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searching the prisoner, we found this he exclaimed, “0, he 's safe enoughhere in his breeches pocket;" and saying this very morning he was arrested at this, he held up a complete set of false Westminster for debt, and is snugly teeth,

lodged in the Fleet. A stout good comThe magistrates upon this shook their plexioned man, a dentist, about two-andheads, and a thrill went through the forty years of age, and much such a figure court, as if the murder were transacted as Mr. Holt.”-“Just such a figure," before their eyes.

The purse also was cried Sam; “our clothes fit each other, recognized by the landlady; and even as if the tailor had measured us both.” the evidence of the person whom Sam Mr. Clutchit's evidence altered the had addressed by the side of the river, appearance of the question, and a meswhen they were dragging for the corpse, senger was dispatched to the Fleet to told very much against him. That wit- ascertain whether the dentist was really ness stated, that the prisoner turned very there. In a short time he returned to the pale when he saw what they were about; court with the following letter :and after seeming excessively agitated for a long while, had said, as if unconsciously,

“Sir,-I am sorry for the scrape my

On “. It will be death to me if they find disappearance has got you into. him.” The evidence, by various con

shaving myself last night, I cut my chin curring circumstances, was very strong very severely, and had nothing at hand against our unfortunate friend. The

to stop the bleeding On getting up magistrate cautioned him against saying very early to proceed to Westminster, I anything to criminate himself; and asked took my trunk down stairs, and put it him if he wished to make any observation into a boat; but recollecting I had left before being remanded on suspicion. my dressing-case, I returned for it as Thus adjured, Rosy Sam, who was, alas! gently as I could, for fear of disturbing

the house. now no longer rosy, essayed to speak.

It was so dark at the time, “Upon my honour, this is a most cu

that I find, in mistake, I had put on rious business. All that I know about

some clothes which did not belong to me. the matter is, that the man who slept in

On landing at Westminster, I was unmy room must have got up very early in fortunately arrested at the suit of a scounthe morning, and stolen my breeches. I drel of the name of Clutchit, and sent off am a man of fortune -- my name is

to this place. I herewith return you the Samuel Holt, Esq., of Bastock Lodge— things contained in your pockets; and and as to stealing'

would return the habiliments themselves, But his harangue was here interrupted but just at present have no change of by a new witness, who exclaimed, “ Please wardrobe. Yours respectfully, your worships, this swindler of a fellow

“ ABRAHAM REEVE.” cheated me last night of an excellent din- Sam was now complimented and aponer and a pint of old port.” And poor logized to on all hands; and though Mr. Sam, on looking round at his new assail- Clutchit spoke in no very kindly terms ant, recognized the landlord of the inn of the unhappy Abraham, owing, perwhere the coach had stopt. Casting his haps, to the manner in which he was eyes up to heaven, in sheer despair, he spoken of in the note, Sam, who was now sat down in his seat, and muttered, “It in the highest spirits, said, as they went is my firın belief I shall be hanged, be- out of the office together,-" He's not a cause a cursed fellow of a dentist took a bad fellow that same dentist-he has fancy to my breeches. But it all comes saved my neck from the gallows, and I'll of travelling. May the devil take Jack be hanged if I don't pay his debt. But Thomson !" But at this moment a pros- I say, Clutchit, only think what would pect of safety dawned upon him, for Mr. have become of me if he had been drowned Clutchit entered the office.

on his way to Westminster !" Clutchit !" cried the prisoner in an ec- dear sir, you know nothing about the law. stasy, “Just tell these people, will you, But come, we must talk on business. I that I never murdered a dentist-con- have not yet seen Sir Harry, but have a found his breeches—but that I am Sam note from him—that he expects us both Holt of Bastock-Rosy Sam.”

to dine with him on board his yacht toMr. Clutchit, thus addressed, bore wit- day, which is lying at Blackwall. You ness to the respectability of his client, had better go and arrange matters with and begged to be made acquainted with him in a friendly way, while I draw out the circumstances of the case. On hear- the deeds, and make all right.”—“ Just ing the name of the missing individual, as you please,” said Sam; “but in the


