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infinite nations, and kindreds, and tongues even froin my infancy, to drink nothing which confessed his sway, made every weaker than casine; my victuals were all demonstration of satisfaction. The Mus- seasoned with the strongest rum; so that cogulges, the Simmoles, the Cherokees, by the time I was sixteen years of age, the Chactaws, and all the other powerful my head was so accustomed to the influtribes which bordered on the stately ence of spirituous liquors, that they were Alatamaha, sent deputies to the royal harmless to me as milk. Sisquo Dumfki residence to congratulate their monarch was still alive, and still remained the on so auspicious an occasion. But, alas! unrivalled hero of his tribe. His death this universal rejoicing was soon turned was decreed by my mother the very hour into mourning. Amongst those who my father died; for this purpose she came as ambassadors from the neighbour- imbued my infant mind with unmitiing powers was Sisquo Dumfki, the rat- gated hatred of the murderer, as she catcher, from a kingdom on the banks of called him, of my father, and taught me the majestic Mississippi. This man was the happiness and glory of revenge. She the most celebrated drinker of his nation. talked to me of attaining her object by The strongest casine* seemed to have no the hatchet and tomahawk, doubting, more effect upon his senses than the perhaps, that in spite of the training I purest water. At all feasts and solemn had received, I should still be vanquished entertainments he was the champion of by the superhuman capacity of the ratthe Chicasaws. His fame was not un- catcher; but I was confident in my own known to the leaders of our tribe. My strength, and sending a trusty messenger royal father burned with a passionate to the encampment of the Chicasaws, I thirst for glory—and also for casine. In invited him to a solemn feast, and chalthe happiness of my birth he challenged lenged him to a trial of strength. He Sisquo Dumfki to a trial of their strength came. You may imagine, sir, to yourof stomach. For five days and nights self the feelings which agitated my bosom, they sat unceasingly swallowing the de- when in my very presence, on the spot licious fluid-five days and nights the which was the scene of his triumph, I calumet sent forth its smoke-never for saw the perpetrator of a father's murder. one moment being lifted from the lips, Such, at least, was the light in which I save to make room for the cocoa-nut shell had been taught, since the hour I was in which they drank their casine. Sleep first suspended on the aromatic boughs at last seemed to weigh heavily on the eye- of the magnolia, to regard the proud, lids of my royal father-he was longer in the generous, the lofty Sisquo Dumfki. the intervals of applying the goblet to his How ill-founded was my hatred of that mouth-and at last his hand refused its noble individual, you will discover in the office-his head sank upon his shoulder; sequel of my story. and his generous competitor, satisfied « On this occasion he did not come with the victory he had gained, covered alone. At his side, as he stood humbly the imperial person with a robe of leopard before me, and paid his compliments to skin, and left him to his repose. Repose! the queen, my mother, I marked with -it was indeed his last repose-he open- palpitating heart and flushing cheek, the ed his eyes but once-groaned heavily, most beautiful young girl I had ever then shouting · Give me casine in pail- seen. Her limbs, unconcealed by the fuls,'—for the ruling passion was strong foolish drapery in which the European to the latest hour-he became immode- damsels endeavour to hide their inferi. rately sick, and expired. I am afraid to ority, were like polished marble, so state how much had been drank in this smooth and round, and beautifully shaped. prodigious contest; but it was said by Round her middle she wore a light the court flatterers on the occasion that bandage, embroidered with the feathers they had consumed as much liquid as of the eagle, and this was the sole garwould have supplied a navigable canal ment she had on, save that her head was from lake Ouaquaphenogan to Talaha- ornamented with a beautiful diadem of sochte! I was an orphan; and though heron's plumes. She was so young, so the death of my father had now raised artless, and so ravishingly beautiful, that me to a throne, I was bound by the cus- she took my heart captive at the first toms of our nation to revenge it. In glance. I had at that time only twelve this feeling I was bred; I was allowed, wives, selected by the regent from my

own peculiar tribe; but several other na

tions had for some time been importuning * Casine, a sort of usquebaugh, in great re.

me to choose a score or two of consorts quest among the Indians--and a very good from the loveliest of their maidens, and tipple in its way.-Experto crede.

