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morning—but hold— I will commence eight. Mr. Simmonds was my obliging my journal regularly-after this assur- conductor through the whole of Friday, ance, that every delight I have experi- (18th). Only noticing the palace-like enced from sublime nature would have infirmary, with a cheerful but imprisoned been doubled to me, had your quick water in front, the venerable schools with perception and glowing enthusiasm been their excellent library, and the numerous the companion of my 'matchless' way. buildings private and public, my spirit

“On Sunday evening, 13th, I drank anchored upon the inimitable paintings tea with the Storers, and proceeded of Mr. Hardman—three rooms and the through the gathering dusk, in shaded staircase contain them. Through the road, to spire-crowned Uttoxeter. No door-way of the largest is seen the sooner had I alighted than I perceived Mother of Ruth,' preparing her lovely a deficiency of that cash, which, like the charge to visit their benefactor ; she is vinegar of Hannibal, was to obtain me a stooping to bind the bracelets, and is passage amongst the towering Alps and only not alive. The Tigers,' of RuAppenines of this country. Not without bens; the · Banditti,' of Mortimer; the suspicion of having lost these necessary •Falstaff,' of Fuseli; the · Burgomaster,' viaticums, Sam retraced his way to of Rembrandt; the • Birds,' of Elmer Lichfield at day - break, and having and Snyders ; the various productions searched in vain the reading desk and of Wright, particularly the . Watch-tower pulpit at Ridware, at last found the on fire,' with the moon rising opposite, things needful in my study at Lack- are all so exquisite, that their equal may lane.

Not small was the anxiety I suf- sometimes and separately be seen, but fered during his absence; and immedi- their superiors NEVER. Clothed in the ately on his return mounted my steed, gray mantle of early morning, we left and arrived at Cheadle after dark. This populous, commercial Manchester little town hangs upon the side of a vast Saturday, 19th ; a range of hills exhill; and the window lights, through the tended its huge side for many miles.

we approached, appeared like About its centre two men appeared staluminaries hung amidst the clouds. tionary; upon inquiry we learnt that

Tuesday morning, 15th, we set out they were two pyramidal stones, erected, for Belmont; and when I left the direct in ages long past, to memorize two broroad to wind along the Churnet's edge, thers, who, losing their way in a severe Sam was almost as much struck with the winter, perished in the frost, and were vast mountains, the gloom of woods discovered the next day ‘folded in each descending to their base, and the lucid other's arms.' I hope this simple narraprattling waters beneath, as he has since tive will interest you as much as it did been amidst our present far superior me. The end of this mountain is called rocks, waters, and vales ; indeed, the Rivington Craig. We dined at Chorley exquisite scenery of Belmont did not a little way beyond Pipe Hall, and had less enchant me at the second view, than a most pleasant ride (save and except the on September 30th, 1794, it did at the dust) to high situated Preston, which first ; it is yet almost unrivalled. No looks down upon the tide-swelling Rihdiminution of friendly welcome and at- ble, crossed by many handsome bridges, tention appeared in my reception at and the interesting village of Walton, Belmont. A high-bosomed lively girl embosoming the handsome seat of Sir was there, who, after the crate story, Harry Hoghton. I here made an acclung to me like a burr, nutted with me quaintance with the worthy vicar of the up the

craggy steeps. Beneath this principal church, Humphrey Shuttlehospitable roof I staid till Thursday worth; did the whole duty twice on (17th), and then descending to the hill, Sunday, and walked with him and his that substitutes the residences of man three daughters in the environs till night. for grassy verdure, I baited at Leek, Yesterday I dined at Garstong, and and through a diversified and rich coun- arrived at the brow of the hill which try proceeded to wide- spread, two- overlooks Lancaster, by noon. Here, towered Macclesfield, whose entrance by and through this day, descriptive lanthe noble manufactory on one side, and guage can neither adequately inform a rapid stream on the other, is striking. you, or even outline, what I have seen. From hence, detained only by the ele- To the left, between twenty-one majesgant house of Sir George Warren, and tic hills, shone in full blaze the dazzling the expanded lake that skirts the road, ocean, to which the shining and meanI passed at dusk tumultuous and noisy dering Lune was hastening. Still to Stockport, and reached Manchester about the left, in the wide-spread valley, ap


