1860. rocco, neat. 1853. 78. 6d.
ls. 6d.

51.- Ivar ; or the Skjuts-boy; fancy 39.-BROWNING, H. B., Words in Sea- boards. 1852. ls. 38.

son, a Manual of Instruction, Com- 53.-Century, (19th), or the New Dispensa

fort, and Devotion, cloth, 1871. ls. Od. tion; being a Brief Examination of 40.-BRUCE, Rev. W., Commentary on the Claims and Assertions of Eman.

the Gospel by Matthew, 8vo., cloth, uel Swedenborg, by a Layman: crown 1867. 4s. Od.

8vo, cloth. Engraving, New York. 41.- --Gospel, by John, 8vo., cloth, 1852. 38. od. 1870. 4s. Od.

56.-CHAMBERS (Wm.), Things as they 42.-BUCKLAND A. C., Letters on the are in America. Crown 8vo, cloth.

Importance, Duty, and Advantages of 1854. ls. 6d. Early Rising, (fine engraving), 12mo., 57.-THESELDEN, W. (Surgeon), the calf, neat, 1827. 2s. Os.

Anatomy of the Human Body, with 43.--BUCHAN Wm., M.D., Advice to

40 copper plates. Engraved by VanMothers on the subject of their own derg'icht. 8vo, calf. 1781. 55. 6d. health, and on the means of pro- 58.--CHILD, Mrs., The Progress of Relimoting the Health, Strength, and gious Ideas through Successive Ages, the Beauty, of their Offspring, 8vo., 3 vols, sro, cloth. New York, 1855.

leather. Philadelphia, 1804. 35. 6d. Ils. 6d. 44. Burford Cottage, and its Robin-Red- 59. - Isaac T. Hopper, A True Life

. Breast, by the author of "Keeper's with a fine portrait, crown 8vo, cloth, Travels,” two engravings afterCruick- Boston, 1853. 29. 61. shank, half red morocco, crown, 60.-Children's (The) Friend, translated 8vo., 1835. 3s. 6d.

from the French of Mr. Berquin by 45.-BURGA, James, the Dignity of Lucas Williams, Esq., embellished

Human Nature, or a brief account of with 44 splendid copper plates, como the certain and Established Means

plete in 6 vols, 12mo, half calf, neat, for. Attaining the true End of our 1793. 15s. 6d. Existence, thick 8vo., calf, 1795.161. ---CHURCHILL, Thos. F., M.D., the 4.8. 6d.

New Practical Family Physician, or

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Improved Domestic Medical Guide, tions and Aphorisms on Spiritual portrait, 8vo, calf, 1808. 38. 6d.

Subjects, portrait, 8vo., cloth. * 28. Or. 62. -CHURCHILL, Thomas F., M.D., A 33. A Letter to the Rev. W. Roby, Genuine Guide to Health,

in reference to his “Anti-SwedenborPractical Essays on the most approver gianism,” paper covers, 8vo., 1819. means of preserving health and pre

1s. Od. venting diseases, 12mo, paper covers, 34.

-Another Letter to Roby, con1810. 28. 60.

taining strictures on some passages in -Jesus Christ, the 'True God ani' his lectures, paper, 1819. 9d. Eternal Life, Svó, portrait, boards, 35. A letter to the Rev. J. Grundy, X. D. 2s. 6d.

in reply to his appendix, addressed to 64.-CLISSOLD, Rev. Augustus, The

the new church, paper covers, 1813. Spiritual Exposition of the Apoca- ls. Od. lypse, as derived from the writings of 86. -Letter to the Rev. J. Proud in E. Swedenborg, nearly new, 4 vols,

reply to his remarks on separation 8vo, 1851. lls. 6d.

from the Old Church, 8vo. Paper 65.

-Prophetic Spirit in its Relation covers, 1818. ls. to Wisdom and Madness, 8vo, cloth. 87.- -New Translation of the Psalms, 1870. 4s. Od.

thick, 8vo cloth, 1837. 98. Od. 66. - Letter to the Archbishop of Dub-88.- -Outlines of Swedenborg's Doc. lin, 8vo, cloth, 1838. ls. 6d.

trines, 8vo cloth, 1873. 28. Od. 67. -Athanasius, Sabellius, and 89. COBBE, Thomas, History of the Nor. Swedenborg, examined and

man Kings of England, from a new col. pared with each other, cloth, 1873. lation of the contemporary chronicles, 28. Od.

large 8vo, half-red morocco, gilt top, 68. -Swedenborg and his Modern 1869. 8s. 6d.