" I say,

" Ah, my


meantime, my toggery is not just what I less attentive to the vessel than the exicould wish, and my purse”- “ Say no gency of affairs demanded. From time to more, say no more. One can get every time our friend lifted up his head, to satisfy thing in London." And in the course himself whether the sea was becoming of an hour, Sam found himself well more rough, and laid himself down again dressed, with two or three shirts and with an increase of his alarm. At last he other articles in a carpet-bag, and fifty caught an indistinct view of some large sovereigns in his pocket, for which he dark object, heaving and tumbling in gave the lawyer his note. Rejoicing in the waters; he kept his eye as steadily his recovered liberty, and anticipating a fixed on it as his sickness would allow, comfortable dinner and quiet bottle once until he saw that it was a ship of large more, he presented himself on board the size : “I say, coachman !" he said to the Tartar at four o'clock. Sir Harry was man at the wheel, “mind your reins; delighted to see him, introduced him to there's a London wagon coming down some friends who were on board, and in hill, fifteen mile an hour !” The man, the happiest mood possible the whole whose ideas were as thoroughly nautical party sat down to dinner. But Sam's as Sam's were terrene, paid no attention hilarity was doomed to be of short dura- to his warning ; but still Sam's eyes tion. Before he had time to swallow the were fixed on the approaching object, first mouthful, he perceived that the ves- and he cried out, in the extremity of sel was in motion. Sir Harry assured alarm," Drive on, drive on, or pull to him they were only going a trip to the the side of the road; or, by Downs to see the feet, and would be shall all be spilt !” His exclamations back the next day; and Mr. Holt, who produced no effect, and the ship drew never took long to accept a friendly in- rapidly near. He saw her as her huge vitation, professed his happiness at the beam rose upon the crest of a wave, and prospect of the voyage. But a dinner on sank yawning down again, till her hull was board a little yacht of fifty tons, and in entirely hid; but each time she rose, he his nice parlour at Bastock Lodge, were perceived that she had greatly shortened very different things. A slight swell of the space between them. Sam cried the river made her motion very uneasy, out to the steersman, “ You infernal and a lurch, which emptied a plateful of villain, why don't you get out of the scalding pea-soup into Sam's lap, and way? Do you not understand what's diverted the point of his fork from its said to you, you tarry, quid-chewing original destination—a kidney potatoe- abomination ! See, see, she's on us ! to the more sensitive kidneys of his lee- she's on us !” He heard the dash of her ward neighbour, made him half repent bows through the foam, and while the his nautical expedition. When they had bellying of her sails above sounded like left the comparative smoothness of the thunder, a hoarse voice was heard through river, and entered upon the open sea, the storm, crying, “ Luff-luff;" and which was heaving under a pretty tole- the helmsman, now thoroughly awakenrable breeze, Sam's feelings were of a ed to his danger, turned the wheel; but very different nature from those of plea. it was too late. A scream, wild and

After various ineffectual attempts appalling, burst from the crew, who to enjoy himself below, he felt that the were on deck, and the next instant a fresh air was absolutely necessary to his crash took place; the little vessel shook comfort, and rushed upon deck. Here as if every plank were bursting, and he was quite bewildered. The night was Sam found himself battling with the not entirely dark, but a dim lurid gloom waves. He soon lost all consciousness spread itself all round the heavens, and of his situation, and how long had elapseven so unpractised an eye as poor Sam's ed, he did not know ; but when he came saw that there was a storm in the sky. to his recollection, he found himself in a In the meantime, the wind blew fresher warm bed, while a gentleman in naval every minute, and the Tartar skimmed uniform was holding his pulse, and several on the top of the waves one moment, and other persons anxiously looking on. the other, sunk so instantaneously into “ It's of no use, I tell you,” said Sam, the hollow of the sea, that Sam laid him- with a rueful expression of countenance. self down upon the deck, partly to re- It's of no use I'm a changed man. press his sickness, and partly, perhaps, to Yesterday I was nearly hanged, now I'm conceal his fears. Meanwhile, mirth and entirely drowned ; and what's to happen revelry were going on below, and even next, Lord only knows. The last time the sailors appeared to Sam to be much I slept in Bastock, I had never been



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forty miles from home, but now I sup- ate himself to the endurance of pain, in pose I'm at the other end of the world.” order to be able to resist the threatened

