A Collection of the published writings of William Withey Gull v. 1 1894, Bind 1

New Sydenham Society, 1894

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Side 551 - ... tubercles, varying from the size of a pin's head to that of a large pea, isolated or confluent ; or, secondly, as yellowish patches of irregular outline, slightly elevated, and with but little hardness.
Side 86 - ... thin and transparent, except at the point of rupture. Further, also, when death has taken place from changes around the aneurism, as by pressure or softening, the sac itself may present such appearances that unless a minute dissection be made of it, its true nature may not be discovered.
Side 132 - Hebdomadaire, and having witnessed it myself in the months of July and Augiist of the same year, I can bear testimony to the ability and accuracy of his description. It began (frequently in persons of good constitution) with sensations of pricking...
Side 555 - ... discussion. On its first appearance, some suspected it to have a secondary venereal affection ; but there was nothing in the case, nor indeed in the character of the eruption, when carefully examined, to support this view. The only cutaneous affection with which we could associate it, was that of a young woman, whose case we have given above, where the tubercles had occurred in the face only.
Side 545 - That there is not sufficient evidence before the Profession to prove that any of the advocated remedies have power to prevent the heart becoming diseased. That in rheumatic fever the tendency is for the heart to become diseased during the first few days of the fever...
Side 557 - Sheriff's case. They are firm, rather irregular on the surface; have much the appearance, at first sight, of small compound follicles, but on closer inspection are proved to depend upon a change in the cutis. On the surface small venous capillaries may be here and there seen, producing a mottled appearance. In the hands we pass insensibly from the tubercles on the back of the joints to the state described in Mrs.
Side 574 - Gull read a paper on the injurious effects of ether inhalation, and ended his communication with queries as to the " desirability of removing pain," &c.1 Mr. Bransby Cooper, Surgeon to Guy's Hospital, afterwards affirmed it as his opinion, " that pain was a premonitory condition, no doubt fitting parts, the subject of lesion, to reparatory action, and, therefore, he (Mr.
Side 547 - ... is to be attributed, not to the influence of the drugs, but to the natural course of the disease ; for the patients did not come under treatment until the rheumatic fever had been going on some days, and until the period when the heart was most liable to become diseased had passed over.
Side 307 - ... slow pulse, slow breathing. In the stage of greatest emaciation one might have been pardoned for assuming that there was some organic lesion, but from the point of view indicated such an assumption would have been unnecessary.
Side 132 - ... parts to be touched by the bedclothes. After some time, a few days or even a few hours, a diminution or even abolition of sensation took place in the affected members ; they became incapable of distinguishing the shape, texture, or temperature of bodies, the power of motion declined, and, finally, they were observed to become altogether paralytic. The injury was not confined to the hands and feet alone, but, advancing with progressive pace, extended over the whole of both extremities. Persons...

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