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I believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the

although the term is an ill-sounding one, Churches of the present organization and we use it not of others, nor like it of any one, however influential. The of ourselves, we are willing, if it be so only comprehension it is permitted us to wished, to own ourselves a sect, but we attempt is a comprehension in which all ask that the logical inferences of the faithful Churches of Christ shall stand definition be duly observed, and that it upon a brotherly equality, in which be at the same time candidly allowed varieties of organization shall be frankly that since we are a portion of the recognised, and in which full liberty is Church,' none others, without us, can conceded to each Church to follow out claim to be the whole ; that they too those modes of action which it has who apply the term to us, must, as parts found to be most suited to its own only of the Church of Christ, appropriate position and abilities.” the same designation to themselves, and that every trace of reproach be hence

THE CREED OF THE NEW CHURCH. forth banished from the term when it fall, from their lips.

The Society at Birmingham has had Adopting this view of the relation of its attention directed to a revision of the Christian communities to each other, it is Creed with a view to its introduction obvious that the speaker could not regard into the public worship of the Church. diversity as schism. “Diversities,” he A lengthened discussion ended in the says, of Church life and of Church adoption of a resolution for revision order are not schisms in the body of only, the following revised form being Christ. There is not schism in the recommended for adoption :family because the features and frames of our sons are not those of our daughters. There is not schism in God's beauteous only God of heaven and earth; the Father,

Son, and Holy Spirit in a glorified human garden because the stately palm is not form; a Being of infinite love, wisdom, and as the delicate myrtle, the rose is not as power; my Creator, Redeemer, and Regenerthe lily. There is not schism in our ator, who came on earth by taking upon Himbodies because the foot is not shaped as bated the powers of evil, and having con

self our human nature, through which He comthe head and the eye is not as the hand. quered them, He keeps them in subjection, No; diversity is not schism. It is, in and man thereby in spiritual freedom, thus fact, an element essential to the truest making salvation possible to all.

I believe that the Sacred Scripture is the union. It is not permissible simply; Word of God, or Divine Truth itself, which is it is ordained. It is not a thing to be the fountain of wisdom to angels and men. endured; it is a thing to be desired. I must shun all evils as sins against God, and

I believe that if I would become an angel, It is not an evil to be shunned; it is a live in obedience to His commandments; and gift to be hailed as contributing to the that He is ever present to enable me to do this advantage and the joy of all.” °Enter- if I pray to and trust in Him.

an immortal spirit taining these sentiments the Professor clothed

with a material body, which at death does not look to the union of Christen. I shall leave for ever; I shall then be judged dom by the absorption of the several by my life on earth; if it has been good, I shall sects in any one community, but in the live for ever with angels in heaven; but if evil,

I shall seek an abode with those who are cordial acknowledgment by each com- wicked like myself. munity of the ecclesiastical position of the others. “The union,” says Dr. is a coming, not in person, but in spirit, by Newth, "which alone it is worthy of revealing the spiritual sense of His Holy Word,

whereby He commenced a new outpouring of Christian men to seek, and upon which light and love into the minds of men. alone it is right for them to fix their thoughts and hopes, is a union, not of MANCHESTER PRINTING AND TRACT external forms, but of mutual affection SOCIETY.—The annual meeting of this and sympathy, of common interests and society was held in the schoolroom, aims—the union of a common participa- Peter Street, Manchester, on Tuesday tion in the same redemption, a common evening, May 11th, Francis Smith, Esq., call to the same service, a common in the chair. The chairman in opening expectation of the same glorious issues, the meeting stated that he had to and a common submission to the same apologise for the absence of several Master and Lord. The outward mani. ministers and others who were expected festation of such a union is not to be to be present, but had been unavoid. secured by the imposition upon all ably prevented. He referred briefly to

I believe that the Second Advent of the Lord

some of the items of the report, which he were read and signed. The appointcalled upon the secretary to read. ment of officers for the ensuing year

The report stated that in the sale of followed. It was reported that the books and tracts, and the acceptance of fund for circulating copies of Morning books by subscribers, there has been a Light was nearly exhausted, and it marked increase over last year, the sale was arranged to alter the method of of books being greater by 270, and of distribution. It was resolved that an tracts 1689, and subscribers having Almanac for 1881 be printed, and that received 256 more books. During the Mr. Austin be requested to continue his year an effort has been made to circulate services as editor. The sub-committee the tracts in the neighbourhood of appointed to prepare a report of the several of the Lancashire New Church proceedings of the Association since its Societies, but so far without any marked commencement stated that the document effect. Grants for circulation in the would shortly appear.

