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by his bushy brows and a pair of horn inquired the intruder, casting, at the spectacles. On the desk lay a piece of same time, a penetrating glance upon sealing-wax and a large thumb-ring, Latymer.

no, my lor- your both of which had apparently been just worship, no; I am at your-your worused, à pair of small scales for weigh- ship's commands,” said the Scrivener, ing, gold, and a volume on Convey- stammering, and looking all confusion; ancing. In the window-seat stood a for the gallant winked, and eyed him pile of books and papers; and over the significantly. Latymer now took his chimney, up which no hospitable smoke leave, but not without observing the had passed for many years, hung an face and figure of Battencourt's visitor. old musketoon, an iron-handled broad. The gallant appeared to be in the prime sword, and a rapier in a red leather of life; he wore a long periwig of sheath, all covered with venerable dust. brown hair, and his gaily trimmed

“Well, Master Latymer,” said the moustaches were of the same colour, Scrivener, pointing at the same time, to and turned up at the ends; his eyes an empty chair; “I have closed the bar

were of a greyish hue, his complexion gain at last; pray seat yourself; I had fair, and the expression of his features much trouble in the matter, I assure would have been feminine, but for a

rakish air which pervaded them. La“ It is ever a hard bargain when we tymer felt persuaded that he had looked wish to sell,” replied Latymer; “ how upon that face before. He returned to much have you obtained for the estate? his inn, and left Master Battencourt Pr’ythee tell me at once; I sit on thorns and his visitor together. the while."

In the morning he resolved to have a “ Fifteen hundred pounds, Sir; fifteen ramble through the city, to which he was hundred pounds!” said the Scrivener, almost a stranger, before the hour appointplacing his pen behind his ear, and rub- ed by the Scrivener should arrive. He bing his hands together with apparent had scarcely left the inn, when he beheld satisfaction. “ 0, it was an excellent with some surprise advancing towards bargain-an excellent bargain, Sir !" him, the man who had so strangely in

“ And who may this prodigal be, who terrupted and bearded the quack on has made up his mind to give that sum Tower-hill. His astonishment increased, for an estate which cost my poor father, when Arkinstall saluted him by his in worse times, three thousand pounds ?” name, and inquired respecting the health inquired the young man, in a tone that of his father. shewed he did not partake of the Scri- “I have heard that he has been vener's enthusiasm ; “ Curse on the ailing,” said Arkinstall, “and as he cuckoldy clown! would he not give was roughly used in the late wars, more?"

I fear the worst.” “ He has suffered “ Heaven forgive ye, for thus speak- much, Sir,” replied Latymer ; " but I ing of an honest man !” ejaculated Mas- wot not that you were acquainted.” ter Battencourt. “ Alas the day! that “ Acquainted ! we were sworn friends! our citizens should be thus flouted. He Ah, youth! when thy father saved me is of the Common Council, Sir ; a man from death, and snatched me from before of substance, a mercer; his name is An- a file of Corbet's musketeers waiting drew Trollope, and his house is the sign for the word to fire, he dreamt not that of the Seven Fleur de Luces, in the Mi- a life of privation and suffering would be nories."

the lot of his friend his schoolfellow ! Latymer suppressed the reply which I see thee look incredulous—tut! the rose to his lips, and inquired for the name that villain Rochester, for 't is he money. The Scrivener informed him, thou sawest in the guise of a mountethat it would be paid on the morrow, bank—the name he used is only one of when the deed of conveyance would be many which I have found it expedient ready for his signature. It was arranged to assume in these sad days—but how of that the purchaser should be ready with thy father?"_" He has been dead these the money at twelve o'clock on the fol- six months,” returned Latymer, still suslowing day; and Latymer was about to picious of his interrogator, whose threadtake his leave, when the latch of the bare garments were ill-concealed by the door was suddenly raised, and a gallant large cloak he wore, from beneath which entered with a careless air, and throwing the long rapier before mentioned peeped himself into a chair, surveyed his own out menacingly. What, thought the hose and his shoe-ties with evident sa- youth, if this should be some bully, ready tisfaction. Art busy, my old deity?” to denounce me as a plotter against the state, Arkinstall read what was pass- dressing himself again to Trollope) my ing within him. “ Poor boy,” said he, sword would be dishonoured by con“ I blame thee not for thy suspicion in tact with thy vile body : begone, base such days as these. I will not bring pander to the most abandoned of men, thee into danger, by detaining thee in lest I forget myself and do thee harm. the street, where every eye is upon us. William Latymer, you