peared the noble castle with all its bat- “ Not one lake has been yet beheld, tlements, and the principal part of the though I have seen the mountains that front now rebuilding ;—the lofty flag- environ them. To-morrow morning crowned tower of the church immediately early I purpose visiting Furness Abbey, below it. The mass of the town, with its the finest ruin in England, seven miles shipping sinking into a valley, on the distant; and passing Coniston Lake in right, the back-ground formed by our the evening, to the foot of Winander noble mountains faintly seen in distance. Mere. We passed an island this morning

“It is nothing, that I went last night to called Chapel Island, the window of the the play, and saw young graceful Sid- monastery only remaining, which is sindons—his very MOTHER: and now for gularly picturesque, and has been unnothis day, for aye to be remembered.' ticed by all tourists; it is the property After crossing, with honest Kendal, the of the enviable possessor of Conishead landlord of this signless house, Lancas. Priory (Mr. Braddyll), one of the pretria's beautiful bridge, we arrived, after sent members for Carlisle. At Preston four miles, where the sands commence. I saw one of the governesses, who was Ocean rolling to the left, and such a told in her prison at Paris that she was noble, diversified shore on the right as sentenced to be drowned by Robespierre, impoverishes description. The huge but the tyrant died within the time. She mountain of Ingleborough, the Gibral. still looks alarmed, and is in sad health.” tar of England, is at first the principal feature; and the divine Claude, on his own Tiber, never introduced more hap

GREGORY HIPKINS, ESQ. pily his favourite Soracte. To the first landing, we passed over sands for nine miles. In the hollows, fishermen were THERE is a grave, respectable kind of collecting their prey. Towards the ter- nonsense talked by grave respectable mination of these first sands appeared persons, when the undoing of some dear the guide on horseback, at the side of the friend is the subject, which is sure to Eau, so admirably painted by Mrs. Rad- make it out that “it was all his own cliffe. At the end of this water we met fault.” And a convenient aphorism it the Lancaster coach. After six miles of is, when they think it prudent to leave land the Ulverston sands commence, and to their dear friend to get out of the with them the story of this never to be difficulty, which, according to their surpassed ride. To the left, ships sailing amiable hypothesis, he has brought on in the main sea—the light-house of Peel himself. But I, Gregory Hipkins the Castle just discernible: in front, the Unlucky, deny the doctrine. I assert, Eden of this place, Conishead Priory, that in ten cases out of twelve, it is a standing at the base an immense hill man's LUCK that strands him on the curtained with forest. More to the left, sands and shallows of his existence. Inat the foot of high mountains, stone- dividuals there are, whom nature, in built Ulverston, with its bay and ship- her grand scheme, seems to have made ping and white-tower church; then, a the pegs whereon she hangs the evils bare and craggy mountain, at whose requisite to complete it. foot the eye enters a bay of inexpressible If Theophrastus had obliged us richness, with the stupendous alps of amongst the huge budget of characterWestmorland and Cumberland in dis- istics he has left us, with those of an tant majesty, as sovereigns of the vale. unlucky man, they would probably have To the right the numerous woods of run thus :- The Unlucky man is one Holker-hall, with the seat of Lord who, hastening at the very last hour to George Cavendish. Ulverston is lovelily give pledges of prosecution, meets on situated, and I have dined upon just- the way some one who detains him with caught trout, fire-hot steaks, and deli- a long story of a naval action, which has cious apple-pie, serenaded by a hand- just reached the Piræus, till he is too organ! The afternoon has been spent late, and has to pay a thousand drachmas in the paradise of Conishead Priory- to his adversary—or one, who having the roaring of a noble bull reverberated purchased a new vestment to appear as to the opposite shore; and I have stolen a witness before the dicasts, on coming a dear little dog, now lying at my side. out of the bath, finds that a thief has Farewell; God bless you! I dare not walked off with it--or one, who turning promise to write again, but if I do not into another street, to avoid an illit will be my misfortune not my fault. favoured acquaintance, perceives that he