A sub-comSocieties had been made amounting to mittee was appointed to arrange the 10,290. Other grants had been made details of week-evening lectures to be amounting to 5256. The treasurer's delivered during next winter in the report showed a balance in favour of the various London churches. Mr. Higham society.

then introduced a subject of which he The meeting was addressed by Revs. had given notice, viz. the desirability T. Mackereth, J. Boys, R. Storry, P. of providing the nucleus of a fund, the Ramage, C. H. Wilkins, W. Westall, interest or principal of which—at the and other members of the society. The option of the donors-should be devoted attendance was not numerous, but those to systematic missionary work in the present were very evidently interested metropolis, with a view, ultimately, to in the welfare and extended usefulness the provision of the salary for a missionof the society.

ary to labour solely in the London district.

Several of the details sketched were SWEDENBORG SOCIETY.—The seven- criticised by subsequent speakers, but the tieth annual meeting of this society discussion closed with the appointment will be held at 36 Bloomsbury Street, of a sub-committee to present the idea in London, W.C., on Tuesday evening, a tangible shape. June 15, 1880. The chair will be taken by Dr. Stocker at seven o'clock precisely. ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA The report of the committee and the RECEPTION TO MR. JACOB PITMAN.treasurer's account will be submitted to Mr. Jacob Pitman, the founder of the the members, and the officers for the Adelaide Society of the New Church, ensuing year elected. Much has been having determined to come again to done during the past year to promote Adelaide, it was arranged by the comthe great end for which the society mittee to hold a social meeting of the exists; and the committee trust that members and friends of the Society to the members and friends will manifest welcome him and Mrs. Pitman on their their continued interest in the work, return to reside amongst us.

The meet. which every year embraces a wider field, ing took place in the church, Hanson by being present on this occasion. Street, and was held on Monday even

Subscriptions which have not been ing, January 12th. There was a nupaid to the collectors should now be merous attendance, and the gathering sent without delay to the agent, Mr. was a very successful one. During the Speirs, 36 Bloomsbury Street, London, evening, Mr. W. Holden, one of the W.C., otherwise members will not be original members of the Society, on entitled to vote.

behalf of the members generally, pre

sented an address of welcome to Mr. LONDON ASSOCIATION OF THE NEW Pitman, and in doing so referred in a CHURCH.—The quarterly meeting was brief speech to the first meeting for held on Monday, April 26th, at Cam- Divine worship, which was held in Mr. berwell. Tea having been served, the Pitman's house on Sunday the 7th of chair was taken by Mr. T. H. Elliott July 1844, and was attended by four at seven o'clock. Prayer was offered adult persons, all of whom are still by the Rev. W. C. Barlow, M.A., living, two being present that evening; and the minutes of the last meeting He remarked that he was sure that all


who remembered Mr. Pitman were very by the Divine Providence to lay the pleased to see him again. Mr. Pitman foundation of the first altar erected in replied in a few feeling sentences, and the southern hemisphere to the worship gave a brief reminiscence of the first of the Lord Jesus Christ in His Divine establishment of the church, remarking Humanity as the only God. We trust that he thought the Society had pro- that the long interval that has elapsed gressed wonderfully well, and expressed since you left Adelaide has not weakened a hope that its members would still con- the bonds of affection between you and tinue to persevere in extending a know those who remember you as the first ledge of the Heavenly Doctrines. The minister of the Society, and we sincerely Rev. E. G. Day also gave a short history pray that you may be long spared to aid of the progress of the church since his our endeavours to extend the kingdom leadership, extending over upwards of of our Lord.” twenty years. He referred to the small On Sunday, January 18th, in accordbuilding in Carrington Street, in which ance with notice previously given, spethe members met for worship previous cial sermons were delivered on behalf

of to their entering into the commodious the Adelaide Children's Hospital. In chureh in which they were then assem- the morning Mr. W. Holden delivered bled, and to the efforts which had been an excellent discourse on the words conand were still being made in the cause tained in the eighteenth chapter of of the Truth. The Society, he re- Matthew, fourteenth verse, “ It is not marked, was in possession of a very valu. the will of your Father which is in able freehold piece of land, and a sub- heaven, that one of these little ones stantial and creditable church, and the should perish.” In the evening the only amount owing was £200 on the Rev. E. G. Day preached an admirable building. To meet this debt an amount sermon from the words contained in was subscribed weekly to a building Mark x, verses 13 to 16, “And they society, so that in a very short time brought young children to Him, that they would be in a position in which He should touch them: and His disci