must hasten But a word in thy ear ere we part: hence, and hie to the King who can mistrust not the tattered jerkin; thou alone protect thee-he cannot, abandoned hast more to fear in this city from silk as he is, forget thy father's merits and velvet. Adieu! we may meet again. the Earl is in disgrace, but if you take not Walter Sibbell would peril life and limb this step you are lost.” to serve the son of his friend." He dis- “ I am indeed lost," said Latymer, appeared down a narrow street, and La- but it is in amazement - what am tymer, who had no time to reply to this I to learn from this ?” “ That this caution, regarded his receding figure for hoary cheat has conspired with the a moment, and then pursued his way. noble Earl of Rochester, aided by this “'Tis strange, thought he, that this man, trembling slave – (pointing to Trolof whom I have heard my poor father lope, who stood quivering with fear and speak in terms of friendship, should be rage) to rob thee of the estate thou thus heedlessly hazarding life and pro- wouldst foolishly sell.” perty by a quarrel with a nobleman so Here the Scrivener broke forth in a powerful as Rochester; and stranger shrill cracked voice, which age and wrath still, that he should be able to recognise had rendered strangely discordant: “God me after a lapse of so many years.


a mercy,” cried he, “ what times we live would fain know more, though his for- in, when every mad jack-an-ape beards lorn appearance tells me that he is needy us under our own roofs. Get out of and desperate, and that any intimacy my house sirrah, or we shall find you a with him might bring upon my head lodging in the Compter-Here, Will! the vengeance of his powerful enemy, run and fetch a constable.” “ Summon the profligate earl. Property, did I say? thy master the devil from his burning his threadbare doublet leaves no doubt throne, he will hear thee sooner,” cried of his being poor; and he seems to set Sibbel fiercely—“ The boy has done but little value on his life. Misfortune bis work bravely, and discovered the has, perhaps, scattered his wits to the plot to his real master. winds, for I noted the wild glance of his “ The accursed urchin !” ejaculated light-grey eye.”

Battencourt. " I have been nursing an Nothing further occurred to inter- adder, then :-where is this imp of Sarupt his reflections, and as the ap- tan?” “Beyond thy power, and in safety,” pointed hour arrived, he knocked at rejoined Sibbel-_" but come Master the door of the Scrivener. Battencourt Latymer, I must send you on your was not alone; he was engaged in errand, and let you further into the earnest conversation with a short, burly mysteries of this plot;" then taking personage, whom he at once introduced Latymer by the arm, he led him away, to Latymer as Master Trollope, of the casting as he passed out a threatening Minories, and the deed of conveyance look upon Trollope who evinced an inwas placed in his hands for approval. clination to follow them. Upon gaining He had scarcely read a dozen words, the street, Sibbel hastily described the when a loud knocking was heard at the plan which had been contrived by the door, and upon its being opened by Master Scrivener to obtain the title deeds from Battencourt's boy, Walter Sibbel sud- his unsuspecting client. It had been denly entered the room. His eye glanced arranged that Trollope should have the fiercely on Trollope. “ Ha!” cried he, documents sent to his home, which “what! the cuckold mercer joined in would afford him an opportunity of the conspiracy to cheat a friendless youth absconding with them, while a ruffian, of his inheritance! Art thou giving the hired for the purpose, was to denounce earl thy aid, in reward for his having Latymer as a plotter against the state, deprived thee of an unworthy mate? and get him lodged in Newgate; the William Latymer, I have arrived in Earl of Rochester was then to intertime to save thee. Sign nothing which cede for him, and procure a commutathis hoary villain may tender thee. Bat- tion of his sentence to banishment to tencourt, thy treachery is well known the plantations. No time was to be to me. Thy grey hairs alone protect lost. Latymer flew to the court and thy recreant carcass. As for thee (ad- laid the whole before the king, while Sibbel hastened to take measures for his loss of blood. “ Thus perish the king's own safety, well aware that the Earl enemies ! ” said the foremost soldier, starwould hesitate no longer to destroying alternately at the now lifeless body him.