If you


I had for some reason or other delayed know you all that a chief should be, my complying with their requests. But soul is tortured with regret that it will now I was resolved to marry the whole be impossible to save you.' With an unnation, so as to secure this most beauti- moved countenance the hero heard me ful of her sex. Alas! was it not madness declare, as it were, his condemnation to thus to give way to these tender emo- certain death. He drained off the bowl tions, when the first word she uttered which he happened to have in his hand, conveyed to me the appalling certainty and replied, * Death comes only oncethat she was the daughter of my deadliest the Great Spirit rejoices in the actions foe-of the very being whom it had been of majestic men. There are casine and the sole object of my education to enable tobacco in Elysium.' But I was reme to drink to death! But a second look solved, if possible, to preserve my friend at the enchanting girl made me forgetful from the destruction prepared for him of every feeling of revenge. I spoke to by my mother. Sisquo,' I said, “let her-I found her soft, sweet, delightful, us delay the conclusion of our contest ---a daughter of the pathless forest,- till some fitter opportunity. stately as the loftiest palms that waved would save your life, and make me the their plumed heads in grandeur to the happiest of kings and of mortals, presky, and pure as the spiral ophrys, with tend to be overcome by the casine, and its snow-white flowers, which blossoms ask 'to be left in this tent to sleep. I so tenderly at their feet. Her name was will place round it a body of my own Nemrooma, which in your language guards, with orders to prevent all emismeans the spotless lily-mine, I must saries from the queen from entering it inform you, was Quinmolla, the drinker under pain of death. In the meantime of rum.

I will wed your daughter, if it seems Here the young man paused, and good to you; and when by this means sighed deeply. I confess I was intensely you are connected with the royal house, interested by the manner in which he your life will become sacred, even from related his story: the traveller to whom the vengeance of an offended woman.' he addressed himself

, was apparently fas- It seems good to me,' he replied, O cinated by the wild beauty of his eyes; mightiest potentate

Alatamaha's for the beef still lay untasted before him, banks; and well pleased shall I resign and he could not remove his looks, even the victory to you, in hopes of concludfor a moment, from the countenance of ing a whole week with you on some the Indian king. “ The feast was at future opportunity. With regard to last prepared,” he continued, “and Sis Nemrooma. what is she but a silly quo Dumfki and myself were placed flower, which will be too highly hoin conspicuous situations, but still far noured by being transplanted into the enough removed from the spectators gardens of the mighty Quinmolla ?' to have our conversation private. We “ In pursuance of this resolution, the drank, and every time the casine hogs- noble Sisquo Dumf ki assumed every head was replenished, the lovely Nem- appearance of total inebriety; he hicrooma Aitted towards us with the cocoa cupped, sang, roared, and finally sank bowl. I retained her hand in mine, and down in a state of apparent insensibility. gazed upon her with an expression in I confess I was astonished at the abmy glances, that sufficiently betrayed sence of Nemrooma on this interesting the interest she excited in my heart. occasion. She came not near to cover She did not seem displeased with my her father with skins or leaves, and the admiration, but hung down her head duty was left to me of casting over him and blushed, with such bewitching inno- the royal mantle, and turning his feet cence and beauty, as rendered her a thou- towards the fire. With an expressive sand times more enchanting in my eyes grasp of the hand, I left him to provide than ever. When we had now drank for his safety; for my mother, I was unceasingly for three days, I said to my well aware, would take every means in opponent, It grieves me, O Sisquo her power to put him to death, in reDumfki, that this contest must be car- venge for his victory over her husband. ried on to the death. Even if you are On issuing from the tent, I was hailed victorious in this trial, as sixteen years victor by ten thousand voices; the whole ago you were with my illustrious parent, combined nations which owned my you have no chance of escaping with sway, seemed delirious with the triumph