other church in Adelaide was- ples rebuked those that brought them. entirely free from debt. A small but But when Jesus saw it, He was much rough painting of the old building in displeased, and said unto them, Suffer Carrington Street had just been hung the little children to come unto Me, up in the vestry, which was a faithful and forbid them not: for of such is the representation of the old house they had kingdom of God. Verily I say unto left, and to which he directed their you, Whosoever shall not receive the attention, and would ask them to “ look kingdom of God as a little child, he on that picture and then on this,” and shall not enter therein. And He took see what progress had been made. Mr. them up in His arms, put His hands John Rendali, another old member of upon them, and blessed them. The the Society, and other friends briefly congregation on each occasion was spoke, expressing their great pleasure good, the freewill-offerings amounting, at again seeing Mr. Pitman. Several with a small addition from the Beneanthems, solos, and pieces of music volent Fund, to £5. So far as the were given during the evening by the Adelaide Society is aware, theirs was organist and choir, and at an interval the first attempt to inaugurate a Hospital in the proceedings an adjournment was Sunday, and it is intended to make the made into the vestry, where tea and attempt an annual one. The charitable coffee, cake, fruit, etc., were partaken of, fund above referred to consists of the and a very pleasant evening was spent. Sacramental offerings, which are col. The following is a copy of the address : lected at the administration of the ordi«« To Mr. Jacob Pitman. Dear Sir,- nance on the first Sunday of each month. We, the undersigned office-bearers of the This is the only collection which is Adelaide Society of the New Church, made in the church, all other expenses on behalf of the members of the Society being met by the voluntary contribuand of the congregation, gladly avail tions of the congregation on Sundays. ourselves of this opportunity of welcom. At the annual meeting of the Society, ing you with Mrs. Pitman to Adelaide. held in January, the sum of £5 also was We congratulate you on the circum- voted to the Irish Relief Fund from the stance of your having been privileged charitable fund, so that the members

of the church have been doing some received, containing the annual address thing to bring the name of the Society of the Conference to this Society. This before the attention of the public. address was read from the desk, and a

The above interesting account of pro- reply will be forwarded to the next Geneceedings in this distant Society is ac. ral Conference to be held in August.' companied by the printed report of the Society for the past year. The Society VIENNA To the Editor of the Inhas completed the erection of a vestry tellectual Repository.-Your readers will at the rear of their church. The Society be grieved to learn that the Rev. Herhas also incurred another large expendi- mann Peisker, who at the unanimous ture in the purchase of an organ, which request of the Vienna Society of the it was thought would improve the musi. New Church was ordained in 1871 by the cal services of the church. The follow- authority of the General Conference of ing items have relation to the internal the New Church in Great Britain, died life of the Society :

on April 7th, as his father-in-law ex“Public worship has been regularly pressed himself

, “of a broken heart, held morning and evening on the fifty- induced by the prospect of want and two Sundays in the year, and on the starvation staring him in the face. mornings of Good Friday and Christmas Mr. Peisker, it seems, when he Day, these 106 services having been entered in 1871 upon his duties at attended by congregations averaging Vienna, was possessed of a small forty-seven adults and nine children. fortune, enabling him to serve the The sacrament of the Lord's Supper has Society at a merely nominal stipend. been administered twelve times during Owing to unfortunate investments his the year, giving an average of nearly capital, however, part of the time retwenty-one communicants at each ad- mained unproductive, so that in order ministration. Ten infants have been to maintain his increasing family he baptized, ten marriages solemnized, and had to live for several years on a portion four funerals attended during the year. of his capital. This compelled him at The Scripture class has been held last to ask the Vienna Society to in. twenty-three times, with an average crease his meagre stipend, which never attendance of fourteen pupils and two amounted to more than £25. The teachers. Since the completion of the Society were unwilling to make any vestry, our minister has attended on effort, and the result was a separation Monday and Friday afternoons to an- between it and Mr. Peisker. swer any inquiries that might be made The remnant of Mr. Peisker's fortune by strangers or friends respecting the was absorbed in 1879 by the bankwritings, and has held every Wednes- ruptcy of a commercial house in which day evening for an hour after the choir it was invested ; and then in order to practice a meeting for reading and con- obtain a livelihood for his family he versation, principally to enable the opened a school for instruction in penjunior members of the Society to ac- manship, his father-in-law, who lived quire some knowledge of the writings on a small pension, becoming his of Emanuel Swedenborg ; but the at- security. This school did not prove tendance has not been quite so numer- successful. ous nor so regular as could have been Meanwhile the Committee of Foreign wished. Still there has seldom been and Colonial Missions, which was not fewer than from nine to a dozen. A acquainted then with the state of Mr. series of six lectures was delivered on Peisker's private affairs, hoped to effect Sunday evenings in July, August, and a reconciliation between Mr. Peisker September, principally with a view to and the Vienna Society; and in case its meet spiritualistic and free-thought ob- efforts should not be crowned with jections to the Sacred Scriptures as the success, it had intended to try to enable Word of God. All the lectures were Mr. Peisker, under the law of domestic well attended, that given on the 3rd of worship, to institute public worship August received a full and favourable with those of the friends in Vienna who report in the South Australian Register were dissatisfied with the ruling of the the next morning. Twenty-five copies standing committee. of the Minutes of the General Confer- While these plans