of Sibbel, and the barrel which was As the evening advanced, the bustle filled with gunpowder.—“ We have had on the river decreased, while the hum a narrow escape, Will !” of voices, and the various sounds of

A. A. A. labour were hushed into a calm, when Walter Sibbel quickly descended the THE GRAVE or THE POETESS. stairs at St. Catharine's, and jumping into a wherry, desired the waterman to

Not there! Not there! row across to Dock Head. The boat The dull, damp church-yard earth should never

darken had scarcely reached the middle of the the crowned ringlets of her golden hair: stream when three figures were seen de- Child of the Laurel! be thy dreamless slumbers scending the stairs. They immediately Far from those charnel-regions of despair ! entered a wherry, and rowed after that

Make her a grave which bore Sibbel, calling loudly on the By the low murmur of a sylvan fountain, waterman to lay to, as he was bearing And silvery aspen leaves

and dewy roses,

Where the wood-violets in the foam-drops lave, one impeached of high crimes against To the wild music of the breezes wave. the government. The boatman seemed

There should be heard, inclined to obey this summons, but the When the red ligbt of summer eves is dying, threatening aspect of Sibbel plainly told The low, sweet warble of some unseen bird, that he dared not, while the two pistols As the wind-harp by ærial breathings stirr’d. in his girdle, which his cloak, now laid

Fit dirge for thee, aside, no longer concealed, indicated that

Whose soul was music-Beautiful departed ! any attempt to capture him would be

Like the charm'd spell of some far melody, dangerous. Sibbel gained the shore, and Echoing within our souls, a shadowy requiem, throwing the waterman a groat, hurried to

For happiness and love, no more to be. a wretched hovel in the neighbourhood.

But unforgot
Lifting the latch and dashing open the By the heart's truest tears, the lonely spot

Wilt thou be, sweet Ianthe-Consecrated door, the fugitive cut short the inquiries Where all that death can claim of thee shall of the old woman who acted in the capa- perish city of his housekeeper, and throwing her

But the bright spirit-Earth, thou hast it not : his purse which contained but a few pieces

Not, not of thee, of silver, forced her gently out of the Why should we murmur where thy dust shall be.

Ask we for our belov'd one. Soul en franchised ! house and closed the door, at which his The undying has no grave—ashes and darkness pursuers were the next moment thun- Are all we give to earth-Immortal,

Thou art free! dering for admittance. One of them

E. S. C. was a constable, the others were soldiers, and all were armed with swords and pistols. Their loud knocking at the SYDNEY AND THE MAURITIUS. door alarmed the neighbourhood, and brought many persons to the spot. They now attempted to gain admit. As the intercourse between Sydney and tance by the small latticed window, but the Mauritius is now likely to become this was strongly guarded by iron bars. more frequent and regular, the subjoined A large spar was at length brought, and details, collected from the most modern the besiegers using it as a battering- authorities, may possess interest at this ram, dashed the door into shivers; then time. rushing in sword in hand, encountered The Isle of France covers a surface the object of their pursuit, who was of 400,000 acres. The temperature is well prepared for them. The constable healthy, and the heat moderate; but the was instantly shot dead by Sibbel, who island is subject to hurricanes. The soil kept his pursuers at bay, and gradually is in general of little depth and full of retreated up the small staircase at the stones; but it produces wheat, rice, maize, end of the room. He gained the chamber, sugar, coffee, cotton, and spices. and a shot was fired which broke his It was originally discovered by the sword arm. His rapier fell from his Portuguese, and afterwards occupied by grasp, and he uttered a groan of an- the Dutch, who gave it the name of guish ; another shot was fired, and Sibbel Mauritius (after Maurice of Nassau, staggered towards a barrel, into which Prince of Orange). The first French he snapped his remaining pistol-but it inhabitants emigrated thither, from the missed fire, and he fell, exhausted from contiguous island of Bourbon, in 1720.





The late war placed it in the possession he was killed at Madagascar, sought an of the English, who, much to the mor- asylum in this island, where she termitification of the French, did not cede it, nated her eventful career.”

C. with Bourbon, by the treaty of 1814. It is admitted by both, that in a commercial

DUNBAR CASTLE. point of view, the possession of the one island is valueless without the other.