I myself, till I became ac- I had achieved. No conqueror returnquainted with your noble sentiments, ing from a successful expedition, with thirsted for your blood; and now that I the imperial robe purpled to a deeper

your life.


dye with the blood of thousands of the Milesian lords, the O'Flaherties of his subjects, was ever received with the Tipperary wilds.'— I stood astonished such enthusiasm of attachment. at this torrent of indignation, but my Calling aside the captain of my guard, I rage was at length roused as she progave him the strictest injunctions to ceeded, — Nemrooma! and what seest allow no one to enter the tent in which thou in that paltry girl to wean thee my illustrious competitor reposed, and from the nobler passion of vengeance ? proceeded to the wigwam of the queen. But cease to cherish fantastic hopes She was smoking when I entered; and the setting sun of yesterday went down the clouds which circled round her upon her death.' head, gave to her piercing black eyes, "" What! hast thou dared to blight the likeness of two brilliant stars shining the lily which I intended to carry in my in a lowering heaven.

bosom-how? when ? where?' 6. He is dead?' she said ; 'my son 6. The Alatamaha is broad and deep,' would scarcely venture into the presence replied my mother, "a canoe is frail and of his mother, if the murderer of his slight-ill may a maiden's arm contend father was left alive.'

with an impetuous river. Alone in a «« No, my mother, I replied, “he is fragile bark—unused to the paddle—she sunk in deep sleep, and we

are suffi

was floated down the stream.' ciently revenged by having conquered at "Wretch! I exclaimed, losing all his own weapons the hero of the Chica- respect for her dignity, in the rage that saws.'

seized me on account of her cruelty, "• He sleeps !—'t is well. It shall be 'you shall dearly pay for this. Ere the my care to see that he never awakes— palm-trees are gilded seven times with the tomahawk in a woman's hand, is as the morning and evening suns, expect sure as poisonous drug in the bowl; for, my return, and to suffer for your crimes.' mark me, Quinmolla, no powers can “I rushed into the open air as I persuade me, that the glorious Atta- spoke, and leaving tents, wigwams, kul-kulla met with fair treatment at the friends, and subjects far behind me, I hand of his rival at the feast. Have I darted into the thickest of the forest, not seen him often and often drink not and pursued my way to a winding of only for five days, but for weeks and the river, where I kept a canoe conmonths together, and start up from his stantly prepared for my fishing expedidebauch as fresh as if he had been bath- tions. In it I found a supply of ing in the warriors' streams in the sha- provisions, my rods, and lines; my wardowy land? Tell me, my son, that club, and my bow with poisoned arrows. Sisquo Dumf ki has for the last time I embarked, and pushing out into the seen the light of day.'

middle of the stream, I pursued my way " "I cannot,' I replied; ' it goes as rapidly as I could, in hopes of overagainst my soul. He trusts me—why taking the beautiful Nemrooma, or pershould I be faithless as the hyena or the haps of seeing her on the bank, if she white men !- No, mother, let him live, should have been fortunate enough to for my spirit burns with admiration of swim to land. I kept my eyes intently the beautifnl Nemrooma.'

fixed on every bend of the stream, in "The feather in thy hair was torn case her canoe should have been stranded, surely from the pigeon's wing, and not but in vain. All that day I kept on my the eagle's. What! hast thou no fear course, and began to fear that ere I of the wrath of your father, whose form should overtake her, she would be carried I often see gloomily reposing beneath down to a bluff in the river, which we the shadow of the stately palm-tree had called Crocodile Island, and in that which he loved the most fearest thou case I knew there was no hope of her not, that rushing from the land of spirits, safety. How peacefully, 0 Alatamaha, he blast thee to the earth, with the sight glided thy glorious expanse of waters, of those frowning brows, which no mor- bearing the vast shadows of the umbratal can look upon and live ? Away! thou geous oaks upon their bosom, while art unworthy of the blood of a thousand thy banks were made vocal by the music forest kings, who, long ere we removed of unnumbered birds! Little did such to these plains, reigned on the shores of a scene of placid beauty accord with the the eternal Sire of Rivers; * and un- tumultuous throbbings of Nemrooma's worthier still, since you prefer your agonized breast. I thought what must love to your revenge, of the ancestry of have been her feelings while floating past