“ H. WHITE.” has thrust himself into a cul-de-sac,


whilst his creditor is waiting for him at trives to get the best of it. Repeatedly the entrance.

have I uttered the happiest impromptus, But let us come to the real adversities which some trifling accident of proxiof life. The same Gregory Hipkins mity has stifled - sometimes at their maintains, that there are individuals birth, by the sudden flap of a door, or who have been predestined to mishap the instantaneous yell of a vociferous from their birth upwards-gifted with minstrel in the street—in one instance, an aptitude for misfortune—a proclivity by an old lady, who sneezed so inopporto ill-tossed, the mere playthings of tunely that the wittiest of bon-mots fell fortune, from one vexation to another. still-born from my lips. Never shall I Let them sail on what tack they please, forget — when dining with a party they will make no way. The tide that amongst whom I was particularly anxi. bears onwards their competitors for to shine — a certain physician's wealth or fame, stagnates the inoment making a forcible seizure of the best they tempt it~the gale slumbers, and thing I ever said, and by mere jockeytheir idle canvass shakes into tatters. ship passing it off as his own—a fraud

And a dismal voyage has it been to which the unlucky circumstance of his Gregory Hipkins the Unlucky. For sitting next to me secured from detecever has the current drifted him upon tion. In the meanwhile, I had the the unpropitious shoals and flats that luxury of hearing the applause with lurked in his course, and at length left which was received, though placed to him in sorrow and seclusion, “ the world the Doctor's credit, the feelings of a forgetting, by the world forgot,” unless gentleman forbidding me to put in a a kind friend or two, like the philosophi- claim to it. At another time urged to cal neighbours of Job that visited his dine at a public meeting by some charidunghill to read him moral and econo- table feeling little in unison with the mical lectures upon the misery, comes state of my pocket, what was my chanow and then to prove to me that I grin, whilst I was detaching the halfhave brought it all on myself. Admi. guinea I had destined for my subscrip. rable judges of the game when the cards tion from two guineas which I had are down on the table ! Has not Gre- grasped along with it, to see them, by gory Hipkins been invariably doomed to reason of a sudden jerk from an awkplay in the losing seat ? Oracles of re. ward booby who sat next to me, all trospective wisdom, has not ILL-LUCK tumbling into the plate together, to the dogged him from his cradle—hounding great delight of the collector, who carhim as the Fury did Orestes ? The ried about the unlucky recipient of my earliest memorials of his childhood, are unintentional munificence ! At other they not of Aoggings vicariously in- times, if allured by the less laudable flicted for offences he was guiltless of- motive of partaking in delicacies not sums extorted for broken windows on often in my reach, I paid my guinea at the mere presumption of being seen near the Albion, or at some other temple of the locus in quopains and penalties good fare - - the last fragment of the suffered for plundering orchards, on no choicest delicacy- the last spoonful of better proof than that of having passed green peas in April for instance—was close to the spot, or of an apple found in sure to vanish the instant I applied for his pocket, however fairly purchased in it—or as I was disjointing “a gnarled market overt?

and unwedgeable fowl,” a duty which And in maturer life—what a serried its accursed proximity forced upon mephalanx of misadventures—minor cala- my plate was sure to return from its bootmities, petty mischances, you will per- less mission to the vol au vent, or the haps tell me—but on that account, good bécasse, for which I had kept it in sir, not the more tolerable. The greater abeyance. ones may call up the fortitude that By this time you will suspect, from breasts the surge, and rides in triumph my thus scoring the words of proximity, over it ; but patience itself will sink un- that there is some specific Hipkinean der a prolonged struggle with the lesser theory relative to LUCK, which I have but more importunate troubles that make mustered these incidents to illustrate. up their want of power to crush, by their And so there is. Accurately speaking, efficacy to sting and lacerate. Ridicu- perhaps, luck, good or bad, is not prelous it may seem to class them as griev- dicable of any human occurrence; every

Yet in the Manichæan conflict change that happens to a thing, wheof man's life, it is by means of such ther sentient or inanimate, being only auxiliaries, that the evil principle con- explicable by the action of something


“ revenue


external upon it. But the doctrine of the condition that suggested Jaffier’s bitthe true church respecting luck is this ter thanksgiving to heaven, that he had that your weal or woe depends on cer. not a ducat. He was not my parent, nor tain relative positions you hold involun- did I ever know that I had one. The tarily, or have chosen spontaneously, to want, however, of parental kindness I that which is proximately the cause of never felt, for he was in all other respects that weal or woe.

