Choose a Simple Living: Your life is as you choose to live it

Erik Istrup Publishing, 22. nov. 2013 - 120 sider

Thousands of books have been written in many languages about self-development, so what does this book tell you the others do not? Nothing! It says nothing that has not already been said; it has the same message that has always been brought to humanity, but because we are all different and require different ways of learning, this book was created.

Many books about personal development start by explaining how to drop everything we have picked up in our lives until now. Usually, there is a lot that we would like to discard, and it can seem quite overwhelming. I choose to start with the foetus and go the other way. When we understand why we are who we are and live as we do, it will be easier to get rid of the things that we no longer want to be a part of ourselves.


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Choose a Simple Living is an emotional- and thought-provoking book that gives the reader insight into choosing a simple live, which can give an overview and peace.The book requires presence, because there is information in each sentence. When I, as a reader, gave the book my fully presence, I experienced a deep inner peace and distant healing. It is as if Erik writes directly to the reader. The book provides more than just technical knowledge.
At the end of each section the reader are encouraged to immerse itself in the issues in relation to one's own life. This inspired me to reflect on the issues after having laid down the book.
The book can be used as a reference book, since each section is completed.
Erik enters spiritual as well as more mundane topics. The contents can be used as concrete tools that I have started to use in my everyday life.
If you would like to have concrete explanations on that there is more to life than the obvious, Choose a Simple Living, is a comprehensive book.
Rikke Jehs Løh

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