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universally accepted by mankind; the Father ? The twofold consciousthat doubtless in many cases these ness of our Lord while in this world conceptions were vague and sensual; was

remarked upon ;

and it but a knowledge of God cannot rise shown that the human was not born above the mental and moral condition perfect, but made perfect through of either Christians or heathen, the suffering. The human and Divine idea of God being elevated according were distinct so long as the human to the state of regeneration. Thus it was not perfect, and it was during this is said by the Psalmist, “With the state that the Lord prayed, “Not My merciful Thou wilt show Thyself will,” the will of the human, merciful ; with an upright man Thou Thine,” the will of the Divine, "be wilt show Thyself upright; with the done. The lecturer next proceeded to pure Thou wilt show Thyself pure ; explain such texts as those that_teach and with the froward Thou wilt show that Jesus was sent from the Father Thyself froward.” And again, "Thou by showing that the Father who sent thoughtest that I was altogether such was not another God outside of Jesus, an one as thyself.” From this cause but the Father within, “He that arises diversity of thought and seeth Me seeth Him that sent Me;" numerous differing ideas concerning also the passages which speak of Jesus God; and hence it behoves all men as sitting at the right hand of God, or to go to the Divine Word and seek to the right hand of power, or the right learn therein of God Himself. To hand of the majesty on high ; and he know God is the Christian's first duty. concluded with an exhortation to look If upon the altar of the sanctuary, in to Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega, popular creeds, the nature of God is the Good Shepherd, the Great Physician, said to be unknown, then in the who hath all power in heaven and on language of the apostle we proclaim, earth, and in whom dwelleth all the “Whom therefore ignorantly fulness of the Godhead bodily. worship, Him declare we unto you.' On Wednesday April 7th, the Rev. The fundamental teaching of the Bible W. O'Mant of Nottingham lectured is that God is one, “Hear, O Israel, on The Spiritual World." The The Lord our God is one Lord.” And reverend gentleman said : “The subject the Word as clearly states that this before us_is important for several one God would come into the world reasons: Firstly, We ourselves are and become the Saviour and Redeemer spiritual beings and denizens of the of mankind, “There is no God else spiritual world. Hence to be ignorant beside Me; a just God, and a Saviour: of that world is to be ignorant of our there is

beside Me." Jesus own selves, and to understand that therefore was “God manifested in the world promotes the truest self-knowflesh,” “Emmanuel, God with us. ledge. And, moreover, as God is a This is the clear teaching of Holy Spirit, a knowledge of the spiritual Scripture; and the man, or the doc- world conduces to a knowledge of God. trine, that states that there are more The Bible is also written by those who than one

God presumes to know had a knowledge of that world, and it better than God Himself, and follows includes facts relating to that world, the tradition of men rather than the and therefore a knowledge of the words of Revelation. The Holy Spirit spiritual world helps us to understand is the Spirit of Truth; it is the the Bible. There is so much that is Divine Proceeding, the Comforter, the supernatural in the “Word” that it Lord coming in a new form, “I will is impossible to comprehend that great not leave you comfortless, I will come revelation without a knowledge of to you.

Mr. Fairweather next pro- this subject. And as the Bible is ceeded to explain the Scripture para. the guide of life, the importance of doxes upon this subject; but, he stated, the one is measured by the importance whether he were able to explain them of the other. or not, would not alter the funda- “We shall endeavour first to answer mental doctrine of the Bible, that the question, Where is the Spiritual

” and that this God is World ?' Inasmuch as the spiritual the Saviour. He proceeded to answer world is not a world of the same kind the question, Why Jesus prayed to as this, there is no need for us to locate