those magnificent scenes, clothed with all * Mississippi-father of rivers. the verdure of luxuriant nature, and enlivened with the glittering plumage of Again they rose to the surface, and their the various people of the skies, which jaws clapt together with a noise that glanced for a moment across her, like echoed through the surrounding forest, glimpses of sunshine, and then Aitted Again they sank, and the contest ended once more into the shadows of the at the bottom of the lake ; the vanquished woods. The banks were also ornamented monster making his escape to the sedges with hanging garlands and bowers, at the shore. The conqueror now diformed, as it were, for the retreat of the rected his course to the canoe. He river divinities, of the most beautiful raised his head and shoulders out of the shrubs and plants. And here and there water, and putting his little short paws the eye was delighted with the large into the boat, he overturned it in an white flowers of the ipomea, surrounded instant, and, in a few moments, frag. with its dark green leaves.

ments of it were swimming about in all “But all these enchanting sights were directions. When Nemrooma saw the insufficient to divert my thoughts from horrid scene, she clung convulsively to the probable fate of the beautiful Nem- my arm, and in some degree impeded rooma. All night I plied my course, my efforts to effect our escape. I and, in the morning, could still discover cautioned her to be still, and pushed no trace either of the girl or her canoe. with all my force towards the entrance About noon, was I made aware, by the of the river out of the lagoon. But, extraordinary sounds which saluted my alas! fortune was here against us.

It ears from a distance, that I was ap- was the time at which myriads upon proaching the Crocodile lagoon. In- myriads of fish take their course up the spired by fresh anxiety to overtake her, river; and, as the stream is shallowest before entering on that fearful scene, I at this place, the crocodiles had chosen plied my utmost strength, and at a it as their position to intercept their a bending of the river, was rewarded for prey. The whole water, for miles on all my labours and anxiety, by a view of each side, seemed alive with fish. The the tender bark only a short way in line of crocodiles extended from shore to front. Before I could place myself at shore; and it was the most horrific sight her side, we had entered the dreadful I ever witnessed, to see them dash into lake, and the placid water was broken the broken ranks of the fish, and grind in into a thousand ripples by the countless their prodigious jaws a multitude of the multitudes of the alligators which in- largest trouts, whose tails flapped about habited the place. The noise they made their mouths and eyes, ere they had was of the most appalling description, swallowed them. The horrid noise of Terrified at the perilous situation in their closing jaws-their rising with which she was placed, the lovely girl their prey, some feet upright above the uttered a scream of joy when she saw water-the floods of foam and blood me, and had only self-possession enough rushing out of their mouths, and the to step from her own canoe into mine, clouds of vapour issuing from their diswhen she fell down in a state of insensi- tended nostrils, were truly horrifying. bility, from the violence of her contend- Anxious to escape, I now began to ing feelings. No sooner was her frail paddle towards the shore of the lagoon, bark deserted, than it became the object in order to land and wait till the army of a fearful battle to the monsters of the of fish had forced their passage; after deep. A crocodile of prodigious size which, I concluded, it would be easier rushed towards the canoe from the reeds for us to elude the satiated monsters; and high grass at the bank. His but ere we had got half-way across the enormous body swelled; his plaited tail, lake, I perceived we were pursued by brandished high, floated upon the lagoon. two of an unusual size. From these The waters, like a cataract, descended escape by flight was impossible. They from his open jaws. Clouds of smoke rapidly gained upon us, and at last one issued from his nostrils. The earth of them, raising himself out of the trembled with his thunder. But im- water, was just preparing to lay his mediately from the opposite side a rival paw upon the canoe, when I discharged champion emerged from the deep. They an arrow, which luckily pierced his eye. suddenly darted upon each other. The With a roar of mingled rage and pain, boiling surface of the lake marked their he sank below the water, and left me to rapid course, and a terrific conflict com- prepare for the assault of his companion. menced. Sometimes they sank to the With a tremendous cry, he came up, and bottom, folded together in horrid wreaths. darted as swift as an arrow under my The water became thick and discoloured. boat, emerging upright on my lee-quarter