Critics, paper covers, 1866. ls. 90.--COFFIN, A. J., M.D., Botanic Guide 69. -Literal and Spiritual Senses of to Health, and the natural pathology

Scripture, paper cover, 1867. ls. of disease, crown, 8vo cloth, port, 70.- The Centre of Unity: What is it 1859, 2s. 6d.

-charity or authority ? paper covers, 91.--COLEMAN, W. S., Our Woodlands, 1869. ls. 3d.

Heaths, and Hedges, a popular descrip71.-CLOWES, Rev. J., a set of his Ser- tion of Trees, Shrubs, Wild Fruits,

mons on the Beatitudes, Warriage of &c., engravings, 12mo., cloth, 1860. the King's Son-Ten Virgins--Miscel. 28. Od. laneous Sermons-on the Lord's 92.-COMBE, Dr. Andrew, the Physi. Prayer-Sermons preached at St. ology of Digestion, crown 8vo., half John's Sermons on the Israelites, in cloth, 1842. 28. Od. 7 vols., neat half calf, uniform, 8vo., 93.-Conjugial Love, and concerning Scor. 1812–33. 208.

tatory Love, by Swederborg, royal 72, -On Mediums, their Divine origin, 8vo., cloth. Boston, 1840. ls. 6d.

and important uses, 8vo, half calf, 94.-COTTLE, Joseph, Selection of Poems, 1815. 28. 6d.

designed chiefly for schools, and young 73. -The True End and Design of the persons, half red morocco, gilt edges,

Holy Sacrament, with a beautiful en- 12mo., N. D. 38. 6d. graving, fcp., 8vo, paper backs, 1815. 95.--Count Piper's Packet, being a choice

and curious collection of Manuscript - Dialogues on the Nature, Design, Papers, in prose and verse, that were and Evidence of the Theological found bundled under a bench upon Writings of Swedenborg, bds, 1795. Duke Humphrey's Walk, in St. ls. 6d.

James's Park, on Tuesday, the 1st of 75.---Letters to a Member of Parlia- Aug., 1732, by a pensioner of Chelsea

ment on the Characterand Writings of Hospital, 8vo., half cloth. 28. Od.

Swedenborg, 8vo, brds, 1822. 18. 6d. 96.-CROMPTON'S, Samuel, Life and 76. -Sermons on the Beatitudes, bds,

Times (inventor of the spinning 8vo, 1825. Autograph of Jos. W. Sal- machine called the Mule), by Gilbert mon, Nantwich. 38. 6d.

French, illustrations, post 8vo., cloth, 77.- -Sermons on the Ten Virgins, 8vo, 1859. 38. 6d. bds, 1828. 2s.

97.-CROXALL, Samuel, D.D., Fables of 78. -On Opposites, their nature, Æsop and others, translated into origin and uses, unbound, 1833. 18. English, numerous engravings, cloth, -On Delights, their origin, variety,

1846. 2s. 3d. uses, and end, 8vo. paper covers, 198. ---Dawn Island, a tale by Harriet 1823. ls 3d.

Martineau, an etching and engraved 80. -Gospel by Matthew, 8vo., calf, title, post 8vo., cloth. Manchester, 1805. 28 0d.

1845. 18. Od. 81.- -Gospel by John, 8vo., 3rd ed., 99.---Dawn (the), a Journal of Social and cloth, 1853. Zs. 6d.

Religious Progress, complete, 2 vols. 82. Miscellaneous Thoughts, Observa- in 1, royal 8vo., cloth. 58. 6d.





100.—DENDY, W. Cooper, the Philoso- tive Industry; with a memoir by phy of Mystery, 12mo., cloth. New Hugh Doherty, 8vo., cloth, 1841.

28. Od. 101. ---Diaries and Letters of two eminent- 116. — Faraday, as a discoverer, by John

ly pious persons lately deceased ; viz. Tyndale. Two potraits of Faraday, Mr. Hugh Bryan and Mrs. Mary Hut- 8vo.,

full crimson morocco extra, gilt son, both of South Carolina, 12mo, edges, 1868. 10s. Od. half red morocco extra, gilt edges, 117.-FARMER, Hugh, An essay on the 1760. 4s. 6d.

Demoniacks of the New Testament, 102.- Diarii Spiritualis (Swedenborg's post 8vo., boards, 1818. 2s. Od.

Spiritual Diary), Larin, complete in 4 118.-FARQUHAR, B. H, Poems, 12mo., large 8vo vols, whole calf, marbled cloth, 1863. ls. Ód. edges. 16s. 6d.

