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VOLUME VIII., Fanaticism ; Letter on the Prophe-

cies; Defence of Experimental ReSIX LETTERS on the SPIRIT- ligion; On Evangelical Mysticism; UAL MANIFESTATION of the Eulogy on Christian Philosophers ; SON of GOD; Fragments; Pas- Natural Aversion of the Human toral and Familiar Letters ; Ob- | Mind to that which is good; Conservations on the Redemption of version of Mr. Fletcher; Dialogue Mankind by Jesus Christ ; On the between a Minister and one of his three Principles, of Life, Intelli- Parishioners; General Index. 12mo., gence, and Love, the Image of the Turkey cloth, gilt-labelled. Price Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; On 1 4s. 6d.

By the same Author, POSTHUMOUS PIECES: Con- gatory, Seventh Edition. 12mo., taining his Pastoral and Familiar boards. Price 3s. 6d. Epistles, together with Six Letters AN APPEAL to MATTER of on the Manifestation of Christ. FACT and COMMON SENSE; or, Sixth Edition. 12mo., bds. Price 4s. a Rational Demonstration of Man's CHECKS to ANTINOMIAN- Edition. 12mo. Price 2s., boards.

Corrupt and Lost Estate. Sixteenth ISM. New Edition. 2 vols., 12mo. boards. Price 6s.


WORKS OF THE REV. JOHN THE LAST CHECK to ANTI- FLETCHER, systematically arNOMIANISM: a Polemical Essay ranged: with a Life of the Author. on the Twin Doctrines of Christian By S. Dunn. 12mo., cambric. Imperfection, and a Death Pur- | Price 6s. 6d.

Also, just published, LIVES OF EARLY METHODIST PREACHERS, Chiefly written by themselves. Edited by THOMAS JACKSON.

In Three Volumes. 12mo., cambric. Price 15s.


Vol. I., Containing the Lives of Dr. I. Watts and MR. T. HALIBURTON. Edited by THOMAS JACKSON. 18mo., cambric. Price 2s. 6d.

Vol. II., Containing the Lives of the Rev. PEARD DICKINSON, and MR. JOHN

JANEWAY. 18mo., cambric. Price 2s. 6d. To be continued in a Series of Volumes, one to be published every two

months. This Work is designed principally for the use of religious families, and

also for the libraries of Sunday-Schools. THE CHRISTIAN ARMED AGAINST INFIDELITY. A Collection of Tracts in Defence of Divine Revelation. With a Preface

by Thomas JACKSON. 18mo., cambric. Price 2s. 6d.

London: Printed by T. Roche, 70, Old-street Road.

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