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“God is one,

it in space at all. It does not bear the The third lecture was on the subject same special relation to our world as of “Man in Eden and the Fall,” by the Jupiter does, because it is a different Rev. J. Ashby of Derby, who on introkind of world. Hence it may be as to ducing his subject to the audience spoke space in the same space as our natural of it as being most important on acworld—in the same space without dis- count of its connection with the fundaplacing it. And so it is. It is the soul mentals of theology, for unless we have of the natural world, and may be said true ideas of the nature of the fall of man to occupy the world in some such a we shall not be able to comprehend the way as the soul of a man occupies and nature of the work of redemption. He vivifies his natural body. It is there- remarked that the record which speaks fore in the material world, and in the of the early history and condition of our vegetable world, and in the animal race must always be interesting to the world. To every close and accurate thoughtful mind, and that this is espeobserver of external things there is cially the case when the history is given something-some power and intelligence with a Divine authority. The early that is non-material-closely allied to chapters of the Bible are written in every object. This the greatest style common to all the records we philosophers have remarked ; and while have pretending to describe the comsome express their ignorance of its mencement of the Eastern and other nature, the New Church truths teach nations of antiquity. They are of a us that it is the spiritual world. The similar allegorical kind. We are led spiritual world therefore is in us and we from these considerations, combined with are in it. Our feelings and thoughts and others, to conclude that the accounts sentient life are all in the spiritual world. given in Genesis, which are generally

We next consider briefly what regarded as descriptive of the origin of this spiritual world is. It is sub- the natural world and the creation of stantial, not shadowy, as some may humanity upon it, rather relate to the assert. Substance is that which stands moral and spiritual character, the sentiunder, as the etymology of the word ments and religious conditions of men, indicates. The spiritual world is the which are presented through their correal substance, and this natural world responding images in nature.

Thus is only a series of phenomena. More- when we read of heaven and earth we over, the spiritual world is the world of are to understand not the physical, but All causes are there. To the spiritual creation.

Mankind were accurate thinker physical causes will be created not in possession of mental and thought of as antecedents. The spiritual spiritual qualities, but with the capaworld consists of the living men who bilities merely, which being developed have lived on this earth, and in its could entertain the most exalted per widest sense of all who have lived onceptions of wisdom and the holiest any and every earth and have passed principles of virtue. Thus before the away. They form the animating soul Fall man was born into conditions in of all natural creation, and the Divine these respects very similar to those into Being is perpetually pouring forth His which he has since been born. The creative energy through them into beginning of the race, like the beginning nature, which is moulded by the of the individual, was an age of ignormedium through which it passes. In ance—but of innocence—the ground of asmuch as we all must pass into this progressive and perfecting manhood. world at death, the subject glows with Perfection is reached by gradual prointerest to every man who is wise gression, “first that which is natural, enough to pay heed to his own destiny, afterwards that which is spiritual.” and is neglected only by the careless From this Mr. Ashby drew the conclu. and worldly. A knowledge of this sion that the Fall was also gradual, deworld is an explanation of most of the noted in the first instance by its being mysteries that have for so many ages said that something was not good. The perplexed mankind. The two worlds, first act of descent may be described as the spiritual and the natural, being so intentional, but not malignant. The intimately united the one cannot be Fall, therefore, was not a sudden calaunderstood without a knowledge of the mity, but a series of downward steps. other."

Eden was expressive of the pleasurable


condition of love and wisdom enjoyed privilege of New Churchmen, and theirs by the people called Adam; the garden also is the responsibility. Those whose denotes their intellectual condition. religious excellence is rooted in love Passages of Scripture were quoted to are addressed here by the term Zion confirm this view. Mr. Ashby further and exhorted to get up into the high went on to show the meaning of the mountain. They are to rise to higher trees of the garden and of the serpent motives, nobler aims, and loftier ends ; which tempted Eve, and many passages they must rise to the loftiest eminence were brought forward showing that the of a love of God that they may read serpent was used in Scripture in a sym- the heavenly tidings from afar and holic way; as when our Lord says, signal them on to the inquiring and

Behold, I give you power to tread hungering souls that are around. Those, on serpents and scorpions, Be ye again, whose. religious excellence is wise as serpents. The serpent denoted grounded in faith are addressed by the the sensual faculty, either as an instru- term Jerusalem, and exhorted to lift up ment of good—a servant, or as tempting their voice with strength. They believe, man to a downward course and making therefore they must speak, and their him of the earth, earthy. This inter- shout of these good tidings must be esting lecture was brought to a close by made strong by the spirit of goodness. inviting the friends present to ask Fear not, but lift it up, and say to the questions or for further explanation. cities of Judah, “Behold your God !" After the lectures many tracts were Show to the dwellers in Christian docdistributed and many “Silent Mission. trines the Lord in all those glorious aries” sold.