119.--FERGUSON, Robt., PoeticalWorks 103.-Another copy, bound, in 7 vols, with the Life of the Author, by David

half bd. binding damaged. 9s. Od. Irving, embellished with a fine por. 104. - Dictionary (Imperial) of Universal trait of the author, and two elegant

Biography, a series of original Me. engravings, 12mo., crimson morocco moirs of Distinguished Men of all extra, gilt-edges, Glasgow. 1800. 7s.6d. Ages and all Nations, by, writers of 120.-FERNALD'S' (Woodbury), God in eminence in the various branches of His Providence. 8vo, cloth. Boston. Literature, Science and Art; nume

4s, 9d. rous highly finished steel portraits, 121.-FRAVEAU (Philip),. Poems on imperial 8vo, 3 thick vols, half mo- various subjects, but chiefly relating rocco extra, marbled edges, N. D. to the actors in the American War of 42s. Od.

Independence. Post 8vo, cloth. 1861. 105.- Dictionary of Correspondences, Re- 2s. 6d.

presentatives and Significatives, crown 122.-Friendship and Matrimony; or the

8vo, cloth, Boston, 1841. 3s. 6d. History of Emilie and Henry; of 106.--Divine, the, Instinct Recommended Lord and Lady P—; and of Fred

to Men, by the author of the World rick and Fanny. Now first published Unmasked, 1871.–Life of George from the several originals, as found Canning, - three pamphlets in refer- among the papers of the late Henry ence to Wm. Howitt's Priestcraft, in Mansel, Esq. 2 vols, 12mo, old calf. 1 vol, 8vo, half red morocco, gilt 1782. 2s. 6d. edges. 6s. Od.

123.—GARDNER (Rev. James), the 107.-Documents Concerning the Life and Faiths of the World. An Account of

Character of Swedenborg, new edi- all Religions and Religious Sects ; tion, with additions by Geo. Bush, their Doctrines, Rites, Ceremonies, portrait of Swedenborg, paper covers. and Customs. Compiled from the New York, 1847. 28. Od.

best authorities. Numerous splendid 108.-EARLE, J. Charles, B.A., the steel plates. Eight divisions ; bound

Spiritual Body, an essay in prose and in 4 vols, complete; whole morocco, verse, 8vo, cloth, 1876. 2s. Od.

gilt edges. Imperial 8vo, N. D. 30s. 109.-Ellen French, a tale for girls, by 124. --GERROND (John), Poems on Se.

Aunt Evergreen, 12mo, cloth, 1866. veral Occasions, chiefly in the Scot. ls. 3d.

tish dialect. 16mo, half red morocco, 110.-ELLIS, Mrs, the Women of Eng- extra gilt edges. Glasgow, 1802.

land, their Social Duties, and Domes- 4s. 6d. tic Habits, post 8vo., green calf, N. D. 125.-GIBBON (Charles), the Conquest 2s. Od.

of Literature ; being a Selection in 111.--Enquiry, an, into the meaning of Poetry and Prose from the Works of

Demoniacks, in the New Testament. the most admired Authors; with An answer to the above, by Leonard Biographical and Literary Notes. 6 Twells. An essay towards vindi- vols. in 3, Thick 8vo. Numerous cating the literal sense of the Demoni- fine Engravings, half calf, gilt, M. E. acks in the New Testament. 1737, in 14s. 6d. I vol, 8vo, half calf Is. 6d.

126.-Glasgow Series of New Church 112. ---Enquire Within upon Everything, Tracts, bound in 1 vol, 12mo, cloth. Svo. cloth, ls. Od.

28. Od. 113.-ETTRICK, Wm, Tae Trial of the 127.-GILES (Chauncey), the Second

Spirits, 8vo. boards, Sunderland, 1825. Coming of the Lord. Crown 8vo, (see a review of this work, in the Re- cloth, 1879. 28. 6d.

pository for 1825). Scarcé, 4s. 6d. 128.-GILPIN (Joshua), a Monument of 114.-Extracts from the Theological works Parental Affection to a dear and only

of Swedenborg, 18mo., half calf, 1794. Son. 12mo, calf. ls. 3d. Is. 6d.

129.-GODWIN William, Lives of the 115.-False Association and its Remedy, Necromancers; or an account of the

or a critical introduction to the late most eminent persons in successive Charles Fourier's Theory of Attrac ! ages, who have claimed for themselves,



or to whom has been imputed by the history, religion, and manners of others, the Exercise of Magical the Hindoos, 2 vols, post 8vo, half

Power, 8vo, boards, 1834. 88. 6d. calf, 1801. 3s. 6d. 130.-Golden Key, proving an internal 146.--HAMILTON, Terrick, Antar,

Spiritual Sense to the Holy Word, a' Bedoueen Romance, translated and containing a variety of interest- from the Arabic, fcap., 8vo, 4 vols, ing and entertaining subjects, intro- half calf, 1819. 58. 6d. duced as dreams of translations into 147. ---HANCOCK, J. Wm. (Barrister at Paradise, with an appendix, 8vo, bds., Law), Cares of the World, crown 8vo, 1817. 39. 6d.