The annual production of sugar is, on WHERE fragments, rent as by an earthquake's an average, 20,000,000 lbs.; of coffee, shock, 600,000 lbs. ; of cotton, 500,000 lbs. Root the green torf, or pile the jagged rock ;

While gulfs below, in sea.wrought fissures The population in the year 1812 was as

spread, follows: 17,000 whites, 4000 creoles, Mask, from the sun, their horrid black and red. 70,000 black slaves—total 91,000. -Gaze! till yon question the bewildered sense,

Where the rock ceases, where the walls comFor the beauty and grace of the women, and for the suavity and freedom Approach, and lo! the throne that nature gave which reign in social intercourse, this Shews what a mighty lord, art lifted o'er the

wave! island is highly celebrated.

Ramparts are there, whose range fatigues the But it awakens peculiar interest as eye; identified with the charming romance of Halls, too familiar with the churlish sky; Paul and Virginia, of which it is the Towers, on disjointed craigs, where men com


The graceful roundel with the massy square; How often are the fictions of the Grim bridges, o'er the invading ocean flung; novelist, however, built upon the frailest Gateways, with storm-defaced escutcheons, foundation !


Ribbed windows, plundered of their gorgeous · Paul, the hero of the tale" (it is re

pane; marked by a late reviewer of the voyage

And the dim gallery's sea-lolled souterrain; of Captain Freycinct, in the Uranie And throned the highest, and the broadest built,

The haggard donjon, like the ghost of guilt! corvette, that touched here in 1819), How stero they stand! how bright they meet “ is a mere creature of fancy. Madame the morn! de la Tour, the mother of the heroine, Though gaunt, angust, defying though forlorn. so far from dying in an agony of grief, The lichen’s gold and silver seal of years.

Like gems, the bastion's crimson colour wears for the loss of her daughter, survived the And in and out (as daring and as free catastrophe long enough to espouse three As erst black Agnes) winds the German Sea. husbands in succession ; and the pastor, Mocking with groans the long-bushed battle who acts so fine a part in the novel, is 'Twixt porch and chamber, winds he in and out. transformed into a chevalier de Bernage, Once, not so chartered, when each billowy road son of an echevin at Paris, who, after The adamantine mass in sovereign pride beserving in the Mousquetaires, and killing Then, while below the buried ocean raved, an antagonist in a duel, had retired Above, helms glittered, and gonfannons waved: thither, and taken up his residence at Swept o'er its gulfs, onwet, Patrician furs; the Riviere du Rempart, half a league Where'era craig its threatening head upreard, from the spot where the St. Gerand was There the bold turret rose and domineered; wrecked.

Where'er deep rifts received the dauntless main, “But to makeamends for this diversity Leapt the light ark, and made th’invasion vain. in the characters of real life and those

Deep at its base Behemoth Jay at rest,

And eagles wished their eyrie on its crest! of romance, the Isle of France is cele- Man his bold work with conscious pride surbrated for the residence of others, whose veyed, adventures have partaken of the extrava

And the cúrbed ocean bellowed—but obeyed.

Yet oft his floods the Barmkin's crest have known, gance of fiction.

One of these was the Oft weltering watched the dire Mazmorra's daughter-in-law of the Czar Peter, who, groan, escaping from Russia, sought an obscure Oft round those moonlight towers, his waters retreat at Paris. There she married a

Have lulled themselves with royal Mary's lute: M. Moldac, sergeant-major of a regiment Or, lashed to frantic rivalry, have drowned which was sent thither; and in consider- Agnes Corspatrick's wildest slogan sound; ation of her rank, her husband is said to

Pictured her patriot flag in waveless blue,

Or drenched its blazon with tempestuous dew. have been promoted to a majority, by And hath, indeed, the downy purple bed an order of the Court. Another was In this damp, windy, grass-grown pile been Madame de Puja, wife of a French colo

spread ?