with open jaws, and belching water what, has kept me from eating a and smoke, that fell upon me like rain morsel.” in a hurricane. Leaving the bow to “ Coachman can't wait a moment, the skilful Nemrooma, I seized . my sir.” club, and beat him about the head, and “ I tell you I haven't tasted a mouthkept him for a few minutes at a distance. ful since I left Birmingham.” I saw, however, he was making prepara- “ You can't help me to a plan for tions for his final spring ; his mouth was getting the young people off the island ?” opened to a fearful width, when an said the youth. arrow struck him directly on the tongue, “ May the devil catch both of them, and pinned it to his jaw. He shouted and a hundred crocodiles eat every bone as he felt the pain, and darted off, no in their skins !" doubt, in quest of assistance. I shot to “ Two and sixpence for supper, sir,” the bank with the speed of lightning, said the waiter. lifted the almost fainting Nemrooma “ Two hundred and sixty devils first !" from the canoe, and led her to the foot cried the traveller in a prodigious pasof an immense magnolia, which I per- sion, buttoning up his cloak and preceived at no great distance. Before we paring to resume his journey—“let that left the river, however, we saw a pro- infernal Indian king, who is only some digious number of crocodiles gathered lying scribbler in a magazine, pay for it round the boat, and one of them even himself, for I'm hanged if he hasn't crawled into it, and we heard our last cheated me out of my cold beef, and hope of safety take its leave in the crash drank every drop of my porter to the of its breaking sides, as it crumbled into bargain.” fragments beneath the unwieldy mon- “ All right, gentlemen,” said the ster's weight. The shore, I was aware, coachman in the yard. was also the resort of incredible multi- “ All right,” replied the guard ; “ tsh! tudes of bears. Our provisions were tsh! ya ! hip-ts! ts!”-and the halfexhausted, our arrows left in the canoe, famished outside passenger was whirled and we could see no possibility of avoid- along Corn Market, and over Magdalen ing an excruciating death.” The nar. Bridge, at the rate of eleven miles an rator here stopt for a moment, and the hour.- Blackwood's Magazine. traveller, breathless with interest, said to him, “ For God's sake, tell me, sir,

MISCELLANIES. how you got safe off!"

Whilst the stranger prepared to reply, I took advantage of the pause to look round the room. The supper table was Louis the Fourteenth once asked a priest, deserted. The passengers had all paid if a penitent confided to him the knowtheir reckoning, and the waiter was ledge of a plot that was forming to take standing expectingly at the corner of the

away the life of his king, he would sideboard.

inform him of the danger? To this “ How we got safe off?" replied the question the Confessor replied, “No, Indian chief; " that's just the thing that Sire; I would throw myself before your puzzles me, and I thought you might be Majesty to ward off the blow; but were able to assist me."

you certain to fall by the hand of the I assist you ?" said the traveller ; assassin, I would not betray the con“ how is that possible ?"

fession.” “Coach is quite ready, sir,"interrupted

THIEVES' VINEGAR. the waiter.

“ The fact is,” rejoined the young During the great plague in London, in man, “ I have just got to that point, in a the year 1666, four thieves, availing tale I am writing for next month's themselves of the public calamity, took Blackwood, and curse me if I know the opportunity to plunder the houses of how to get naturally away from the the dead and dying, yet notwithstanding, Crocodile Island."

they escaped the infection themselves. “ Coach can't wait another moment, On it being inquired how they thus ensir,” said the waiter ; “supper, two and sured their own safety, it was found sixpence.”

that they constantly carried about them “ Supper !” exclaimed the traveller, sponges of prepared vinegar; which pre“this d-d fellow, with his cock-and-a- paration future apothecaries adopted in bull story, about being king of the jack- all infectious cases, and sold under the daws, or kickshaws, or Lord knows denomination of Thieves' Vinegar.


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