being ence of the New Church have been matured, the news arrived of Mr.



Peisker's sudden death. After his In the evening collection there was put decease also the particulars respecting upon the plate an envelope with these his private affairs came to the know- words outside, “For the new machine," ledge of the Committee on Foreign and within the envelope was a cheque Missions; whereby they learned that for £25. The donor was a gentleman while trying to open a new field of from a distance connected with the usefulness the Church for Mr. Congregational body, and who being on Peisker, he and his wife and four a visit to one of our friends attended the children were actually perishing of services, and learned that the want was want and starvation.

for a new musical instrument, to lead By the Lord's divine mercy the the school singing, in place of the wornofficers of the committee were enabled out one now used. His pleasure in the at once to forward to the widow £15, singing of the children and in the whole being the second half of the £30 which services of the church led him to make Conference at its last session had re- this handsome donation. The other quested them to raise, if possible, for portion of the day's collection was about the assistance of Mr. Peisker. At its £27, making £52 total. meeting on the 27th of April the committee resolved further to grant £30 for LONDON (Camberwell). — The ordinary a fund whereby Mr. Jantschowitsch, proceedings of the Sunday school were Mrs. Peisker's father, was to be re- suspended on the afternoon of Sunday, lieved from the liabilities which he had May 16th, and instead thereof the incurred in order to enable his son-in- scholars and their parents, together with law to open his school.

other members of the Society, were The net sunı required for this pur- invited to witness the formal presentapose is £52; yet the committee hope, tion of the prizes and certificates won with the aid of the friends of the New by the school in the recent Scripture Church in Great Britain, to raise £100 examination instituted by the New or more for the widow of Mr. Peisker, Church Sunday-School Union. The as a token of the respect and esteem chair was taken by the superintendent, in which her husband was held in Mr. S. Lewin, who explained the cirEngland.

cumstances under which the examina. For the satisfaction of the con- tion had been held, and congratulated tributors, it is proper to mention that both teachers and scholars upon the Dr. Bayley, Dr. Tafel, Mr. Jobson, and results of their united labours. Fifteen Mr. Gunton have been nominated as a scholars competed, of whose papers seven committee to see to the wise applica- were marked "excellent, earning a tion of the contributions.

prize and certificate, and seven

“good,” All contributions will be thankfully earning a certificate. Rev. Mr. Barlow received by Mr. R. Gunton, Treasurer and others connected with the school of Conference, 205 Tufnell Park Road, gave encouraging and interesting adLondon, N. By order of the Com- dresses. mittee on Colonial and Foreign Missions. R. L. Tafel, Secretary.

MIDDLETON.-On Saturday, May 1st, The list of contributions thus far will a tea party and reception meeting was be seen on the cover of the Magazine. held in the New Jerusalem Temple,

Middleton, to welcome the Rev. W. BIRMINGHAM (Wretham Road Church). Westall to the pastorate of the Society. -A pleasing incident occurred at the There was a good attendance. The annual sermons on behalf of the Sunday Rev. R. Storry of Heywood presided, schools, which were preached by the and he was supported on the platform Rev. R. R. Rodgers on the 9th May. by several other ministers. After an His subject in the morning was, “Sow- appropriate introduction and address ing bountifully and Reaping bounti- from the chairman, Mr. Holt rose and fully.” At the close of the discourse on behalf of the Society said : “We Mr. Rodgers alluded to the costs of have met to-day to give a kindly and what might be termed the machinery of a hearty welcome to our respected education, and said he was informed mi the Rev. William Westall, that just now a new machine was wanted on his acceptance of the pastorate of the which would involve an outlay of £25. Middleton Society of the New Church.

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