Have torches glimmered, where the sun as nel, and recently deceased. She was the

bright celebrated Anastasia, the mistress of Blazes, as o'er Dunpender's houseless height? Count Beniowsky, who, after facilitating Decked with red raiment this bewildered wall? his escape from Kamschatka, accom

Think of the warm green forestry that spreads panied him in his wanderings, and when Wherc Southron castles rear their gleamy heads;


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Constrasting with its pageantry of dyes, fled up the steep and broken gallery, The sun-gilt panes, gray towers, and azure skies.

that leads to the outer gateway of the Then on this ocean fortress lean, and look Where fitful gales, nor flower, nor foliage brook!


Half laughing, and thoroughly Age brings no robe to dignity his walls, put to his mettle, thither the knight And, like the Roman, veil him as he falls :

pursued her; till, finding she had no Still, though dismantled, still that giant form Salutes the sun, and challenges the storm,

other resource, this maritime Venus Bids the bleak wind his healing watch-bell be, sprang to the armorial porch already The stars his sentinels, his moat the sea. mentioned, and darting into its doorless

Note.-Black Agnes was not the only arch (from whose threshold a dizzy deheroine of Dunbar Castle, as the follow- scent shot perpendicularly down to the ing anecdote will shew, taken from the hideous and roaring gulf below), she lips of Mrs. Grant, of Laggan, the de- clasped the pillar with one hand, and lightful writer of “ Letters from the with the other waving back her pursuer, Mountains.

she vowed that if he advanced another It is said to be the prototype of Re- step, she would dash herself into the becca's turret scene in Ivanhoe, and is abyss of rock and wave at her feet ! interesting not only in itself, but also There was too much earnestness in as exhibiting the wonderful power of the the tone of her voice, the hue of her dead magician, in retaining every thing cheek, and the glance of her eye to he once heard ; and seizing in an instant, permit her Lothario's doubting, one and adapting to his purpose, anecdotes instant, her resolution of executing what which to others might have seemed com- she threatened. Still she was not satismon place, but which having passed fied that he instantly stinted in his purthrough his crucible, came forth with the suit, at her menace; but extorted from stamp of dramatic sublimity and pathos. him the promise of a soldier and man of

One of the loftiest remains of Dunbar honour, that he would permit her, unCastle (I think it is the porch, sur- molested, to resume her labours on the mounted by a coat of arms and a win- bleaching green, behind the castle. dow), is easily accessible on one side, And to this slight incident are we inbut, on the other, looks down into the debted, for that shuddering scene in black scarped vaults by which the sea Ivanhoe. intrudes into every quarter of this ex- For the Norman towers, and embattraordinary fabric, and which make the tled platforms of giant Torquilstone, we eye reel to measure them. As the day, have the haggard, haughty spectre of though sunny, was excessively windy, Dunbar; and, for the turbaned and when I was there in the autumn of 1828, high-souled Daughter of Jerusalem, the it was as much as I could do to creep, barefooted, but equally intrepid Scottish on my hands and knees, within a few Maiden. yards of this porch, though anxious to decipher the blazonry of its armorial shield.

LETTERS FROM THE LAKES. About forty years ago, one of the

No. 1. bonnie lassies of Dunbar, with her bare white feet and snooded golden hair, was busily employed in the bleaching field,

Ulverston, Sept. 22, 1795. whose wide green lies close under the " When I left the Spiral Graces, your castle walls that shield it from the sea, a idea, my dear that I should record young officer of the -- Dragoon Guards at evening the sights and events of the fithen quartered at Dunbar, was lounging nished day, appeared reasonable and pracabout the ruins; was struck with the ticable in theory, and for this purpose I girl's extraordinary beauty, accosted her, brought with me a blank paper book for and met with a civil but short reply memorabilias, which, alas! now lies by Far from rebuffed, however, he pro- my side as innocent and unstained as ceeded to pour into her ear a jargon of when it first issued from the paper-mill. that equivocal strain, at which a sensible So much for practice; but in truth there girl would laugh, and a modest one has not occurred a single day, after whose frown.--At length he offered to salute full occupation my eyes would suffer me her, and was received with a ringing to write a line, but called aloud with box on the ear, wh staggered our Scotia's queen, 'to bed, to bed, to bed :' amorous son of Mars, and deafened him, and it is impossible for me to adduce a for the time, to the loudest roar of the stronger proof of my desire to gratify neighbouring waves.

you, than by tasking my day-weakened Half laughing, half indignant, the lass sight to fill the present fólio blank. This


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