aspects, that the good tidings may carry

strength and joy to the believer's heart. MIDDLETON.—The Rev. W. Westall Mr. Westall then said he felt the appeal commenced his pastorate of the Middle- to have an especial application to himself ton Society on Sunday, April 11th, and in commencing his duties as minister preached to good congregations both of the Middleton Society, and it should morning and evening. For his morning be his humble but earnest endeavour to text he took the words of Isaiah xl. 9, obey this sublime injunction of the O Zion, that bringest good tidings, Lord. But the appeal was also ad. get thee up into the high mountain ; 0 dressed to his hearers, for all according Jerusalem, that bringest good tidings, to their ability; and in their varied lift up thy voice with strength : lift it walks of life could get up into the high ur, be not afraid ; say unto the cities of mountain, and lift up their voice with Judah, Behold your God !” He showed strength, and make known these good that this figure was taken from the tidings to the people around. ancient custom of signalling news from His evening text was taken from the mountain tops and employing men Proverbs xxvi. 20, “Where no wood is, fleet of foot to carry the news to the there the fire goeth out.” He showed city below, first shouting the tidings to that proverbs were the sayings of wisa watchman upon the city wall, who dom, and presented us with some of the sang them out again to the neighbouring best lessons of life in the fewest words. watchman, and he to the next, until The proverb of this text is no exception the news encircled the city and became to the rule ; it recognises the great noised about by the inhabitants within. truth, that there are fires within as well He then showed that, important as the as fires around, and of the fires within tidings were of our Lord's First Advent, it is well that some should be extinthe tidings of His Second Advent are of guished and others be kept alive. The increased value; for they set forth fire of strife is kept alive by tale-bearHis Divine attributes and character, His ing, and the fire of revenge by retaliaworks of Redemption and Salvation, tion; and if these fires are to go out, it His Divine Providence, Man's future must be by ceasing to heap this fuel life, and the Holy Word in a new and upon them. Spiritually, wood is typical more glorious light, and in an aspect of external goodness, the good of that is destined to carry comfort, obedience, of external acts. And among strength, and joy to thousands of embar- the many uses performed by acts of rassed and distressed minds. The bring, goodness is this, that they serve as fuel ing of these good tidings is the especial to the sacred fires of love within the

soul. If the love of honesty is to be disappointment that it is now discovered kept burning within the breast, it must that these services cannot be held at the be by practising that which is honest in time announced. The work, although the world ; if the love of truthfulness in an advanced state, is not sufficiently is to be kept alive within us, it must be forward to enable the Society to enter by being truthful in the life; if the on its possession for their public worship love of chastity is to be kept glowing in at so early a period. The services the heart, it must be by observing that announced are, therefore, necessarily which is chaste and pure in conduct. delayed, but will take place at an It is the same with the love of God. If early time, of which due notice will be we would keep the love of God burning given. We doubt not that many memwithin the soul we must obey Him bers of other New Church Societies who and do His Divine commands. “He are interested in the good work in which that hath My commandments and our friends have been employed will doeth them, he it is that loveth Me." render a hearty assistance

on the So with the love of the Church ; it can occasion. only be kept alive by serving the Church and ministering to her varied SALISBURY. — April 18th, Mr. Jones wants. If this be not done, the love of Winchester visited the Society by dieth out, for where no wood is the fire special request and delivered two disgoeth out. The priests not only put courses, preaching in the morning from wood upon the fire of the Jewish altar, Isa. xl. 3-5. After briefly stating some but removed the ashes. Many are the of the unsatisfactory efforts that had ashes that accumulated in the burning been made to maintain its literal teachof these sacred fires in the performance ing, he drew attention to the necessity of use; and we must not only put on of elevating the low and sensual wood, but remove the ashes if these fires affections and removing the mountains are to burn with increased purity and of pride as a preparation for the coming -strength in the soul. He then showed of Jesus in the mind. His evening that the lesson was a most important text was taken from John vi. 53 ; and one to young people who had life yet in his able explanation of the spiritual before them and their characters to manner of complying with the Lord's form. It is of the very first importance request, and the necessity of doing so that these religious fires should be for the preservation of spiritual life, kindled within their breasts, and when Mr. Jones not only gave great pleasure kindled, that they be kept burning to the members of the Church, but there for ever.