-“ Keep yourself quiet, sir, you are in demands. He had brought himself to good quarters,” said the gentleman who bear a thousand strokes of a stick on the held his pulse. “ You are on board his soles of his feet, and as he was able to Majesty's ship, Bloodsucker, 84, bound counterfeit great exhaustion and agony, for the Mediterranean. Take this he hoped to be able to bear as many composing draught, and keep yourself blows as they would venture to inflict. quiet for a few days, and I have no short of death, without conceding any doubt of your soon recovering your of his money. strength.” And accordingly, in a very few days, Sam was able to go upon deck. By the ease and jollity of his It was impossible, says the Author of social disposition, he soon made himself the “ Angler in Ireland,” to travel even a favourite with the mess. On his first one day through the interior of Ireland emerging from his cabin, he gazed with without being forcibly reminded that I breathless astonishment at the prospect was in a perfectly different country, and which presented itself—magnificent hills among a totally dissimilar people, from at an amazing distance, and a vast extent those on the Saxon side of the Channel. of level country, rejoicing in the sun- The general aspect of the country through shine. Pray, sir,” said Sam, to a tall which I this day passed, as indeed, of the romantic-looking gentleman in black, greater part of Ireland, has an unusually who was admiring the same scene, “what bare look in the eyes of an Englishman, county may we be opposite now? Is it and reminds him more of the interior of any part of Hampshire, sir?”—“Hamp- France than of the smiling fields of shire !” repeated the gentleman, thus England. This naked appearance arises, addressed, -" These are the mountains in a great measure, from the absence of of Spain. These hills were trod by hedge and hedge-row timber. The usual Hannibal, and the Scipios, by the Duke fence in Ireland is a mound of earth, or, of Wellington, and Don Quixote. This in some counties, stone walls. These is the land of the Inquisition and liquo- earthen or stone walls are very often rice. Yonder is Cape Trafalgar; there, without any gateway even into the road. in the arms of victory and Sir Thomas When the proprietor wishes to enter Hardy, fell heroic, one-eyed, Nelson! into the enclosure, he breaks down as That is Cape Spartel. Hail, Afric's much of the fence as will admit his little scorching shore, hot-bed of niggers!

See! cart, and often blocks up the gap with we open the Pillars of Hercules! These the same car, turned up with its shafts mighty portals past, every step we'll be in the air. Then the cabins of the on classic ground or water."

peasantry appear to the newly-arrived (To be concluded at p. 346). Englishman very small, and, alas! very

dirty and comfortless. There is no at

tempt at ornament in the architecture, MISCELLANIES.

nor any symptoms of a wish to keep neat what never could have been hand

The walls and roof are too often Fraser, in his history of Persia, relates going to decay, and blackened with the that an acquaintance of his, while re- smoke that eddies out of the ever open siding in a certain town, was alarmed door. There are no roses clustering by hearing, in a neighbouring house, a round the porch, no jasmine climbing sort of periodical punishment going up the windows, no gay borders of flowers, on daily. Heavy blows were given, and such as frequently give so cheerful and a person was continually crying out, pleasing an appearance to our rural cot“ Amaun! amaun ! Mercy! mercy! I tages. In front of the Irish cabin is have nothing-heaven is my witness, I universally the manure-heap; and as uni. have nothing!” Upon inquiry, he learned versally, inside, may be seen or heard that the sufferer was a merchant reputed sundry pigs, who are every now and then to be very rich, who afterwards confessed violently ejected by the scolding mother to him, that having understood the go- or by the laughing child; both of them vernor of the place to be meditating how guiltless of wearing either shoe or stock, he should possess himself of a share of ing, and the latter very frequently as unhis wealth, and expecting to be put to encumbered with any other article of the torture, he had resolved to habitu- clothing. Yet out of these small, low





N. Y. M.

roofed cots, you will not seldom see four name, say they, caused the country to be or five fine tall fellows issue, bending called Britain. His three sons— Locrine almost double in order to escape under had Loegria. England; Kumber had the puny doorway.

It is difficult to Kumbria, Wales; and Albanactus had imagine how they exist in such dispro- Albania, Scotland. They also proved portioned dwellings.

that, in the thirtieth degree, Henry was, on his mother's side, directly descended

from Ruthven or rtigern. The government of the island of Jersey is vested in a governor, whose office is a sinecure, the duties being performed by “ It is a fact not generally known," says a lieutenant-governor. This officer de Mr. Mathews, in his celebrated Monorives from his post a small revenue, polylogue, “ that the well-known Joe raised by a tax upon the produce, which Miller, who has fathered all our jests for is mostly paid in kind. Some of the

the last half-century, never uttered a jest items of this tax are curious, and serve to illustrate the rapacity of the priests actor, he was the most taciturn and sa

in his life. Though an excellent comic in ancient times, by whom they, were

turnine man breathing. He was in the originally imposed. He is entitled to daily habit of spending his afternoons at one hundred and ninety-seven capons,

the Black Joke, a well-known publictwo hundred and sixty-three fowls, two house in Portugal-street, Clare-market, hundred and seventeen chickens, thirty- which was at that time frequented by three geese, six hundred and eighty-four eggs, ninety-seven loaves, of bread, and most of the respectable tradesmen in

the neighbourhood, who, 'from Joe's two hares, per annum. Luckily for imperturbable gravity, whenever any him, there is no law or custom requir- risible saying was recounted, derisively ing him actually to devour all this abun

ascribed it to him. After his death, dance of provisions.