If, by your own free a parent, and all he had was expended agency, your juxta-position to that which upon my ill-starred ambition. On the produces ill, has brought that ill upon 6th day of June, therefore, 1800, I you, you are the architect of your own awoke one fine morning in Trinity misery. And of this, the world in its Term, with the sum of seven guineas in wonted tenderness to misfortune, will my pocket. It was a slender capital, but be sure to remind you. But if, wedged the last offices to my departed friend abin by a coercive force of circumstances, sorbed every reflection ; nor was it till a which you could neither evade nor re- week afterwards that I stared my actual sist, you have been compelled into that situation in the face. In truth, it had a disastrous procimity, you may call it, for most repulsive look. I was drifting into want of a better term, ill-luck; it be- deep water in a frail canoe, with scarce ing the necessary disposition of things, a pair of paddles to guide it ;—no being to which your consent was never asked. who cared for me, and no And this is what, in all ages, mankind but my good spirits to feed and clothe have understood by luck. It is the fate of Homer, the destiny that hunted down This accursed profession too-requirthe house of Atreus—the necessity whose ing an outlay of money so far beyond my scythed chariot cuts down the hopes means, my dreams even, of obtaining ;and prosperities of man—the irreversible but it was my choice-a boyish choice, decree, that went forth from the begins from which good advice might have dining, containing and controlling all verted me. And here I cannot but rethings within its chain of adamant. cur to the first determination of my mind This is the Hipkinean theory--nor has towards the bar, partly because it shews Hipkins the Unlucky found it without what paltry accidents, at a given period its uses.

In sorrow, penury, the deser- of our existence, irretrievably dispose of tion of friends, and every circumstance the rest of it, and partly because it is of outward evil, he has called to mind illustrative of the aforesaid theory of the forced proximities of his lot, and de- contiguities. Whilst yet a boy, I was on rived comfort from the reflection. a visit to an old gentleman at Bedford,

In an evil hour, I chose the pursuit of whose house was closely, nay, inconvenithe Bar. Without a friendly star, and ently contiguous to the town-hall, the guided only by the flickering taper of my noise and clamour of the assizes being own understanding, I scrambled over heard distinctly in every apartment. its rugged roads and through its deep This circumstance suggested to me, that sloughs — from practice to doctrine- I might as well hear the trial of a nisifrom dry precedents and mishapen forms prius case, which had excited great exto some obscurely-perceived principle, pectation. I therefore squeezed myself that shot an uncertain ray on the chaos in, and began to take some interest in which they told me was the law of the proceedings. One of the leaders of England. Happier circumstances would the circuit was a prosy long-winded serhave given a happier direction, or at geant, whose powers in addressing the least more of system and regularity to jury, and ease and impudence in puz

It is not true, oh ye asser- zling and disconcerting an adverse wit. tors of general propositions, that poverty ness, seemed, to my untutored apprehenstimulates to exertion - it retards—it sion, the perfection of forensic talent; deadens exertion. It brings down the and strange as it is, the voice and manclear spirit from its ethereal aspirations ner of this person retained their hold to commune with gross and earthward upon my judgment, long after it had be

At length, however I reached come conversant with better models. I the bar, the terminus a quo. Alas! the sate near enough to him, moreover, to terminus in quem was dark and distant. discern the number of guineas marked The decease of the individual, two days on his brief. My youthful emulation after my call, who to that day had scan- was instantly in a blaze; and, Corregio. tily supplied the indispensable expenses like, I said, I too will be a barrister ! of my education from a stock which they Thus I exclaimed in my foolishnesshad already exhausted, left me nearly in and thus my desires were blindly fixed

my studies.




upon the profession, that was the corner- I pretend not to describe what I felt. stone of my evil fortunes.