In this age of religious appeared to interest and impress several laxity and indifference there is danger strangers who were present. lest we forget the proverb,

66 Where no wood is, there the fire goeth out.” SOUTHPORT.-One of the great efforts And the man in whom this sacred fire of the popular Christian communities has died out is bereft of its illuminating of late years has been directed to the power and of the blessed influence it erection of large and elegant churches was designed to shed upon his character in the fashionable and much-frequented and life both here and in the world to watering-places of the kingdom. It

Both services were well appre- was felt that members of churches ciated, and gave hope that the new spending portions of their time with pastorate would be attended with good. their families in these places were not fitted up

provided with suitable and sufficient RADCLIFFE, NEAR MANCHESTER.—This accommodation for their public worship, Society has been for some time occupied and were in danger of being drawn in the erection of a large and elegant away into the vortex of pleasure and church on the site of two former build- neglect of the duties of the Sabbath. ings which have been successively The New Church is too small a body outgrown. The new building is ap- to do much in this direction. An proaching completion, and the Society effect has been made, however, at were assured that it would be ready Southport, which has not been unsucfor opening at Whitsuntide. Public cessful. The nave of a somewhat services were accordingly arranged and extensive church was some time since advertised, and it is with a feeling of erected and neatly and comfortably



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for public worship.

An at the next meeting of the Society in ac. endowment provided by Mr. Becconsall cordance with a resolution of the Church enabled the Society to obtain the services Committee. It is certainly a most imof a minister, and New Church families portant one, and the Society ought to visiting this attractive watering-place act with great wisdom in relation to it. are thus supplied with a conveniently situated and comfortable place of worship. The church, however, has no

Obituary. schoolroom attached, and it is now The church in Avenham Road, proposed to erect the chancel and Preston, has sustained a loss by the apply it to school purposes. The cost removal of Mr. Samuel Booth Wilding will be about £450, towards which, and into the spiritual world. He had been the clearing off of a debt which remains in a declining state of health for several on the church, the Society has obtained years, and since 1875 had been deprived promises amounting to £520. By means of his sight. He bore his long affliction of the continued assistance of their with fortitude and exemplary patience, friends and a bazaar, which it is pro. and on the 2nd of Aprilpassed gently and posed to hold, they hope to accomplish peacefully away. Mr. Wilding was in both these important works.

his sixty-ninth year, was intimately as

sociated with the Becconsalls, who built FIRST NEW JERUSALEM SOCIETY,

and endowed the church of which he had been a consistent member for forty

years, and was highly esteemed by all This Society, following the example who knew him. of some of the English Societies, has published a Manual for the month of

Departed this life, at Newcastle-onApril.

Tyne, February 17th, Miss Elizabeth "This Manual,” writes the editor, Mary Davidson, in her forty-first year. “is published for the purpose of ac. During her whole life she was a con. quainting the members of the Society sistent and exemplary member of the and congregation with the work and New Jerusalem Church. We may truly services of our Church. It is in- say she “adorned the doctrine of God tended that every Manual shall contain our Saviour in all things.' A faithful some truth of the New Church which and dutiful daughter, a beloved sister, will make it worthy of attention, be- and a valued friend. Her end was sides the notices of the work and services eminently peaceful. of the Society. From this Manual we learn that no

At Accrington, on 5th April, Mr. rental of


y kind is charged for sittings Jacob Bridge, aged seventy-one years. in the Church, the best as well as the Our departed friend had been connected poorest being entirely free. Individuals with the Church the greater part of his and families, however, are allowed to life, at one time taking an active part in select and retain the seats which they its management, and always exhibiting prefer, many of them occupying the a steady Christian deportment. He bore same position from year to year, their his sufferings with much patience; and preferences and possession being re- commending his spirit into the hands of spected by others,—it being 'understood his loving Šaviour, quietly passed froma that the seats must be occupied before his earthly to his heavenly home. the commencement of worship to secure them.

On April 20th, Martha, the beloved Among other important questions wife of Captain James Ward of Brightwhich will come before the Society at lingsea, passed into the spiritual world its quarterly meeting will be the one in the forty-first year of her age. As of providing a new house of worship. the eldest daughter of Mr. William This question is forced upon the Society Clarey, she was well known to New by the large and increasing number of Church visitors to Brightlingsea. She the congregation, and the impossibility was warmly attached to the New Church of providing comfortable sittings for all in which was baptized, and was who desire to hear the truths of the active in the performance of various New Church. This subject is presented uses in the Society.

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