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Away down Last
Annie Lawrie...
Are we almost there...
Ah for wings, or Prima Donna Song.
Away now joyful riding...
A cot beside a bill..
Arab Steed....
Ave Maria...
Bowld Soger Boy ::
Burial of Mrs. Judson....
Be Thril and Beware.
Blancue Alpen..
Blue Juniata....
Bonnie Mary Gray.
By the sad sea waves....
Blest alone I rove...
Come, oh! come with me..
Come, sit thee down
Call Me Pet Names.
Child's Wish ....
Cot beside the bill.
Charming May..
Chink of Gold..
Do they miss me me at home.
Distant drum..
Dearest, I will love thee more...
Dreams.. 204.-Dream on ...

Eight dollars a day...
Ever be happy..

Echo of the mountain.
Fannie Dear.
Free Country.
Fond Wishes..
Grave of Washington.
Grave of Bonaparte.
God of the fatherless.
Go thou and dream.
Gilli Ma Chree...
Highland Minstrel Boy.
Hearts and Homes...
Home of my Youth....
Hour of Love...
Hero's Serenade.
Heather Bell...

..45| Happy Bayadere....
.47 Had I met thee in thy beauty..
.56 Ida May...
..88 It is better to laugh...
.101 I'd offer thee this hand of mine.
.112 I would I were a boy again..
.118 In this old chair...
.126 I've been roaming

.18 I am dreaming of thee.
..37 Johny Sands...
.40 Joe Hardy..
.54 Jamie's on the stormy sea.
:55 Katy Darling......
103 Katy did and Katy didn't....

Lula is our darling pride..
Lilly Dale
Lilly Dear! Rove with me

Last Greeting

Last Serenade.

Light Sparks....

Lords of Creation....
120 Make me no gaudy chaplet..

Miller's Maid....

9 Mary of Argyle...
.147 Mountain Maid's Invitation....
.152 My sighs shall on the balmy breeze..
.193 My dream of Love is over....

Mountain bugle....
.124 My Father's coming home, Mother...
177 Molly Bawn....

Mountaineer's Farewell..
.4 Not for gold or precious stones.
199 No, ne'er can thy home be mine.
.26 No More..

62. On the banks of Guadalquiver.
..96 0! would I were a girl again.
184 On! to the field of glory.
196 Ossian's Serenade...
.89 Once I knew a maiden fair.
.102 Oh! Charming May.....
. 105 Oh! She was good as she was fair

122 Oh! the merry old days....
.156 loh! home of my childhood..

.159 Pauper's Funeral..
209 Pestal..

..35 Prima Donna Song.

38 Pretty little warbler...

49 Pretty little mocking bird ...

.72 Pinch and Cough O'Leary..

.80 Rome thou art no more

116 Scenes that are brightest.

Song of Blanche Alpen.


Silver Moon ....

Songs of other days..
78 Soft glides the sea.
.50 Silence! Silence!.

.90 She sweetly sleeps.
70 Song of the olden time..

86 Sycamore old and grey .
..98 Serenade of Don Pasquale..
. 106 She's only gone before..

.145 Songs of Love....

.168 Thy name was once the magic spell

.191 | 'Twas on a Sunday Morning.

24 Thou art gone from my gaze. .

32 The Return....
44 Thou hast learned to love another.
.58 'Twas in the glad season.
.94 There's a sigh in the heart...
.113 Three Bells...
.136 Then take me to my native home...

174 Through meadows green...

188 Vale of Water3...

194 We met by chance....

.7 We miss thee at home..

23 Where are the frienils of my youth.

155 We are almost there....

..30 When the moon on the lake is beaming.
61 Willow Song.....

67 | When the Swallows homeward fly..
..76 | Where the waibling waters flow...
..99 Why do I weep for thee....


love me then as pow.
....127 Yes, the die is cast.

.138 Yes, 'tis true that thy Katy now is sleeping......52
143 Yes! I have loved before...




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120 Will


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