The returning springtide of hope and Yet though I began under all the dis- joy rushed through my frame. Ye, who couragements of penury. I abated not endeavour to form a conception of the one jot of heart or hope. I prided my feelings of a young barrister when his self upon an excellent classical education, first brief greets his eyes,-abandon the and upon this I had grafted a respectable task. They are not to be portrayed by any stock of municipal lore. Nor was I a limner. Six guineas-precursors of hun. stranger to some internal convictions, dreds more, hid in the prolific womb of that even with such unequal chances, 1 the future - it was gladness even to ought and therefore should, distance the ecstasy. My slenderness of purse had greater number of my competitors. It occasioned a long suspension of payment

a most defective syllogism. For to my poor laundress, she herself strugthough my attendance in the court was gling with the ills of poverty, and a unremitted, term after term I sat amongst brood of little ones. I flew across the the undistinguished occupants of the back square of the Inner Temple to her hum

Term after term, I answered the ble abode, reckless of the pots of porter usual question of the Chief Justice- I overturned in my way, and too rapid

Any thing to move, sir?” with “ No, in my flight to hear the execrations of my Lord,” and the usual bow. Term those whose equilibrium I had unsettled. after term, I listened to the jests and I threw into her lap four of the pieces so playful allusions of my fellow-juniors, to auspiciously vouchsafed to me, feasted our common want of success. Light of upon the gratitude with which she reheart, and backed with the purses of ceived them, and returned to my chamfriends and parents, they could afford to bers to eat my meal, or rather to feed laugh. To me it was the bitterest of upon the folios of my brief, which I soon ironies. I lived I knew not how, and began to unfold, chinking at the same was alike ignorant how I should live on time the two remaining guineas, as they the morrow. Westminster Hall, chilly discoursed a music not the less eloquent sepulchre of the hopes that blossomed in to my feelings for the pleasing uses to the paths of my early manhood! beneath which the four others had been applied. thy cobwebbed roofs, how oft have — Treacherous satisfaction ! breathed the sighs of plundered suitors In about an hour, a brisk knocking but oftener still, the subdued and stifled announced an apparition I would gladly sigh of the famished barrister pacing thy have exorcised into the Red Sea. It was dreary pavement—the tear stealing down the attorney himself, to inquire about the his cheek, as, with weariness of heart, he brief which his clerk had delivered at bethinks himself how he is to provide for my chambers, instead of the contiguous the necessities of the day! Grave of my chambers, occupied by a barrister of summer prospects, I have now left thee! some standing; but the youth had asbut even now the pangs of that fevered sured me he had been particularly distate, half aspiration, half despair, (how rected to my chambers, and though there much worse than fixed, assured indi- was no name of counsel on the back, it gence,) still recur to me as the legend of being no uncommon omission, I was some fearful dream!

satisfied that it had arrived at its right One afternoon (the morning had been destination. When it was explained, consumed in one of those unrequited however, by my new visitor, I made pilgrimages to Westminster Hall), I was what I conceived every requisite apology, broiling my dinner at the homeless fire ingenuously avowing, as I placed the of my chambers, when a double rap in- residue in his hand, the appropriation of terrupted my culinary labours. Having four guineas, with a promise in a few risen to answer it, with no great alacrity days to repay him the deficiency. “Setindeed, for I had few visitors but duns, tle that matter," rejoined the churlish imagine my surprise, when an attorney's attorney, “with Mr. C—: I shall clerk, walking into my room, laid a brief pay him the two guineas, and refer him on my table, and a fee of six guineas, to you for the rest.” I did not quarrel with the usual supernumerary half- with the proposal, assured that there was crown for the clerk, and then hastily not a man of honourable feelings or dedescended the staircase. Was it a dream, cent manners at the English bar who or, better late than never, had merit been would think harshly of me for an innodiscovered,--or was it a mistake? The cent error. I was deceived. The Englatter hypothesis was little to my mind, lish bar contained many such persons, so I would not entertain it for a moment. and no doubt does at this day. No

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