cloth, 1876 28. 6d. 131. GOLDSMITH, Dr., Abridgment of 148.-HARTLEY, Thomas, M.A., Şer.

the History of England, Cuts by mons on Various Subjects, with a

Bewick, 12mo, bds., 1808. 28 Od. prefatory discourse mistakes 132. -Goodfellow's Calendar, and Al- concerning religion, 8vo, old calf,

manack of Perpetual Jocularity ; con- 1754. 38. 6d. taining a chnice collection of Laugh- 149. -Extracts from the Doctrines of able Narratives, Facetious Anec- the New Jerusalem Church, 12mo, neat dotes, Singular facts, and mirth yield- calf. Birmingham, 1789. 38. ing details; all Embellished with 150.-HAUGHTON, Rev. G. D., B.A., Sterling Wit, &c., &c., post 8vo, half on Sex in the World to come, 8vo.,

red morocco, gilt edges, 1826. 58 6d. purple morocco extra, gilt edges, 1841. 133.-GORMAN, Rev. Thos. M., the

58. od Athanasian Creed and Modern 151.-HAYDEN, Wm. B., on the Pheno.

Thought, 8vo, cloth, 1870. ls. 6d. mena of Modern Spiritualism, the 134.-GOYDER, Thos. Droppings from Life after Death, fcap. 8vo, cloth,

the Crystal Fountain. New Church Boston, 1859, 2s. Preacher, vol 1, two sermons by 152. The Dangers of Modern Noble, in 1 vol, 8vo, half calf, 1839-47. Spiritualism, paper, 1873. 9d. 59. 6d.

153.-HAZARD, Samuel, Santo Domingo, -A course of Lectures on some of past and present, with a glance at the most important doctrines of the Hayti, maps and illustrations, thick Christian Religion, 12mo, boards, 8vo, half red morocco, 1873. 78. 6d. 1818. 28. Od.

154.-Heaven Open to all Men ; or Theo136.

-Little Streams from the Great logical Treatise, in which, without Fountain of Living Waters. Being a unsettling the practice of religion, course of 24 Lectures. Engraving of is solidly proved by scripture and the church in Waterloo-road. 8vo, reason, that all men shall be saved half calf, 1831. 2s. 6d.

or made finally happy, 8vo, calf, 1743. 137.-GOYDER, Rev. D. G., Acquisitive- 38. 6d.

ness ; its Uses and Abuses, engrav: 155. -HECKER, John, Scientific Basis of ings, 12mo, bds., 1837. (Stamp mark Education, demonstrated by on Title). 28. 6d.

analysis of the temperaments, and of 138. Autobiography of a Phrenologist the phrenological facts in connection

(My Battle for Life). Engravings, with mental phenomena, and of the

12mo, half morocco, neat, 1857. 58. Od. office of the Holy Spirit in the pro139. Gospel according to Matthew, cesses of the mind, plates, 8vo, cloth, fcp, 8vo, cloth, 1854. 28. 6d.

New York, 1868. 4s. 6d. 140. GRINDON, Leo. H., Summer 156.-Hermippus Redivivus ; or the

Rambles in Cheshire, Derbyshire, Sage's Triumph over old age and the Lancashire, and Yorkshire, crown grave. Wherein a method is laid 8vo, cloth, 1866. 38. 3d.

down for prolonging. the life and 141.- -Life, its Nature, Varieties and vigour of man, including a common.

Phenomena, ro, cloth, nearly new, tary upon an ancient inscription in N, D. 48.

which this great secret is revealed ; 142.-HALL, Spencer T., Biographical supported by numerous authorities,

Sketches of Remarkable People, 8vo, bds, 1744. ls. 6d. chiefly from personalrecollection, with 157.-HERVEY, Rev. James, Meditamiscellaneous papers and poems, 8vo,

tions and Contemplations. Containcloth, engravings, 1873. 6s.

ing meditations among the tombs, 143. - Life and Death in Ireland, bds, Reflections in a Flower Garden, Dis1850. ls.

course on Creation, Contemplations 144. Mesmeric Experiences, paper on the Night, Contemplations on the covers, 1845. ls, 6d.

Starry Heavens, and a Winter Piece, 145.- HAMILTON, Eliza, Translation of to which is prefixed the Life of the

the Letters of a Hindoo Rajah, Author, and a Sermon on his death, written previous to and during the

by the Rev. W. Romaine, fine copper period of his residence in England, plates, 8vo, neat calf, 1845. 28. 3d. to which is prefixed a dissertation on 158. – HILL, Rev. William, Devout

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