having left his family unprovided for, ALL RIGHT!

advantage was taken of this badinage. Dr. Busby, whose figure was much un

A Mr. Motley, a well-known dramatist der the common size, was one day ac

of that day, was employed to collect all costed in a coffee-room by an Irish the stray jests then current in town. baronet of colossal stature, with, “ May Joe Miller's name was prefixed to them; I pass to my seat, О giant?” when the and from that day to this, the man who doctor, politely making way, replied, never uttered a jest has been the reputed “ Pass, () pigmy?” “Oh, sir,” said

author of every jest, past, present, and the baronet,

my expression referred to the size of your intellect." expression, sir,” said the doctor, “to the size of yours.

The late Mrs. Jane W- of Scottish memory, was equally remarkable for

kindness of heart and absence of mind. Our pedigree hunters at the present day One day she was accosted by a beggar, are constantly pretending to make dis- whose stout and healthy appearance coveries which astonish and charm the startled even her into a momentary ignorant, but excite the laughter and dis- doubt of the needfulness of charity in gust of the intelligent. Their labours, this instance. “ Why,” exclaimed the however, are slight compared with those good old lady, "you look well able to of the genealogists of former times. work.” “ Yes," replied the supplicant, When Henry VII. had availed himself " but I have been deaf and dumb these of the unpopularity of Richard III. to seven years."

." “ Poor man, what a heavy usurp the sovereignty, he employed a affliction !” exclaimed Mrs. Wat commission of learned Cambrians to

the same time giving him relief with a prove his grandfather's (Owen Tudor ap liberal hand. On her return home she Meredith) pedigree. This they effected mentioned the fact; remarking, “What through 100 generations, up to Brute, a dreadful thing it was to be so deprived the fabled Trojan king of Britain ! First of such precious faculties !” they traced him to Prince Lewelyn, and how," asked her sister, “ did you know thence to Coel, king of Britain, whose that the poor man had been deaf and line they traced to Rhegaw, daughter of dumb for seven years? Why," was Lear, and wife of Duke Henwin, and the quiet and unconscious answer, “he by ten other steps back to Brutus, whose told me só.

to come.

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THE DANISH ROVER. known of the numerous descents of the

Danes upon this island, notwithstanding

the strange tales which have been related (For the Parterre).

by our early historians. Many tradi

tions have however descended to us, and We have but few details of the visits of among them the following. those terrible enemies to England in the In the reign of Ethelred thc Second, Saxon times—the Danes. Rome her. Olaus, a Danish pirate, had, by his self had then dwindled to a contemptible repeated visits to the English coast, renstate, in which were enacted the same dered himself an object of terror and scenes of violence and bloodshed that abhorrence. At sea and on shore he distinguished her in former times, un- was alike terrible. On the former, richly checked by the ridicule of the satirist, freighted ships became his easy prey, and the argument of the philosopher. while those who dwelt near the coast, Hideous tyrants, whose appetites for besides being stripped of all they poscruelty were sharpened by the sight of sessed, were often murdered by his human blood; and empresses, in whom savage crews. the crimes of Agrippina and Messalina The ravages of the Danes were a were revived and

concentrated, followed dreadful infliction on the English, who each other in rapid succession, while had so many coasts to guard. «« They daring usurpers stalked across the tragic knew not," says the historian, “where stage of empire, and vanished as they to assemble, and expect the enemy. If had appeared, like meteors.

at any time they happened to have it in At this period the history of the once their power to give them battle, all the mighty mistress of the world is one con- advantage they could gain, in case forfused scene of infamy and crime; while tune favoured them, was to rescue the hordes of barbarians threatened her with plunder. But when they themselves annihilation; England at the same time were worsted, the country was sure to was exposed to the savage pirates of be exposed to all imaginable cruelties the north. Little, therefore, can be before another army could be drawn

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